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  1. lusciousmccabe

    Our worst models

    I've used Ama no Zako a lot and found her really good. She's super mobile and difficult enough to take down if you pick her battles. Having Ml 5 is a drawback, but her damage is good enough that she still threatens a lot of things. I'll agree that you can't always get the most of her full card without eating up your hand and stones, but I think of her (0) actions as mostly gravy. If you give her Scout the Field and/or Oathkeeper she can get get up field and run schemes super early or run around eating scheme-runners and then bog down your enemy later on. If you just want something for damage or area control there are much better options, but I think Ama is totally usable. The Freikorpsmann on the other hand I've never wanted to play or seen played. Which I think says enough about them.
  2. lusciousmccabe

    Terrain inspiration

    Here's a thread with a very similar name to this one. It's like they read your mind from the distant paaaasst. 👻
  3. lusciousmccabe

    Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    That is some of the best skintone I have seen on a mini. Did you paint her fricking toenails?
  4. lusciousmccabe

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I played Hamelin for a year with a pool of 9 rats, 2 rat kings and 2 rat catchers. There was the odd time I had to adjust my summoning to fit the models in my case, but by that stage I was already running away with the game anyway so it really didn't matter.
  5. lusciousmccabe

    Ye Olde Modelles

    Lynch crew I decided to speed-paint. I like some of the models, but most of them didn't do much for me. I really wanted to use the crew though and happened to get them preassembled (badly) second hand. Kind of annoyed I didn't take the time for some gap filling as they actually turned out surprisingly well considering its all washes over zenithal priming. Took a little more time with the man himself, although the skeleton is pretty much just a layer of bone and random washes.
  6. lusciousmccabe

    The Bloodwretch/brutal emissary card engine

    Oh yeah, it makes perfect sense. I just thought it was funny that slipping 7 guild guards into a list is now plausible enough that there's no need to draw special attention to it.
  7. lusciousmccabe

    The Bloodwretch/brutal emissary card engine

    I like how 7 guild guards just slipped in toward the end of that list. They are basically guild popcorn at this stage.
  8. lusciousmccabe

    Ye Olde Modelles

    Good weather happened! Some mimics I painted up for Lucius to use.
  9. lusciousmccabe

    Our Worst Models

    I think a lot of the Guardsman themed stuff suffers from being good with the appropriate support, but lackluster otherwise. Plenty of henchmen and most of the newer models just do their thing reliably and independently, so there's way less chance for you to mess up running the crew, or your opponent to interfere with it. I don't think this is a colossal issue at the moment. There are so many models that it's inevitable that some of them are redundant and the fact that things like the Riflemen can shine when the fates align for them makes them at least feel playable. Sure, you're almost always going to be better off with the boring but solid "best of" models but I don't think it's reasonable to expect the game to give you...60 odd models and combinations thereof that are all just as cost effective as eachother. The only model I've enough experience with to say it's completely useless is the Governor's Proxy. The totem design space is a lot more cramped and pretty much every faction has one or two options you just don't take. Luckily there's nothing that relies on him working properly and he's so obviously bad that you don't waste many games trying to get him to work.
  10. lusciousmccabe

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    And here I was hoping it would be a mounted on a train.
  11. lusciousmccabe

    PullMyFinger going away?

    Links should all be redirected internally in the Guild section.
  12. lusciousmccabe

    Our Worst Models

    I thank the tendency not to shorten everything to acronyms on the guild boards. That stuff is just hate-speech! 😀
  13. lusciousmccabe

    Our Worst Models

    They're kind of a one trick pony. Their trick is really good, but you can see the general trend in 2nd ed has been towards versatility and that's sort of left them behind.
  14. lusciousmccabe

    Ye Olde Modelles

    The black blood crew. I had just gotten a massive box of Vallejo paints when these arrived so I was trying out all the new options for the red and purple theme I had going. Gave them a much more comic-book kind of look than the rest of my minis, which I like, even if it they don't necessarily fit in that well. I used zenithal priming for these and then was quite lazy when it came to the hair. It looks fine in person, but the grainy texture is really obvious at this magnification level. On the upside it did literally only take me a few minutes to do with some washes as opposed to god knows how long I'd have spent layering up to grey the old fashioned way. The reds on Tuco came out a bit weird in the pictures, you can sort of see how the layers are separate. He's also a bit higher contrast in person, I think the light reflecting off his coat has killed a lot of that. Still a nice mini and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Now, just have to wait for a bit of good weather and the time to photograph some more crews. Which given the Irish summer means I'll have more to show in days to weeks.