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  1. I would consider her when Frame For Murder is on the pool. Many times the opponents pick their heavy hitter and sling shot it to you. With Asura, your mindless zombies (or any other random undead) can start to debuff those models avoiding the attack, and if you have debuffed Df well enough, a mindless zombie could be able to make the killing blow in stead of your henchman.
  2. A model cannot be targeted by the action more than once, so two domadores should targed different undead models (otherwise it would be per activation i think)
  3. After reading a bit more, I will have to agree, the change to a 0 would be a very good choice. Right now, with her summon and corpse bloat can play as an "almost Mortimer", producing 2 corpses to fuel nico´s engine. If the zombie competes with the spleen, she will be able to produce just one, avoiding the possible overlap between the two models.
  4. I agree with you, the change for a 0 would be great to free her much more, maybe is that I am overestimating the power of casting it through mindless zombies, when (if not playing nico), will be just the one she summoned. I am buying her when she comes out because I really hope the model to be exciting and because mindless zombies without master commitment sound fun Not a competitive player as you can see.
  5. Even as I would love to have the option of invoking, moving and attacking, I understand that it is not really mandatory, as with your AP spent to summon, you an AP for the attack (with a -1Ml), an it is cumullative as it goes. I love 0AP actions, but I am not shure the model actually needs it (still not played with her).
  6. Maybe if he got reactivate and after that got killed?
  7. As people have said before, this model is going to fight his spot with Johan, and the description seems certain. What if this model´s fighting capabilities were not emproved, but his utility did? I am thinking, this model gives you corpse placement if you need corpses or uses them if you dont. What if he had an action like McTravish (possibly on an upgrade) to end a condition on a friendly model by throwing him parts of a corpse? I am thinking about extinguishing fire on a close friendly model by lowering his Corpsebarrow condition, or something like that. This way, the model becomes some kind of Johan, but a corpse dependent one.
  8. They are too short to jump over him
  9. You are right, 4AP on the right model is certinly better than 2 and 2. Your Austringer reffence is also a very good example (2 AP for much less than reactivate). I know the way I made my suggestion was umbalanced, but if you think about it, to give your Silurid reactivate you are spending 6ss on the bokor, playing Zoraida and spending 2ss on Tarot reading. With this set up, the trick is devastating, but without Zoraida, you are reactivating only sub-par models. My idea was not a very good one, I even think this model has many ways to be used right now as it is, only that his full potential is very difficult to obtain on one game.
  10. Is the card drawing the point, or is just a reward? I mean, I think you stalk and shoot someone to kill it, if you get cards back, then it is better, but I am not killing someone JUST to get cards. This way he can play as an anti scheme runner (specially silurids) just fine I think.
  11. What if the Reactivate was just a 2AP action without a TN? Would it be so much powerful? If it required you to discard a card? Right now you are spending 2 AP (and a high card) from a 6ss model to get 2 (or 3) AP for a 5-6 ss minion.
  12. You are right, being for the rest of the game is much more powerful, but Sybelle does it on melee, and she has a trigger to instakill enemies... "the end of the game" does not look like much more time Back on topic, this guy seems like a good tanky dude, with some use when the game requires to be in a particular area. Maybe not good for many schemes, but with certain uses definately.
  13. I would like to play them (or at least one) with Wong, with him I can see myself with many gremlin mages so the could be fun. Also, Wong could give some uses to the scheme markers dropped if someone attacks them. As you can use McTravis as your glowy target, including one or two swampfiends to move around can be good, and if you have the cards, a reactivating boar can surprise someone. On the other hand, Sommer likes to dish out and his crew tends to hire bugs to use the
  14. I think it is in a good spot right now, maybe it becoming a Ca ended many tricks, but the model is still a good piece of hand-empowering. Before you could have the dude on the back, casting the switch twice a turn and farming a couple cards. Right now, he will need to walk in range and try to switch against low Wp enemies. His new card when the opponent cheats fate may give him the opportunity to play recklessy, cheating back as you will get a card back. The range reduction IMO mputs the model more into a danger zone, which I think is good.
  15. I was thinking on infiltrate it on gremlins instead, but as you say, it may be a bit too much spending. If you manage to put the bubble on the center of the board, the golem may be in range to get reactivated and healed back very often. Reactivate on a nimble hitty dude can be scary. More often than not, reactivate has a very high price on big dudes, with this little guy, you can solve you activation issues and use all that poison you were farming from "barrel to the face". In a crew with multiple Tri chi models, this little creature can be a good force multiplier. Fast on master or henchman? some players hire the student of conflict just for that, and she doesnt heal you on the same action. Maybe this model will not break the game, but I see it as an interesting piece. On gremlins it would be funny with Big brain and the bokor...