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  1. I can bring a table's worth of terrain if you can supply with an extra table so David AND Grendol (JoJo Jackson) can attend!
  2. David Wigley has informed me he's just sent his money for that sweet final ticket!
  3. Payment Sent for Ross Mason of Beefeaters!
  4. The Alt Titania looks pretty sweet! Does she come with an Special Ed Card, similiar to Alt Bishop and Alt Guild Sergeant?
  5. Paid
  6. But it says as part of the summon a waif text right at the end... "Then Sacrifice this Model" Or am i missing something painfully obvious?
  7. Piggybacking off that, how does it work for dual faction masters? Like Collodi and Zoraida teaming up, but Zoraida declaring Gremlins?
  8. Paid Lil' Beefeater!
  9. 100% there :P!
  10. As the title suggests! Happy to pay postage to anywhere, if you're happy to pay Postage to the UK!
  11. Add me to the list mate, and i'll let you know closer to the time if i'm 100% or not!
  12. Ah okay! Cheers ^^!
  13. To threadjack a little, i pledged for the Dual Commander level, but the price seems to be $45 less than what Kickstarter originally said and is asking if i wish to add an extra rulebook for $45? Does the Dual Commander still come with 2 Rulebooks, or is the extra $45 of Credit meant to be for the 2nd Rulebook?
  14. As impressive as that is, its also wrong McMourning makes the model it injects dump a scheme marker, not do an interact Unless you mean Austringers
  15. Bought 2 Tickets :)! One for myself, Ross Mason, and one for David Wigley