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  1. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Now that they are so open to errata on existing cards (which I will restate, I think is a terrible idea that could ruin the game), I would say there's essentially no chance that something like a being added to Brewie's Obey or Misaki's attack gaining Sh. If they think those changes are appropriate, they would just make them. Some bonus to Yan Lo's Retainers seems cool, though, since he really doesn't have a lot of synergy with them now. I also like the idea of a potion-type thing for McCabe; he can toss it to a buddy, but it has to be used up (discarded) to get the effect from it. It would have to be pretty good to displace the extant goodies he can pass around, but I like the idea. I have played a fair amount of Asami and, honestly, I'm not sure what she could get either. I wouldn't mind if the new masters didn't get new upgrades, tbh.
  2. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Speculation: The new models will mostly be blah and nobody will care about them, but then in 4-6 months every will pick up on exactly one of them and begin working on proxies. The official model won't be released until June 2018. The new upgrades will be amazing, however, and new options will be fun and flavorful for all master. This will be tempered by the upgrade cards not arriving in Europe until March 2019, so all anybody will do is be angry and complain about it.
  3. June Errata?

    Just order a bunch of old cards now to start getting the useless shipments out of the way early.
  4. Interference or increasing head counts

    Oh, another option is Yin. Give Nico or whoever a on all Wp and Ca duels makes it a lot harder for them to do anything. At a minimum, it eats up their AP to focus first.
  5. Interference or increasing head counts

    Interference is a killy-strat. If you want to outnumber your enemy, what is the best, most surefire way to do this? Kill them all. This is obviously a lot to ask against Molly or Kirai or Nico, but it still has to be your goal. Focus on the master; all of the best summoners (I'll include The Dreamer here, too) are quite difficult to kill, but far from impossible. Besides, killing them isn't even the primary goal. The goal is to limit how much they summon and that can be done by pressuring them from turn 1 onward. Katanaka Snipers are basically impossible to hide from, and Yasunori (especially with help from Asami, Shenlong, McCabe, Sensei Yu, and the Emissary) is ALSO impossible to hide from and hits like a dang truck. If Nico is using cards to make you miss attacks, or if he is burning stones to prevent damage, you are winning. Kill the enablers (Phillip and the Nanny, the vulture, etc) and pressure the master. Then just kill kill kill and you'll do fine.
  6. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    I have to assume they will be changing how the Limited Edition minis are handled. Obviously it will be nigh impossible for established players to hit $300USD at Easter without pre-releases, but I believe the War Wabbit was sold separately for $25 when it was initially released, and it would make sense for any Easter or Black Friday special models to be sold like that.
  7. Help with the Viks

    My plan with the Viks is to harass them with shooting, then kill one with Lone Swordsman or Yasunori. I guess it isn't foolproof, but in my limited exposure to them it has been successful.
  8. Asami List Theoryfaux

    Especially with Asami, this is true. If you can drain their hand before she activates, then you can confidently use a stone to hit her assassinate trigger, and then they're about 60/40 to just die on the spot.
  9. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Asami

    Ohaguro only adds the to melee attacks, so the obey still needs the right card or a stone.
  10. Yan lo and low river monks

    I try to ignore the Ascendent upgrades, more or less, on account of how medium they are. Having 2 or 3 Chi by the time Yan Lo activates on turn 2 is just fine, and doesn't cost you anything other than the cards you ditch when he activates. Again, if going hog wild for Chi on turn 1 is working for you, that's fine. I just would advise a new player to ignore that plan, that's all.
  11. Yan lo and low river monks

    I mean, if it's worth 4ss, a few cards, and 2 Master AP to accelerate your Chi acquisition on turn 1, then more power to you. I would never recommend this strategy, nor would I follow it myself, is all I'm saying.
  12. Yan lo and low river monks

    Low River Monks are very good. Most underrated and misunderstood model in the faction, imo. Anybody who spends their Master's AP on turn one to kill one of their own models is not doing themselves any favors, btw.
  13. Asami List Theoryfaux

    I occasionally take Snipers, but I feel like, in general, they are the single most overrated model in the faction, if not the game. They're still fine though, and sometimes have a use. As for armor and blasts, the answer is mostly the same: don't worry about it. Don't ignore it either, but during the course of play you'll just need to be aware of it the answers should come to you naturally (hide a little, spread out a little, don't waste AP attacking Lazarus, etc). If the blasts are coming from Sonnia the answer is different though (you're screwed; everybody is dead; game over man, game over).
  14. Ten Thunders Archer

    Stop me if you've heard this one before but: I VERY MUCH HOPE THE ARCHER DOES NOT GET AN ERRATA. Errata would be the death of this game if everything that forum dwellers moaned about got changed up. It is not only an okay thing, but it is a natural and necessary thing for some models to be more competitive than others. It is not okay, on the other hand, for people to be perpetually confused about what a model actually does, because they don't feel like they can trust the card they have on hand.
  15. Wave 4 Emissary conflux upgrades

    Same reasons for Asami/Shadow Conflux. Jorogumo and everything else are minions, and Jorogumo have a very low Ml of 5, so those flips are really appreciated.