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  1. As the title suggests! Happy to pay postage to anywhere, if you're happy to pay Postage to the UK!
  2. Add me to the list mate, and i'll let you know closer to the time if i'm 100% or not!
  3. Ah okay! Cheers ^^!
  4. To threadjack a little, i pledged for the Dual Commander level, but the price seems to be $45 less than what Kickstarter originally said and is asking if i wish to add an extra rulebook for $45? Does the Dual Commander still come with 2 Rulebooks, or is the extra $45 of Credit meant to be for the 2nd Rulebook?
  5. As impressive as that is, its also wrong McMourning makes the model it injects dump a scheme marker, not do an interact Unless you mean Austringers
  6. Bought 2 Tickets :)! One for myself, Ross Mason, and one for David Wigley
  7. Payment sent for David Wigley of Beefeaters!
  8. I was sat on the fence about this event, but then i saw Buffet Lunch! I shall endeavour to get the time off work :D!
  9. He still has to stone/cheat the mask, so he doesn't have the trigger built in on his DF
  10. Payment sent for Ross Mason of Beefeaters!
  11. Whilst his damage, speed and defense are solid, he falls down quickly to focussed attacks DF7 is all well and good, but when you've only got 6 wounds, you can't take a pounding like most beaters ;)! Unrelated to the Quote, i've been playing Pandora since i started playing 'Faux! (3 years ago i believe) Brawler Pandora is my bread and butter, and i love her for it. Fears Given Form adds a little extra damage, forcing your opponents to flip a potentially great card they could have used to attack you, or cheat a card to avoid the 3 damage. I used to run Teddy and Kade for the ol' One Two combo, but fell out of love seeing as everyone focussed down my teddy as soon as he was on the board, so i swapped them both out for my newest friend, McTavish! McTavish brings a solid ranged attack to the table, ignoring cover and engagement from 14" away and when the schemes get schemey he can run around devouring them with his (0) Gator Snack, and swapping out Thousand Faces for Malifaux Provides! As an added bonus, the 7ss Tax that comes in the form of a Doppelganger can also copy his Rifle and its extra rules which means with a lucky Mimic flip and lucky Gator Snack, the pair of them can pump out 6 shots a turn with a 2/4/6 damage track! Plus, McTavish is cool
  12. When you say a random crew box, Minion box and enforcer box, i presume you'll have paired them all up according to faction before hand? Or is their a risk of me getting a Pandora Crew Box, Guild Guard box and then a Yin The Penangalan enforcer box :P?
  13. Paid up buddy
  14. Blind
  15. Sticking with my Beloved and newest friend and declaring Neverborn :D!