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  1. GenCon 2017 Volunteers Needed

    When IS Gencon? I can see programs and details but not a single date anywhere, just that it's 2017.
  2. Stop making alternate models I MUST have!

  3. Had a game today where a Wind Gamin was buried and Sandeep was Paralyzed. Question was: Can Sandeep be pushed by the Wind Gamin ability when he activates, even though his activation ends immediately?
  4. July 7th - Adeodatos

    What game is this guy in? Can't read those weird letters but they don't say Malifaux.
  5. Bishop vs Pandora mechanics

    Perhaps because the errata page doesn't work at the moment? I tried there first but I couldn't view it. Thanks.
  6. So, Bishop can choose to attack Wp or Df but Pandora can always resist with Wp. I'm guessing Bishop can choose to strike her low Df but she then changes it to a Wp duel instead? Or is this an unstoppable force vs immovable object?
  7. Incorporeal and Impassable Terrain

    Agreed. People planning to kill off incorporeal models by pushing them into a solid mountain where they can't escape or similar nonsense, well, don't be that guy.
  8. Focus and "2 step actions"

    Hmmm good point.
  9. Focus and "2 step actions"

    So you're saying the focus is in play for both the Horror duel and the subsequent attack flip for Magnetism?
  10. Had a game where a Metal Gamin wanted to use Magnetism on a Valedictorian who is Terryfying All (12). He had on all duels thanks to Molly. So here it got triggy. He wanted to Focus to take the horror duel on a straight flip but also wanted to focus the Magnetism. As I see it, he can use 1-2 Ap on focus, then target the Valedictorian with Magnetism (0-action) where he can then use the Focus but then Focus is gone when the opposed Magnetism duel comes next (if he passes the Horror). Could he also risk the Horror duel with then use focus on Magnetism if he passes? This attack kind of has 2 steps, the simple duel, Horror, and the opposed duel. But you declare the use of focus the moment you declare an action, so before you take the horror duel, which means focus is used on this? He also asked if he could use 1 AP on focus, take the Horror duel, then use 1 AP on focus again and use Magnetism but I would say no, since the horror duel is a result of the Metal Gamin targeting the Valedictorian with Magnetism and there are no breaks to take a different action in between. What say you?
  11. I had a weird situation at my last tournament, luckily 95 % of the time I can just answer by heart. Anyway player 1 had a TT model with smoke grenades "Enemy models targeting this model with an attack action from further than 6" away suffer to the attack flip." Player 2 had an attacking Reva 10" away but the corpse candle she was using was 4" away. She measures range and LoS from the corpse candle but I ruled the attacking model was still targeting the TT model from further than 6" away. Thoughts?
  12. [Denmark] Demo games in Copenhagen

    June is already a busy month with Soulstone Mysteries III just finished successfully. Demo games are stille running. As always you can contact me in here or through Rogue Trader http://roguetraderkbh.blogspot.co.uk/ or the Danish nerd-forum http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php where I'm known as Honsou. I have bought a Henchman car, Wyrd should really be sponsor! Erik
  13. Heja Erik, jeg høre du er Henchman her I Danmark så jeg ville lige forhøre mig om du har nogen ide om hvor I Danmark der bliver solgt Malifaux or Though the Breach, min LGS her I Næstved har en leverandør som ikke har Wyrd ting og jeg høre det tit, er der virklig ingen der føre Wyrd's ting?


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    2. Erik1978


      Dragons Lair i Lyngby gør vist, og måske Fanatic Roskilde. Men det er vist også dét. Intet i KBH. Jeg gad godt have en stor Malifaux hule derinde, men butik og spilleklub. :D


    3. WalkingInBlack


      Hmm jeg troede der kun var Dragons Lair butikker in Århus og Odense.

      Jeg ved at Faraos Cigarer har reglbogen til Malifaux men ikke andet, jeg ved ikke om man stadig kan få lokket dem til at bestille noget hjem.

    4. Erik1978


      Tja, måske. :) Den lille regelbog har Rogue Trader vist stadig til salg.

  14. So the question is, does a horror duel caused by an enemy model count as "paralyzed is caused by an enemy model" and therefore can be ignored? Blood Ward reads: "This model is immune to Conditions caused by enemy models and damage from effects." Or is only the horror duel from the enemy but the paralzyed condition is kind of neutral?
  15. Trigger timing and Dig Their Graves

    Yeah that's how I thought it was and how we played it. Thanks.