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  1. lusciousmccabe

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    I like the one where Lady J breaks into Nicodem's lair and has it dropped on her. Great characterisation for both Masters and really painted a picture in my mind. Think it's in Rising Powers? Definitely one of the v1.5 books anyway.
  2. lusciousmccabe

    How to Alpha?

    Depends on the table and the opponent. Not everyone is going to realise the necessity of spreading out and hugging cover when facing this crew. Depending on your hand, available targets and quality of cover you could be getting the ball rolling with straight flips to hit and damage against something even if they've done their best to hide out. Of course it's not as simple as pushing Sonnia's into place and wiping your opponent off the board, but the same goes for Yasunori and Nekima. Having the potential to nuke some important models turn 1/2 is generally useful, even if your opponent is canny enough to play around it.
  3. lusciousmccabe

    Our worst models

    Yeah, keeping the plastic flowing is a major issue when the game necessitates new rules to go with new releases. It's interesting to see the response from the community in the form of alternate formats/challenges. Reminds me of CCGs where cards are deliberately printed with power disarity but are still relevant to the game because of limiting formats. That's just a random thought though. Obviously perfect balance is the way to go for a wargame (or at least near-perfect, so list-building is relevant) but as long as the balance isn't so off that people feel they can't field the models they love I'm happy with it.
  4. lusciousmccabe

    Rainbow Witchling

    Cheers for the advice! I only stumbled on Venturella's channel the other day as it happens. 😀 I have a definite tendency to under-highlight. One of the ideas behind this scheme wa to try and break that habit, but it's been a long time forming. On the gold is there a risk that if I take it too close to black and white it'll start looking for like some other metal? Look at me making excuses already. 😀
  5. lusciousmccabe

    Our worst models

    It's a nice goal but never going to happen with such a wide range of models all trying to be unique in some way. I think Wyrd would be doing a good job if everything were at least playably good and people could choose to run suboptimal lists based on personal preference. The main thing is getting masters to a stage where it doesn't feel actively bad playing one over the other. There are always going to be minions that are destined to warm your shelf, if only because you'd never field 3 of them.
  6. lusciousmccabe

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    There's an alternative hosting here and possibly others. I'll add any new content that comes to my attention to the that hosting between now and D-day. It's as easy to sign up and edit as wikisite, but not currently as easy to search for and doesn't track updates quite as well.
  7. lusciousmccabe

    Rainbow Witchling

    So working on a new project and decided to post some WIPs while I'm at it. I'm trying some quite unfamiliar techniques so any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Basically I wanted to do a transition of colour moving up the model with the highlight for each area becoming the base tone for the one above it. I found violet highlights on the lower section looked odd so, now I'm thinking of going for more of a light blue/teal highlight there for a kind of full spectrum look? Not sure that's the best way to proceed, or how to balance the colours in some of the unpainted areas. Also about halfway (I think) done with the non-metallic gold on the swords and finding it hard to make convincing on such weird shapes. Cheers for your attention!
  8. lusciousmccabe

    Card advantage?

    There's also Lucius with that upgrade for a bigger hand and cycling. Lots of little stuff though, nothing that really chains up for a massive hand. Nino and the Executioner can also force discards (or death) with triggers. Witchling stalkers as well iirc.
  9. lusciousmccabe

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    Had a read through of the Investigator there. Would you be able to expand on these sentences? "Higher than expected Def and Wounds, as well as Disguised (which prevents charges) give this model more resilience than you would expect. Especially since you can push models out of engagement, so if they want to come back in they have to walk back in to hit you again." And Watch out in strats and schemes where control abilities, their pushes can ruin your day. I assumed you were talking about using Stand Back! It's Evidence! to get them out of melee and move your opponent out of scoring positions, but I didn't want to add anything since I was only guessing. Great work!
  10. lusciousmccabe

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    Investigators please!
  11. lusciousmccabe

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    My play experience is far from recent but I'll give my 2 cent on what I've used. Mercs (including Bishop) are good fun with Nellie. Not in any way necessary but you will get the use out of them and they give you the option of a different kind of crew. Executioner also competes pretty well with the guild's usual suspects for Nellie thanks to being able to move+move+charge (or double charge on magical Christmas land). If you like alpha strikes then he'll probably appeal to you but isn't necessarily more effective than the henchman options. Ryle I haven't used in a long while but I get the impression he's less even less viable than before due to other things getting buffed. You can totally run him and he's a nice choice for a leader in intro games with a construct theme, but he has a lot of vulnerabilities for such an expensive piece.
  12. lusciousmccabe

    Iron Piglet

    My reading of Math's post would be that you can hire multiples of the same model in one game (they use one profile) but after that you can't take any of that model again.
  13. lusciousmccabe

    Emiba's painfully slow painting

    Looking good. Like how the earthtones on the horse let the rider's cloak really pop.