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  1. Everything is still available!
  2. Worst models in Outcast

    Desperate Mercs are the one model I would never consider taking in a game. I own them just for the sake of owning them. For 4 ss, I'd rather take the Effigy, or spend the extra point for a Freikorpsmann. Ideally, they don't really fit well with my lists, and I've honestly not seen them fielded against me either. I'd like them to be better, but I feel that their purpose is more of a fun concept, versus a competitive one. Ama No Zako is great, but my experience is limited to her as a 10T Henchman. However, I did use her in my first Henchman Hardcore, and ended up coming in 1st Place in that tournament. That being said, she'd probably do better in a smaller sized game, where either she lead the crew herself, or used as a tarpit model to keep models either at bay, or from leaving her reach. Her Ml 5 is only average, but her damage track makes up for it. If there's no ideal situation for her "Miasma" action, her other (0) action to Obey a friendly model is always worth trying. Aionus is great too. Not many non-Masters get 3 AP to do things, and any model that can get away with a 3rd AP (even if it's dedicated to specific actions) are always great in my book. He's got great (0) actions to choose from, and depending on the scheme pool can be quite a game changer. Freikorps Specialists, I would concur gets very little play time on my crewlis, unless I know who I'm facing, and have a use for Blast Templates, or expect to be facing models that rely on scrap and corpse markers. If I'm playing "fluff" intensive crews (such as in Campaign games), I'd certainly take them. Competitively though, they're almost a double edged sword, where you'll get some good returns, but also be giving up a considerable amount for.
  3. 35ss Tournament - Pittsburgh

    Thanks. Lastly, will this be a Gaining Grounds format? And if not, when will you release the Strategies and Schemes?
  4. 35ss Tournament - Pittsburgh

    Do the upgrades count towards the 70 ss pool?
  5. They are NOS (New on Sprue). I only took the shrink wrap off to confirm their conditions. Could you share a link to your thread? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, For sale/trade, I have an NIB set of "The Tortoise and the Hare", an NOS set of Nightmare Hanging Trees, complete with alternate Montressor cards, and NIB Sonnia Avatar. In return, I'm looking for the following LE Foil cards: - Dismounted McCabe - Brewmaster Also open to accepting money for either or all sets. Paypal only. US based preferred. Thank you!
  7. Help with lilith

    Yin is a good solution to playing against her. It's ironic that you mention not owning Yan Lo yet, because the she would work very well with his crew. Fortunately, you don't need Yan Lo's box crew to use her effectively. Her (0) action that targets WP would be very effective against Lilyth, and if you manage to get Yin close enough to her (so that she can't be ignored), your opponent would be forced to spend more AP (and possibly soulstones) to deal with her effectively. In one game, I had Lilyth hampered for nearly 2 turns just from Yin alone, before she managed to kill her. At that point though, he had spent 2 soulstones, and 2 entire activations just to kill Yin, draining his hand to nothing. The rest of my crew was then able to gang up on her, and deal with her effectively. That being said, Lilyth's biggest weakness is her WP. Bringing models that could target her WP would be the way to go against her. Other people mentioned Shenlong (who I'd agree with), but it really comes down to anyone who can hit with a minimum of Ml 7 against her Df 7.
  8. 50 SS Tournament at Titan Games and Hobbies. Timonium, MD

    I was just at the FB page, and I couldn't find the event for the tournament. How much is it to play?
  9. Enter the Realm: Henchman Hardcore

    Price and prize support?
  10. W: The Hanging Tree & Guild Austringer H: $$

    PM sent.
  11. 50ss Gaining Ground Tourney at Nu Brand Gaming in BK, NYC

    What day is this?
  12. 50 SS Tournament at Titan Games and Hobbies. Timonium, MD

    What's the entry fee?
  13. How to beat Reva with Mei Feng?

    For those of you bringing Thunder Archers, remember that they too are susceptible to Mei Feng's "Vent Steam". Granted it's mitigated considerably from their "Reading the Wind", but if you don't get the chance to Focus, it could work against you. That said, I'll simply echo the ideas with Toshiro and Command the Graves. Using the Corpse Markers to your advantage and creating free models for yourself would be a very valid tactic against Reva. Reva's healing abilities are substantial, but not unbeatable. Before targeting her though, I would advise on targeting her support pieces first.
  14. Shenlong questions for those few masters of many styles.

    Depending on schemes and the strategy, it ranges between The Loneswordsman, and/or one or 2 of the other 3 monks. If it's a scheme marker heavy game, I'd likely bring the Wandering River Monk, otherwise the Fermented River or High River Monk get to see some action. I'm a fan of fluff-accurate lists as well, so while there could be better/more efficient models to take, the variety between the Monks adds enough depth to my crew to accomplish most schemes already.