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  1. Lucius and Malifaux Child

    Woah, why can't the Doppelganger copy Graves push sorry?
  2. Mailfaux@Sanctuary 50ss Nottinghamshire 17/12

    There looks to be around 10-12 people coming to this event, with Team Beefeater leading the Charge! Any last takers for an end of the year mess around ;)?
  3. induction

    I'm of the theory that you resolve conditions and then check for abilities So you'd take your one poison (or not if you stone) then you take an additional 2 damage if you took that initial one making it a block of 3
  4. induction

    I've gotta disagree with you guys here If you suffer damage from poison you suffer an aditional 2 Therefore, you prevent the first point of damage from poison and you don't suffer ANY damage. I agree its a block of three so it doesn't bypass HTK, but if you prevent 1 you don't suffer any
  5. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    Paid for both myself and Rob H for both days
  6. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    I'll be coming to both :D!
  7. 28/10/17 The Outpost Sheffield - Day of the Wyrd 2

    Little bump, cus i'd like to play some new folk for once!
  8. UK Nationals 2017

    I too have messaged Oldmanmyke!
  9. If they'd gotten 5 wins they'd be bent 4w 1d are the signs of perfect balance (Y)
  10. 28/10/17 The Outpost Sheffield - Day of the Wyrd 2

    I shall also be attending! Booked the day off work, bought a ticket and everything!
  11. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    I might have missed it previously, or i might just be dumb, but could you go into detail of this "Crazy Aionus list"?
  12. Hoffman cyborg is amazing!

    Now i don't want to flog a dead horse, because i am wholly on the side of "Discard does not mean the same as Remove", but cus the Kamaitachi has an ability that says (Shortened down to laziness) "...has an upgrade Discarded (or otherwise removed)...." does this lend any weight to my argument? If they WERE the same, why would they need to add in that extra part of the ability text?
  13. Hoffman cyborg is amazing!

    Did we come to an agreement over Wastrel passing off Cyborg?
  14. mysterious emissary and unwholesome fruit

    When do you declare what suit you want to pick?
  15. Trixiebelle vs Flurry

    To trixibelle, because flurry targetted her, and you can't redirect Flurry