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  1. Post GenCon Update

    People want to know the destiny of their masters! Shall we know by the time of Black friday?
  2. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    Have you tried her new upgrades? What about Blood mark? I could see myself using those upgrades some times to get extra uses on the master (or maybe spare parts). Speaking of reva, do you like her emissary upgrade? I feel it is a bit too dangerous, as it damages the model or loses the upgrade at all with some actions. I personally want to field Asura and the Emissary, either with nico or reva, to see what happens.
  3. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    As a gremlin player, I think our rider is, despite his loss, a very useful model still, and has a place with some masters. Bonus points for being helped from the new wave in the form of Big Brain. Jocking aside, I could see myself hiring most riders in certain occasions (maybe not so shure about dead), but they fulfill a role and can be an interesting element on many crews.
  4. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    I think this is going to be a nice model, I like the picture and seems useful on the table, but I fear he is a support piece competing on the dreaded 7ss slot of our crews, and can reactivate only smaller models. Many times, in stead of reactivating a rooster you would have prefered to just hire one more. I really hope this model becomes a very useful or at least interesting piece in our arsenal, but right now I see a model that can do awesome things if is close to the front lines, but could die so easy.
  5. Yan Lo - minimal start

    A model that has been considered very good is the Yasunori, but is not very cohesive with the rest of the crew. Do not forget that Yan lo can, with the right upgrade, resummon his dead ancestors (Toshiro is the worst in that regard as he cannot summon again after that). Izamu, Yin and the Emissary are good models that bring good utility and/or heavy hitting. With Yin you can make shure an enemy melee monster is wasted for an entire game. Toshiro lets you hire punk zombies, but, if you do not like their aesthetic, I should recommend taking only one, the one with the biggest pants. I chopped his hair off and now he looks like a perfect undead samurai.
  6. Irish I was dead.

    Some time back, before the last two books, at my community a fixed list tourney was organized. At the end it was abandoned and replaced by a normal one, but it was at 35ss and I managed to organize a list that I felt was "nice". At the next tourney and many other games I used it with some little changes and I liked it. It included Seamus with bad rep and the hat (because I like it), Sybelle with bleeding tongue, Yin, copycat killer, a rotten belle and I think a nurse. I like that Seamus, with his Wp debuff, can create a huge card advantage over your opponent, who is spending many cards on succeeding his horror duels. Yin is an awesome piece for it, as she can tank very good as well as lock an enemy for a couple turns (right now I have on my record Archie for two turns and a desolation engine for 4). This card advantage works with the copycat and Sybelle, both who have a trigger to kill the enemy if they do not discard a card. Seamus is very tanky by himself, and his opponent will need to be careful where he spends his cards, always fearing the mighty shot. As you could say, all this list can be played the same with just any other maste (specially Nicodem), or can have some minor changes as a flesh construct (for reactivate) but I like the mad hatter.
  7. Dream big!

    I would like to see a "triller" box, maybe with Nicodem leading his mindless zombies or the like.
  8. July Errata now available on WGV

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but, are the boxes with the models being actualized with the changes? Was going to buy the creative taxidermy after the pigapult and would like to know if there is a chance that the new cards are or will be included.
  9. What faction should I play with?

    Do you know Marcus? he es something like a druid that can hire beasts from every faction. For winged horrors, Neverborn have many of those things, as some Outcasts. On the other hand, the Guid forum does not seem the best of that.
  10. chirp...chirp...

    I could see some of the most desperate members of the Council accepting help from ressers in exchange of some kind of acceptance as most of them may be already clandestine magicians, and necromancerscould get some help from the big organization. Lord Chompy can speak in mysterious ways, and many ressers are already mad, so listening to a new voice on their head without realizing it is not the grave spirit giving them orders could be an option. McMurning could find that, in a land that experiments with mythical animals, his creations are finally accepted. On the other hand, if we are seeing a big "revival from the past", it is a no-brainer to expect some kind of refferences to death rites and the likes, where ressers could find a place. Basically, we can make shure we have an excuse to support the sindicate we want
  11. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    I would have loved if this new book had given Brewie two new limited upgrades that either increased his drinking contest aura to 4 or even 6; or, on the other hand, let him use a 0 at the start of the turn. That way, his contests would be more consistent, letting the player to focus more effectively on the style he prefers.
  12. Who you support? confidential (^^)

    sorry, did not read I was on the 10Thunder forum so my ramblings about ressers could be a bit off topic
  13. Homefront Questions

    Edit because the answer was over my head. This is awesome! I am trying to organize a Shifting Loyalties campaign at my community and this seems like an awesome coincidence and motivator to play!
  14. Which heavy hitter?

    Thank you very much for all your advices! It is very interesting to read different oppinions and the causes. I did not know the +1 damage of shikomes, I think I will need to think more about them! As you recommend, I think I will end up getting the Rogue Necro and a couple shikomes, and getting later Izamu and then see, maybe rafkin to complete the Poison brigade. Where I play is very common to see armor removal so Izamu will suffer a lot. What are your oppinions about the Draugr? They seem like models whose adaptability at different roles is their strenght, but what do you use them for? Are they good kires with some master? Only good summons? I like the illustration so I may try to get them, but they do not seem very necessary right now.
  15. Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

    I need co congratulate the artist, but I fear I will say mean things to the person that decides in how many parts the sprue will come. I love it!