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  1. If any action was at all needed which i'm not sure it is. This would be a great solution.
  2. Educate me on Molly

    I meant from Izamu taking 1 damage to prevent seishin dying
  3. Educate me on Molly

    Worth putting Spirit Beacon on izamu for some seishin summoning and extra situational blackblood splashing?
  4. Zoraida, new and improved?

    The Wisps do a lot for zoraida being able to summon the voodoo doll for her. and can make a nice bad juju delivery system.
  5. Hey folks, There is a Malifaux resurgence in Aberdeen at the moment and to take advantage every Thursday at ABZ Games there will be tables available to play and chat about Malifaux. If you are from Aberdeen and don't know many players give me a message and I can bring everyone into the fold! Address: 197 Rosemount Pl, Aberdeen AB25 2XP
  6. A friend for Jack Daw

    The Viks present a very different play style and Ronin are useful in almost any crew. Jacks actual friends are probably ressurs anyway

    THIS! I would murder for some dead performers and icedancers. Oiran not so much.
  8. Scheme runners a comparison

    And the humble Guard Sergeant also has his place.
  9. The end goal of a trinity of Molly, Seamus and Nicodem would cover most of the resser requirements and adding some other model boxes like doxies or a rogue necro will add flavour to all those masters.
  10. GG2018 tournament with Hoffman?

    All valid points and not actually something I had considered. I hadn't even assembled the totem.
  11. GG2018 tournament with Hoffman?

    I've had Hoffman neutered a couple of games by Challenge Aura which pops up in neverborn with barbaros quite a bit. nothing worse than taking a WP duel just to Power Loop your own model.
  12. Just picked up Nellie

    Witchling Thrall's are nice and like to smash face. Also good if you don't want to go the embedded route.
  13. Goryo assembly....

    Assembled my Goryo in as methodical a way as I could including cleaning, dry fit of all parts and gap filling with green stuff and it took me 8 hours across 2 days. It pains me to paint them in 1 piece but there would have been so much mess and rework assembling and painting major parts separately.
  14. Starting Mah Tucket

    I quite like to take Sammy along and have her carry Pit traps to add some bottlenecks to areas the enemy wants to be in. If you can drain cards or give slow then that's worth it for me. Added bonus for taking Old Cranky who discards a card to draw a card which lets Sammy do the same once per turn.
  15. I think a new edition would be a great opportunity to evolve some of the developing themes within the factions and shore up some of the games mechanics but there is a huge risk in trying to move forward with a game so many people enjoy not only for the gameplay but for the fluff as well. P.S I'd love to see gremlin faction renamed to bayou.