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Mr Janje

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  1. Paid up buddy
  2. Sticking with my Beloved and newest friend and declaring Neverborn :D!
  3. I'm down for this
  4. I'll have to see how my Shifts have fallen, but i'll take part if i can!
  5. " If that Stretch Goal is a free miniature, we'll give you one for each of the Allegiance you chose! " A Shame, as i reckon i'd be able to wrangle 4 people into going for the Tyrant, but if its aimed more towards those people that want to go balls deep into it, then we might leave it or go for the Dual Commander instead
  6. What was the reasoning behind "The Tyrant" pledge level only getting one rulebook? My group of people are on the fence about pledging, and were pretty stoked about the Tyrant level until we realised we'd have to share a rulebook between the 4 of us!
  7. I'm 100% coming! And i'm also going to take part in the event too!
  8. Team Beefeater will be bringing its internationally acclaimed superstar, best in the world, legendary amazing Joe Jackson! Who hasn't stopped talking about it once
  9. Well i goofed... I paid for this but didn't realise it had sold out :P! let me know if the spaces become open ^^
  10. Payed :)!
  11. He hires Lost (Which includes Baby Kade, Candy and Iggy)
  12. He only cycles if the corpse marker is discarded during another models activation