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  1. Maybe making path of the lotus a (0) (0) path of the Lotus (Ca 6 / TN 12 / Rg 6): Discard target scheme, corpse or scrap marker. This action may only declare a Trigger if a marker was discarded this way. Rams - White Lotus: Heal 2Dmg on this model Masks - Purple Lotus: Push ap to 2" an enemy model within 12 Tomes - Blue Lotus: Push this model up to 4" Crows - Yellow Lotus: Target model within 6 gains Poison +2 This would make Path of the Lotus way less situatonal, as it could be used just to discard markers, or to various effects without being that hard to pull of. The triggers I listed are just the ones which came to mind, but it could any other thing as the designers felt. I added the Poison +2 just cause I feel that there are various models and combos in Ten Thunders that work well with poison, and so that could make the Lotus Eater interesting in various crews. Also, I think any help to brewmaster mechanics is welcome, imo. Also, adding ANY defensive ability would help
  2. Played it last night. Saddly I couldn't get the best out of him (I think he made one or two attacks in 5 turns, and his aura wasn't of any use either), but still, I'm quite happy with him. 9Wds, 5Df, HtW, and Call unto the chi make him a goog enough tarpit, and he spent most of the game just accusing, getting hit, and healing. I hope to test it again soon and see what he can really do in the right circustances
  3. Had a game with it last night, and sincerely, was rather disappointing. Almost any other 6SS (and some 5SS) model would have performed better. Either a Torakage or a 10TB looks to me more durable, fast, and better suited to scheme running, and the Torakage also hits harder in most scenarios. I doubt I'll test it again as it is right now. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I liked the prior version better
  4. With that I agree, but mostly because as already others said, I find it too resource expensive. Maybe paired with a LRM with Peaceful Waters on the table could be a good way to get good use of him, getting free scheme markers while healing (in fact, I think I'm going to try that later today). Maybe an option could be to add a couple more kinds of Lotus (white, yellow, whatever), so it's less cornercase, such as "Heal 1 Damage", "Deal 1 Damage", "Defensive +1", "Poison +1 to a nearby model" and things like that.
  5. That one looks really nice, but I think I would add an "This trigger may be declared only once per turn" to limit it a little bit
  6. Would you mind to expand this? I guess pushing models around to lock them with Misaki to either Misdirect or to wack'em is nice, but that should also be good enough with Yan Lo, Brew, Mei Feng, and almost any beater/tar pit. Not arguing, just curious of what you meant
  7. I think Crime Boss (and Lotus eater) being Last Blossom could make Misaki slightly more interesting in Outcast, with all those "Drop it" triggers they got in Wave 4. In fact I tried yesterday Crime boss+Lotus eater+ 2x Wokou Raiders pairing each of them, to try to get the most out of Protection Money. Not that either the game nor their performance allowed to bring out any solid conclusions, but I still find it (Crime boss/Lotus eater + Wokou Raider) an interesting combo.
  8. I may be wrong, but I believe Hannah can copy only (1) Ca Actions (except freikorps bla bla bla), which sisters of spirit isn't. But yeah, three models it's rather idyllic
  9. I don't think Misaki has necessarily to die. Giving this list: - Misaki (Recalled Training, Misdirection, Stalking Bisento), 2SS Cache - Shang - Sensei Yu (wandering river style) - Shadow Effigy - 27SS as you like Their combo requires at least three activations, while Misaki+Yu's only two, so you can activate Misaki before VoB. Be sure to activate the effigy before Misaki to give her its (0). Then, before Vannesa/VoB activates, Misaki should be able to make at least 2 attacks (and up to 5 depending in positioning) to VoB. I'd spend RT, to maximize both damage and defense, and stone for crows everytime, hoping to reduce either their hand (no (+) to VoB's defense) or their SS pool (no prevention). With the last of Misaki's attacks use Next Target to end engaged with several minis (ideally engaged with VoB, VoA, and a third one). Even if you didn't kill VoB, with (+)(+) (no stones and RT) it should be quite easy to trigger Misidirection, and add to that the (-) from the effigy. If one or two attacks land on her, in turn 2 Shang will be close enough to heal her one or two times. Even better, if you win initiative turn two, you'll most probably kill another key model before your oponent can heal, attack, and/or repositionate, and then repositionate Misaki and ideally chain-activate Shang to heal Misaki. The most likely posibilitiy to lose Misaki to this would be failing to kill VoB AND an extremely good positioning from your opponent so you couldn't use Misdirection properly.
  10. I would recomend fighting fire with fire. Misaki (w/ Stalking Bisento, Recalled Training, Misidirection) and Sensei Yu, and Alphastrike the sh*t out of them (although I'm aware you don't have her painted yet, and for that I'm staring at you with disapproval ¬¬ ). Also, blocking LoS of VoB to targets would disrupt quite a lot their combo, right? A Torakage with access to Smoke and Shadows should easily place two blocking markers in her way, so VoB can't reach her target, at least turn one, but your fast-ed beater still could walk (or be pushed) through and charge her.
  11. Misaki never dies. She just retires to her palace in The Little Kingdom to calmly have some tea when she feels the situation in the battlefield is under control enough to leave it to her minions, knowing her faithful troops would end any pending matter without needing for her help. "My work here is done, now I have to go back to the headquarters to attend more pressing matters. I'm sure you all can handle the situation by yourselves. Please report to me when finished.". Of course the enemy propaganda often intentionaly misinterprets her disappearances from the battlefield as if she had fallen under their attacks.
  12. I have yet to play a HH game, but whenever I do, I'll try this crew I'm in love with: - Toshiro the Daymio (Leader, Cache 4SS) - Izamu the Armor (10SS) - Komainu (5SS) - Komainu (5SS) Lots of resilience, damage dealing, sinergies (Komainus giving out slow with Ml6 and ...), and overall, quite "fluffy"
  13. Being also in this exact situation, now I wish I had made the same consideration as you... Now I have 3 fully painted HRM, and 3 10T Brothers waiting in the self gathering dust xD
  14. Honestly, I like your model way more than the released ones. Not (only) because the "feminine" theme, but because as you already said, I'd could actually transport and play it. Seriously, I'm kind of pissed off with the size of the Jorogumo, to the point to not even consider to play (and obviously buy) them ever.
  15. I have this idea: "Flaming charge: Once per activation, this model may gain the burning +1 condition to perform the Charge Action as an (1)AP Action" This combined with their +1 Attack Ability, would allow them to perform up to 4 attacks / focus and three attacks / move 5, push 2 and charge 6 + 3 attacks, at the cost of one card and +1 burning. Does it look too strong?