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  1. And a built in plus to help against soft cover.
  2. Today I had the pleasure of starting out a game by one-shotting Merris with a Freikorps Trapper. I kept an initial hand with one face card and RJ (my only ram), focus shot on the first activation of the game, cheated in the red joker for critical strike trigger, then cheated in the severe for damage. It was cool getting to start a game with that kind of message, but it got me thinking... How many enforcers in the game have 5 or 6 wounds that the Trapper can one-shot, and how many of those have Df 5 or less? Having this kind of understanding can help a lot in making the Spoils of War upgrade playable in a Von Schill crew.
  3. The next time I'm up against Gremlins, I want to take Von Schill with Engage at Will and Tally Sheet, Rusty Alyce with From the AEther and Tally sheet, one or two abominations, and continuously draw a bunch of cards all game.
  4. If I choose to make a disengaging strike with an attack that has a plus built in, can I flip twice for the disengaging strike?
  5. The Specialist is generally considered not worth his point cost, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a home somewhere. I like using him with Hamelin because if you give the Specialist Scout the Field, you could Obey walk him into position to shoot at a rat without needing LOS and ignoring cover. So the Specialist can focus shoot and cheat in for blast damage. I think his tactical action is superb with Hamelin, and his armor makes him a good target for the Obedient Wretch to shoot to make rats. Not so useful with other Masters though.
  6. I recommend picking up the Viks. When I was looking to get into miniature wargaming for the first time through 40k, a recommendation I got a lot was similar to your Rule of Cool: "Pick what you like the look of, because you're the one who will be assembling and painting it. It doesn't matter how good/bad they are. If you don't like it, you won't finish it." You've been wargaming for over 15 years, so you're probably going to finish whatever crews you get, but I still want to emphasize something: it doesn't matter how good/bad they are. Yes, certain Masters are better at certain strategies and schemes than others, but it's not that black and white. You have to consider things such as how the terrain is set up, what the deployment zones are, what might your opponent bring and how can you counter it, etc. Having multiple options to choose from doesn't hurt, but it's not mandatory. If you read up some battle reports you can find that there are indeed players who have won tournaments with relatively fixed lists. It has a lot to do with knowing what your crew can do, and realizing what your opponent can do. As for me, I have three Outcast Masters but 9/10 times I pick up Hamelin because he was my first Master and I haven't gotten tired of him, and I feel most comfortable using him because I've had more practice with him. Eventually I hope to pick up Parker Barrows and his crew for myself, then main just Hamelin and Parker to tournaments.
  7. If your primary concern against Neverborn is the WP of your crew, Von Schill's WP7 bubble is something to consider.
  8. Do you guys like using Monty against Gremlins? The idea of tarpitting a few Gremlins and choking them to death is appealing, but how is it in practice?
  9. Here are my thoughts based on my experiences with my three masters: Hamelin, Jack Daw, and Von Schill. vs. Guild: Hamelin. Hire Crooligans for the Mist to protect against shooting, and/or Nix with Hollow in case of blasts. Out-activating Guild should be easy. Nihilism can also help. vs. Resurrectionists: Von Shill. Steam Trunk helps get rid of Corpse Markers and poison. Clockwork Seeker attack gets around Hard to Wound. Armor, A Legend to Live up To, and a Librarian will help survive. vs. Neverborn: Jack Daw. This one was a tough one for me, but I think Jack's Ca7 against Wp or Df along with his pushes edge him over Hamelin, but I completely understand the OP's reasoning for picking Hamelin. vs. Arcanists: Von Schill. His Freikorps Suit ignores Rasputina's blasts, his Ml attack ignores armor. vs. Ten Thunders: Hamelin. Can't get slow. No-charge aura helps against Yasunori blitz, which is a thing these days. vs. Gremins: Jack Daw. Oldest Magic helps against Bayou Two-Card and Guillotine Injustice on Bayou Gremlins is good.
  10. Against which masters do you guys like going for minimum 4 damage bleeding disease on turn two?
  11. I'm a Hamelin main, so these are my thoughts: I would pick Hamelin and have Nix with him. With Guard the Stash, Hamelin can Obey models into position if necessary. Eliminate the Leadership is hard against Hamelin and you can Killjoy bomb their leader if you want. Accusation is hard against Hamelin if you position well because Nix and Hamelin can choose not to get accused and you will have peon rats everywhere that your opponent can't accuse. I'd pick Leave your Mark and have Nix do it. Search the Ruins won't be bad with Rat Catchers with this strategy because they can drop schemes then get Obeyed into position for Guard the Stash. If I know I'm facing Guild, I'd try fitting in some Crooligans for the Mist.
  12. Speaking of Tail 'Em, one of my last games against Gremlins had Tail 'Em and Frame for Murder in the pool. Looking at the schemes, I assumed my opponent would pick FFM on Francois, so I planned ahead and threw Crooligans in my list thanks to Hamelin's Sewer King upgrade. Sure enough, I saw Francois in my opponent's list so I went with my assumption and counterpicked with Tail 'Em. I ended up being right, Crooligans were putting in work with Tail 'Em on Francois, and my opponent ended up killing his FFM target himself so I couldn't score more points. It was awesome.
  13. I almost always take Nix with Hamelin, mainly to have Infectious Melodies in my list without taking up Hamelin's upgrade slot. I've been playing with Hollow to really get a feel for it. It's been fine at 2 SS because in my eyes I view it as either making my crew more aggressive, or use those two points for another rat.
  14. I believe Hamelin's reputation as a NPE is unwarranted. He's a Master known to use multiple insignificant minions and only has a cache of one SS. Once opponents face an experienced Hamelin player that isn't taking forever making rats, then the idea of him being a NPE tends to go away. Thankfully, I've only had one person complain about Hamelin to me, and they eventually got over it because I ended up playing against him multiple times with Hamelin. Personally, I consider my opponent purposely not playing a Master to the best of their ability a NPE, but I digress... 'The Piper' and 'The Plague' tend to be auto-include upgrades for Hamelin. One for Obey/ no-charge aura, and the other for ranged blight. If you're really worried about Hamelin's reputation as NPE, I'd suggest leaving one or both of those upgrades off. I view Hamelin as a VP denial Master. I look at the strategy and schemes and determine if Hamelin can stop/ hinder my opponent from most of them, then play around what he can't mess with. Another option for you may be to make sure the strategies and schemes are hard for Hamelin to deny.
  15. What are some of the most popular Frame for Murder targets for each faction?