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    Teaching people the difference between lose (opposite of win) and loose (opposite of tight).

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  1. I have the iconic fate deck and submitted the mistake with customer service (along with getting Nellie instead of Parker crew box) back when I got it. Do I need to submit again through this link? I still haven't heard anything about replacement cards but I received a correct Parker crew a week later.
  2. Necropunk will need 2 hits but bandidos 3, as well as Freikorpsmen. I will let you know if Hans and/or a ss miner saved the day.
  3. A few "issues" with this: 1. I mostly play Outcasts, Sebastian don't like to play with those guys, and designing a crew with purely high Df and/or damage reduction will handicap me in other ways I suspect. If I even CAN make a crew like that. 2. I never know IF the Pigapult is going to show up, although there is a good chance since it's such an easy to use silly model but still, designing my crew in "hopes" there will be a pigapult might put me at a disadvantage. I like the Soulstone Miner idea, that will be useful nomatter what I play, I guess Hans will be too, although he rarely performs very well for me. (But seeing him one-shot a pigapult will be worth pretty much everything)
  4. I would have loved to see that game.
  5. Sounds like a rookie Gremlin player. I wouldn't expect a desolation engine to last more than 1 turn against Gremlins.
  6. Just saw the boring-a-pult has 5 wounds. Which means if it's behind a wall and thus has hard cover you have very little chance of killing it in 1 shot. You need to hope it has no hard cover and you need a few 11+ cards in turn 1 to pull it off. Otherwise you just wound it and then in turn 2 you can't shoot it with Hans anymore. Or you need to have a high tome to be able to use both a 1-action and a 0-action on focus to shoot it with focus +2. Several if, buts and maybes. (Oh wait, that won't work, you can only give him 1 upgrade and he needs the scout the field... so back to hoping it has no hard cover.) A soulstone miner with Leveticus maybe.
  7. Thanks guys. I play Outcast and ressers (mostly), sounds like they have a few options. Bete Noire is a cool trick, will probably try Hans next time and yell JUSTICE!!! if he gets it.
  8. Thanks both. Hans can't see through a solid building, or am I remembering wrong? Standard deployment means there will be more than 20" from me to the hidden pigapult so the turn 1 can be challenging, plus there might be some Gremlins between me and it.
  9. So I've encountered Pigapult a handful of times now and it's probably my least favorite model/mechanic in Malifaux. Everyone has tricks but 99% of tricks can be countered by staying out of LoS or out of range or quickly attacking that beatstick, shooting that model that excels in close combat etc. Always something you can do. But the Pigapult has a 24" range shot, doesn't need LoS AND ignores cover. It usually shoots 3-4 times every turn and it (usually) comes with a handful of stuffed piglets to make sure you out-activate other crews on top of getting a more efficient shot. The ability to launch models 24" away is also solid gold for certain schemes. So how do you handle this boring point and click model? You usually can't see it since it's behind a block, way back in the corner, and it doesn't take a tactical genius to get good use out of it, which it why it bothers me a lot. With all the new errata I can't see why they didn't remove the "ignores LoS" just to make it a bit less no brainer.
  10. I've played 2 guys who used Oiran, both told me that the first time in the game they go Defensive, they get an additional Def +1 for free. Now, reading it for myself, it seems to me they get that additional Defensive +1 EVERY activation not just once per game? "The first time that this model takes the Defensive Stance Action during its Activation it gains an additional Defensive +1 Condition"
  11. Mad Dog has the "After this model kills and enemy model, place a friendly scheme marker in base contact with the enemy model before it is removed." So I would guess the kill has technically happened when he places the scheme marker, which means it can't be used for Dig Their Graves right away?
  12. A Henchman Hardcore tournament will be held on April 9th in Rogue Trader Copenhagen. Ask me, or see this thread for signing up: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=99636.new#new 20 SS 4 models Cache is locked No summoning of any kind. Always Turf War with 2 schemes available (you pick 1). Lunch included, prizes too.
  13. demo

    Demo games continue and more and more people ask me about this game! March has started and it's still going strong. I also waved the Danish Henchman flag in our neighbouring country, Sweden, where the atmosphere is also outstanding! As always you can contact me in here or through Rogue Trader http://roguetraderkbh.blogspot.co.uk/ or the Danish nerd-forum http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php where I'm known as Honsou. It looks like our local club is growing and we're looking into getting more space! BR Erik
  14. So she CAN cast it on someone without a condition?
  15. Chiaki the Niece (and others) have abilities like her Memories Past: "Remove one condition from target model" with a healing trigger. Can she cast this on friendly models with no conditions to remove just to get the trigger and heal them? "After succeeding" is that just the spell is cast or she succeeded in removing 1 condition?