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  1. Colette Audience Particiapation Upgrade

    Looks like another addition to Prompt in next Colette errata.
  2. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Most probably I was not very clear with symbol. Should be "slavery is not equal to racism". You are right, it was not about hate but it was just one of spoils of war.
  3. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Slavery =/ racism. In history slaves were of different colours and nations, including Europeans even in XIX century. Same goes for slavers.

    There is alt Ramos And we have Luther as alt Blessed.

    Alt Carlos Vasquez.
  6. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    I was thinking about converting him to a streetfighter's Ken...
  7. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    In the same way Seamus is oppressing women. That is hardly a standard, it's example of murderous freaks creating their own rules for their own amusement.
  8. Wave 1 stat cards

    Cards are still available here http://mgla.pl/produkt/neverborn-arsenal-box,6772
  9. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    Why not getting access to free bread trough access of knowledge? That's presuming what symbol could mean and goal behind the book can be anything in that way. For me looks like pursuing forbidden knowledge is the main goal. Much more clear. You wrote a lot about struggle for woman empowerment but this world doesn't look like women were heavily oppressed. They can be leaders, heavy duty workers, academics, journalists, entrepreneurs etc. Colette is oppressed by Ramos in the same way he is (probably) oppressing pub owners (mafia like). Rasputina was fugitive because of her crimes in the past, not because she is a woman (later added to crimes wielding arcane powers). Women seems to be rather equal in Mfx. Maybe with exception of not being allowed to be obese (and I am not talking about heavy weighted Johanna-class women, Executioner male-female is very good example). There is universal oppression: those with power oppress those without, doesn't matter what gender on both sides. By the way, wasn't that topic about something else ?
  10. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    Really? I always thought that it's about forbidden arcane powers/knowledge - faction name and symbol...
  11. W: Avatars and LE Neverborn H:$/Paypal

    You can find some avatars in this shop http://www.miniaturicum.de/index.php?cPath=1499_1502
  12. Monday Preview - July 24

    I am not a big fan of new artworks. They are too static and have comic book style simplicity. And sometimes just ugly. For the first time I do not even consider buying nightmare edition crew (and I like cats). Looks like the only thing I will buy from this wave will be upgrade cards.
  13. Is collette still strong enough?

    No weakness to exploit? Just cancel her df triggers and then even guild guard can kill her in one activation.
  14. M2e Colette

    I am using 2 performers + one mannequin. That helps me set up markers perimeter on 1st turn - activate mannequin, activate Magician's Assistant, activate 1st performer move + grab mannequin with Mechanical adorations, throw markers(s), activate 2nd performer, move, push mannequin into base contact again, throw marker(s). Also Angelica can use Give Them an Encore to position mannequin in position to assist another model with placing markers. When base contacting mannequin I am (if enemy models nearby) placing him to cover fragile showgirls.
  15. M2e Colette

    Statement was that every ability requires setting things up. This was to compare not effects but amount of preparations. About All together now, indeed I missed Your ideas using it with Miners, sorry for that.