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  1. I just paid up. Can you put me down for lunch and dinner too. Cheers, Stuart Fraser
  2. I sent my payment last week.
  3. I just reread the engagement rules and this makes more sense now and has less impact than I had initially thought. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. It also means that most models won't be able to interact within 6 inches. Sensei Yu could still interact at the cost of a focus though so I wouldn't be objecting if this is a melee action.
  5. I was recently using Sensei Yu for the first time. I noticed that the Stones on the River action on the Low River Style upgrade is described as an Ml action with a 6 inch range. Surely this is supposed to be a casting action. I've searched and can't find any other mention of it. Do I have an old version of the card?
  6. Hi folks, this is my first post on here and I'm fairly new to Malifaux. Soul Porter had an ability 'on the alter of eternity' which allows friendly models within 10" to choose not to have conditions removed by the abilities and actions of enemy models. This is obviously intended to protect Chi but would it also protect against Expunge or merely prevent the loss of the poison condition once the damage had been done?