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  1. OneLittleThunder

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Groovy! From the looks of it, he might be some kind of Yokai on steroids...or maybe just a new buddy for Marcus. Either way, looks awesome!
  2. OneLittleThunder

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    I was 10T Lynch all weekend.
  3. OneLittleThunder

    Very new.

    The Bad Things Hapoen app does include errata for cards, almost immediately after the errata are released. Updated physical cards are also available through print on demand at http://www.wargamevault.com/m/browser/publisher/5162 @bindi pretty much has it right; you *can* play the game with only the app and no cards, but having the physical cards is usually better for many reasons.
  4. OneLittleThunder

    Updated Release Schedule

    Sad to hear about the delays, but thanks for keeping us updated!
  5. OneLittleThunder

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Agreed on all counts! Great location, cleanly organized and run, and packed with friendly, fun, welcoming players. I'll be back next year if I can manage it!
  6. OneLittleThunder

    March 2018 FAQ

    Ah, good catch - that’s what I get for posting while jet-lagged. I withdraw the question.
  7. OneLittleThunder

    March 2018 FAQ

    Re: number 89: "If the model only counts when determining VP, such as Big Jake, it works slightly differently." Um...how does it work differently exactly? Nothing in the rest of the description seems to indicate that any of the Strategy rulings are different for Big Jake as opposed to (e.g.) a Tanuki.
  8. OneLittleThunder

    Asami Wave 5: what to buy?

    In addition to the above suggestions, you may want an extra box of Yokai - they are her "bread and butter" summon, and you will occasionally want the ability to have more than three in play at once.
  9. OneLittleThunder

    Very new.

    Yes, rules are definitely advised. Get them free here. You may also want the phone app (Bad Things Happen, on iOS or Android). It has a crew builder, strategy/scheme reference, rules quick reference, summoner cards, FAQ/errata, etc. All that’s free, but for a one-time $10 charge, you also get permanent access to all present and future model stat cards within the app. It’s a great reference, though it might be information overload as you’re just getting started. Feel free to post here when questions come up; we’re a pretty friendly group.
  10. OneLittleThunder

    Very new.

    Welcome to Malifaux! The Burning combination @Hargus56 suggests is definitely where I'd start with what you have. His note about Mei not having a (0) action is also a good point; I often take the On Wings of Wind upgrade with her to provide extra mobility, especially with Sensei Yu in the mix. You can find that in the Wave 2 Ten Thunders Arsenal box. Mobility is a bit of a weakness in the Mei Feng crew (except for Mei herself), so Sensei Yu is a big help there. Kang, for instance, is a pretty good beater, especially against Resurrectionists, but he takes forever to get to the fight without a little help. You've certainly got enough there to get yourself rolling, so I'd say play a few games with that setup and see what you like. I have a bunch of suggestions below, but it's usually a good idea to learn a small number of models really well before expanding too much. I did the opposite, and was a lot slower to learn my models well as a result. If and when you want to add more, by first recommendation would be the Shadow Emissary. It's a bigger investment, but is a really useful addition to any 10T crew and will definitely be worthwhile. In additional to giving any crew a lot of mobility, he's good at generating scrap markers for Mei to use, and he can provide some good card draw for Shenlong. Plus he's a big cool-looking model. One popular combination with Mei is Toshiro the Daimyo (who is sold by himself) and a box of Komainu (which he can summon with scrap markers). Komainu are useful cheap constructs for Mei, and the ability to turn scrap markers into mobile activations that she can still Railwalk to is good. Toshiro can also summon Ashigaru, which are available in the Yan Lo box (Masters of the Path) or by themselves, but those are less immediately relevant to Mei. Other ways to generate more scrap for Mei and/or Toshiro include the Mechanized Porkchop (a Greminlins model, but Mei Feng can bring it because of the Foundry keyword) and Obsidian Oni. For Shenlong, you might want to look at some Katanaka Snipers. They are great long-range shooters by themselves, but his ability to let them Focus as a (0) action is a big boost to their damage output.
  11. OneLittleThunder

    March Newsletter

    Love the new Easter models, though I'm disappointed they're metal rather than plastic. Excited to see Gwyneth on the release schedule. Now I just hope she arrives before the Lotus Eaters, which don't seem to have made it to any of my FLGSs yet, though they're apparently out in the UK.
  12. OneLittleThunder

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    @shakes1066, you mentioned a "lighter touch" regarding proxies. Can you clarify that a bit? I have some metal non-Wyrd models I've been using as proxies for Charm Warders and Gwyneth Maddox, and a 3d-printed Obsidian Statue...should I send you pictures to get them preapproved, or are there more specific guidelines? Thanks.
  13. OneLittleThunder

    So.. tanuki tricks

    Just in case anyone here hasn't seen the latest FAQ, this tactic specifically does not work. Question 89 (in relevant part): How do models with an Ability that lets them count as two models impact the different Strategies and Schemes (where it may be relevant)? Models that count as two models do so, but the “second” model is not considered to have any Conditions, effects, etc on the first. Below are Strategies where these Abilities are relevant. • Ours - The model’s cost counts twice. • Ply for Information - The Condition is only on one model. • Public Executions - The Condition is only on one model. • Headhunter - Models that count as two drop two Markers. Models that count as two for scoring drop one.
  14. OneLittleThunder

    Nico counter

    I've been pondering this myself lately. Most of the folks I've heard from who play that kind of Nico list agree that the best way to fight it is to go after Nicodem himself, as hard and as quickly as possible. Even if you don't kill him, it puts a lot of pressure on him and defending himself will cost him resources. Yasunori is a strong choice for this, because he's ridiculously mobile and churns out a lot of solid attacks. One other option might be a Strongarm Suit. He can also charge over enemy models, but unlike Yasunori, he can charge out of engagement, making it that much harder for Nico to tie him up with summoned models. Armor 2 makes him fairly durable, his damage is 3/4/7 (assuming he correctly uses his (0) beforehand) and he has solid triggers that can either eliminate Soulstone use to negate wounds, or offset the Impossible to Wound penalty on damage flips against Nico. The Freikorps Suit may also come in handy protecting against things like Kentauroi's Rotting Hooves and Punk Zombies' Slice & Dice. In general, he'd trade Yas' range and sheer damage output for a bit more survivability...at least that's the theory. I haven't tried it yet.
  15. OneLittleThunder

    Ply with Booze

    I thought about Graves...but with one's own models kinda bunched up, Black Blood can be a problem. Tannen would be a splendid addition to the bubble, with Cooler sealing the deal on most attempts to avoid the Drinking Contest, but I think that's an unnecessary addition.