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  1. Erik1978

    After resolving and death

    Infamous clause?
  2. Just need to be sure here: My wandering river monk who has a Df trigger to drop a scheme marker "after resolving" only happens if he survives, correct? Unless, apparently, the attacker has a trigger for an additional shot in which case he keeps standing there until the trigger is resolved?
  3. If McCabe is played as Ten Thunders, can he hire Lazarus? (His other faction is Guild)
  4. Erik1978

    Midnight stalker rules

    He has to be allowed to charge before he can ignore other models when charging. So no, he can't charge when engaged. And yes he is affected by disengaging strikes. He can, however, walk or charge through a wall of models to end up behind them. (Still needs LoS to charge target) Edit: Beaten by seconds.
  5. Erik1978

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    Well, I hate to say I told you so... especially since I have ordered it myself. 😶
  6. Erik1978

    Protection Money and multiple markers

    Great, as I thought. Yeah 3 cards for each of 3 Lotus Eaters and 2 Crime Bosses could be hilarious, aaaaand a bit OP perhaps.
  7. So Protection Money states: "If an enemy Scheme Marker is placed wihtin 6 of one or more models with this Ability, draw a card." Shenlong (for one) can place enemy scheme markers with the wandering river upgrade. If he pushes someone standing near 3 enemy scheme markers and then places those 3 markers within 6" of a friendly Lotus Eater, he gets to draw 3 cards or still just 1?
  8. Erik1978

    Malifaux - Backdraft encounter box

    I ordered one, Im quite certain there's a fire golem in it, and I MUST have one. :) Beyond that I don't really care, anything else of use is a bonus.
  9. Erik1978

    Asami's Feigned Weakness (and Vendetta)

    Yeah, a quick Vendetta turn 1 from my opponent might give a little Tengu for free, that's how I read it too. Thanks guys. Always good to scare people into taking specific schemes (or have a chance to cash in if they don't).
  10. Erik1978

    Asami's Feigned Weakness (and Vendetta)

    But some VP are scored the moment you pick up an evidence marker, or the moment your friendly chosen model attacks the vendetta target, right? Which means you could summon models more than once pr turn?
  11. It says she can summon when the opposing crew has more VP than her, when they score VP. Nothing about once pr turn or anything. So this could happen several times in the same turn? For instance if the opponent has Recover Evidence and Vendetta, they could score VP from that 4-5 times in the same turn, and perhaps VP from the strategy later that turn as well? I assume that a summons at the end of the turn, due to strategy (or scheme VP) will be summoned but not activate until the following turn? Vendetta bonus question: Nomatter if my chosen model uses it's first attack of the game on it's intended target, I still get 3 VP as long as the chosen friendly model is the one killing the target? "If the noted enemy model is killed by the chosen friendly model, score 3 VP." Sounds like that's the only condition needed to score all 3 VP?
  12. Erik1978

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    June sounds optimistic... still waiting for my January Benny Wolcomb. 😐 I have 2 games with Mei Feng and not getting less excited about her now, but since I'm a fair and easy going Henchman, I don't play Arcanists, really hoping this is an Outcast or TT golem but it sounds like it's the blue.
  13. Lotus Eaters can use Path of the Lotus and discard a scheme marker within 3". If they do this, they are allowed to take a (0) Action even if they have already done so, this turn. I can't see anything preventing them from using "Walk the Path" 8 times in a row? (Other than there have to be an abundance of scheme markers).
  14. Erik1978

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    This actually applies if that picture is even close to accurate:
  15. Erik1978

    Shenlong, duels, and Misdirection

    Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks. :)