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  1. Ah okay, so first one can be damage prevented but even without damage the condition would still stick at least. Thanks.
  2. Shenlong can punch and give the following condition after succeeding: "This model may not use soulstones." So, after succeeding is step 5, just like damage. But when is damage prevention? "After determining how much damage the model suffers but before applying the damage." The question is: Can Shelong apply this condtion to an opponent and thus prevent her from damage preventing that very attack? I would guess yes, since damage prevention must be the very last thing, after triggers/conditions/damage have been determined?
  3. Ototo's & Samurais' ridiculously low Wp... Why?

    I get the impression that most models Wp are determined by the roll of a D6 +1.
  4. Shen Long help please

    Why does this not last until his next activation like normal?
  5. Shenlong questions

    Amazing ability. He can actually be a real Matrix-Neo and dodge almost anything. Now I just need another 19 games with him, to reach 20, and I will be comfortable with all his stuff.
  6. Shenlong questions

    Thanks, perhaps you can answer this one too: High River Style lets Shenlong raise the duel total by up to 3 "immediately before determining success". So is that after both players have cheated? Or if I cheat first with Shenlong, I also decide then and there to damage him in order to add 1-3 to my duel total, and then my opponent decides to cheat or not? If it's after both players have cheated it's like Mr Burns-excellent!
  7. Shenlong questions

    The perfect stumble reads: "When this models is targeted by an Action, it may lower its Poison Condition value by 1. If it does, it gains +1 Df for the duration of the Action." Being targeted by a charge is an Action but so are the 2 following attacks, right? So does he lower it by 1 when charged to have +1 Df against both attacks or does he lower it once for each attack? (If he wants and can of course) Flow like water: "This model is immune to damage caused by Conditions..." I assume this doesn't help one bit against Blight, since the Condition itself doesn't damage him but Bleeding Disease damages him? It only works on Conditions that do the actual damage, like Burning and Poison, correct?
  8. Fuhatsu and Steam Gatling Bursts

    Yeah, a shame really. A gun twice as big but doesn't have better range nor damage.
  9. I bought Fuhatsu, almost done painting him. I like the model although a cannon like that should be a bit more impressive IMO. With focus his normal Steam Gatling Burst becomes decent. Not Envy-good but decent I think. But does anyone ever use Steam Gatling Burst? A (2) Shooting action that can't be cheated. Sure there is the possibility for blast, and an additional shot if you have thrown a soulstone in the mix, or KNOW there is a red joker(or high RAM) in the top 3-4 cards but apart from that, it seems not worth it?
  10. Expanding Rasputina

    I see your point. Hmmm then base contact became important I suppose.
  11. Expanding Rasputina

    If only Emissary is standing there, with an enemy model, you don't need to randomize, since Emissary doesn't count as being engaged for Rasputinas abilities.
  12. Misakis Risky Ventures

    That's what I thought but wasn't sure when models were lending it. I assume it's still only Misaki who can make use of stalked since she has the upgrade though? Sensei You can't choose to move closer to a stalked target, correct?
  13. Misakis Risky Ventures

    Thanks, another question for Misaki: If Sensei Yu is in her crew, and he takes her (0) action to stalk opponent A, will that condition end if Misaki took that same (0) action against opponent B, or would Sensei Yu have to take the action again, for the condition to end on opponent A?
  14. Misakis Risky Ventures

    So, if Misaki makes a Bisento attack, and uses her last soulstone to purchase will she then have for this attack since she now has no soulstones?
  15. Declaring abilities while paralyzed?

    Good point. Still don't like that molehill though, but I stand corrected.