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  1. Can anyone advise if the following is correct. If Sensei Yu were to use Lynch's 0 action mulligan at the begining of the turn to draw 3 and discard 3, if the discarded cards were all aces could you return them to your hand? essentially just drawing 3 cards.
  2. Ah point well made. That does make it a less attractive option
  3. I know it can't copy incite but it can copy inflict to cause a lot of WP duels and it requires no flip from the child. Primordial magic has its uses but i often find myself hiding it in a corner for the whole game.
  4. I like the idea of layering duels in a zone around pandora and friends such a Barbaros' challenge aura and a nest of web markers from widow weaver. although your'e right a Trapper isn't going to care about those from the other side of the board but that's a risk.
  5. Anyone ever used the Malifaux child as Pandora's totem? Seems like it could be a pretty powerful road bump with Manipulative 15 and the ability to copy inflict. Anyone have any experience with this?
  6. That is incredible. I could actually just look at it all day.
  7. quite like the metallics you have going on. might be the lighting but there's a nice contrast
  8. What about Angel eyes for a bit of a curve ball?
  9. A little somethin somethin from the swamp... Neverborn 20ss Crew Spawn Mother -- 4ss +Protect The Young - 1ss Bad Juju - 8ss +Eternal Fiend - 2ss +Fears Given Form - 1ss Gupps - 4ss Gupps - 4ss
  10. I sometimes feel that Ryles shooting attack is a trap and his fist is where its at with Hoffman.
  11. Papa Locco is a personal favourite of mine just to obey him into the enemies face then have him do his explodey thing.
  12. Looking forward to running them with Zorairda as blackblood pustule suicide bombers with a shaman.
  13. Yeh ofcourse it would be unlikely and extremely OP but a similar mechanic costing 2ap with a smaller bubble wouldnt be ridiculous would it?
  14. Thats a pretty good idea actually. I still have the shapes cut out from the foam I could paint them up to look like sewage etc so I would have modular hazardous terrain. I haven't gone over the flagstones with anything as the plaster skim I gave them was fairly rough once it dried. Iv thought about using rolled up tinfoil to put impressions in the foam aswell.
  15. The begining of the long laborious process of carving out flagstones. Flagstone work finished Using plaster skim to fill recesses and sealed with PVA water mix. Also now mounted the foam to 3x1 3mm MDF boards for ease of storage.