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  1. M2E Marcus

    When using Marcus what are people's main answer to incorporeal? Kirai and dreamer are the only two masters I'm really afraid of with Marcus as I struggle to dent them with a typical Marcus list. Was thinking about maybe adding in an Oxfordian Mage with the upgrade that gives tomes, the triggers are nice for some control with the pushes and slow, and the other 2 are nice for some damage. Obviously it's a ca attack so gets through incorporeal and with alpha and 2 cards it could potentially pull of 6 attacks in one turn. What do people think?
  2. Tips and tricks against Leveticus

    As a predominantly Marcus player I've found it very easy to hunt down the waifs with Marcus himself. With the mobility he has and the weak damage 4 with the relevant upgrade he just melts waifs in my experience
  3. Yu and lynch discarding actions

    I can understand that, it did seem to have a little too much potential. Still a good team up just not broken which I like. Cheers guys
  4. If Yu uses mulligan and discarded 3 aces which would resolve first, lynch's ace in the hole ability or yu's shuffle back into the deck? Because they both say after the action is resolved? Opinions please
  5. Von Schill and I Pay Better

    Yes Praetordragon there's spoils of war for freikorps specific and tally sheet for card draw in general
  6. Von Schill and I Pay Better

    When I look at I pay better it seems to me that this will work brilliantly with Von schill and his freikorps because of them all being mercenaries. To me having the potential to discard cards to focus without spending ap seems like it could be incredibly powerful but no tactica I have seen mentions it at all. Am I missing something?
  7. Leveticus timing?

    Maybe I'm being dense but that's not how I read it. Levy's (well the hollow waifs) ability says the end of the turn not the upkeep stage. So surely the end of the turn would be after the upkeep stage had been fully resolved and finished. So the order of resolution wouldn't actually effect here as they technically end at different times? May have the wrong end of the stick but that's how I've read it
  8. Bette Noire

    I'm afraid vile is correct. Enemy only
  9. Yan Lo tactica!

    I've just got the yan lo box so this is theory at the moment but what do people think of using lightning dance to bounce an enemy into Izamu and then him just holding them there with his great disengaging strikes. Seems a nice way to lock some models down?