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  1. Midnight stalker rules

    Oh yes of course, he can make disengaging strikes outside his own activation whether or not the model moving away counts as having already activated or not. I forgot that detail. Makes sense with after initiative. Thanks guys. (Just tried him and Talos for the first time today against a supreme evil)
  2. Midnight stalker rules

    Reborn: "At the beginning of each Turn, this model heals all damage and may be placed within 8" of its current position" Is that before or after determining initiative? Respect for the art: "During this model's activation, it cannon target enemy models that have already activated this turn." So what about disengaging strikes? Are they against a model that is IN its activation and therefore CAN be targeted, or can he never make disengaging strikes, since the enemies have "activated", when they declare a Wk?
  3. SS Cache discussion

    Makes sense that Arcanist in general would have more stones, Lore-wise but in terms of game balance I find it a bit odd with Sandeep as the grand example.
  4. SS Cache discussion

    Can I change that now without double posting?
  5. SS Cache discussion

    I heard that all Ripples of fate Masters got a 4 SS cache, perhaps because that was just the easy solution or to make sure they had some appeal when people had to decide to buy them or not? I played Leveticus against Sandeep, which I often do, and we discussed the choices of Cache for the Masters. We couldn't quite figure why Sandeep needed 4 compared to Leveticus' 1 or (Collettes 2, for that matter which is his other Master) since Sandeep is quite the powerful Master. Anyone know what the Wyrd team are taking into consideration when deciding this Cache? Von Schill's Cache of 1 also seems a bit low compared to almost all other Masters who, until perhaps Broken Promised, were considered stronger that Von Schill. I bet there is some thought behind this, perhaps skills, damage output etc. but I can't quite see it myself. Any wise people out there with knowledge to share?
  6. Kentauroi means no Terracotta Warrior to give me that nice new upgrade Aether Shackles, I do like the idea of hitching a ride though and I have assembled a pack of them. Obsidian statue is also high on the list, partly because it gived me an excuse to make a cool statue marker. I must admit my Hamelin era seems to be off to a good start with Midnight Stalker and Benny but Levi will always be one of my favorites because his options are all but limitless.
  7. Hamelin - where will you dig the Pits?

    Depends on the opponent. I've tried a few games placing them 6-7" from enemy models, worked wonders against McCabe, Wastrels etc. which ended up with 10+ Blight each. Against Sandeep however, his entire crew can place, push, summon with interact on the turn they are summoned etc. the markers got disspelled pretty quickly. I think I managed to Obey and stuff to make 2 models Blighted before they were all gone. They are a lot harder to get rid of in the center of the table, when having to worry about Hamelin & friends at the same time but that also means noone gets blighted on turn 1 at all. Worth remembering.
  8. I see. Well it seems logical to me that they can't choose to gain paralyze since they are immune to it but I can imagine it might cause other problems. Suppose this way is easier when it comes to consistency. Thanks.
  9. I don't follow, you're saying a model with frozen heart could choose to gain paralyzed, to avoid the damage but the paralyze condition would then have no affect on them?
  10. A few things came up today, first game with Rasputina (vs Kaeris, epic Ice & Fire). Acolyte was in base contact with Carlos. Carlos became Paralyzed. He then has 0 range and doesn't engage enemies. Question is: Shooting at Carlos would still mean randomizing between him and Acolyte, since Acolyte is within range, and therefore Carlos is engaged, right? Also, Kaeris' Tactical action Accelerant: "All models in range and LoS with the Burning Condition suffer 2 damage. Models damaged in this way may gain the Paralyzed Condition to reduce the damage they suffer to 0." My opponent figured that since my models had Frozen Heart, they could simply choose Paralyze, which then had no effect but I was thinking that since they are IMMUNE to paralyze they can't GAIN the Paralyzed Condition and therefore can't avoid the 2 damage? Which is it? Lastly, Carlos had the upgrade that says he doesn't suffer damage from Burning but instead heals the amount of Burning he has. Firestarter can make Burning give +2 damage (Twirling with the gas can) but since the Burning condition remains at, say 1, Carlos would still only heal 1, and not 3? What say you? (But still wouldn't suffer +2 damage since he doesn't take damage from the Burning either).
  11. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    They say Chinese is harder to learn but we have words that can have like 5 different meanings. Just move here, live here, and you will speak it in a few years. Thanks on the table, my ice table is also coming along alright, frozen river and stuff.
  12. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I build a Malifaux cemetary table, then an ice table, and made a blog about it along with countless battle reports with pictures but it's in Danish since I didn't expect a lot of interest. Nice pictures if you want to follow the steps in building the tables though. Blog So plague pits don't really make LOST better, just Bleeding Disease overall whomever wields it, right? I thought Lost had some specific benefit I had missed. Edit: The Cemetary all done, can be hard to find in the first 10 pages: http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt189/birke/birke136/graveyad done 019_zpshfpog06j.jpg
  13. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Then you should watch all my dreadful defeats, and some wins. Bishop is often on the board! Will we get a link to that pod cast in here, Azrrael? How do they make stolen better?
  14. [Denmark] Demo games in Copenhagen

    September's first demo has been played, a sold out tournament is 10 days away and Malifaux is flourishing here in Denmark! Contact me for demo games any time.
  15. Hamelin Plague Markers

    Ah, damn hidden boxes. Thanks.