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    Teaching people the difference between lose (opposite of win) and loose (opposite of tight).

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  1. Yeah that's how I thought it was and how we played it. Thanks.
  2. Can't find the similar question for this topic so here goes (again?): Mechanical rider and others, who can place scheme markers as a result of an attack (after damaging), they are placed before the model is removed but how about Dig Their Graves? I seem to remember that although the scheme markers are placed before the model is removed, the scheme markers still need to be within 4" the moment the target is reduced to 0 wounds and the kill is a fact? Or am I wrong and it IS possible to: attack, reduce a model to 0 wounds, place scheme markers, remove the victim, and then score 1 VP from Dig Their Graves from the newly placed scheme marker?
  3. All games I've played or seen, have been played as "if you can't climb it, you can't place models on it either" to avoid unreachable snipers etc. Might be correct to play it like you say but it can create some unfortunate situations I think. Oh well, slightly off topic I suppose.
  4. Interesting, our impassable objects are usually closed houses or jagged rocks, which are impossible to place models on top of anyway. I suppose that's why we always assumed impassable meant "go around". So Rasputinas ice pillars, Sonnias flame markes, and carrion emissarys markers are all something you can climb on top of and stand on? (Or fly on top of more likely to happen).
  5. Yeah that's true. I guess I don't see the statue as "terrain", and especially if it's impassable it would be a bit strange. On the bottom noone can get to it, on top... well as Carecalmo pointed out, only flying models? Or none? Or Ht 4 perhaps? or climbing onto a building near to the statue?
  6. I would be a bit silly if an IMPASSABLE statue was only impassable on the edges, wouldn't it? I could be wrong but I've always assumed this to be very black or white: either something is impassable, or it's not. If I can't climb it, you can't place a From The Shadows sniper on top of it either. I would assume the squat marker was underneath the statue, like any other model putting itself on the marker?
  7. He seems to be a weird mix of a Hamelin and Parker Barrows support model. My concern is that Parker clearly has no use for Benny's Blight abilities, while Hamelin will have a hard time finding use for a Bandit who can drop enemy scheme markers, won't he? What are the thoughts on this guy and his dual Master affection?
  8. It's "Entropic Withering" has a trigger, giving "Rotting Away" to the target: "This character cannot heal damage." Do you mean it cannt BE healed anymore or it cannot heal damage on others or both?
  9. Thanks.
  10. Where can I see the stats for those models we want to play test?
  11. Great thanks.
  12. Standing by!
  13. Hmmmm perhaps. Can anyone confirm this? Sounds logical I suppose.
  14. There is a required field called "webstore E-mail". I don't have a webstore and I don't see anywhere that people are required to have one to redeem their Guilders? Does it mean something other than what I seem to think?
  15. Cool. We had a Bishop fight last tournament, wasn't sure if we could cheat damage (we did, so it was corretly played at least). Thanks guys.