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  1. July 2017 Errata

    Well, I first referred to the fact they fulfill the role of scheme runners, not hitters, but as a gremlin and resser player, I see many piglets and 1AP, def-reducing dog charges, usually followed up by some poison (and maybe a nasty sebastian). From an arcanist perspective, I can see the wind gamin may be a particularly useful model by its multiple options, I think you are right, sir.
  2. July 2017 Errata

    Well, as said before, the wind gamins are not very good for punching, but they are vey good at scheme running. The fact it can put a scheme marker, jump and put another scheme marker can be awesome in certain schemes. I know there are other models that can do the same, but it is pretty decent for a 4ss minion. The armor 1 is a nice bonus too. The point is that in most games scheme runners tend to be fragile, what may cause to give your opponent some points in most cases. This errata tries to make them a bit less awesome, but maintaining their special tricks. You still can hire them, but now they are just one option, becoming less than an auto include if you wanted a scheme runner. The practiced production upgrade change truly makes Colette a bit sad, but as other people have said, it hurts more other masters. Colette and her crew can put a lot of scheme markers (I play only her from arcanists), so giving her an option to do it from the other side of the board at no cost could be a bit too much. Did you know she can teleport moldels to scheme markers within 14"? And that she can use her totems as shceme markers for it? I like when my master is a good one, but not the absolutely best, because it makes me feel I may be cheating by playing it. The great trick of the upgrade was using a random malifaux raptor, that can teleport to the other side of the table and then complete easily most schemes because your 3ss peon was spamming schemem markers, moving a lot and maybe protecting with defensive. The mech rider change certainly lowered her summon capabilities, I see her now equiparable to the other riders. The four big factions have each one horseman, and untill now, in tourneys you would only see the arcanist one because how awesome she was. The others are not bad models, but require some work to use them properly. Summoning a 4ss minion with just a 6 seems very good for me. As a mostly resser (and gremlin) player, I tend to see I need for any summon at least a swit and another random resource (could it be a corpse, another gremlin, scrap, etc). In most cases, if I want a 4ss minion, I will need at least an 8, so making the mechanical rider summoning equiparable to other factions summons is not that strange for me. As a gremlin player, this errata changed the cost of the stuffed piglets from 2 to 3 ss. Even as we know it was needed, because the activation advantage was a huuuuge problem, most players wished the change was not only a cost increase, as it almost invalidates the option of the model being hired, because now competes with other models that are more "according to their cost". I think it is not a huge problem, I can still summon them, but now they wont be hired that much. Is it bad that a model is not hired in almost every crew? I think not, it lets other models to start shining.
  3. July 2017 Errata

    I like the changes, even as again some of my plans for certain models crumble again (so far Colette, Lenny, rotten belles, PP, stuffed piglets and counting). I still had not bought the taxidermists box, nor the pigapult (everyone at my community is scared about it even as it has yet to be sold). Right now, I do not see much use on hiring the stuffed dudes if not for a particular reason, but if you are getting them, you have a plan for them, and that seems to me that it is a well ballanced model. Maybe we do not see them out of Wong or pigapults... so be it! I do not see many models out of certain masters and I am not complaining! Sebastian feels awquard without McMourning (despite the idea of using him with nico). The next wave is bringing the flying piglets, who are stuffed companions on the taxidermy summoning so it is good to see them having both particular roles. I think Gremlins are an awesome faction, maybe not the most competitive, because of their staying power, but the versatility of the models is huge. I still think Gremlins have a good activation advantage in the form of bayou gremlins (I would struggle to pay 2 for an insignificant pig if I could get a significant gremlin by 3 before). Remember the faction tends to have small costs... No riders, 12ss henchmen, etc. Our elites are 7ss enforcers, maybe 8 for henchies (or dirty cheater), so activation advantage is still on our side (untill bullets start to fly). Not horrified by the changes, will miss the practiced production on a collette totem but hey! the game is evolving!
  4. Monday Preview - July 31st

    I love them! Cannot wait to field them!
  5. Hi! I see many people has already answered most questions, so I can only say that each player uses his own deck, and this company has the best looking in the world I still use a simple poker one, because the place where I buy only got one official for the owner. When starting, make shure both crews have a similar value of soulstones, for a good match, but you should know the game resolves around knowing the objectives and preparing the crew after that, so some crews may struggle for certain schemes. In Malifaux you are not putting many minis on the table, but you carry around many options to field the right tools. Seamus has a very good starting box, with models that can move and stay where needed, as ruin the enemies positioning. Pandora I think is a debuffer that will dictate the course of activations from your opponent, but I am not shure her crew is a very good all rounder.
  6. Malifaux suits concepts and triggers

    Even as in guild almost half the crew has a critical strike requiring rams, I think ressers are the most suit dependent faction. Most summons require crows (from molly, nico, kirai, seamus, sebastian, toshiro and karina I think), while many other actions or triggers need crows too (killer ones, many buffs, poison...)
  7. Next Errata --> Totems?

    Well, as a gremlin player, I agree that old clanky is very good, but I also think that it is good as it is (maybe a bit over the top but not too much), as you still see the master-specific totems being played in certain builds. With Somer you can hire clanky to empower your elite crew, but the mosquitos help a lot with their auras Ophelia loves both options, as the buffs of the old man are good, but are also the amount of AP given by the little ones, who also can try to shoot or give her upgrades. Zipp is not a support master, his totem is How many treads are there about the uses of the vodoo doll? Mah is a very fast master, sometimes her totem will be relegated on the back. The little lass can be sent to the enemy fast and die giving Mah one of her upgrades. Not awesome but maybe an option at least? Penelope has her uses with ulix, as old clanky Isnt it annoying how, after you kill a master, his totem evolves? Brewy has that joke Still I have to try Wong, so cannot say if his assistent is a good option. Many times, when I see if I want to hire a totem, I tend to compare him to ther models of the same cost. If I do not have enough scheme runners, insignificant totems are relegated, maybe looking how many totems could earn their significancy?
  8. PORTALS!!! Portals and magic in general, the old ones worshippers style (fav unit is doomseekers), and personality of every single model! There are no equals! Even better, you can see some dudes across the units (I think I saw the man with the big hat in 3 units in different stages of mutation).
  9. What do you like about Abyssinia?

    I am not playing abyyssinia (only because at my club there are at least 3 in the faction) but I love the heavy metal feeling. The advanced armors, combined units and african style are an awesome combination. I think I love every single unit exept the cavalry, the only not tecnologic ones.
  10. Picking your allegiance

    In my community there are not so many players jumping yet, but almost half of us saw the awesomness of abyssinia and were almost shure about our faction. In my case it changed when i saw the cult had so many different scupts, portals and DOOMSEEKERS. No doubts, my favourite minis in the game belong to that unit, so I needed to start with that. Maybe later I will jump into the abyssinian train, but right now I am a Cultist.
  11. @green-n-dumb, remember that gremlins have one of the best tricks in the game: many 3 AP models for a price. With reckless, any model can do more that it would be normally able. I would think about Merris if there is a VERY marker related scheme pool, but if not, a single bayou gremlin can drop a marker, move and place another, for only 3ss! (even better if, ending with just 2 wounds, is your FFM target). You are scared about the absence of specialists on your crew, I started with your same models and was happy with the versatility of everyone. Rami may not be very used as he is a bit fragile, but when deployed, your opponent will be forced to put his runners more protected. Raphael can do a huge amount of damage at mid range, but he is also great for running shemes, as he can tank a bit (armor and HTK), move a lot (reckless, push out of melee) and shoot back to your enemy. Francois is a murder machine but he can make the race of his life moving twice and interacting. if needed, then for 0 could get the ability of discarding for positives if needed.
  12. Improving speed and efficiency

    I am personally a slow player, I like to make jokes and discussing rules during the game, but if I need to play fast, maybe focusing on what you want to do can be a key. If you plan ahead your activations, you will do everything faster. Of course it is not easy to predict your opponents moves, but you can have a general plan, like: "I will start the turn hitting and end it scheming, so first activations will be my figting dudes so my performer has her manipulative for some more time". It is mostly practice and planning ahead.
  13. Is Tara-only better as Ressers or Outcasts?

    Well, on ressers, Tara can play as a summoner with the Spare parts upgrade, so she could help with a couple autopsys or a ROGUE NECRO
  14. Reva wrecking face?

    As you say, it is a powerful combo on the rigt circunstances. If you are planning on Morty being killed, then it is awesome, as you are changing your model and getting like 2 VP on the process. On the other hand, if you did not want Morty to die, maybe it would be better to attachguises of death on reva and summon a candle at the start of the turn and perhaps avoid MLH on Morty. game starts and Corpse candle is summoned. CC activates and kills itself to give someone a buff and lay a corpse Morty activates, digs in and removes a spleen Reva summons candle, kills it and summons rogue necro This way you save a couple of points of damage on morty by spending a hig card or choosing a particular upgrade. Always a matter of choices.
  15. Nekima takes over

    If it is using much space on the card, then it could be changed to "attach BIRTHRIGHT upgrade", and then resolving everything else on the upgrade.