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  1. Hello! :D cheers! and good chance on the Iron Painter

  2. Iron Painter 2016

    I MAY be crazy, but...... I'M IN!
  3. Painters Challenge - 2015!!!!!

    Last thing I heard was that he has been going through a lot of life stuff. Don't be hard on him.
  4. Miss Ann Thrope

    From the album Malifaux Cosplays

  5. Miss Ann Thrope

    From the album Malifaux Cosplays

  6. Painters Challenge - 2015!!!!!

    You would. Lol Wait. I thought you painted Lenny?
  7. Painters Challenge - 2015!!!!!

    Wooo for having NOTHING painted... I'm working on not fun commissions. Bleh. Looks like someone might already win this. Lol
  8. July 13th - Brotherhood of the Rat

    Ohhh I like.
  9. Doctor Ood

    I love this so much!!!! Fantastic paintjob, wonderful lighting effects, and just all around gorgeous! Also, I loooove Doctor Who. <3