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  1. Sonia + Brutal Emissary + Death Marshal

    Not to mention its a quick way of having Sonias flamewall markers removed for that extra point of damage on anyone with 1" Now to find if there is a way of getting more AP out of the brutal
  2. Just wondering if I have missed something with the below interaction. Death Marshal pine boxes Sonia, Brutal Emissary can now take Sonias (1) actions such as Flamestrike or Flame wall seems a bit too good to be true. Anyone able to point me to a reason why this wouldn't be possible?
  3. Can anyone advise if the following is correct. If Sensei Yu were to use Lynch's 0 action mulligan at the begining of the turn to draw 3 and discard 3, if the discarded cards were all aces could you return them to your hand? essentially just drawing 3 cards.
  4. Ah point well made. That does make it a less attractive option
  5. I know it can't copy incite but it can copy inflict to cause a lot of WP duels and it requires no flip from the child. Primordial magic has its uses but i often find myself hiding it in a corner for the whole game.
  6. I like the idea of layering duels in a zone around pandora and friends such a Barbaros' challenge aura and a nest of web markers from widow weaver. although your'e right a Trapper isn't going to care about those from the other side of the board but that's a risk.
  7. Anyone ever used the Malifaux child as Pandora's totem? Seems like it could be a pretty powerful road bump with Manipulative 15 and the ability to copy inflict. Anyone have any experience with this?
  8. That is incredible. I could actually just look at it all day.
  9. Apache's Latigo Posse painting blog

    quite like the metallics you have going on. might be the lighting but there's a nice contrast
  10. Campaigning to Collodi

    What about Angel eyes for a bit of a curve ball?
  11. Hardcore Henchman for 20ss of Neverborn!

    A little somethin somethin from the swamp... Neverborn 20ss Crew Spawn Mother -- 4ss +Protect The Young - 1ss Bad Juju - 8ss +Eternal Fiend - 2ss +Fears Given Form - 1ss Gupps - 4ss Gupps - 4ss
  12. Is Ryle Weak (Comparatively) in a Hoffman Crew?

    I sometimes feel that Ryles shooting attack is a trap and his fist is where its at with Hoffman.
  13. Zoraida need crew list help

    Papa Locco is a personal favourite of mine just to obey him into the enemies face then have him do his explodey thing.
  14. April 11 - Corrupted Hounds

    Looking forward to running them with Zorairda as blackblood pustule suicide bombers with a shaman.
  15. April 5 - Upcoming Guild

    Yeh ofcourse it would be unlikely and extremely OP but a similar mechanic costing 2ap with a smaller bubble wouldnt be ridiculous would it?