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  1. I imagine them as having more in common with the Komainu than the Oni.
  2. A slight addendum to your "killing Titania" spiel, @InvokeChaos; both of Shenlong's melee triggers are timed "after succeeding". This means they still have the opportunity to stone to prevent the first lot of damage he deals, before the trigger that turns off soulstone use is applied. I make certain to explain this carefully to my opponents, as it can often be the difference between life and death for their master and can be a bit of a sore point if they find out they could have done it after the fact.
  3. I like to get my Chi from my enemies. Something is usually close enough after a few activations that Yan Lo can take a focussed attack against it, or you can ditch recalled training for similar results. Then you get Chi at the cost of decent cards and do 4 damage a time to enemy models instead of your own. I've gotten some early kills from this that really slow your opponent and increase your own tempo as a result, and frequently end turn 1 on 3-4 chi.
  4. My core is Shenlong with Wandering River style, 1 peasant, Shadow Emissary, low river monk and a Samurai with favour of earth. That's 26 stones before I pump my cache (usu to 5 or 6), leaving space for what I need to score. My hiring pool usually includes the Lone Swordsman, Katanaka Sniper, Wandering river monk, terracotta warrior, wastrels and tengu, which can achieve most schemes without too much bother. I rarely hire Yu with Shenlong now, but some schemes/strategies make it viable, if expensive.
  5. I'd recommend a straight swap of Kang for Ototo in games you might take the little brother. He works really well with Shenlong. Tengu are also fantastic with Shenlong as support models. I like them for scheme marker denial and the regen they can hand out. As an experiment, you may also want to try Oiran. I get a lot of work out of them in my Lynch crews, if you can reliably trigger the Hidden Agenda upgrade to give them fast and focussed on top of the bonus they get being able to take defensive stance (2) as a (0) action or get another focus, they become versatile and powerful minions.
  6. While I'm of the opinion that GG17 limits her usefulness to a few strat/scheme pools to score points, she's still a fantastic denial piece, and with her changes she's likely to see more play for me this year than last. I see enforcers being more popular, and they die much easier than soulstone users do to her Bisento. She suffers from Frame For Murder being in the scheme pools more often now, but it's actually not too difficult to simply set up kills with her for other models to finish them off. Don't get too trigger happy with Assassinate when that scheme might be revealed and use her to deny key areas in games where this can score points and she'll do a very good job indeed, IMO.
  7. This was my line of thought. So without the upgrade, the Child can Just Like Me Immolate, but with the upgrade it can no longer take the action at all. A shame.
  8. In a Kaeris crew where she has the born of fire upgrade attached, is the Malifaux Child prohibited from copying the action at all with Just Like You, now that one of its triggers names fire gamin?
  9. Steve McVicar's +1 is me, Dave Laing
  10. Not sure which one it's in, but there's a fantastic story featuring Ototo in one of them that I'd highly recommend reading. He's a bit of a bad-ass. (not much help, sorry).
  11. I was another of the 10T present, and also made it to the 2nd day playoffs. Played Yan Lo vs Somer Gremlins in headhunter, lost 2-1; Shenlong vs Rasputina Arcanists in Stake a Claim, won 5-4; Shenlong vs Collodi Neverborn in Squatters Rights, won 7-6. Shenlong lost game 1 8-4 in day 2 against Nicodem in Interference, though, knocking me out. My opponent went on to win the competition. Our other player was, I think, playing Asami exclusively (could be wrong), and didn't make the cut for day 2. Some very tough games but every one of them was fantastic fun. A few thoughts: GG17 makes it tough to score schemes against a good player. All of my games I had to work super hard to score my points (killing Collodi is harder than I thought!, eg). Shenlong is still an extremely versatile master for the new Schemes, and Wandering River Style is definitely a force to be reckoned with with so many scheme marker-based schemes relying on precision placement. Wave 4 has massively changed the game for all factions; Terracotta Warriors are, IMO, our biggest new change, as they become high priority for opponents to deal with, and enable a lot of shenanigans when you use Shenlong (free heals/upgrade swaps without using his (0) actions), Yan Lo (swapping an upgrade within 6" of his Emissary makes it fast, Chiaki lets you put Ancient Protection on him), or just the Kamaitachi, which is now viable with every master (you get a 3" push, heal and card draw for swapping an upgrade on a model within 6" of it), and actually improves some of them immensely (you can get 8" more push on Misaki, eg, plus a card). Low River Monks are also now a fantastic inclusion to our crews, with their ability to heal like a librarian, as well as remove conditions better than any model in the game. Finally, one I've taken from other games recently: the new Accusation Scheme is tailor made for Torakage, who have made it back into my rotation now; appear engaged with 2 enemy models from a shadowstride, then either double accuse them if you go first, or walk away and remove it unopposed if they beat you to the punch.
  12. Only if that model is a 40mm base, as Anna is herself.
  13. Also, malifaux-rankings.com covers other territories (notably the U.S started using it last year), and has recently had some additions that allow live tournament results to be viewed, as well as the round-by-round history of the events that use this system. While you won't see crew lists on it (this is sometimes tracked by each player, but since few events are fixed list, it's generally too much data to track for TOs), you can see the factions each player used, and you can track the results of an individual player and team across the history of the site. #plug
  14. #justiceforjamie was a success!
  15. @Aaron one for the next FAQ?