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  1. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I am working on my Stitched Together, but unfortunately I kind of already know that I will not be able to finish it in time and will have to use my first mulligan. I am currently working on my thesis and have a lot of school related stuff as such. I probably could finish it in time, but... I am doing some freehand on the model and have few more ideas Monthly Painting Challenge works as intended though I am painting almost everyday and, which is the most important, feel motivated to paint and try new things
  2. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Wow, thank you, @Viruk I must say, all these positive vibes, constructive criticism, overall friendliness of the whole Monthly Painting Challenge community... it really makes me want to paint more and I am genuinely looking forward to the end of the month (this one and those to come) to see photos of finished models
  3. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Thank you, @Burnin' Coal
  4. Monthly painting challenge - January

    The varnish has completely dryed so I could finally add some grass tufts and leafs and take proper photos You can see more pictures on my pseudoblog - Of Swampfiends and Men
  5. Of Swampfiends and Men

    Chapter 7 - Lights in the Swamps First of the Will o' the Wisps is finally finished It has been siting on my desk half painted for more than nine months Monthly Painting Challenge 2018 finally motivated me to finish it When I was assembling the mode I immediately broke the antenna. I saw few pictures on the internet of people just puting a ball of green stuff on the stump, but I really liked the original one so decided to repair it if able. I glued the antenna back using a plastic cemment and then took a single ply of toilette paper, cut a small rectangle from it, soaked it in PVA glue and used it as a bandage. Then I used dampen brush to tighten it and smooth it out. It is barely visible and I even dropped the model right on the repaired antenna and it just bounced off Some of the gaps are, unfortuantely, still a little bit visible, but I already purchased silicon sculpting/smoothing tools (from China for like 2 dollars) and it just magically turned the aspect of modelling that I found the most tedious and frustrating into something that I quite enjoy and find satisfying For a long time I wasn't sure what to do with the wings (and colours as such). I tried so many colour combinations. @Joachim's idea to paint them as those of a Monarch butterfly, that you can see here, was brilliant so I asked him if I could use it as well and he agreed Unfortunately on my model it didn't work quite as well - the model was too colourful and clashing. By the way, almost a year ago I promised you, @Joachim, that I would post pictures of my Will o' the Wisp when I finish it so here it is I also tried to do some OSL around the eyes with them being the most bright part of the model but in the end it felt more logical to paint the antenna like that.
  6. Monthly painting challenge - February

    This month I decided to pledge my first Stitched Together. I played them only once so far but always liked the model. I usually play more or less the same models so it would be nice to have a little bit more diversity
  7. Monthly painting challenge - January

    The Will o' the Wisp is finished and the 3 SS it is worth are enough for my minion pledge Now I have to varnish it, let the varnish dry for at least two days (otherwise dust and cat hair stick to it ), add some leafs, take proper photos and post them here and on my blog The Monthly Painting Challenge helped me to be more organized and disciplined with my painting, which is great. Already looking forward to painting another miniature
  8. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute, the model is almost finished Tomorrow I have the last exam and then I will finish it and post a picture. The model will be finished, but not finished finished I like to let the varnish dry two days, because otherwise it's still a little bit sticky and shiny. After varnishing the model and adding some leaves and such I will take proper pictures and post them on my blog and here as well. I hope this is OK
  9. @Viruk, I am not sure why, but your post looks like this and the link is invisible until you hover over it with mous cursor: And when I click it it shows 0 results in All Listings.
  10. Of Swampfiends and Men

    Here is the photo of how I took the pictures above #poor-man's-lightbox #gheto-setup I want to learn how to do infinite black background and how to adjust colours, but for now I settled just with resizing the photos in MS Paint
  11. Of Swampfiends and Men

    I started to pay more attention to bases and thus decided to redo Iggy's one. I felt that the old one was due to green grass tufts a bit distracting and clashing and I wanted to create a base that tells a story, one that demonstrates the heat that surrounds him. My first idea was burnt dirt but it wouldn't make sense because his shoes are, unlike his sleeves, unburnt. At first I was hesitant about the snow because my other models all have autumn themed swamp bases but I thought that the snow melting around his feet would nicely demonastrate the heat and that it would be nice to try something new Next model will be Will o' the Wisp - the very first model of my Monthly Painting Challenge adventure
  12. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Happy new year, everyone My first model of 2018 and the very first model of my Monthly Painting Challenge adventure is going to be Will o' the Wisp (3 SS) with a simple custom built base that has been sitting on my table half-painted for 6 months or so. My plan throughout the year is to finally finish all the assambled/half-finished models that I have: Zoraida 3 Will o' the Wisps 3 Waldgeists Puppet Wars Nurse 3 Stitched Together Miss Erry That is 12 models, one for each month, but there are also some models that I would like to purchase - Mysterious Effigy, Mr. Graves, Adze and maybe McTavish. I would also like to start to pay more attention to bases - make custom ones that tell a story and complement the model.
  13. Wave 6 wishlist

    I would think that by this time models from Wave 6 are already writen, but there is one thing that I would like to see. Dark grim creepy disturbing stuff from classical fairy tales.
  14. Wave 6 wishlist

    May I ask what Gloom Crows and Gudgeons are? I can imagine, at least I think, what a Gloom Crow is, but Gudgeons... I googled Gudgeons and according to Wikipedia Gudgeon is the common name for a number of small freshwater fish, so that didn't help
  15. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    In the rules it says: "post a photo of your unpainted minis." Can the model be assembled, gaps filled or even the model primed at the start of the month?