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  1. I shall 100% be present, and i've heard the top Ten Thunders player JoJo Jackson will be gracing us with his presence as well :P! Oh and Bobert will too i guess
  2. Sorry matey, i've been busy doing real life stuff and reading about the neverborn faction I had some spare time, so i figured i'd look at the Resser Faction as well for shits and giggles! Better scuttle off back to the neverborn section where people love me!
  3. Am i right in saying he can't be targetted by Maniacal Laugh, nor channeled through by Reva?
  4. But the logic and plan is still the same From the Shadows on 3 of them (if you can afford it) try and outactivate your opponent and beeline towards the enemy model you want to declare Set up on!
  5. You could instead hire Serena and slap her upgrade on them ;)!
  6. I forgot about the fast thing Love it!
  7. 12 damage, plus one for each time they decide to not ditch a card I'd be happy at my opponent taking 12 damage, and having 4 cards less in their hand!
  8. Enforcer or Minion only They're both Henchman :(! You CAN Reactivate the new Adze though
  9. Also True
  10. Not always an option, which is my point If i got a decent total, nothing crazy and you cheated a 10 in to stop the attack, i could ditch a shitty mask (Or with Neverborn Lynch, the Ace of Masks which i promptly pick back up :D!) to do Savage Mauling On the Charge, with Lynch and the Ace of Masks, these things are insane Don't get me wrong, those situations are specific, but its just a strong interaction i saw and thought it worth mentioning!
  11. Which i think is a fair bit more balanced as opposed to punishing the enemy for stopping the attack in the first place
  12. Really? I googled them and they're little Raccoon things!
  13. Yeah that makes sense in fact But then, what is a Quarantine marker (Fluff Wise)? Is it just a patch of ground thats more susceptible to necromantic energies?
  14. Their Unfinished Hunt trigger seems very strong at "After Resolving" Your opponent flips a decent card, or cheats in a high card to stop you from landing the first blow, their is nothing to stop you from ditching a mask and declaring the trigger of Unfinished Hunt to get a 2) attack action against them! I mean, with Jakob Lynch, if you get that sweet sweet Ace of Masks in your hand, these puppies become monsterous I think After Succeeding might be better
  15. Wait, yes i am! Fast from Mech Puppet :P? Drop (1). Nimble. Drop(2). Leap. Drop (3)