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  1. Not knowing the show, I could argue Gracie would be a better "rhino" than a hippo, as her heavy armor could be converted to look like she was wearing a rhino costume. On the pig side there are also the mighty Sow, Old Major and the Warpig, which can be great "big animals"
  2. aquenaton

    Slow Player solutions ?

    At my community, it is very common to see games that take 4 hours, and some times I am guilty of being one of those slow players. If the store is not about to close, I am fine about doing it, as usually the game feels relaxed, both players enjoy it and they talk about stuff. If we do not have many tables, or we are in a hurry, sometimes if casual, we notice so and players speed up a bit or opt to end their games by turn 4 if it is already defined. On tournaments, on the other hand, we play with timers. One is for all the games and starts at a certain moment, while also, each player counts his own time with a chess app. We usually give like 15 minutes for deploying and the likes before starting the big timer, so each player can speed up a bit and start playing before it, but he also has his own timer. As it felt a bit complex to do the first times, we adviced like three months before the event about the clocks, so many players started to practice the schemes (that we also announced one month after) and crews with timers to get used to it. Right now, we had not even a single game end with a player running out of time, as each player is famminiar with his crew and selected schemes. On the other hand, on "casual experiences" the game stil takes like YEARS 😁
  3. aquenaton

    Reva for a new Resser

    Do not forget that Anna can summon mindless zombies in base contact with her victims, giving Reva a new point from which can attack
  4. aquenaton

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    Wait, is the "dead mounted guy" the same "chivalry gremlin guy"? If the corpse/ hippo mount is the master, then a "herald" can be his henchman. I could see him with the chivalry upgrades... but with negative parts, because gremlins! "thow shall slay da beast: this model gains +1 damage on charge attacks but can only target models with higher ss cost" or the likes
  5. aquenaton

    (Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires on June

    With 10 players, we have had our tournament! We got the prescence of @Franchute, who came from Chile to play and win everything at home! Congratulations for the international win!! Here I have some pictures from the games, and hope I can find some more from the prizes and the likes. We really hope to be able to do more tournaments in the near future, so the many players that missed the opportunity (most due to the flu) can get a chance!
  6. aquenaton

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    Congratulations! May his reign be prosperous and peaceful.
  7. aquenaton

    Balanced Errata chat

    I did an alpha kill on turn one... It was Pere with poorly handled explosives shot in the middle of the enemy crew by two (0) actions from ophelia, letting him possition himself and try to blow himself apart. With his last explosion he killed papa loco, a malifaux child, sonnia and francisco. It felt soooo depressing!! Once knowing the trick, I do not think I could ever do it again to the same player, nor would feel good by doing it, but I was scared about sonnia. I play in a not very competitive meta, so we do not play the strongest combos all times, so my perception on models tends to be a bit naif.
  8. aquenaton

    (Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires on June

    I hope we can stand to the expectations!
  9. There will be a new tournament at Buenos Aires!!! It will be at La Cueva del Enano, Thames 2162, Palermo, Buenos Aires, the Saturday, June 09, 2018. The tournament will be a 50ss GG18, 3 Round event. 10 players with fixed factions will take part of the event, starting at 10:00 and ending at 21:00 For more information, enter into de Malifaux Argentina Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/301073956694327/ or contact me personally. Soon, a pdf with particular rules for the event will be posted. The fee consists on ARG$150 For prices we have an 8 player price kit and maybe some kind of surprice...
  10. aquenaton

    Through the Breach in Argentina (May)

    Hi! A new eddition has been played, with many boardgames this time. Fortunately, two roleplaying one-shots had been played too!!! Pictures are mostly from the final parts of the event, when we played Spyfall and we made a small raffle between ninjas.
  11. Hello! I wanted to announce that, the next saturday 19, at 15pm, I will be running another TTB one-shot at the new event of "La Vieja Confiable" https://www.facebook.com/events/201831793960040/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1526408389864033 at Vidal 2346, Buenos Aires, in the Multi-purpose room of the building. There will be multiple one-shots at the same time from different systems, and after that there will be many boardgames to play and, at the end, there will be a small raffle.
  12. aquenaton

    Next Allegiances

    I think the announced starter was going to be Guild vs Court of Two, but maybe there is another one coming?
  13. aquenaton

    (Argentina) Demos in Buenos Aires!

    Just wanted to remind I am still doing Demos this month, most saturdays from 11:00 BM to 20:00 PM at La Cueva del Enano (Thames 2162, Palermo) or, if you want to, I can also travel to Armageddon Club (Franklin D. Roosvelt 5345, Villa Urquiza).
  14. Hi! as a Gremlin and Resser player, I would like to share my not-so-worthy oppinion. I find the new Wave 5 models and Upgrades generally strong, not just the Resser ones, but mostly every faction got a model or two (maybe an upgrade) that has shaken the perception of the faction. Time will tell if the models are actually TOO strong or if it is a matter of time before we can learn how to deal with them. On the Resser side, I agree that the three models you defined are very good, but I am not shure if they are actually TOO good (possible, still). The kentauroi seem to be very strong mobility and hard hitting models, being able to switch from a taxy to an impaling spear in one turn. The fact that they can be summoned also opens up many options. I think they gave the faction something uncommon, so it seems like an awesome blessing, that may or may not be forgotten as it becomes "just another trick of the faction" but right now it seems to be a nice new trick. Do not forget that most summoners will bring the model very damaged to the table, and, knowing they suffer damage if they want to charge, they end up the action with one leg on the grave. Yes, they can grab a corpse for 0, but they also need the 0 to charge out of engagement, so they heal and remain stuck or die charging again. Also, the amazing damage track this model brings only works on charges, forcing you not to stay on melee with your target if you want to kill it. Even as the damage track is quite good (not awesome for its cost I think compared to the rest of the faction), they are damaged for every time they charge, becoming very tasty targets for the enemy that can kill them with a not so great min damage. Finally, do not forget they have a 50mm base, making the positioning a bit more complex compared to other models. They may be strong, but can be shut down by a good player. Asura rotten, on the other hand, seems to be a model that came to fulfill one role and take the place of Mortimer on any Nicodem crew. Her summons do not require resources but her own pillars, so she can get a mindless zombie wherever she wants to. Do not forget that her pillars are mutually exclusive with her zombies, se discards one to create the other, so the trick is not THAT MUCH abusive (strong, but not TERRIBLE). I think she can play a strong game with the carrion emissary and any master that enjoys corpses and/or undead, such as nico and reva. Her debuff seems too good to be spammed by mindless zombies IMO, but I hope a good player can snipe her or ruin her LoS. I still did not use her (hate zombie spams) but I consider her one of the most powerful models in the book. She does something the rest of the faction already does (summon and support), but she does it better. I think the Lampad is an awesome model in the wrong faction. If we had seen him on Arcanists or Guild, we would have cryed and agreed about it being the most powerful release ever, but unfortunately for itself, it is a fire bender in the middle of the poison/horror/undead faction. I has very strong powers, maybe it can be sent as an anti scheme runner, multiplying itself, but it does not recieve any help from the rest of the faction. For its cost, counting the fire damage, we could say he is a good hitter with good mobility, but the faction already has shikomes, students and Goryos to fulfill similar roles, and they tend to get more tricks inside the faction. The possibility of summoning a brother is awesome, but it needs to make it alone, and the lack of hard to wound, incorporeal or any other defensive tech may lower the expectations of many players. I personally am very interested on trying it once I get my hands on a couple of them, but I fear that the powerful Ressers combos may incite me to bring just Rafkin or a shikome again. Anyways, the models ARE strong, maybe some a bit too much, but I hope time will tell if it is just our perception or not. I remember the moment Reva came to light, it was said she was the best resser master ever, absolutely the strongest on the whole game, and now we are seeing that the discussion is about Sandeep, Collodi and Nicodem!
  15. I really like the fact that no model is 100% safe. Maybe the damage output and negation of defensive resources has become better and better as the game progressed, but the fact that your tanky model can be neutered if the proper ammount of pressure is used, I think it is fine. I am not a very good player, but I like to read a model and think about how much enemy AP is he going to soak, and how can it be improved without rendering him useless (if not getting me VP, it is not worth it many times). Right now, I find any scheme that requires my models to live untill the end of the game as the most difficult, mostly because I play gremlins and ressers, so I see all models as disposable resources. Right now, the game looks a bit like chess in that regard: a model can be defended mostly by possitioning, but if the enemy wishes so, he may be able to bring it down, and I like it that way