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  1. Like many other players (with an objectively high sense of taste), I love the Lucky Emissary model. I, like many other Gremlin players, tend to look at it a bit sadly however in direct comparison to certain other Emissaries and it's seeming lack of purpose on the battlefield. Rather than post a long and lengthy description of why I feel it's a solid B- in a faction full of C's and A+, I've decided to throw my potential fix to the wind with enough hot air to make it fly. Before the idea however, a tiny conundrum; what embodies the Gremlin faction? There are a few philosophies, but most boil down to: AP efficiency, Low cost models, Fragility in wound count, and a certain degree of unpredictability or "randomness". The Lucky Emissary has a little bit of AP efficiency in it's occasional free push, and a bit of unpredictability in it's "Reach into the Hat..." ability. One important distinction between the Hat ability and the other randomness though, is the other randomness found on other models usually has a Great option, two middling options, and a bad option. Or simply put, more Oomph in the chance. Meanwhile, the Hat ability seems... fairly tame for an option that can usually only be used once, MAYBE twice per game. Hence, the idea for my potential "what if?" scenario, a completely redesigned Hat ability that still maintains the fairly iconic unpredictability with more power in it's chance. Firstly, the ability already starts at a disadvantage from the get go, requiring multiple friendly models to live to the at least 3rd turn for this ability to even function. As it currently states, if you are losing the game (not horrendously of course), you already should only have a portion of your original models still intact, and their placement will likely not be ideal. This leads to many of the current possible bonuses applied either moot (a fast skeeter... cool? Or Nice I healed my already full health Bayou Gremlin on the outskirt for 2... while Burt is sitting at 1 wound center table; you get the idea) or relying on that chance for an effect that might help. If you're already winning the game, where you have most of your models by turn 3, the opponents models are likely already dwindling, and any buff you apply is just overkill at that point, you might as well keep the regeneration. It becomes a "win-more" mechanic and myself and many others have a poor impression of these abilities in the first place. To make the ability more universally applicable, it should instead affect enemies within LoS with a full new loadout of similar effects. Depending on the strength of these effects during playtesting there may be other checks in place, such as range, or a duel to resist. This ensures that if you are losing the game, and your opponent has more remaining models than you, you can "catch-up" by evening the odds by potentially inflicting damage, or a negative status ailment, or something of that ilk. And if you are winning, we'll you're already winning and there are less enemies then for you to disrupt. Secondly, I believe there should be 3 triggers rather than 4 (I'll touch on why in a moment). Similar to what we currently have but reversed for enemy interaction so: A Ram for Slow. A Crow can deal 2 damage, ignoring reduction (it's only 2 damage). A Mask can be exactly the same, place within 4" or if that's too powerful 3". The Tome option has always been the most situational and hence why I feel it should be changed entirely. Thirdly, add in the final 4th trigger on Tomes to each conflux (including the general), for a more Master specific ability. For example: Ulix: "All enemy models may make a Ml attack action against this model if able." Powerful? Absolutely, but it's the kinda Oomph this model needed with synergy to boot. Now of course, this can still affect a model all the way in your opponents backfield so it's less satisfying in that regard, but the potential it brings outweighs the risk, and the chance of something else universally useful happening is high. Ulix: "All enemy models may make a (1) Ml attack action against this target if able." Ophelia: "This model receives a to DF for actions taken against it for this turn." Somer: "This model discards a card for each other model with 3'" Zipp: "This model counts as Ht1 until the end of the turn." Mah: "The opponent draws a card for each enemy model within 3'" Brewmaster: "This model receives a to all WP duels until the end of turn." Wong: "Every enemy model in range may make a (1) Ca action targeting this model if able." Zoraida: "This model takes a 1 AP action chosen by the opponent" Thank you for your time slogging through this! I hope it was entertaining at least! Give me your thoughts, comments, concerns, commendations, job openings, cake, feedback, criticism, restraining orders below!
  2. Agreed, although it's only for one turn and a max of two since the upgrade would be discarded
  3. SAYNE

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    a trick that "could" help (depends on board and opponent's positioning really) would be to activate your nurse and try to give the flesh construct either the move speed buff (if you have to close the gap quickly) or the armor buff (if you need to grab a location). Then activate the fleshie and move it about where you want McMourning to go. Then use it as a living shield. Gremlins can struggle with high wound count models since their big damage tends to hurt themselves as well, and armor 2 makes them nigh unkillable. McMourning can be in relative safety for a next turn "push around fleshie and charge" if you like him as a beatstick. Otherwise, Launch the fleshie at them, then rotten transplant until the Gremlin has enough poison to Expunge into another fleshie.
  4. Gremlins Caffeinated; rare 2, Non-leader, 1 SS Bottled Lightning: Discard this upgrade. Target friendly, non-leader model within 3" gains the Jitters condition until end of turn. Jitters: This model has a for all duels. This model gains the Reactivate ability. I personally think this would be hilarious just to think about, and really helps Gremlins do what they do best: Have hordes of sometimes inefficient AP. Condition removal would help a lot to counter the effectiveness of this. Could also be used in conjunction with BBB for some interesting shenanigans. Make someone Reactivate, then Sober them up again so they feel all better.
  5. For skeeters no, since they can only do 0's. Child isn't specifically for any Master either. Changelings too.
  6. To further that, maybe increase the Damage spread. He becomes much more deadly, and with copying abilities can put out huge damage but it will hit his crew's reliability.
  7. I think I'm in the IE + Myranda doesn't NEED to be nerfed camp. It's strong. Stronger than quite a few options, but that means you HAVE to pay for Myranda and IE, and then lose that model to summon another one. This is bad in Ours, or any scheme that you need to keep henchman or use them. It's a great option if those aren't on the table, but it's not game breaking in that it's universally applicable. Sandeep... Is actually a mystery to me. I don't think he does anything better than any of the other Arcanists other than be number 2 in everything. The universally combined power of his kit, upgrades, totem, and synergies tend to push him over the edge for me. But if you asked what exactly I'd want to cuddle I couldn't tell you. His "thing" is that he's a jack of all trades. But we know of course that if you ever want to see play, you need to be a queen of all trades. So that's how he was built. 2nd place at everything. I do think that decreasing the Borrowing Ca thing should be -2 instead of -1 since that's the standard throughout the game. Skeeters, Malifaux Child, etc. Maybe that's enough to help? It'll put most things on Ca4, so offensive tricks aren't likely to work that well and will drain more cards.
  8. SAYNE

    Huntin' bow + Stampede

    So to add to santaclaws, this means that in a Ulix vs. Zoraida game with Hog whisperer, the same Warpig could Stampede four times. Once by itself. Once by Ulix. Once by Zoraida. And one from Reactivate.
  9. SAYNE

    Friday Preview - Egg Clutch

    This thread is eggs-crutiating...
  10. SAYNE

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    In my humble opinion, they all have play against Ressers and probably the weakest against Ressers is Ulix because pigs and their abysmal wp and lack of range options. Otherwise, Mah is SO fast now with wave 5 upgrades, and can kinda play a similar role to Zipp. Don't forget her displacements. Summoners rely on bubbles and LoS a lot. Ophelia and Kin all have above average WP and the new Brin could be useful in condition clearing and negating any WP attacks particularly if you see a lot of Hanged. Shooting is also a thing many summoners don't have so if you get a full volley with her and the other Kin, Pere, Raph etc, you can wipe out 1 or 2 support pieces very quickly. Somer is "safe", he usually has enough Bayous to do whatever the scheme and strat is regardless of the opponent, with the potential to utterly annihilate something with his Boomer every so often. If you keep dropping masks he and many other Gremlins will ALL have Squeal, which makes the many melee attacks of undead fairly useless. Skeeters can tie up and annoy the Summoner and Bigger hat than you is an absolute nightmare against other summoners to the point they WILL drop the highest cards to stop it very often. Of course, staying power is the opposite of the Gremlin way usually, always tripping over ourselves to be the first to get blown up. If Bayous are not performing, perhaps just pick up Show off and literally bomb the opponent to hell if they aren't kirai? Also, if opponent declares Ressers I'd almost always use Franc. With Wp7 he's a cold-hearted missile of doom for practically any of the Resser Masters. Just make sure it isn't Nico with Reaper grin who just... Ya know passes it off. He works obscenely well with Mah moving him into place to companion into a double charge.
  11. SAYNE

    Proxy Games

    have you found a good fireteam base .stl file? If so, could you link it?
  12. I think the new Crockett guy in Arcanists has the ability to give models the beast characteristic, perhaps it could be used similarly? Or perhaps we're sticking too much to a characteristic theme, there may be enough to even make a full summoner off of it, looking at most beast SS cost. Idk, fluff wise I could see it but you're right that gameplay it doesn't hold a lot of water.
  13. SAYNE

    Friday Preview - Immolated Rhino

    Apparently someone forgot to bless the rains in Africa. Also, the Burning Man can apparently turn mammalian herbivores into what looks like carnivorous dinosaurs. Sold.
  14. SAYNE

    Smugglers: even worse?

    From what I understand since I did not participate in the beta, it seemed like that interaction would take much longer than the current one. About the validity of the model I won't really comment, but I can say for a 6ss model, non rare model, I wouldn't want too many interactions that somewhat disrupt the flow of the game. So I can see the change from the original. Now it's simply 1. Attack, check for success 2. If success Opponent discards a card. 3. Resolve effect depending on card discarded. 4. Opponent redraws (so yes, card cycling, but sometimes they might let it go through because of that). Not too much time involved beyond ordinary actions. In the case of dropping odd, which is statistically more likely and usually the desired outcome, they also drop an enemy scheme marker, which I enjoy turning into piggies with Sammy. Plus any card draw you get (or opponent for that matter, so whenever this action succeeds) allows you to cycle as well. I do see some synergy there. A crew with Bayou two card doesn't care as much about cards in hand either, so the trade-off for better cards but a smaller hand is sort of a win win, in that it's just cycling the low card you didn't care about anyway. Criers like having less cards than their opponent. Idk, after all this I STILL agree that the model feels awkward and out of place, but it does have some synergy, it's just more niche than I feel is necessary.
  15. SAYNE

    WIzard Gremlin Gunline

    @Fixxer glad to see at least some love for the Smugglers. I personally think they're an awkward model, and giving your opponent even a fraction to choose what happens doesn't always end with the better outcome for you. I'm still going to reserve my judgment until I give them a spin a few times, but I'm hopeful that they'll pull their weight.