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  1. As you say, it is a powerful combo on the rigt circunstances. If you are planning on Morty being killed, then it is awesome, as you are changing your model and getting like 2 VP on the process. On the other hand, if you did not want Morty to die, maybe it would be better to attachguises of death on reva and summon a candle at the start of the turn and perhaps avoid MLH on Morty. game starts and Corpse candle is summoned. CC activates and kills itself to give someone a buff and lay a corpse Morty activates, digs in and removes a spleen Reva summons candle, kills it and summons rogue necro This way you save a couple of points of damage on morty by spending a hig card or choosing a particular upgrade. Always a matter of choices.
  2. If it is using much space on the card, then it could be changed to "attach BIRTHRIGHT upgrade", and then resolving everything else on the upgrade.
  3. I am not a Tara player, but it seems acceptable in comparison with Nico or most resser masters Finally a master that is not monopolizing your crows? I man, are there any other cards on the deck??? Exagerating a lot, but I just find all my crews want the same cards most times
  4. It may work, even better if reva becomes a support model in stead of the heavy hitter if FFM is on the pool. Do not forget you can give her the upgrade for summoning the candle at the start of the game so you may have two when she activates. Do not forget they need to be killed as dont count as corpses for summoning! Maybe waiting to turn 2?
  5. I have seen many times Dreamer crews based on what looks like a bedroom, but with a wall of magic or something like that, so part of the base is on malifaux and part on earth.
  6. I like Seamus, but I did not play the "best" masters so far, so it can influence my perception. Seamus is an effective master that can play a good game of attrition against many opponents. His willpower debuff makes many models way more dangerous, as well as it makes terror an important thing. When playing Seamus, I do not plan to paralyze enemies, but the card draining is actually very effective. Many times, I get the card advantage because the attacking player just spent his moderate card to pass the terror check. On the other hand, his flintlock drives people crazy, it can kill scheme runners on minimum, what may make the opposing player to admit their lost or to sav cards just to avoid the big shot, again giving you the card advantage. His move trick is a good one, but is even better to activate then the CCK and charge or shoot the poor bastard that was close to Seamus. Maybe doesnt kill it, but again it is a wonderul card draining. Do not forget the belle summoning! Even if having the chance only once per turn and not many options, it is a new belle IN FULL WOUNDS, what is good for those tanky models. Speaking of takyness, Seamus has tons of it: not only the terrifying ability, but also impossible to wound, hard to hill, healing on failed WP duels and evn the hat!!! That hat is just lovely, maybe is not totally worth it on every game, but it is hilarious, and is spending 2ss to prevent ALL damage from an attack. Maybe not the best against a min damage, but when the red jocker comes from a dumb luck francoise, you are glad you bought it. The chances of slapping back your enemy and then grab it again is a plus. I know Seamus is not the best master, he has some counters that will ruin his life, but he also buffs some parts of the faction to a very good level and also is simple despite fun to play. I like him as he is quite forgiving, but I have to admit the new schemes do not help him much.
  7. Hey, after looking at the schemes again, I see that, for the first game there are show of force and last stand, which could suggest trying something funny like... Yan Lo (reliquary) ss pool 4 datsue ba (my little helper) Yin (MLH) Izamu Chiaki or maybe Seamus (sinister rep) ss pool 3 Sybelle (bleeding tongue) datsue ba (MLH) yin (MLH) chiaki (pull of the grave) Nicodem (necrotic king, shadow embrance) Sybelle (bleeding tongue) datsue ba (MLH) yin (MLH) rotten belle not shure if I could capitalize the shadow embrance poison reeneration for the band, but if I included a nurse in stead of someone else... This is my first tournament, I am trying to have a good time and enjoy the games playing casual
  8. Thank you! That is what I was hoping to hear! Very good points! Also true about the necessity of getting cards for nico as his actions are very demanding.
  9. Thank you! Seems really interesting and powerful. Just one question, @Clement, If not focusing on the corpse production (no morty nor corpse bloat), then why would you consider so useful maniacal laugh? Wouldnt Reaper grin be more helpful for the staying power of the crew? Specially for the fog. About the same line of thinking: why including Undertaker? As the crew is very tanky, would you consider they are dying enough for that?
  10. Hi! I am about to take partinto a 3 round, 35ss tournament taking place at my club. As it has a time limit for each player, I will play my ressers, who demand less thinking for me (more to my opponents) than my gremlins. The objectives will be: round one: close deplyment, headhunter, claim jump, dig their graves, leave your mark, show of force and last stand round two: standard deploy, stake a claim, claim jump, FFM, accusation, search the ruins and tail em round three: corner, sqatter rights, claim jump, leave your mark, FFM, eliminate the leadership, hidden trap I have Seamus, McMourning, Yan Lo and Nicodem boxes, as well as a couple performers, the crossroad seven, toshiro, datsue ba and yin. On the second and third games I think McMourning can be a good player, as poison can play against FFM, his pushes can bring him out of LOS and he can reclaim some schemes at the end of the game. I personally like Seamus and his WP tricks but I dont see him playing very well in this schemes (where does he excell with the new ones???). On the other hand, I will be facing a couple arcanists (probably one raspy) and maybe a few sonnias. Whad would you recommend for it? As it is on a month, am not planning to buy many models if can avoid it. Thank you!!!
  11. The three witches are, as @Bengt said, very old myths, but the different ages reassamble more the greek godess Hecate, who had a strong connection with magic, and the moon, so she could be a young woman, a mother or the cronedepending of the time
  12. I think Rasputina depends a lot on the disposition of the field. She really shines when your opponent cannot hide behind cover, but her ice mirrors can help her avoid part of it. On the other hand, her capacity to block paths can be devastating if the field is full of small paths (dont forget you can shoot and then place the wall to avoid retaliation. Raspy is good at schemes that want you to kill things (mostly with your master), and also ones that force your opponent to cluster. I would not use her for headhunter, but her ice dancers can be good for dropping schemes while also being her nodes to kill opposite scheme runners. Not a Raspy player so my advice may not be the best, but hope it helps.
  13. I would personally try to get 2 goryos, because their option to summon seishins make it worth it starting the game with one, and during the game you could summon a second. I am not a master of knowing models but onyros can be good in pairs, but a 3rd could de used some times (if you have the upgrade that gives them a boost), but with just 2 you will be fine. Now I want to see those conversions!!!
  14. Both goryo and shikomes are big, expensive spirits with good damage. As such, they will both compete for the cards when summoning them, and also both will be damage dealers. Goryo have the plus of also being able to summon seishins and ignoring armor, but the shikomes have their tricks too choosing defense or wp. I would be surprised if I saw them both at the same time, but am shure you will find some times were one of them will be much more useful and some times the other will be better.
  15. Well, it seems that, as the bloodwrenches really shine while having fast, they should be totally worth it if your crew has alredy a way to give it to them, but if you start to hire models just for that, you may end up spending as much as with phill, who has the advantage of also producing corpses (useful with a couple models), the possibility f getting chatty (awesome for some objectives) and that doesnt take one of your mercenary slots. You are right about Tara, they should be very good with her!