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  1. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    I have a got a full weekend ticket i am no longer able to use due to health issues, would anybody be interested in buying it?
  2. Domadors - Thoughts?

    Stufded piglets are peons so cant be brought along unfortunately s
  3. New Rankings Algorithm?

    Without sounding like a total fanboy for Bag of tools and the work yous are doing, id like to say that these changes look extremely reasonable, especially with the numbers to back it up. I assume the algorithm will adjust the points each participants gets automatically? Will bottom place in bigger events still get auto 5 points?
  4. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    I get what you're saying as amember of the paintpot team though. Getting all 14 in one place at a time is like herding cats. we're spread across 3 cities afterall. I appreciate what everybody is getting at though. Guess Im just trying to aleviate any fears the systems guarantee team mates dont play each other as it beholden to RNG Gods
  5. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    going back to my original point, there is no guarentee under the current system. it does its best to avoid it but as its a RNG it doesnt always happen. it doesnt stop us attending tournaments. weve attended no bag otools using tournaments before. I think its just a case of i know the system does its best to avoid team mates but its not unavoidable. if it were yeah that skews it, but in practice team mates do play each round 1 other quite often in tournaments.
  6. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    again to avoid playing people you play on a regular basis, put the shoe on your foot, you drive 5 hours, maybe een take a day off work to travel a day early, get to the tournament and your car share/ regular opponent from the club is standing across from you, IMO neither of you will be fully in the game or playing top faux cos of how much time youve spent together. However round 2 is sort of a different scenario: random numbers havent put you there. your abilities have
  7. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    The bag O'tools system is designed to randomly allocate players to each other until fixtures are made, it will attempt to avoid a team mate match up but RNG can only go so far. team mates do play each other round 1, quite regularly in smaller metas. As one of the Scottish scene that does a fair bit of travelling id be mega peeved if i travelled to sanctuary and played a team mate round 1 after a 5 hour drive, but in a local tournament it has happened. Hell it happed at the scottish GT for 2 of our team. personally seems like a bit of a non issue being brought up
  8. UK Nationals 2017

    Hi Mike, Could you please add Ali Ferguson to the reserve list please. Cheers
  9. UK Masters - 21/22nd January - Coalville

    Hi James, Could I please just get the pepper steak at the meal please. Cheers Lewis
  10. UK Masters - 21/22nd January - Coalville

    Cheers dave, good rounds there. Looking forward to the games even more now
  11. UK Masters - 21/22nd January - Coalville

    So with the rulespack saying order if play will be known in advance, is that likely to be this weekend? Also will day 1 be using the strats and deployment from rotation in the document? Apologies for the questions thought better to ask then not to Lewis
  12. UK Masters - 21/22nd January - Coalville

    The four Scottish lads are up for this, so could you add: KaiYoung, Jamie Clark, Dave Laing and Lewis Phillips to the list please. Cheers Lewis
  13. League of Extraordinary Henchmen 3 - 22nd January - Coalville

    Hi Dave. Myself (Lewis Phillips) and Dave Laing have both qualified for masters so could we please be removed off the entrants list for both events please
  14. H: Guild W: paypal

    Where are you located? As Id be willing to take nino off your hands if the price is lot to unreasonable. Let me know Lewis