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  1. Streams and podcasts

    It would be awesome to have a TTB podcast to listen to while painting YouTube video would be even better.
  2. Homefront - Block 3

    The Neverborn doing the good ol' 0 point strategy, I see. 5 points?! Do Gremlins hold Aaron's family hostage or what?
  3. Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    Thanks, Kai, for sharing these pictures Keeping them to yourself would be... shellfish.
  4. Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    These puns, geez. Everybody clam down. EDIT: I wasn't aware that "clam down" actually means something. It was supposed to be misspelled calm down, but... oops. I will see myself out
  5. Miss O'Jenny

    Technically. Resurrectionist and Gremlins technically already have a Miss models. The only way to get them though is to hunt them on Ebay and such. I really like the idea. Trixiebelle is definitely the model all the Gremlin players want, name is funny and makes sense and I think that it would be a nice model. I am just a little bit worried that some people might feel offended. Maybe it is just some previous threads we had here that still reverberate through my brain and nobody would, I don't know.
  6. Zoraida Obey & Brutal Emm Back in the Box

    Attack Actions (Malifaux 2E- Rules Manual, pg. 38) "Attack Actions require a target and LoS (see pg. 40). In addition, a model may never target itself with an Attack Action, unless specifically allowed by another rule."
  7. I do have Nurse, a Puppet Wars one though, but... I do. I am just being curious, not planning to purchase any other Outcast master at the moment. I will start with bare minimum - Scion of the Void, 1 Death Marshall and Talos - and if I like Tara I will then most likely gradually purchase Johan, Sue and Bishop/Killjoy and if I really like Tara and The Outcasts Hodgepodge Emissary as well and then later anothe master box set OR more Neverborn. We will see Is it because of the new Leveticus' upgrades or because of a particular model from The Broken Promises?
  8. With what master did you play them, @Freman? Leveticus? Not that I am going to buy any of those box sets any time soon, but I was thinking: Desolation Engine and later Salvage and Logistics Hired Guns - If I understand it correctly, most of The Outcasts masters can use Von Schill's Freikorps. That was actually my next question, @thatlatinspeakingguy If Talos and Scion of the Void are only for Tara and won't find use out of her crew. The more I read about The Outcasts the more it seems that I should buy half of The Resurrectionists as well Karina's summoning, Leveticus' Pariah of Bone, Jack Daw's Tormented models... Another question I have: With what master is Marlena Webster going to see play?
  9. Asking questions left, right and middle, because I know nothing about The Outcasts. I haven't finished assemling Tara's crew yet, but out of sheer curiosity... With what master/s does Tara share models? From what I've read I understand that Outcast masters unfotunately generally do not share a lot of models apart from "all stars" like Johan.
  10. best ways to magnetize our miniature

    I use Rare Earth Magnets (6mm x 1.5mm) which I glue in a center of a base. In order to not break my miniatures off their bases I just put a stripe of a paper under them, bend sides upwards and then, when I am taking the miniature out of the box, pull the "handle" on one side. The magnets are strong enough to hold a miniature (I even tried to shake the box and nothing happend.) but if you lift one side of the base few milimeters they loose their grip enough to pick the model up safely.
  11. Thank you I made the same post on A Wyrd Place, asked local Tara player, read more and listened to some podcasts to learn not just about Tara, but about The Outcasts as such, because I realized how little I know. At the moment my plan is to purchase: Scion of the Void Miss Terious, Female Death Marshal - As I was told that a single Death Marshal is enough most of the times. Talos - If I am not mistaken he should be released at the end of october. Would this be enough? I do understand why a box set of 3 more Void Wretches would be useful, but can't see myself painting 6 of the same model, so they will have to wait. I will also wait with buying Guild Autopsies and Punk Zombies for Karina to summon and instead ask local Resurrectionists if I could borrow a single model of each. Is Aionus considered a core Tara model or is he just a nice model to have? Should I also get Bishop, Johan, Sue or Hans? I am not a fan of Killjoy, both sculpt and rules.
  12. Yesterday I won Herald of Obliteration, Nightmare Edition in a tournament. I wasn't planning to purchase Tara, but she was one of, many I must add, masters that allways interested me. It feels wrong to sell the box set and it would be nice to play something else than Zoraida (and to paint something else than trees, frogs and bugs) and the more I read about Tara the more I like her, but the more I am confused as well. That's why I come to you with a plea for help. What would you say are 3 or 4 box sets I should purchase next? Thematic models, preferably. Talos, Scion of the Void, Death Marshals and The Drowned? Outcast Tara versus Resurrectionist Tara. What are some differences in their playstyle? Do they use similar models?