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  1. Malifaux - what next?

    I still find the Copicat useful in my crews, where I tend to deplete my opponent´s hand, so either his melee or his min 4 on a ranged attack can get some uses. I know there are times where you will prefer not to include it, but in my oppinion, all models should be more like that: not a needed extension but an interesting option with some uses (unless they are fulfilling a particular role like Huggy). Making the copycat even better would be nice, but I do not consider it necessary right now (maybe Mouse and a couple more should come first). What bothers me is the number of non insignificant totems right now, but that is just a personal thing. I would like to see the new book adding small options, maybe one or two extras to round some keywords, and maybe some erratas to hel the most needed models.
  2. Malifaux - what next?

    Hey! The CCk is very nice as it is! I use it often as a portable corpse token for Seamus. I usually teleport him nexto to seamus after back alleying and then either charge or shoot to end the victim Seamus has already hit (yes, I fail to kill with Seamus on his big shot despite focusing, but that is not the little guy´s fault).
  3. Malifaux - what next?

    I also would like to see different faction totems, maybe an infiltrator in 10t, a mercenary lord for outcasts, or something like that, models that could buff a certain aspect of the faction. The idea of "supertotems" really screams "emissary" to me. On a different matter, I would like to see new upgrades for henchmen, maybe ones that could only be used when chosen as a leader
  4. Are Gremlins OP?

    Well, if you like playing "killy", at least accord to play "killy schemes and strategies". Also, Colette is a "schemy" master (her crew is not much different in that regard), so her damage output will always feel lacking compared to the fighty green meanace. I would recommend reading the strategies and schemes, so you can make shure your crews are good for the tasks. Are you using the gg17 or the basic schemes? Kaeris is a support master that needs a heavy hitter to assist in that regard, and Titania and her crew may not be awesome if the enemy is not forced to place scheme markers nor she gains VP by doing so. Remember that, in malifaux, there is a tool for every job: if you try to use a sacpel as a hammer, you will believe it is not useful, but it can be that you are not using it for its role. I understand having a small collection can affect the options you have. If that is the case, I would recommend that you let your opponent choose the avaigable strategy and schemes to best swit his crews (maybe avoiding the killy schemes) and see how it fares when you play according to his rules
  5. Are Gremlins OP?

    I am a Resser and Gremlin player, and I feel much more relaxed when playing the undead guys over the self-destructing green plague. Gremlins are a high risk, high reward faction, something like a castle of cards: awesome but with just one little problem, crumbling to the ground. I think the biggest problem you have is the more versatility your collection has. Colette and Kaeris do not really offer much to each other, and any Neverborn master feels empty without a doppleganger or Nekhima. The gremlin boxes you own just work very well together! I would recommend choosing a faction to focus on, according to taste mostly. Ramos box would be an awesome addition to any Arcanist master, but the Neverborn could also get some cool reinforcements. The more you play, he will learn how to counter your fundamental pieces (loosing the slop haulers early game is a sentence of death).
  6. Reva, where to start for purchases

    Yes, I would recommend the emissary and Yin as very good pieces for her. On the other hand, I am thinking Asura rotten could be an interesting addition if you follow the zombie horde path. At some time, I would like to try Toshiro with a pack of Shieldbearers.
  7. Doggy heaven

    May I recommend a Rougarou in stead of at least one guild hound? Or maybe a corrupted hound? Only to get some diverity. The def debuff from the remains can be very funny for some transplants. Maybe a Rogue Necro converted into a Cerberus?
  8. M2e Colette

    I still love playing Colette, but right now, knowing that there are certain schemes and strategies where she will struggle is important, and any crew with can be a mortal danger to her. My first game was against a Shenlolng sniper team and I got vaporized pretty quickly (the absence of terrain also was a big part on that matter). On the other hand, the next game was a headhunter one against Molly and I rocked hard. So, yes, now she is not the best option in every situation, but an interesting master with a complex style and some cool mechanics. I really hope she becomes even better, but right now I enjoy her as she is (sapecially if playing thematically).
  9. Friday Preview - Doomseekers

    Doomseekers... the models whose illustrations made me chose the Cult
  10. Black Friday sale

    But the hat is new!!!!
  11. Black Friday Sale

    It seems right now the company has decided to stop selling models that are not yet avaigable in most "big sales". They also have the LGS promotions to encourage buying there, and the page starts selling the news after they reach LGS. I think it is difficult to manage a situation in which you want to encourage people buying on LGS and also offering interesting options on Black Friday and the likes. That is why they offer limited edition models, and a small bonus for buying in quantity. If the company added discounts, LGS would be obsolete.
  12. Blood Ascendant @ Top of 2...

    You are right! Is my fault, that I consider any card higher than a 5 a "severe" for how little I see them. It seems all right!I like how yourcrew is not only a huge "Chi factory", but seems you can use all the models for other stuff as well.
  13. Blood Ascendant @ Top of 2...

    Hi! I think there are some topics discussing the same, and in tt they reached the conclusion that the best is to kill the new charm warder. Regarding your plan, I can only say that you need many severes and high cards, and that the seishin does not provide a corpse upon death.
  14. Seamus vs Reva

    If one of the other players have Rasputina, I will recommend Reva as a way to teach them how to hit from far away! If not, Seamus is a fun, forgiving master that lets you learn the game and gives you some of the most used models in the faction. Yes, I am team Seamus because I do not have Reva yet, but I really like the mad hatter despite not being the most powerful master around. On the Nicodem subject, I tried him once as a support master with no summoning and he seemed cool. May suffer when the schemes require to spread out, but can be played as a supporter and crew fixer without a very huge investment. Next tourney I am planning to use him in an undead poison crew to see how he can deal with it.
  15. Molly and Datsue Ba

    Generally turn one hand is used to farm the turn 2 hand or unleashing the alpha strike, but if your hand is particularly good, I think it could be a good plan.