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  1. And pretty art you have, mister Aaron. Nekima... just WOW!
  2. And Neverborn Minions & Peons are represented by Iggy. /target_Aaron's_Dreams /crush
  3. With Wave 5 behind a corner, or two rather, and almost 9 months since the rules for Wave 4 have been released I was wondering... Which Wave 4 models and upgrades are, in your opinion, the most well-designed? I am also interested in reading why do you consider them well-designed. Is it because they are finely balanced? Fun? Much needed? Strong? (Maybe a bit too strong?) Because they rekindled the love for a master or a model you haven't played in a while? Thank you for taking time to write your opinion
  4. Phinn rubs his hands. "I have been collecting swear-words, dirty jokes, hostility and sarcasm the whole year. I think I saw one racism there as well. Time to let them out, boys and girls!" Phinn realizes he is being watched by moderators and his villainous smile dissappears like a fart in a wind. "Time to suppress them for another year, boys and girls!"
  5. Old Phinn: "And that, kids, is how the Mullet Wars started."
  6. I think that a model that would give different Conditions would be both thematic and useful. Preferably some fun Conditions rather then the likes of the Nurse's ones, even though Hallucinogens sound quite fitting.
  7. Malifaux FAQ & Errata - Actions and Abilities Found Across Multiple Factions: 71) Can a model use the Eat Your Fill Ability outside of its own Activation (for example, while being Obeyed)? Yes. It may still heal and simply does not have an Activation to end.
  8. Thank you, @Viruk These days I allways try to add some personal touch to the miniautre I am painting. Be it Iggy's magmatic hands or Bad Juju's base or his Soulstones which I completely forgot to mention when I posted his photos. There are ten Soulstones painted on his miniature - 8 for Bad Juju himself and 2 for Eternal Fiend Upgrade, without which he never leaves home. Four of those can be seen on the following photo.
  9. Originally the center of the flame was indeed white (with a little bit of yellow, that is) but I couldn't shake the feeling that it looks unfinished. I think that this is because I use white primer. For this reason I never use an actual white paint but Citadel Screaming Skull instead. I am currently painting a Waldgeist and would like to utilize what you said about OSL and paint its eyes glowing. Not sure about it though yet. We will see. Once again, thank you for your advice, @Stark
  10. Looking at the photo you altered I really should have been more bold with the OSL. Thank you, @Stark, for taking your time to explain and show me as well how to improve Very useful. If I were to paint him now I would change one more thing - the flames. I would use less yellow and more orange. And, as I said before, would definitely use less varnish.
  11. Thank you, @Stark, I very much appreciate your kind words And yes, I would definitely welcome an advice on OSL. I tried to paint his cloths lighter towards the flames, make sharper shadows and tint the parts that are close to the flames yellow - shoulders, sleeves, the flailing part of the shirt on his right side... The thing is that I was scared that I would overdo the effect. I have seen a lot of miniatures ruined by too much blood effects for example and I kept that in mind. Also I think that it would be much more visible and more simple to do if only one of his hands was ablaze or I used differently coloured flames. Originaly I wanted to do one of the flames as a normal one and the second one blue or green but in the end I felt like that normal flames and magma hands that are getting cooler towards the burnt sleeves make the most sense.
  12. Chapter 6 - "Burn them. BURN THEM ALL!" I probably spent more time doing research than painting the miniature. I had to learn how to paint a face and actually a human skin as such as well (which is a reason why I painted Iggy before Zoraida), how to paint flames and how OSL is done. For a very long time I also wasn't sure what colours I want to use, becuase I wanted him to look like a poor boy from an orphanage he is, but was affraid that he would end up looking boring. That's why I decided to add something extra - magma hands I also tried to paint his eyes as if they were scorching - that is why they are orange and why the skin is brighter towards them. I learnt a lot by painting Iggy. The most valuable lesson of them all... Do not be so reckless with varnish Well, live and learn
  13. Isn't there something like Peon category - a symbolic one, where you finish a model every three months?
  14. I do not see Will o' the Wisps as a crutch in Zoraida's crews, more like a patch.
  15. Mr. Kyle, if you are reading this... First of all, hello How different is it to design electronic games and to work on Malifaux? Also, do we know any games you have worked on?