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  1. Erik1978

    [Denmark, Copenhagen] Malifaux League

    19 have signed up so far!
  2. Since leagues are extremly popular we will start another one. This time only 1 game each month since people are busy getting tanned etc. We still need 6 rounds to determine I am still the King, as always I won't steal your prizes. 50 Dkr to participate, 50 SS fixed faction. Sign up by contacting me with name and faction, we start up July 1st and last round will be December where prizes will be given. For Danes, which I'm sure you all will be, except maybe a few Swedes? Read more here, in Danish: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=104653.new#new BR Erik Gertsen
  3. Erik1978

    Revas Riders in the Sky

    After everything? Okay thanks. Not the worst ability then.
  4. On Horses Snorting Fire, there is a trigger to hand out Horror duels to models with Burning. (After succeeding) So, models getting Burning from this action, have Burning on them when the trigger kicks in, or will the models have to be Burning before even being targeted by this action in order for the trigger to work?
  5. Erik1978

    Rasputina ice pillar question(s)

    Thanks. So a furry ice pillar for Wendigo, to tell them apart easily... or smaller one.
  6. So, Rasputina has Cold Nights and her Wendigo: 1) If Wendigo casts Ice Pillars, does it have to be within 12" of Wendigo or Rasputina? 2) Are those Ice Pillars removed when Rasputina or Wendigo Activates (or is removed from the table)?
  7. Erik1978

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    *Erik looks down at his 2 freshly painted Thunder Archers with a frown...*
  8. Erik1978

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Thanks. You don't feel Wk 6 Cg 7 is worth anything? I suppose with Shenlong or Mei Feng that can be helped on their way. I like the idea of no damage in own activation, walk out into hazardous and shoot from there. (Very situational of course)
  9. Erik1978

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    I really like the Samurai models (and concept of course) but are they really worth 8 SS? So far I haven't seen anyone use them and while the 0-upgrades for them seem like a much needed helping boost, it also mean they can't have recalled training or anything else for that matter. What do you guys think? And is there 1 of the 3 free upgrades which is preferable if only use one Samurai?
  10. Erik1978

    Order of damage weirdness

    So damage from push, then reduce to 0 wounds, be saved by well rehearsed, then die from hazardous?
  11. Howard with the well rehearsed upgrade has 4 wounds left and has been ROOTED by Lilith "If this model is pushed, remove this condition and this model suffers 3 damage". Howard is shot, takes 3 damage from the shot, and is pushed 5" as a trigger into hazardous terrain which deals him 2 damage. So... 1) Does Howard take 3 damage during the push from ROOTED, uses well rehearsed to survive with 1 wound, then lands in hazardous and is killed by the 2 damage? Or 2) Howard is pushed and lands in hazardous terrain, takes 3 damage from being pushed and 2 from terrain, then uses well rehearsed to survive and stands there with 1 wound? Or something entirely different?
  12. We have a tournament at Nerd-marked in DGI byen. 09th of June 2018 DGI byen Tietgensgade 65 1704 KBH V Price: 150 Dkr Format: 14 slots 50 Soulstones. Crew and bases fully painted Fixed faction. 2 Masters with a soulstone pool of 100 soulstones. (Masters and all upgrades are free) Programme: 09:00 – 09:30 Opening, Henchman receives lists 09:30 – 12:00 Game 1 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch and auction 13:00 – 15:30 Game 2 15:30 – 16:00 Intermission (insert Monty Python intermission music here!) 16:00 – 18:30 Game 3 18:30ish Prizes Contact me (Erik) here or here for sign up: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=104408.msg1402125#new
  13. Erik1978

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Yeah, for ONE turn. Having the steady 4/5/6 damage all the game is still better IMO. But not a bad upgrade, still a patch for the weaker Enforcers and Henchmen which is also annoying for show of force because we discard that upgrade to become more Arcanist-like.
  14. Erik1978

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    I don't get why people think that recalled training equals high weak damage? Against Henchmen & Masters or models with hard to wound or impossible to wound, that recalled training will often end up in weak damage anyway. Being immune to burning is all well and good but when paralysis is thrown in your face, it doesn't matter much.
  15. Erik1978

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    A condition crew isn't null and void against Hamelin or Shenlong. Sure, Hamelin doesn't care but most of his crew aren't immune. I think only him, Nix, and Benny are Nihilist? Shenlong can remove conditions, just like 20 other models so also not hopeless against him. If you spend 3 AP from your master, removing conditions from crew members, it's not all wasted I suppose.