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  1. Tournament in Albuquerque on September 30th

    @Harrower How was the turnout and when is the next one? I live in Roswell and will hopefully be there one of these days.
  2. What does the reminder text on Five Finger Discount: "(the Upgrade must have the restriction of Parker Barrows and follow all other restrictions for attaching Upgrades at the start of the game)" mean? Does it mean that if I wish to Five Finger Discount with Parker I have to already have one Upgrade slot already available- or can I essentially get a fourth Upgrade and then discard down to three Upgrades, thus triggering Parker's Limited Supplies ability? And what about switching between his Limited Upgrades? Can I start off with one, then Five Finger Discount into the other one and discard the original (because you can only have one Limited Upgrade equipped at a time)? Or do I have to have no Limited Upgrades attached in order to Five Finger Discount into one?
  3. 1) Stick Up and High Noon have effects which allow the opponent to discard soulstones. Can only Masters and Henchmen choose to do this, or can any model do so as long as there are soulstones in the cache? 2) In regards to Stick Up, can my opponent choose to evade the four damage by giving up a stone that they don't have?
  4. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I hear Hamelin just won NOVA. Hopefully, the list will be shared along with battle reports.
  5. How many Rat Kings and Rat Catchers do you run?

    I like hiring a rat catcher, and eventually build up into my second one (they are rare 2). Don't bother hiring a rat king. If you want to spend those 8 points to get a rat king, hire 4 malifaux rats instead for activation control.
  6. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    The upgrade would have been broken if it allowed Hamelin to sacrifice rats at the start of his activation rather than at the start of the turn. I'm still really excited to use it.
  7. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    No, Hamelin is not about to be busted. If people would read the Gaining Grounds 2018 rules, they would see that Nihilism will no longer work on Strategy conditions and that summoned models don't count towards the Strategy. If anything, Hamelin took a big hit and may see less play during GG18.
  8. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    Can Oath of the Freikorps give Oath Keeper to minions?
  9. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    @TeddyBear Just realize that the whole metagame is going to change soon with the release of new Master upgrades and GG2018 coming soon.
  10. Outcast Broken Promises upgrade speculation

    For Parker, something that gives Companion and can ditch it for Accomplice. I think the other way around is asking for too much. For Hamelin, maybe a Ca that targets enemy WP which gives them negative to all duels for the rest of the turn. Can only target enemy blighted models.
  11. Outcasts and Headhunter

    I like Hamelin for Headhunter. Use Pipes to bring an opponent's non-Peon over to your side, kill it, then send a Rat Catcher to go pick up the head. Give Rat Catcher Infectious Melodies if you think your opponent might claim his head.
  12. Human Shield and FfM

    Has anybody had good success with Human Shield in conjunction with Frame for Murder? I've been theorizing making Doc Mitchell the FfM target since he can generally keep up with Parker Barrows. But at 5 wounds, it'll require some set up to ensure he dies from one redirected minimum damage attack. Coordinated Heist helps make it plausible, but at the same time, if Doc is engaged with a Master or Henchman, it's pretty obvious I put FfM on him. Thoughts?
  13. Fighting Jack Daw

    The Freikorps Librarian can also remove suits.
  14. After Succeeding

    Parker Barrows' 0 actions have the following trigger: "Changing Plans: After succeeding, take a different (0) Action. This Action may not declare Triggers." My question is if I were to hit the trigger, must I immediately take a different 0 action, or may I take it later on in the activation?
  15. Trouble with Summoners

    Play towards Strategy and Schemes. For example, I play against Gremlins a lot. If I see my opponent is playing Somer with summoning, I look for schemes that grant me VP by killing minions and peons.