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  1. Help with the Viks

    I may be wrong, but I believe Hannah can copy only (1) Ca Actions (except freikorps bla bla bla), which sisters of spirit isn't. But yeah, three models it's rather idyllic
  2. Help with the Viks

    I don't think Misaki has necessarily to die. Giving this list: - Misaki (Recalled Training, Misdirection, Stalking Bisento), 2SS Cache - Shang - Sensei Yu (wandering river style) - Shadow Effigy - 27SS as you like Their combo requires at least three activations, while Misaki+Yu's only two, so you can activate Misaki before VoB. Be sure to activate the effigy before Misaki to give her its (0). Then, before Vannesa/VoB activates, Misaki should be able to make at least 2 attacks (and up to 5 depending in positioning) to VoB. I'd spend RT, to maximize both damage and defense, and stone for crows everytime, hoping to reduce either their hand (no (+) to VoB's defense) or their SS pool (no prevention). With the last of Misaki's attacks use Next Target to end engaged with several minis (ideally engaged with VoB, VoA, and a third one). Even if you didn't kill VoB, with (+)(+) (no stones and RT) it should be quite easy to trigger Misidirection, and add to that the (-) from the effigy. If one or two attacks land on her, in turn 2 Shang will be close enough to heal her one or two times. Even better, if you win initiative turn two, you'll most probably kill another key model before your oponent can heal, attack, and/or repositionate, and then repositionate Misaki and ideally chain-activate Shang to heal Misaki. The most likely posibilitiy to lose Misaki to this would be failing to kill VoB AND an extremely good positioning from your opponent so you couldn't use Misdirection properly.
  3. Help with the Viks

    I would recomend fighting fire with fire. Misaki (w/ Stalking Bisento, Recalled Training, Misidirection) and Sensei Yu, and Alphastrike the sh*t out of them (although I'm aware you don't have her painted yet, and for that I'm staring at you with disapproval ¬¬ ). Also, blocking LoS of VoB to targets would disrupt quite a lot their combo, right? A Torakage with access to Smoke and Shadows should easily place two blocking markers in her way, so VoB can't reach her target, at least turn one, but your fast-ed beater still could walk (or be pushed) through and charge her.
  4. Misaki never dies. She just retires to her palace in The Little Kingdom to calmly have some tea when she feels the situation in the battlefield is under control enough to leave it to her minions, knowing her faithful troops would end any pending matter without needing for her help. "My work here is done, now I have to go back to the headquarters to attend more pressing matters. I'm sure you all can handle the situation by yourselves. Please report to me when finished.". Of course the enemy propaganda often intentionaly misinterprets her disappearances from the battlefield as if she had fallen under their attacks.
  5. TT Hardcore Henchman

    I have yet to play a HH game, but whenever I do, I'll try this crew I'm in love with: - Toshiro the Daymio (Leader, Cache 4SS) - Izamu the Armor (10SS) - Komainu (5SS) - Komainu (5SS) Lots of resilience, damage dealing, sinergies (Komainus giving out slow with Ml6 and ...), and overall, quite "fluffy"
  6. Shenlong box acquired

    Being also in this exact situation, now I wish I had made the same consideration as you... Now I have 3 fully painted HRM, and 3 10T Brothers waiting in the self gathering dust xD
  7. Jorugumo Outside of Asami

    Honestly, I like your model way more than the released ones. Not (only) because the "feminine" theme, but because as you already said, I'd could actually transport and play it. Seriously, I'm kind of pissed off with the size of the Jorogumo, to the point to not even consider to play (and obviously buy) them ever.
  8. How to Fix High River Monks

    I have this idea: "Flaming charge: Once per activation, this model may gain the burning +1 condition to perform the Charge Action as an (1)AP Action" This combined with their +1 Attack Ability, would allow them to perform up to 4 attacks / focus and three attacks / move 5, push 2 and charge 6 + 3 attacks, at the cost of one card and +1 burning. Does it look too strong?
  9. New player starting misaki

    Oiran are really beautiful models, and fluffwise related to the Misaki, which for me are reasons enough to buy them. But in any other case, I wouldn't advise to get them (personally I only use them in "thematic" lists). Here I must disagree *a little*. I don't find any particular synergy between Misaki and Jorogumo. It does exists a synergy between Jorogumo and Smoke and Shadows, but I'll never put it on Misaki (nor advice it), and as the upgrade doesn't need Misaki to be on the crew, I'd just state that Jorogumo *may* have some synergy with Yamaziko, but only if you give her Smoke and Shadows (choosing to not even consider Ototo for carrying the upgrade). Anyway, @Madchef75, I suggest you this thread, where you can find a lot of good advices related to Misaki's crew construction:
  10. After Errata Misaki

    I'm extremely happy with the changes to Misaki. And I think that which I like most, is that with the changes she isn't just "better", but more versatile, with different ways to play her, as the Stalking Bisento Misaki hasn't been affected that much by the changes. Deadly dance was rather absurd before. In three years playing almost only Misaki, I think I never used it once. Now it's quite beautiful, althought in my playstile I don't think I would be using it very much, as If Misaki hasn't Stalking Bisento, then is carrying On Wings of Wind, and so already has better (0)s to do. Still, when no other (0) can be used, or the push is critical, then Deadly Dance really shines. But Downburst, my gosh, it's so nice now. A Stalking Bisento Misaki will still rather spend her APs killing enemies, but with other builds (I'm finding On Wings of Wind, Misdirection and another upgrade of choice a nice combination to get a high movility and disrupting Misaki) it's really nice. The "Downburst Yourself" tactic looks quite better now, needing les cards to achieve it (as it's easier to fail the duel). Deploy in line Shang, Misaki, and *heavy hitter* (let's say Izamu). First AP > Downburst upon Shang, Misaki and Izamu are pushed 4" away towards the center of the table. Second AP > Downburst upon Misaki Herself, pushing Izamu another 4". (0) AP > Push Izamu another 4" with On Wings Of Wind. Third AP > Walk to place Misaki Wherever you'll need her the second turn. End of turn > Push Misaki another 3". Izamu is now 12" into the table ready to charge in the first turn, and Misaki about 10". It's a little card dependant (two 8s, and failing the duels with an 8 or less for Misaki, and two 10 or less for Izamu), but easier an cheaper than before. Later on game, Misaki won't regret that much not having stalking bisento, as she can play to Downburst > Thunder > Push, having a Master with extreme movility to achieve strats/schemes and disrupting enemie play with Misdirection, Deadly Dance, and Downburst. Well, maybe I'm rambling too much xD but I'm really happy with the changes, and I'm quited excited to at least be able to play (without feeling you're limiting yourself) a non-Stalking Bisento Misaki.
  11. Broken Balance

    Also, as a Misaki player, I doubt I'll be including Yasunori often in my lists. 12SS (13 with RR) are too much SSs, and my playstile requires versatile crews, which implies I can't invert too much in a single model, and in any case, Sensei Yu w/ WRS (11SS) or Shadow Emissary (10SS) are better and cheaper options to include in a Misaki list. And about the errata, althought I'm extremely happy and excited with the changes Misaki got, I don't think they make her significantly better, but more versatile/ no so straight forward. A Stalking Bisento Misaki will still work almost without difference from pre-errata, but now at least it allows to play her without Stalking Bisento and in more versatile ways.
  12. Broken Balance

    I'm afraid that doesn't work that way. If you're compairing min Dg, considering both hits, Yasunori's is 9, i.e: attack, auto-trigger, and second attack without trigger, cause to ensure that you need the right card in your hand, and hence, it's not the minimun.
  13. Ten Thunders Scheme Runners

    I'm surprised to not find anywhere in this thread any mention to one of my favourites scheme runners, Chiaki The Niece. For 6SS, she has all the requirements OP mentioned: High mobility: Wk 5 is not great, but incorporeal is, and combined Chiaki can easily reach wherever she needs. Survival tools: Wd7, Incorporeal, and manipulative 12 for 6SS is quite a bargain. Of course with Df4 she will end up dead if the enemy puts some effort, but is still quite resilient for her cost. Scheme related abilities: Not where she shines, but still her (0) allows you to "neutralice-ish" enemy scheme runners. Also, Purity can disturb some positioning. Low cost: 6SS, check Additional utility: Condition removal and healing makes her as good a support model as a scheme runner. Sincerely, Chiaki ends up being too good.
  14. What to add to Misaki's crew

    That's mainly cause I don't have it yet xD It wasn't realeased in my country until this month, and I'm still figuring out how the frack I'm going to transport it. But yes, it should be also a great adittion
  15. What to add to Misaki's crew

    In my experience (three years playing almost exclusively Misaki), the best models to acompany Misaki with are models that work well independently, and don't need (much) cards, stones, and/or suits (specially not Crows nor Masks). Aside from that, any model pairs well with her, as Misaki doesn't really generates any sinergy. The only consideration to bear in mind is bring some model with pushes to give her some extra range. Sensei Yu is of course the best model for that role, but as he and his Intercontinental Ballistic Cruise Misaki Missile Combo can be a little overwhelming to some players (to the point to being directly not fun to play against), others options I prefer are Lust and Mr Graves. For what it's worth, currently the common base for my competitive games is the following: - Misaki (Stalking Bisento, Recalled Training, Misidirection) - Shang - Shadow Effigy - Lust - Yin The Penangalan (The Peaceful Waters) - Chiaki the niece - Low River Monk That leaves 12SS, which I fill acordingly to enemy faction, strats, schemes and so with combinations of the Following: Sensei Yu w/WRS, Katanaka Sniper, Izamu, TT Brother/s, a second LR Monk, and Death Contract Upgrade (on Misaki and Lust placed randomly). In other words, the same models the comments above mentioned