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  1. December 19th - Alt Lazarus

    That's really cool. Hope it's not too hard to acquire.
  2. July 18th - New Crews

    I think I have something like 10 crew boxes now and I've not even played yet... There are some fantastic models in there. Phiona Gage, Corpse Candles, Banasuva, the Gorar, Iron Skeeters and the First Mate, and Ohaguro Bettari are my favourites.
  3. July 11th - The Wild Ones

    Looks awesome, just a shame it'll probably be too expensive for me here in the uk after import tax as well.
  4. Just because ... 6/23/16

    Well we've passed 200!
  5. Just because ... 6/23/16

    Could be resin or something (either as a prototype or because the model will be but I assume they'll be plastic as normal), resin comes out in different colours sometimes.
  6. Just because ... 6/23/16

    I love 'em, personally. Big models usually do mean cool models for me. Bring it on I say. Plus there's nothing stopping you sticking to Malifaux and not playing The Other Side if you aren't a fan of the bigger scale.
  7. June 13 - Parker Barrows

    He looks really good, a solid model, but nothing overly exciting.
  8. June 6 - Sandeep

    You mean, you can make promises like that and actually keep them? Sorcery.
  9. December 21 - Stitched Together

    These look fantastic.
  10. December 14th - Large Arachnids

    I love these too. I kind of get the complaints about models not having weapons they have in the rules but it doesn't bother me at all and at the end of the day 'buzz saw' or 'baton' or whatever is just a rule name, it's not like there's any wysiwyg issues or anything.
  11. December 7th - Spawn Mother & Gupps

    I really like the Gupps but the Spawn Mother is posed oddly.
  12. New player - Rule books

    Yeah Crossroads doesn't have the rules for the game, you'll need either the first big book or the rules manual alongside crossroads.
  13. Hanging Tree, What is it good for?!?

    But can't you only take one of Montressor?
  14. Hanging Tree, What is it good for?!?

    I thought the smaller ones were stand ins for Hanged?
  15. Rafkin & Guild Autopsy plastics

    Actually only one sculpt was shown in the Monday preview (unless the others have been previewed elsewhere?) but I'd put money on three as well.