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  1. PORTALS!!! Portals and magic in general, the old ones worshippers style (fav unit is doomseekers), and personality of every single model! There are no equals! Even better, you can see some dudes across the units (I think I saw the man with the big hat in 3 units in different stages of mutation).
  2. I am not playing abyyssinia (only because at my club there are at least 3 in the faction) but I love the heavy metal feeling. The advanced armors, combined units and african style are an awesome combination. I think I love every single unit exept the cavalry, the only not tecnologic ones.
  3. In my community there are not so many players jumping yet, but almost half of us saw the awesomness of abyssinia and were almost shure about our faction. In my case it changed when i saw the cult had so many different scupts, portals and DOOMSEEKERS. No doubts, my favourite minis in the game belong to that unit, so I needed to start with that. Maybe later I will jump into the abyssinian train, but right now I am a Cultist.
  4. @green-n-dumb, remember that gremlins have one of the best tricks in the game: many 3 AP models for a price. With reckless, any model can do more that it would be normally able. I would think about Merris if there is a VERY marker related scheme pool, but if not, a single bayou gremlin can drop a marker, move and place another, for only 3ss! (even better if, ending with just 2 wounds, is your FFM target). You are scared about the absence of specialists on your crew, I started with your same models and was happy with the versatility of everyone. Rami may not be very used as he is a bit fragile, but when deployed, your opponent will be forced to put his runners more protected. Raphael can do a huge amount of damage at mid range, but he is also great for running shemes, as he can tank a bit (armor and HTK), move a lot (reckless, push out of melee) and shoot back to your enemy. Francois is a murder machine but he can make the race of his life moving twice and interacting. if needed, then for 0 could get the ability of discarding for positives if needed.
  5. I am personally a slow player, I like to make jokes and discussing rules during the game, but if I need to play fast, maybe focusing on what you want to do can be a key. If you plan ahead your activations, you will do everything faster. Of course it is not easy to predict your opponents moves, but you can have a general plan, like: "I will start the turn hitting and end it scheming, so first activations will be my figting dudes so my performer has her manipulative for some more time". It is mostly practice and planning ahead.
  6. Well, on ressers, Tara can play as a summoner with the Spare parts upgrade, so she could help with a couple autopsys or a ROGUE NECRO
  7. As you say, it is a powerful combo on the rigt circunstances. If you are planning on Morty being killed, then it is awesome, as you are changing your model and getting like 2 VP on the process. On the other hand, if you did not want Morty to die, maybe it would be better to attachguises of death on reva and summon a candle at the start of the turn and perhaps avoid MLH on Morty. game starts and Corpse candle is summoned. CC activates and kills itself to give someone a buff and lay a corpse Morty activates, digs in and removes a spleen Reva summons candle, kills it and summons rogue necro This way you save a couple of points of damage on morty by spending a hig card or choosing a particular upgrade. Always a matter of choices.
  8. If it is using much space on the card, then it could be changed to "attach BIRTHRIGHT upgrade", and then resolving everything else on the upgrade.
  9. I am not a Tara player, but it seems acceptable in comparison with Nico or most resser masters Finally a master that is not monopolizing your crows? I man, are there any other cards on the deck??? Exagerating a lot, but I just find all my crews want the same cards most times
  10. It may work, even better if reva becomes a support model in stead of the heavy hitter if FFM is on the pool. Do not forget you can give her the upgrade for summoning the candle at the start of the game so you may have two when she activates. Do not forget they need to be killed as dont count as corpses for summoning! Maybe waiting to turn 2?
  11. I have seen many times Dreamer crews based on what looks like a bedroom, but with a wall of magic or something like that, so part of the base is on malifaux and part on earth.
  12. I like Seamus, but I did not play the "best" masters so far, so it can influence my perception. Seamus is an effective master that can play a good game of attrition against many opponents. His willpower debuff makes many models way more dangerous, as well as it makes terror an important thing. When playing Seamus, I do not plan to paralyze enemies, but the card draining is actually very effective. Many times, I get the card advantage because the attacking player just spent his moderate card to pass the terror check. On the other hand, his flintlock drives people crazy, it can kill scheme runners on minimum, what may make the opposing player to admit their lost or to sav cards just to avoid the big shot, again giving you the card advantage. His move trick is a good one, but is even better to activate then the CCK and charge or shoot the poor bastard that was close to Seamus. Maybe doesnt kill it, but again it is a wonderul card draining. Do not forget the belle summoning! Even if having the chance only once per turn and not many options, it is a new belle IN FULL WOUNDS, what is good for those tanky models. Speaking of takyness, Seamus has tons of it: not only the terrifying ability, but also impossible to wound, hard to hill, healing on failed WP duels and evn the hat!!! That hat is just lovely, maybe is not totally worth it on every game, but it is hilarious, and is spending 2ss to prevent ALL damage from an attack. Maybe not the best against a min damage, but when the red jocker comes from a dumb luck francoise, you are glad you bought it. The chances of slapping back your enemy and then grab it again is a plus. I know Seamus is not the best master, he has some counters that will ruin his life, but he also buffs some parts of the faction to a very good level and also is simple despite fun to play. I like him as he is quite forgiving, but I have to admit the new schemes do not help him much.
  13. Hey, after looking at the schemes again, I see that, for the first game there are show of force and last stand, which could suggest trying something funny like... Yan Lo (reliquary) ss pool 4 datsue ba (my little helper) Yin (MLH) Izamu Chiaki or maybe Seamus (sinister rep) ss pool 3 Sybelle (bleeding tongue) datsue ba (MLH) yin (MLH) chiaki (pull of the grave) Nicodem (necrotic king, shadow embrance) Sybelle (bleeding tongue) datsue ba (MLH) yin (MLH) rotten belle not shure if I could capitalize the shadow embrance poison reeneration for the band, but if I included a nurse in stead of someone else... This is my first tournament, I am trying to have a good time and enjoy the games playing casual
  14. Thank you! That is what I was hoping to hear! Very good points! Also true about the necessity of getting cards for nico as his actions are very demanding.
  15. Thank you! Seems really interesting and powerful. Just one question, @Clement, If not focusing on the corpse production (no morty nor corpse bloat), then why would you consider so useful maniacal laugh? Wouldnt Reaper grin be more helpful for the staying power of the crew? Specially for the fog. About the same line of thinking: why including Undertaker? As the crew is very tanky, would you consider they are dying enough for that?