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  1. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute, it usualy takes me the whole month or more to finish a single miniature, but this time I have been painting basicaly three days straight (it was very relaxing ) and, which is probably even more improtant, I decided to just paint and have fun instead of trying to achieve "perfection"
  2. Phinn

    Of Swampfiends and Men

    Chapter 9 - Of Swampfiends and Men... and Nightmares I wanted the Stitched Together to look like it is made of various discarded materials: Old burlap sacks in which coffee beans from Earth are imported to Malifaux - the stamp on the belly. Tartan fabric. And even human skin. The tattoo is of an anchor, which symbolizes home, and it reads Hradec, because I come from the city called Hradec Králové, which is commonly refered to simply as Hradec
  3. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    I can't rememeber the last time I had so much fun painting a miniature Mysterious Effigy (4 SS) - and thus my pledge for this month - is finished You can find more photos on my blog here on the forums - Of Swampfiends and Men
  4. Phinn

    Of Swampfiends and Men

    Chapter 8 - Mysterious Effigy
  5. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to finish my pledge for March - Mr. Graves - yet, but I felt like I need something new and exciting and thus my pledge for this month is probably my most favorite model of all Malifaux - Mysterious Effigy I want to learn how to paint yellow colour (the dress), I would also like to paint the masks as if they were actual faces (I have painted only a single face - Iggy's - so far so that will be a challenge.) and Effigy's "skin" will probably be in the colour scheme inspired by some red/orange crab. The base will be a very simple one
  6. Phinn

    My snowmen

    It is visible to me Did you repair it or is it still broken for you?
  7. Phinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    @Purple Mist, I usually paint two, three models at most, per year. It is just easier to watch a movie or to play a videogame. This year, thanks to MPC, I am already working on the third one and am again looking forward to every painting session. I try to paint every day for half an hour or more, if I have the time At the moment I also buy models based not on their rules but on how fun I think they will be to paint - new materials I haven't tried to paint yet and would like to learn, a colour I haven't used for a while, and such And I am also slowly expanding my collection of paints - currently at 17 paint pots Shortly, MPC has resurrected (/spit_on_the_ground) the whole hobby for me @Hound Grey, I think that more light next time would help your cellphone to focus
  8. Phinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Sir, you are hazarding with the meaning of the word "bit". I mean, that is a whole new level of blurriness right there
  9. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    To paraphrase an old mayan saying: "Miniature painting is like a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably sh... shomething not good." I am not feeling Zoraida at the moment, but I had some ideas for Mr. Graves, so... Really looking forward to painting him I want to paint his suit as charcoal plaid and his shirt probably dark purple/red-purple (will decide after I have painted the suit). He will be holding a pole that is broken at the end and will be standing on a porch with the rest of the broken pole sticking out, like he just teared it out of it. And I would like to paint his head like he is balding but shaves it - like you would paint a stubble or a very short hair but only on the sides and the back of his head.
  10. I didn't realize that. I must say that I am not sure where I stand when it comes to these new faction versus faction box sets. I assume that all the models are a part of the next book. I love that they are all highly thematic models for masters that could use some new additions and they all look amazing and sound very fun Even though it is annoying to wait up to 9 months for the model you want to be released, while some other models from the very same book have been released a long time ago, I like that there is allways something to look forward If Neverborn would ever get an Encounter Box with models-that-I-would-be-interested-in versus X and I couldn't find a friend who would be interested in X, I must say, I just wouldn't buy it. I am not sure if that is me being a filthy casual or other people feel the same way though.
  11. Just to add, Amphibious Assault, The Crossroads Seven, Brotherhood of the Rat and Creative Taxidermy are story encounters as well
  12. Phinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Thank you It's neither, I might have been using the word thesis wrong this whole time Oh boy, here comes the language barrier It's like a thesis but shorter - 30-40 pages plus the necessities. I am writing about Microbiological Diagnostics in Patiens with Cystic Fibrosis. I am studying to become a certified laboratory assistant (I believe is the right term) in a microbiological laboratory in the hospital - a support model basically
  13. Phinn

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    WIP Zoraida: I... I bought a stick of balsa wood. I mean... it's something, you know. This month I would definitely like to use my mulligan I am currently finishing my thesis and have a lot of school related stuff as such. BUT... I now have the necessary materials and also have a concept in mind for Zoraida's scenic base And for upcoming months of MPC I bough Mysterious Effigy (on which I would like to try some new fabric effects and which is one of my most favorite models ) and Mr. Graves (on which I would like to focus on his suit).
  14. What happens if Will O' The Wisp casts The Wisp's Call on Voodoo Doll that is Hemed to an enemy model, which now gains the Whispers In The Night condition as well? Which model applied Whispers In The Night to the enemy model? Will O' The Wisp or Voodoo Doll? (We play it as if it was Voodoo Doll, but...)
  15. Phinn

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    @PetitDalek, thank you I really enjoyed painting the tartan and I am quite satisfied with the result and would like to use it, or a similar one, on the remaining Stitched Togethers or even on Zoraida's skirt. This is the tutorial that I followed step by step when I was painting it: [Tutorial] - How to paint Tartan! (good for #Warhammer heroes) Kujo Painting has a lot of great tutorials, some of them even use Malifaux miniatures