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  1. Hound Grey

    W- Guild Sgt and swine cursed H-£

    Forgot there was a metal one, should probably add that im looking for one of the plastic ones. Sadly while I am in Devon Im in the middle of nowhere with no transport so cant get down to bournemouth.
  2. Hi all, Im looking for one Guild Sgt and one swine cursed (preferably with cards and either sculpt). Preferably from the Uk due to potstage cost, if you do have any please let me know and how much with postage. Reguards, Grey
  3. Hound Grey

    Summoning as Kirai or resurrectionist

    You can summon as manu times as you have the actions for and the resources usualy the right card (and having the appropriate model of course). Some summoning actions may have other restrctions but these will be noted with the action on the cards. It does not need any additional soul stones unless specified by the action. For example Kirai has the restriction of only being able to summon resurrectionist spirit minions and must be summoned in base contact witha friendly model within range. Kirai dosnt have any errata to her and summoning isnt particularly broken or unbalanced. To defeat summoning you have to build your lists appropriatly (which may be difficult if your opponents only have limited collections) and learn to play to thier lists strengths and take advantage of your lists weaknesses. The best way to beat summoning is to put pressure on the summoner and drain the crews resources, summoning often needs high cards which leaves the rest of the crew without them for other actions and for dules. If a crew needs cards for defence then it wont have them for summoning and vice versa. Also make sure you are playing with schemes and stratagies (malifaux dosnt really work if your not using them its not a game designed for streight up fights), some of these are unfavourable to summoning as they give up vital VP. Remember its possible to be tabled and still win if you are playing to your schemes and stratagies. I would suggest getting your opponents to read tactics for thier crews or even swapping crews with them for a game so they can see how summoning crews work. Ikiryo can be summoned and activated multiple times a turn but this is very resource intensive (which again leaves less for your crew to function) and requiers your opponents to target the correct models to activate malevolence. Your opponents will need to learn how to identify the best targets and determine thier activation order to best combat the ability, but this is something that will come the more they play. The more games you play the better you will get.
  4. Hound Grey

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Right here it is, bit blurry as my phone just didnt want to focus. 48ss total https://imgur.com/UoHNL7b
  5. Hound Grey

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Ive been away, so havnt been able to upload any pics all done for now and can get some pics up when i get back shortly.
  6. Hound Grey

    March Newsletter

    I dont mind the Vics, think they are quite amusing (hey you look like me here take half the clothes im wearing XD). The Ronin though, I find very unpleasant and not in a oh your exploiting waman kinda way but just seem genuinely sleazy. Other then that most Malifaux models are okay with the odd choice here and there (one of the steam fitters being completely covered in protective welding gear apart from the cleavage for example). Still think that the Alt Viks should be the Viktors and dressed similar ways to the Viks XD.
  7. Hound Grey

    January 2018 Errata

    Still need to pick up the errata but the postage for the errata to the uk is to high its over double the cost of the 7 bundles combined
  8. Hound Grey

    H: shadow emissary foil cards. W: $£€¥

    Hi there, Do you still have one of the emmisary cards? If so I'd be intrested in purchasing one. Reguards Grey.
  9. Hound Grey

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    This month I will be painting fur, fir and more fur. Tanuki X4 20SS Festivus Arborus 9SS Luther the Pascha Hare 9SS Kominaru X2 10SS 48SS Total for the Month.
  10. Hound Grey

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    Its as big as it will let me upload sadly.
  11. Hound Grey

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    All done for 37SS this month
  12. Hound Grey

    Need more survivor cards.

    Also with needing extra cards is there any possibility of getting an updated Vintage Misaki card?
  13. Hound Grey

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    What looks to be a whisky Gamin in the pics looks adorable, looking forward to seeing what they are. The Wanyudo is also shown there, cant say i like it though.
  14. Hound Grey

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    Going to 'Miss' this month XD Miss Deed 9SS Miss Fire 6SS Miss Anne Thrope 4SS Miss Terious 6SS Miss Step 12SS Total 37SS Sadly dont have a Miss Ery to add to the list (Photos up a bit later as its quite late)
  15. Hound Grey

    Monthly painting challenge - January

    And done, may go back to these but I cant stand painting these models, brings me up to 47 points for teddy mech porkchop, the ramones and rolins