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  1. Hi Mike, Could you please add Ali Ferguson to the reserve list please. Cheers
  2. Hi James, Could I please just get the pepper steak at the meal please. Cheers Lewis
  3. Cheers dave, good rounds there. Looking forward to the games even more now
  4. So with the rulespack saying order if play will be known in advance, is that likely to be this weekend? Also will day 1 be using the strats and deployment from rotation in the document? Apologies for the questions thought better to ask then not to Lewis
  5. The four Scottish lads are up for this, so could you add: KaiYoung, Jamie Clark, Dave Laing and Lewis Phillips to the list please. Cheers Lewis
  6. Hi Dave. Myself (Lewis Phillips) and Dave Laing have both qualified for masters so could we please be removed off the entrants list for both events please
  7. Where are you located? As Id be willing to take nino off your hands if the price is lot to unreasonable. Let me know Lewis
  8. Hey man, would you be willing to split the two handlers out if the bundle?
  9. I'll be honest, I feel SOS is possibly the worst way to deal with things, you're punishing people for something totally out of their control on later games. For instance if I win 10-5, then next round my opponent loses 10-0 my Sos bombs. It's not my fault he loses 10-0 but it sure as hell could cost me a podium. No league or tournament that I know of for professional sport uses a sos system. It's a punishing tiebreak system that causes more.issues then solves I feel.
  10. Unfortunately there hasn't been an associated henchman to this, we only new about it as.it was mentioned at kais last event Paul. It's been basically as short notice up.here and we're only 10 minutes down the road
  11. Standing with Steve in Common Ground at the minute he assures me with a enough jiggery buggery we could accommodate 128 players. Plus the travel links are good as it's centrally located.
  12. Can I throw a suggestion in the ring for Common Ground in Stirling, if we are considering Cardiff? Great venue an plenty of space, Steve the owner would love to host it, Maria can attest to the quality of the venue.
  13. I have one still on sprue. PM me to arrange something.
  14. I have a Dashel and guild guard I don't want and would like to trade for a plastic pigapult. Also have cash. UK preferable but would consider EU