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  1. Yin is a good solution to playing against her. It's ironic that you mention not owning Yan Lo yet, because the she would work very well with his crew. Fortunately, you don't need Yan Lo's box crew to use her effectively. Her (0) action that targets WP would be very effective against Lilyth, and if you manage to get Yin close enough to her (so that she can't be ignored), your opponent would be forced to spend more AP (and possibly soulstones) to deal with her effectively. In one game, I had Lilyth hampered for nearly 2 turns just from Yin alone, before she managed to kill her. At that point though, he had spent 2 soulstones, and 2 entire activations just to kill Yin, draining his hand to nothing. The rest of my crew was then able to gang up on her, and deal with her effectively. That being said, Lilyth's biggest weakness is her WP. Bringing models that could target her WP would be the way to go against her. Other people mentioned Shenlong (who I'd agree with), but it really comes down to anyone who can hit with a minimum of Ml 7 against her Df 7.
  2. I was just at the FB page, and I couldn't find the event for the tournament. How much is it to play?
  3. pennsylvania

    Price and prize support?
  4. PM sent.
  5. What day is this?
  6. What's the entry fee?
  7. For those of you bringing Thunder Archers, remember that they too are susceptible to Mei Feng's "Vent Steam". Granted it's mitigated considerably from their "Reading the Wind", but if you don't get the chance to Focus, it could work against you. That said, I'll simply echo the ideas with Toshiro and Command the Graves. Using the Corpse Markers to your advantage and creating free models for yourself would be a very valid tactic against Reva. Reva's healing abilities are substantial, but not unbeatable. Before targeting her though, I would advise on targeting her support pieces first.
  8. Depending on schemes and the strategy, it ranges between The Loneswordsman, and/or one or 2 of the other 3 monks. If it's a scheme marker heavy game, I'd likely bring the Wandering River Monk, otherwise the Fermented River or High River Monk get to see some action. I'm a fan of fluff-accurate lists as well, so while there could be better/more efficient models to take, the variety between the Monks adds enough depth to my crew to accomplish most schemes already.
  9. I use Sensei Yu and Mr. Graves. You could replace Mr. Graves with someone who's equally as efficient at hitting things (Kang is also a good option), but I find he fits the bill well enough.
  10. I as well. Lately, I've started with Wandering River Style of Shenlong, so that Sensei Yu would pick it up automatically once Shenlong switches out. Sensei Yu's first turn Disciple action usually is for Mastery, to give him Defensive and either Burning or Poison +1. Unless I'm facing Ressers, or a lot of models with Hard to Wound in general, I typically stack Burning on Shenlong as much as I can to trigger Engulf on a high priority target. It's also the perfect way to get past Hard To Kill on a lot of models.
  11. I've always taken only 1 Peasant and summon the 2nd on Turn 1, and have found that to be more than adequate. I've also played the Emissary along with Sensei Yu, and have yielded some very good results. Perhaps my most common/favorite tactic on the opening turns would be this chain of activations: Turn 1: Peasant summons second Peasant. Both cast "Gifts of the Temple" on Shenlong. 1. Monk of Low River gains Focus +3 from 1 AP and (0) action (while within 6" of Shenlong) and walks once. 2. Shadow Emissary removes Focus +3 on said Monk, and draws 3 cards. Uses "Rite of Strength" on Sensei Yu to push him 4" and give him "Fast". Takes a walk towards the Monk. 3. Sensei Yu uses all 3 AP to "Airburst" 3 different models (usually Shenlong is one of them) and gains Focus +3 from each AP used for "Airburst" 4. Rest of crew goes, and sets up Shenlong for a Charge on Turn 2. At this point, Shenlong usually has Burning and Focus +1. Turn 2: Shenlong switches out to "High River Style" if he hasn't already. 1. Shadow Emissary removes Focus +3 on Sensei Yu, and draws 3 cards. If he's within walking distance of a target, I'd walk and then attack the target, and if not, I use "Rite of Strength" again on Sensei Yu. 2. Sensei Yu uses "Airburst" and "Mighty Gust" on Shenlong, further bolstering him for a Charge. The possibilities with this crew are pretty vast, if you look at how much board manipulating you have access to.
  12. I would prefer McCabe over the Brewmaster, if you're considering all your options. 1 AP from McCabe would give Jorogumo an extra activation, plus 2 AP to do as he pleases, whereas with Brewmaster, you're essentially swapping each of his AP to give them to Jorogumo. With McCabe, I also like to bring Master Queeg, since Jorogumo has A-MAZING (0) actions. An extra Vicious Bite or 2" push out of activation is pretty nifty. Throw in "Promises" on someone, and "Badge of Speed" on Jorogumo, and you've got an incredibly strong minion with good attack chances and a lot of AP each turn.
  13. To be honest, I wouldn't even bother with going after the Marshal at that point, especially if he's just hiding him somewhere out of the way. Like I said, if your opposition is using 13 ss of models for the trick, that leaves the rest of your 50 ss crew to go after his 37 ss crew. At that point, it's just a matter of how you approach it.
  14. The infamous "Papa In A Box" is pretty nice, but it requires some planning. The way I look at it: If my opponent is going to dedicate 13 ss of models (or more) to pull off the trick, that leaves them with about 37 ss of models at most to do the rest of the work (plus the Master). My advice against this tactic would be the exact same thing for most corner case scenarios like this: Play to the Mission, and focus on the weaknesses of your opposition. If you're going up against Sonnia, go after her directly. If she's forced into melee combat, she can't use her ranged cast attack. If it's Perdita you're facing, go after Francisco first, (as per my advice for anyone playing against Perdita). If you're facing Lady J, go after her directly like you would against Sonnia, unless Francisco is on the table, then you go after him first. Point is, there is no "real way" of getting around "Papa In A Box". You just have to plan for it to happen, and do your best to mitigate the damage he does when he explodes. If the rest of your crew is built well for the mission, then your chances of beating the trick are just as likely as winning the game.
  15. Hi All, Just asking out of curiosity. Are the Wave 4 Masters/crewboxes and all things included with the Ripples of Fate book tournament legal currently, or are they not until the official release of the book? Thank you!