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  1. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Very good explanation on the Upgrades! (Except it's "lose out" and not "loose out" but we get it.)
  2. As you all know, Arcanist have gotten a stupid good model in Steamfitters who weld plates on people, even Masters, to protect them from Severe damage and even red jokers! In Ply for information, you lose gathered intel if you suffer severe damage. Question is: Will a model with welded metal plate ALSO be protected against losing that gathered intel, because the severe damage is reduced to moderate? I'm thinking yes, though I really want to be wrong. As if welded metal plates weren't crazy enough. I think I have played against ONE Aracnist crew withOUT a steamfitter, since they came out. I can understand why. Damn... So next on the nerf list: Sandeep and Steamfitters?
  3. 50 DKr to participate. 3 prizes but no guilders or diplomas since they have been out of stock for quite some time. As usual, our base of operations will be Rogue Trader Copenhagen. Fixed faction, fixed Master (beginner friendly) and 2 games each month for 3 months, starting with March 2018. GG2018 or story encounters, whatever takes the players' fancy but GG2018 is default. Contact me for any and all questions. Erik Gertsen League will have it's usual home base at: Rogue Trader Copenhagen Harsdorffsvej 8A 2000 Frederiksberg Read more here, if you are a Dane: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=103642.msg1390567#new
  4. Joss vs A&D any scrap?

    Ashes & Dust says there won't drop any markers when it's killed, Joss says he makes "an extra" one. Does he stille make 0 if killing A&D or just 1?
  5. Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    How does Mortimer take 6 damage? Cutting out his spleen is a 0'action he can only do once each activation, is it not?
  6. Mobile toolkit + freikorps engineer?

    Oh right, it needs to be a construct OR a model with Armor +1 of course. Well don't know about disguised but what do you mean "not being targetable"? You mean with the mask and the ?
  7. Freikorps Engineer has the "give target construct or models with Armor +1 the condition..." So what if a mobile toolkit gives a desolation engine Armor +1 is it then now a valid target for the Freikorps Engineer to receive the condition? Not sure if it would be worth it but it sure sounds like fun.
  8. Soulstone discard.

    Good, that's what I thought. Howard's kill trigger for instance, allowing a minion to discard 2 soulstones to stay alive, that's very different from some random model discarding a soulstone just for the heck of it. We are on the same page.
  9. Soulstone discard.

    Exactly, as I'M pointing out: I believe only Masters & Henchmen can use soulstones, and that you can use them to stone for cards or initiative. That's why I'm surprised to see "every model can do that" suddenly.
  10. Soulstone discard.

    Where do you read that all models can freely discard soulstones? That's kind of a big thing compared to the specific uses listed on page 29 in the little rule book. For instance a minion could freely discard the crew's last soulstone right before Misaki activates?
  11. January 2018 Errata

    I also simply uncheck "fit to frame" and they come out in card size. Worked last time anyway.
  12. Killing Leveticus while buried

    Well it's probably because of the example with "Finish the Job" they use, I kind of thought Leveticus would just get buried again but it makes sense he doesn't I suppose. Dammit.
  13. Killing Leveticus while buried

    Oh, so no coming back then. It seems a bit vague in the rulebook with his specific bury rule to me. He lacks the defence of Dreamer when he's down there. With the new upgrades the threats against buried Masters didn't exactly diminish.
  14. What happens if Leveticus is killed while buried (let's say he still has 2 waifs above ground).