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  1. I have decided that it's time to expand my small collection of miniatures and I wanted to ask you for help. I am a very slow painter and thus buy probably only a single box set once a year which means that I have to think my purchases through very carefuly. I spend more time painting the models than playing them so the visual aspect of models is very important to me, but since I invest my time and energy into them I do not want them sitting on a shelf collecting dust once they are painted. Models that I already own: Zoraida and Voodoo Doll Bad Juju Silurids (3) Will o' the Wisps (3) Waldgeists (3) Iggy Nurse Stitched Together (3) - Only played them once so far, though. I like their models (both rules and sculpts) but wouldn't mind selling them. And once it is available, Adze. I feel like theese models, minus Stitched Together, are enough to play a competetive game, but I kind of feel like I could use another Henchman or an Enforcer and with Zoraida's new upgrade, Powerful Control, I think that an expensive melee beatstick would be nice. Models that I am interested in: Mr. Graves Do you think that Mr. Graves is a model I could use? I really like his sculpt and it would be a nice break from painting all those trees, frogs and bugs. Is it worth to purchase Mr. Tannen as well? Teddy Played him few times and really liked him. You can trigger his Smell Fear ability with Zoraida's Obey or Bewitch, Voodoo Doll's Hem etc., newly, with 7 or higher, you can make him Charge with a single Zoraida's AP once per Turn and it's nice to have an expensive model to Obey in general. It is either drybrush or spend a lot of time on his fur which puts me off, though. Another Neverborn Master Box Set I feel like Lilith could use the models I already own. Jakob Lynch, maybe? Doppleganger The sculpt is nice, the Don't Mind Me Ability is nice, but... I do not think that I have a good Action to copy yet and don't want to rely on my opponent to bring one. Lelu & Lilitu They seem like fun models, especially in conjunction with Zoraida's Obey, and, once again, it would be a nice change to paint them. Mysterious Effigy One of my most favorite models but don't see myself ever hiring it, sadly. Models that I am not very interested in, but I also have Wp 2 so can be easily persuaded that I am wrong: McTavish Both Adrian Scott (Starting Malifaux on a Budget - The Neverborn, Wyrd Chronicles vol. 28) and Khyodee (Building on a Budget (Neverborn)) recommend McTavish. I tried him twice and he was good, but I still haven't got over the fact that he is standing next to the Gator, not riding it. Am I shooting myself in the foot by not purchasing him? Nekima I just prefer different style of models aesthetics-wise. Hooded Rider Long story short, 35 USD. Amphibious Assault It would be nice to own another Swampfiend Henchman, but Is Spawn Mother worth it? I also feel that I do not need Gupps since I already own Silurids, which I actually prefer over Gupps, and would rather spend my money, time and energy on a model/models that bring something new to the Crew. Bayou Gators Tried them few times, mainly as a Bad Juju delivery system where I didn't mind that they are so fragile and Insignificant and they also, usually, killed their Soulstone cost worth of models, but I would rather buy Neverborn models in case that I decide to purchase another Neverborn Master in the future. Is there a model that i didn't list but you feel like he is worth mention? A Mercenary maybe. Johan? Thank you for reading and if you would take your time and post a reply I would appreciate it immensely
  2. Wish list

    Any Swampfiend to be honest a model with a lot of Conditions - a giant mushroom that releases various spores and toxins or a Witch Doctor a giant snail with sharp teeth and tusks a giant venus flytrap
  3. Oops! I forgot....

    I forget to unbury Bad Juju more often than I am willing to admit
  4. Draw a Malifaux model using Paint

    Thank you, @Math Mathonwy. This is a really fun thread, I must say
  5. Draw a Malifaux model using Paint

    Saturday, 6AM. My tea is sitting cold on a windowsill and I haven't had a breakfast yet because I have immersed myself in the drawing of a wallpaper of Primordial Magic/Earthworm while listening to an episode of Wife Swap. What am I doing with my life?
  6. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    The lower representation of Gremlins people are talking about might be partially caused by their estetics though - not everybody is a fan of it's comical aspect.
  7. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Hello, Ten Thunders friends. /shifty_smile I have been unanimously elected as the Neverborn Representative for the Affairs of Alternative Models and boy do I have a proposition for you! You, sordid vermin, spam Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen and we, trustworthy Neverborn, spam Illuminated. /evil_hands_rub Everybody wins!
  8. Lynch discard aces

    The important thing to note is that it reads "another friendly model's Activation" which means that Aces discarded during Lynch's Activation do not count.
  9. Hello I have faced Hamelin only three times so far and all of those games were very enjoybale, but... The first two games I played back when I was a Malifaux newbie, so I was just groping in the darkness. The third one I played the past year and it was a part of the league. My opponent invited me to his home, his wife made us all nice lunch, we had some beers... I am trying to say that my perception of wether or not Hamelin is enjoyable, or at least OK, to play against might be distorted. Do you think that Hamelin, with his new upgrades and Benny Wolcomb, will be enjoyable more or less to play against in Gaining Grounds 2018? I do understand that it is more about your opponent than your opponent's Crew, but... In the vacuum, what do you think? I also wanted to ask few questions about Marlena Webster. Does her being a Lost model mean something for Hamelin? Does she have any synergy with other thematic models? Does she fill any gaps that a thematic Hamelin Crew might have? Does she or other models in a thematic Hamelin Crew have enough synergy with Wicked Dolls to justify buying them? How often do you find yourself summoning them? I am a Neverborn player and I know next to nothing about The Scum The Outcasts. Thank you in advance

    I would like ALT Illuminated since they are great Neverborn models, but currently are not available outside of Lynch's box set.
  11. More and more often I hear people talk about wether or not it is time for the third edition of Malifaux and I am allways like: "Ooh, that would be nice," but then I realized that I would like the third edition just for the sake of it being something new and exciting but other than that... I am just a filthy Malifaux casual so I do not have the same insight as people who play weekly or even more often. With the new book and Gaining Grounds being released annually I can't see the game getting stale. I hear people saying that this and that rule needs a clarification or even rework, but wouldn't errata be enough? This is not a rhetorical question, I am genuinely asking Two things I would like, though, are: Now, I am not familiar with The Other Side rules, I have only watched The Other Side - Gameplay promotional video, but some of the core mechanics like Margin Triggers, that is triggers that activate once you win the duel by at least X amount, I do envy. And some upgrades, 0 SS cost upgrades mostly, being incorporated on the stat cards, errata instead of an upgrade, but... that is not dependant on the third edition and I understand why it is never going to happen. What do you think? What is the appeal of M3E?
  12. I use a small metal box that I put into a backpack. I bought it for like 5 USD and it's high enough to acomodate Bad Juju and big enough for my small colection of miniatures. When i will no longer be able to fit all of my miniatures in it I will just purchase another one and stack them on top of each other. I reckon that I could stack four or even five of those into my backpack. The other box is full of tea, not miniatures I have few more but they are being painted or assembled at the moment
  13. Ours Clarification

    Soulstone Cost (Malifaux 2E Rule Book, page 71): When a rule refers to a model's Soulstone Cost it is referring to the printed Soulstone Cost of the model. Anything that causes a model to cost more (or less) is ignored, such as Upgrades or the Mercenary Characteristic.
  14. Resources other than AP for VP

    I like Charge Soulstone because the Soulstones you are required to discard, that is something you can easily count with. The Scheme looks easy enough to justify the additional cost of up to 3 SS. Put Out a Hit seems nice but... I am just not sure how often one would get screwed by the Control Hand drawn. Or vice versa - what better use of an Ace you have just drawn. On the paper it seems like a fun Strategy that makes you change your plans on the run though. Symbol of Authority... I am not sure. TN 14 Wp duel seems a bit high but keeping a high enough card to score a VP seems reasonable enough and since it is a Strategy and thus conditions are same for both players I think it's OK. Just one complaint. As @Ludvig stated, Wp can be lowered by some models. I am not sure what is the fluff behind this Strategy, why Wp is being used to remove a Strategy Marker, but wouldn't it work better with Wk or Ht instead?