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  1. Jude

    January 2017 Errata

    Just read through all of this, I like the changes and the twice a year approach. @Aaron What about making Apprentice Wesley dual faction? It feels like it was an oversight back in the day, but if there is a real reason to keep him out of Ten Thunders without the upgrade I'm curious to know what it is.
  2. You're correct. McCabe is the next master I will start running but I haven't actually used him yet. I guess I'll have to remember to take good minions
  3. Do you feel like Yu, Emissary, and Betty still leave you enough points for what else you need? More than any other faction Thunders could probably run with very effective 6 person crews. I'll have to try some more and report back. How do you feel about McCabe runningancestors? Since Chiaki can get reactivate and still pass it on to someone else. Not sure if that is enough of a quirk to build a crew around. The worth of an extra activation on Chiaki feels more situational than on other ancestors. But it could still end up giving you more control than an opponent would expect from a smaller crew.
  4. I played my first game with Shen Long a little over a month ago and it was also my first game with the Emissary. As a faction we have a lot of really good elite options, several that are almost auto-includes but obviously we can't take them all. Also since we probably play most games with more than four or five models in a list, I will assume that mostly people have a master and not more than two elite models. That still gives us lot's of combinations to discuss. Just looking at how the Emissary interacts with different masters is a lot before seeing what different henchmen can add. This is meant to be a general discussion for any combinations you have tried or are thinking of trying. My experience in my previous game made me feel like I lacked a damage dealer. It should have been the Emissary but I used him a little too much like a support piece. I also feel like maybe Sensei Yu is a little redundant and I could have used someone more towards the beater end of the spectrum, but running Shen Long without him just feels wrong and subpar. Really I spent a lot of the game having the three of them making each other fast. I was just passing around the AP and never did anything with it. Maybe all three should have supported the rest of the crew more and less time on each other. I'll post some more soon but I'm supposed to be working on something else right now.
  5. Here is what I do for proxies. I did these this morning since the Ripples pdf is out. They are quick and easy and everyone knows what they are supposed to be. I did make the terracotta warriors a little tall but it just makes them look more intimidating. Forgive the subpar phone camera.
  6. Jude

    August Community Contest - Fan Art

    I've got something good in the works. I'll update this post with it by the end of the week. If I don't, yell at me for not being responsible.
  7. Jude

    Base Inserts sold out everywhere?

    I was wondering if this had to do with them being metal? It would be great if they started producing plastic ones. Can anybody confirm one way or another if they will be coming back in some form?
  8. Jude

    Expanding 10T?

    Really, there isn't a bad choice. Just pick based on playstyle/looks coolest/other faction you might want to play. Really whatever criteria weighs highest for your enjoyment. I have been following the game since a little before 2E but life with school and work and stuff wouldn't let me have time to play. That whole time I really liked Arcanist and knew I would play them when I finally could. Now that my life has calmed down and allowed me to play I've been buying nothing but Ten Thunders, so I can understand your feelings. I will still dive heavily into them but not until after I get more Thunders(and Kirai, Tara, Levi, and Hamelin), so it might be a while. But that is kind of the good and bad about Ten Thunders is that if you might end up buying everything.
  9. Jude

    Expanding 10T?

    Looking into getting a second (or maybe third) master box is probably a good idea. It gives you the option to play different masters, even though it will take several games which each to start to feel like you have gotten the hang of them. It's also a cheap way to get some more models in general, pretty much every box has at least something that is competitive and all of them will be useful when starting out. The problem with Ten Thunders is that every new master you buy can act as a gateway drug into buying other factions. So your choice kind of depends on how monogamous you feel like being. There are a lot of choices that work well with any other Ten Thunders master, and McCabe does a good job of making about anything good. I started by trying to buy something that covered all of the major roles and then diversified from there. Brothers are great defensive pieces that get a lot of love. Having a sniper on the board helps a lot of situations. Wandering River Monks once you can get them are great scheme runners. We have several larger beatstick and or tarpit models. Kang, Izamu, Loneswordsman, Yin, Toshiro and pretty much any of the others are all solid choices, just kind of depends on which direction you want to go. Hounds are a great investment for McCabe though, so don't neglect those.
  10. I do a lot of cardstock modelling for terrain, so I just make standees out of the official artwork for proxies. They might not look as good as well done models but there also isn't any question in my opponents mind about what they are supposed to be. I'll post some pictures when I get home this afternoon.
  11. Jude

    Black Betty

    I fully expected to see this face when I opened this thread. Would still make an awesome proxy. I feel like Betty will be situationally good but will have to wait until the box arrives and I get some table time to tell. I feel like there are other models in her cost range and niche but her sneaky movement kind of creates a sub niche. Looking forward to seeing what she can do though. Also I have always really liked Ama No Zako, so any crew with some synergy makes me happy.
  12. Jude

    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Shenlong

    Good timing on this as I was just putting together his crew this morning. I'm curious if he's used the Effigy much and how useful it was. The free scheme marker seem like they might be overkill, but maybe not. You'd probably get more all around utility from a Wastrel.
  13. Jude

    The Five Rivers

    I like the idea of upgrades to make the existing monks multi-style. Obviously there would be people in between the good at one style--------------------mastered all of them spectrum. It would also be a good way for them to give the existing monks more table time. I'm also kind of surprised that so many of them have long weapons but only a 1" range. They should have a monk only upgrade called "Longer Stick" or something to up it to 2". I might use Low River Monks a little more often if they could engage a few more models at once. I'm all for whatever ideas they have for new monks too. I just think there is still a lot they could do with the existing ones. Also wondering what the ninja-school-dropouts in Outcasts will be like, assuming they're dual faction.
  14. Jude

    We have a summoning master!

    I'm really curious to see what other (0) actions she might have on her upgrades. Just thinking about Sensei Yu. I also really like the concept of shooting oni like missiles. We need to get an oni with a leap (0) action.
  15. You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.