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  1. I'ld work for Perditia because someone has to keep an eye on the pesky humans for mom....and She is cute.
  2. Khylis

    Miss to Mister???

    Guess a lot of people didn;t get my post....or i'm just confused. But either way I love the discussion. She (and me by proxy) was meaning things like the Mr. Cooper/Colette models....but hey. Please continue the discourse...i'm enjoying it. :)
  3. A very good friend of mine is thinking of getting into the game,and raised a good question. So I've decided to share it with all my fellow Wyrdos and open some discussions about it maybe. Here it is: The game has female versions of some male characters either as special named(Johanna) or under the Miss Name(Miss Step). Where are the male versions of female characters?
  4. Anyone know when the comment contest winners for Iron Painter will be announced. I've looked but I may have missed it.
  5. Khylis

    Elim - space robot

    nice mecha..but i am a mecha fan. Good job
  6. Khylis

    ELIM - The Watcher

    nice jewel/gem..and good paint job
  7. Khylis

    ELIM - Space Oddity: Stargate

    the Emperor doesnt approve....but i do
  8. Khylis

    ELIM "Friendship is probing?"

    Friendship is...I NEED AN ADULT!!!! all jokes aside...the aliens are kinda cute and well done
  9. Khylis

    ELIM: Odd Space? Space Oddity!

    love the diff nurses.....great idea
  10. Khylis

    Elim - Victoria - Cyberspace Oddity

    very techy looking....very cool
  11. Khylis

    Space Oddity... Ziggy's Hired Axes

    this is cool
  12. Khylis

    Doctor Ood

    now i need to paint up some Dalek Hunters!!! This rocks.
  13. Khylis

    ELIM - Beyond Space and Time

    ooooh....its Pandy!!!! Auto win.
  14. Khylis

    ELIM - "Rocket Man" Ramos

    love the exhaust effect
  15. Khylis

    Mars oddity !

    i like it...especially the alien