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  1. Thanks, Ludvig. I will have to remember something vs armor in my next tournament.
  2. "Select a friendly models within 6" of this model and place it into base contact with the target model. If the friendly model can be placed, then place the target model in base contact with this model." So Lilith is friendly to herself and can place herself in base contact with the target, and then place the target (who is now already in base contact with her) somewhere else in base contact with her? That's what we played with last night, except my card hand never allowed me to try it.
  3. I know I'm an old guy but I always vote for "rule as intended". (Or at least what I/we THINK is intended) The head markers are not meant to be sitting in someone's hands for picking up, when they roll off, without that model moving first. That seems kind of obvious. "not to be placed in base contact etc." So I would rule that you place the head after the summon. Sure you can argue that different crews have different advantages with different schemes and strategies but this one just seems very loop holey to me.
  4. But tournaments were dominated because of Lenny or all the others who got Cuddled? I didn't say you win everything without effort by including them but they seem rather underpriced compared to other 6 SS models.
  5. What I really want to know is, why haven't they taken down Waldgeist a notch or two? 6 ss for 7 wounds, armor 2, unimpeeded, perfect camouflage, a decent attack, and a fantastic 0-action. Plus the ability to throw them From the Shadows to camp on strategy markers from the get go. Why armor 2? (AND perfect camo). Are there any tougher minions for 6 ss out there?
  6. Soulstone Mysteries Part II A 1-day Malifaux tournament in Rogue Trader Copenhagen on March 4th from 09:00 to 19:00 Rules are: · Fixed faction, 50 soulstones games. · Fully painted Crews only. (That includes bases of course) · Official and correct Wyrd miniatures are required, a single proxy/count-as may be permitted. Contact me if you should wish to field a home-made model that has yet to be released or similar. · 3 games where Strategy and Schemes are announced before each game by the Henchman. Rogue trade members pay 50 DKr and non members pay 100 DKr. This will be used primarily for the included lunch. There will be prizes and, due to popularity the first time around: Another Malifaux QUIZ! There are room for 12 players. If more sign up, this might be changed to 18. Your seat is booked when payment is received. Sign up in this thread, where rules for payment can be found and where any and all questions will be answered, should you have any. Or you can contact me (Erik/Honsou). http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=99063.msg1324283#new BR Henchman Erik (Honsou on powerfist.dk)
  7. I've had a handful of games with the 2017 schemes now (yes I do have a very nice home made scheme deck put on old magic cards) A scheme like "Dig Their Graves" which requires you to kill enemies while they are within 4" of at least 1 friendly scheme marker seems quite easy for some crews, like Colette, Reva, and perhaps Parker while more normal Masters without as much scheme shenanigans can find it very tough to get a scheme marker up close before the kill? Maybe not even "easy" for Colette etc but just less hard. Am I the only one thinking this? So far I've tried this scheme twice and never have any of my opponents chosen this scheme. Just like Last Stand seems to be among the lesser used? One advantage I see, is the fact that a Crew that pours out scheme markers left and right, might have any of a handful of schemes, it can be hard to guess which is in play (depending on the 5 available ones of course). I like "Recover Evidence" which is a bit different from previous schemes, and playing it cool can mean they are placed very close to your models.
  8. demo

    I'm happy to announce that Malifaux is growing in Copenhagen, and I'd like to take partial credit for that. Demo games continue and more and more people ask me about this game! I also waved the Danish Henchman flag in our neighbouring country, Sweden, where the atmosphere is also outstanding! As always you can contact me in here or through Rogue Trader http://roguetraderkbh.blogspot.co.uk/ or the Danish nerd-forum http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php where I'm known as Honsou. BR Erik
  9. Ah, thanks, well explained.
  10. Archie gains Focus +1 if he discards/removes "Doc found a squid today". So if he takes a "What did it just throw" action and discards that upgrade, can he then use this Focus +1 for the shot, since it says "In order to take this Action discard an Upgrade..."? It's wording sounds to me, like you discard the upgrade before taking the shot or is it still "the same action" meaning you gain Focus +1 while shooting and thus can't use focus until after the action is done? What about the trigger "Extra pieces" with the "immediately take the Stapled on Action", can you use this newly gained Focus +1 there?
  11. It seems the updated cards are just pictures now? And not the usual printer friendly pdf download? Or am I doing something wrong? https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata/
  12. A&D looks way too angry to hold an ice cream, look at Archie's gentle face! If only I could decide between Resser and Outcast in the little Malmö tournament in a week... so many fun options in both.
  13. Yeah I noticed the restrictions there as well. Ashes and Dust doesn't carry an ice cream with him, so that's in Archie's favour...
  14. If I play Leveticus (Outcast) and hire Archie with him, then I can't purchase any of the 3 Archie upgrades, can I? Since they are only resser upgrades. Just like his ability to purchase upgrades becomes useless, since it states it must adhere to start of game restrictions?
  15. As long as they make the printer-friendly downloads available for the cards, I have no problem with it. I'd rather print a few pages and have a more balanced game than never ever see a Guardian on the table, to name an obvious one.