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  1. Jack Daw Project

    I haven't tested it, but I like the idea of hiring one Guilty, the Emissary, and Growing Injustice, and giving the Guilty the reactivate trinket as a way for Jack to get all his Curse Upgrades on turn one.
  2. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    Does nobody like him to give out fast?
  3. Jack Daw Project

    Man, I've been trying to get a card advantage list built with Jack and his crew, but it just doesn't seem that good. Anybody having any luck with it?
  4. Barrows Gang - A Battle Report Thread

    Thanks for sharing @Diceman87! I really enjoy reading your games because I learn about new Masters I've never faced before (which is a lot because my community is small). Too bad Dead Man Walking never seemed to work for you. Question: Is it worth using Crate of Dynamite on Phillip and the Nanny?
  5. My bandit adventures with Parker

    What was the rest of the scheme pool?
  6. As the title suggests, how do you play Parker Barrows against summoners? The only summoner I feel like Parker can stand up to is Ramos because you can ignore armor and draw cards off of killing spiders. I feel like Crate of Dynamite can be really useful against someone like Kirai because she deals damage to summon, and Crate gets around Terrifying and Hard to Wound that Ressers have in spades. Instead of going for Crate of Dynamite, should I focus more on doing Hands in the Air on the summoner before they activate?
  7. My bandit adventures with Parker

    Two more things: 1) How were you generating Soulstones? Was it just through you Limited and ditching upgrades, or did you also steal some through Stick Up's attack? 2) If you see a big beater like the Rail Golem coming towards you, use Dead Man Walking and it's slow trigger. It's pure gold. Even better when FFM is in the pool because you can use a minion or enforcer to kill it off. Edit: Oh, and it also seems like your opponent took Seize the Day just so Parker can't activate first and do Hands in the Air or other Parker shenanigans. Did your friend know you would be playing Parker? What was his reasoning for picking Seize the Day over the upgrade that gives them an extra card every turn?
  8. "You Were Told to Duck" is worded in such a way that Parker gets all his shots off of one action. That's where my question lies. If Ikiryo pops up in the middle of an action that is a projectile attack, what'll happen to the rest of them? Edit: It was ruled by a Henchman that all of Parker's attacks will go off. I just wanted to clarify because they still are projectiles and Ikiryo could have been blocking LOS.
  9. My bandit adventures with Parker

    I never played against Ironsides, but sounds rough, since it was Guard the Stash. I feel your pain on Mad Dog dying. I also feel like I go on my back foot if he dies without getting his value in. Putting FFM on Mad Dog is ok because he is a threat. It's even better on Mad Dog if you trigger Foaming at the Mouth before you send him in because then he is halfway dead and gets scary with Blow it to Hell coupled with plus to attack and damage. Reading your notes it sounds like had you done that, you would have scored a full three points. Remember when I talked about the Librarian helping out with Foaming at the Mouth? You can also cycle low tomes for the Surge trigger. I already talked about liking Bandidos for Claim Jump, so I won't do that again :). But I will also mention how they also have Finish the Job with Quick Getaway! Keep grinding! Winning with Parker is super satisfying :).
  10. Imagine Parker shoots into engagement against a Kirai crew, and Kirai is within 6" for her Malevolence ability. What happens if Parker ditches Coordinated Heist to get the "You Were Told To Duck..." ability, and Kirai responds by triggering her Malevolence ability? Would the summoned Ikiryo show up after all the shots have been taken since "You Were Told To Duck..." was triggered off of one projectile action? Or can Ikiryo get summoned before all the attacks resolve, thus engaging Parker and stopping him from shooting more than once?
  11. My bandit adventures with Parker

    I almost made that same mistake as well!
  12. Relenting Question

    Say you want to relent an attack. Do you declare relenting before or after flipping for attack? I assumed you declare relent before seeing any cards, but was ruled in a game that you can in fact declare an attack, flip the card(s) for attack, and then choose to relent or not before defender flips.
  13. Is it true that a push ends in btb contact with terrain, even if the model has something like flight?
  14. My bandit adventures with Parker

    I've learned that if FFM is in the pool and your opponent is fielding Firestarter, then you pick FFM and keep Firestarter alive because he's a Henchman that gives up FFM through burning.
  15. My bandit adventures with Parker

    I think the Bandidos are really great for their cost for all the stuff they have going for them. I like playing Parker with 9 models, but that may be in part due to me playing against Gremlins a lot. What I've noticed is that Parker likes to go relatively early to Hands in the Air one or two things in the beginning of the turn, so having activations between someone like Parker and Mad Dog can be good. Bandidos are also good if you're going for or baiting Claim Jump. I do so by replacing Hail of Bullets at the start with Coordinated Heist (removing Oath Keeper from Librarian to free up that extra required stone), which with the help of the Black Market interact can drop a scheme marker for Claim Jump turn one in Standard Deployment. Having multiple vectors for your Bandidos helps if you have to deploy first. I personally don't like the idea of another beater with Parker apart from Mad Dog. The other master I like using is Hamelin, so if I think killing one specific model is priority number one, then I'll look into Killjoy bomb and not even pick Parker for the Encounter. I like picking Librarian over Sue for three reasons: 1) Turn one her Ca attacks get around Mad Dog's Bulletproof, which means a hard-hitting Mad Dog sooner. 2) Furious Casting. 3) One healer can be for Parker, and another healer can be for Mad Dog. I still think Dead Outlaws are good models, and wouldn't dissuade people from using them. Thoughts?