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  1. Malifaux - what next?

    I like Mfx because random factor is somewhat reduced by replacing dice with cards,cheating fate options, makes planning/tactics/etc. more important. Pushing it slightly toward such game as chess. Is chess a spreadsheet? Still, jokers are integral part of traditional card deck, they should stay, present rules for them are acceptable.
  2. Wave 6 wishlist

    Have to agree with daniello_s, I would like to see some of existing models re-balance and/or resculpt (alt Carlos for example as some alternative, showGIRL for example).
  3. Yasunori is great, fantastic glowing effect!
  4. M2e Colette

    Interesting, but it would cause some negative side effects as well, like block any Prompt made by Cassandra (Understudy).
  5. M2e Colette

    Zoraida has other, useful most of the time, actions on her card. With all new anti-scheme marker models and abilities is it still worth to play on scheme markers?
  6. M2e Colette

    Colette was good because of Prompt and Scheme Markers play. Prompt become restricted and dropping scheme markers (further than few inches from own deployment zone) - risky after Shifting Loyalties. Looks like after turn 2, when crew will be send into positions there is not much for her to play, nothing significant at least. Her attacks are weak and You need to pay SS for other actions (with moderate usefulness). Summoning Doves is nice but comes with high price (8+ with masks).
  7. And which masters You DO NOT take into each faction?
  8. Colette Audience Particiapation Upgrade

    Looks like another addition to Prompt in next Colette errata.
  9. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Most probably I was not very clear with symbol. Should be "slavery is not equal to racism". You are right, it was not about hate but it was just one of spoils of war.
  10. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Slavery =/ racism. In history slaves were of different colours and nations, including Europeans even in XIX century. Same goes for slavers.

    There is alt Ramos And we have Luther as alt Blessed.

    Alt Carlos Vasquez.
  13. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    I was thinking about converting him to a streetfighter's Ken...
  14. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    In the same way Seamus is oppressing women. That is hardly a standard, it's example of murderous freaks creating their own rules for their own amusement.
  15. Wave 1 stat cards

    Cards are still available here http://mgla.pl/produkt/neverborn-arsenal-box,6772