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  1. (Argentina) Trying TtB at La Cueva del Enano!

    Hi! We managed to play the game for the first time! After 4 hours of gaming, we decided to make a pause before a long trip... The players liked the game, and we will try to start a big campaign in the near future. Also, at the same club we had later 12 players at malifaux games! Yes, we had to play a 2vs2 because we were out of space.
  2. Monday Preview - The Undying

    As an argentinian I saw the same thing, but I also think they look so awesome despite not being "culturally correct". This models look amazing! and I tend to tell myself this is a different universe alterred by the magic changes.
  3. Hello! the next Saturday 17/02/18 we are about to play for the first time, at La Cueva del Enano, a game of Through the Breach! This will be an adventure with pregenerated characters to learn the mechanics and enjoy the game before entering into that game. Feel free to come and see, around 11:30, and maybe try the game with us!
  4. (Argentina) Scripts & Brushes

    Hi! The event is advancing, with many players painting models and games being played, trying to be ready for the next tourney. Here I have a couple pictures we had of the newest painted characters!
  5. Good Old Rider

    As he became less expensive, I could see him being used in many cases, as a scheme runner first, until he is able to protect himself, and moves to the thick of things.
  6. Friday Preview - Artillery Team

    So, it seems you like to be undisturbed on the backfield shooting... it would be a blast... if there was a portal near... Really like them!
  7. I think that it is good to have factions with general identities, but I also think it is cool to have options to play something different. When fighting Ressers, for example, it will be common to face sturdy models, that have a strong melee play and tricks by range. Common defences are Hard to Wound and Incorporeal (not so sturdy, I know), those things belong to completely different styles and crews, and I like the option, as a player, to rely on different deffensive tech. Also, every crew has some way to bring more men to the party, so summoning is a thing. Knowing that, the player will not know who will face, but probably will be prepared with condition removal, high min damage, possibly some cast attaks and some way to mitigate enemy casting (for lures and nasty tricks). It is true that the faction tends to be a bit slow (not so much with the Spirit crfews, that tend to teleport, change places, ignore terrain, summon in front of the enemy...) but heavy hitters tend to be slow if not supported correctly. Having the option of getting speed on the faction is a good thing in my oppinion, but it should not be so freely. Maybe Kentauroi are very good taxis, as are Iron Skeeters, maybe even better as they can carry masters. On the design table, during the playtest, I remember that the concept was about letting masters being carried by the model, and the trick costed a card for each walk action. It felt a bit lacking, but maybe, if you were carrying a leader, should you discard a card? Time will tell if it is true, right now we have a model that offers the players an option to navigate the slow factor of resser crews. I like the fact that, even in the same faction, you can play completely different crews, with styles and weaknesses. The "one crew for one job" would not sell right if all the models in a faction were heavy hitters, right? (looking at you, pre-nellie guild... jut kidding). ALso, do not forget that the value of a model is directly influenced by its role in the faction and its capacity to generate VP. The latter can change a lot as the GG change, making models that were golden (neropunks, silurids, etc) now simply uninteresting options for the current rotation, Fingers is considered for many players a VERY expensive model, but if played correctly, he can score 3 VP and deny 3 to the opponent, so it does not seem so expensive for that, right?. The role in the faction is another important factor: for a long time, watchers were considered a strong option on Guild as scheme runners, but they lost their place as the reporters arrived, because they were particularly designed to fulfill that role, while watchers bringed other utility tricks. I think a model is ballanced when it is an option and not an auto include. I think the problem is not if a model solves or not a problem of the faction, but if it is too good or not while doing so. For example, in Gremlins there is a powerful debate about Big Brain Bin, a model that has a coktail of good tricks and problem-solving for the faction (reactivating models, cancelling triggers, protecting Wp, remmoving conditions...) but is not liked for the community, as it is a very squishy model with short range for his tricks. On the other hand we have Asura Rotten, another summoner/support henchman for Ressers who, even as she fulfills a common role within the faction, is startin to replace the options as she does the same but better.
  8. Philip and the Nanny

    I see him as a very useful model due to its versatility. Manipulative and HtW on a model that is not supposed to be on the front lines is very good IMO. This model can provide the player with cards (if spending your schemes), can discard enemy schemes while getting corpses, generate a chatty aura, and now even do a moderately useful attack with his upgrade. I have still to play him (not bought Molly yet) but I can see him on many situations.
  9. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    I think the Stuffed Piglets problem could be solved by upgrades, such as including a 6ss upgrade for the Pigapult (ignoring restrictions) or a taxidermist that, at the end of the game, let you summon 3 stuffed piglets (not shure if this is the best but it could be part of a way. Back on topic, I am expecting to see BBB but I feel most of its tricks are a bit complex to achieve. I would include him just for the condition remmoval, but the reactivate feels a bit lacking, as it can only target two models and, in order to not sacrifice them, you have to spend an additional AP on a scheme marker (something gremlins do not excell on producing by default).
  10. Monday Preview - The Undying

    Really excited about the box! This is a good moment to finally start playing Yan Lo.
  11. Put off playing as Brewmaster

    I think Ressers tend to have a small disadvantage vs Brewmaster compared to many other factions, so in listbuilding it can create some strange situations. First of all, the infamous Moon Shinobis will be happy to face the most common resser defense, which is hard to wound. Almost all undead ressers rely on it (or similar tricks). The faction relies a lot on that, and many models pay for it with low stats (4 df and 4 wp on rotten belles for example). When facing Brewmaster, Wp will be lowered by the ammount of poison on your models, which can be a liability if you rely on it with models such as Rafkin. Naturally, it is not so terrible if your opponent is not attacking your willpower, which makes us look at another problem: the contest. It has a very short range, but will be a liability for the usually low stats of many ressers, and knowing ressers rely on melee models a lot, it can feel a bit problematic to avoid it. Also remember that ressers tend to have models with huge stayng power, which is nullfied by paralyze or the contest, which will not kill you but make you useless. As people have said, the best solution is to fight from afar, not cluster a lot and have tricks to avoid the drinking contest area.
  12. Mortimer in Non-Summoning Crews

    Right now I am trying to find a good spot for him, but I still do not get exactly the right way. I know that chatty can be awesome, but Phillipe can get it too. As a poison dealer, he could be good with a couple shikomes as he can throw a bone or two, but I am not convinced. He seems a bit expensive for what he offers to the game. Remember corpses are also good for Reva.
  13. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    I am not shure if Swine Cursed are too good or not. I personally see them as VERY good with Wong, but with other masters they do not sceam AWESOME. On the Squishyness factor, I see most of the models you are talking about, even as they look like more fragile, remember that the Swine Cursed are Melee models that are sometimes forced to attack even more, giving the player less control of his model, while the recruiter, acolyte and gunslingers are ranged models, which lets them be far away from the troubles. Back to BBB, I am interested in the model, but I will wait some time before trying him (still do not even have roosters so...). But a cheap condition removal, with ocasional Reactivate and trigger cancelling, I would think about the model when facing Ressers.
  14. (Argentina) Demos in Buenos Aires!

    Hi! I have started with demos today! Two new players interested in knowing the game came by and so they fought each other while learning the basics of the game. For the next time I will try to get more easy to play crews, as the capabilities of the models can be a bit confusing to learn, but still it was fun for them. End of the first turn, The Lacroix gather and try to be ready to face the wrath of the Daimyo. The blood is spilled, an ashigaru facing Raphael and both crews watching... Soon, the Lacroix start shooting, damaging everyone a lot (mostly themselves). The game ended prematurely on turn 4, with a few losses on both sides, as the shop was going to close. Both players had fun and will keep trying to come to the store more often to learn more about each crew before jumping in.
  15. Reva, where to start for purchases

    I think Dragur (sp?) have the problem of lacking strong synergy with the rest of the faction, and having many options but not time to fulfill them all. The ability of giving soulbound upgrades can be cool, but mostly for the possitives they can give later, because the damaging one in not particularly awesome, finish the job seems like a good investment but bbecomes a bit ovious, and the one that gives you a ss back... well, it is cool on your shieldbearers because they feel like 5ss minions, but if you are paying 8ss for the Draugr, then it may not be very good. The discard attack can be useful, I will not deny it, and could help a crew focusing on depleteing hands. But is a bit expensive just for that. The possitives to soulbound are cool, but it will only work on shieldbearers that have died ( they will not live much longer) and the models you gave upgrades to. A cool bonus for some henchmen, because if not, the emissary would be simply better for that. If you want them to be able to do lots of damage (their only good aspect is Ml 6 min 3), they require to be Ht3, which cancels their other tricks. Even as they get versatility, a Shikome (now cheaper) can do the same, and also ignore armor. Now they seem like hybrid models that compete with too many options (Kentauroi are a very powerful contender, as is Toshiro and pure damage dealers) that could really shine if they got some models to support. I think that, a reverant enforcer could be a nice piece to make this creatures really fulfill a role.