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  1. I just got back from the local game store tournament, had the performance of a lifetime. After beating guys who have housed me year after year, I pulled a 2-0 win streak and got to the top table.... losing 0-7 to a Reva crew in embarrassing fashion. However, the first two game were so good I pulled in a 3rd place victory!!! My mystery box prize? Dayglow Orange Karis Starter Box! And the Resser guy who reamed me got the special edition Fire Starter, so he just gave it to me. I was always thinking about starting an Ironsides crew, so I already had bought both wave 1 & 2 decks, now I got no reason not to. I guess I'm in the resistance now.
  2. 10T against Summoners

    .... and don't forget Amanjaku, the Orochi Conflux, and hire Anna Lovelace (she summons Mindless Zombies which count as Corpes Markers) However, the word your missing from all of these, except for Amanjaku, is "good"! Anna and Ohaguro are at least Henchmen and can spend Soul Stones for the suits they need, but it still requires them to be in combat with an enemy. Orochi Conflux takes half the model's wounds plus 1 (literally making it easier to not hang around longer) to add a single Flicker, the Obsidian Statue requires it to be damaged by an enemy attack when it is designed to not get hit, the Obsidian Oni requires a combat trigger on a not built in suit on a Minion (so as useful as an Oiran), and the same for the Yokai, but at least he has 2 triggers (one for Corpses Markers & one for his own Flicker). Yes, there are a number of them, but only 1 is good. It's so good they limit it to once per turn. The rest if them... pretty sad. Oh, forgot Fate of Mortals upgrade and Asami's own Consume Essence ability on her Borrowed Time upgrade. Fate of Mortals is also good (I debate if that combined with Feign Weakness are worth it); Consume Essence is alright, but she can't be killing everything. So 2 out of 9 options are good, ~20%.
  3. New to 10T - Brewmaster and Oiran

    You didn't take Binge on The Brewmaster, you took Recall Training.... simple clerical error, same point cost. Getting the Crime Boss to hurt someone and keeping the Oirans near the Emissary yields them a double positive flips on their first Lure into the bubble, then single positive thereafter, or focused twice more and a single quadruple positive flip Lure.... that should get the right suit most times. And that's the problem is getting that Crows suit when you really need it. It's going to be hit or miss, either it will be amazing or it will suck eggs.
  4. 10T against Summoners

    And that's a 10" bubble, not outrunning that. I like!
  5. 10T against Summoners

    Well lookey here, I've been doing this wrong all along. Good to know!
  6. Faction rankings?

    One or two masters swing the average of the whole faction, so you often cannot rate one without the other. How would you rate Ten Thunders without Misaki Storm build? How would you rate Guild without McCabe mounted build? How would you rate Outcasts without any Von Schill build? Outcasts scores high because Hamelin is a beast; it has to be acknowledged.
  7. 10T against Summoners

    Has anyone thought about using Monks of Low River to remove Slow from summons? It's vs Def and swings on a 7 so even a relent on a black joker would work.
  8. That's the 3rd upcoming encounter box full of unique models I've seen.... what is going on?
  9. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I was really excited about Iggy because I had this build with Montresssor and Crooligans, I was gonna use his all these combined Willpower debuffs (easier Bleeding Disease)..... but it only affects models that haven't gone yet, and I couldn't get him into the right spot or activate him early enough in the turn to make use of him. So I just took an additional Crooligan.
  10. Building a "Blue Deck" Crew

    I was hoping it was more prevalent in the crew than that. I don't see Counterspell on Ramos, is there an Upgrade or errataed card that has it? Odd concept, I could hire both Librarians with Sandeep (Academics) and mercenary hire Hannah, then Warding Runes on 2 more Henchmen. Things to think about....
  11. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    If only we had the Tara upgrade, right? Would you take all 6 Hamelin upgrades if you could? It pained me to remove The Plague for Plague Pits, but it works so much better in my crew. I have Sewer King for my 3 Crooligans & The Pipes because I'm not stupid; making The Stolen summoning a priority let's me sleep better at night for not taking Survivalist. If I play my old school list, nothing but Nihlists and lots of Rats, I drop Sewer King for The Plague; Plague Pits is just too good for me, I was already Bleeding Disease heavy before wave 5 came out and it kicked me into overdrive.
  12. Building a "Blue Deck" Crew

    The plan is to load a crew up with Warding Runes and Hannah to deny everyone as many printed suits as possible. So besides those three cards, what else is there that ignores printed suits?
  13. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    First you'd have to drop something to take Tools of the Tyrant. Once you've made that impossible choice, it's down to what upgrades you have left on him. Typically your choices are Sewer King, The Piper, The Plague, Survivalist, and Plague Pits: pick 2 to go with Tools of the Tyrant. If you don't have Sewer King, no Lost hires. If The Pipes are removed, no Lures. No The Plague then you risk losing Blight (and the sweet 3 cards discarded to Interact combo). Sans Survivalist, since chances are you're going to be outrunning your The Stolen, you risk death in the ensuing grand melee. Without Plague Pits you lose the easiest way to get Blight on the enemy, which powers everything you do. Now, if you don't take Tools of the Tyrant, you loose out on an easy healing trigger and easy unresisted Blight spreading on your Ml attacks. So you can still do it, but why do it that way when you can just use Bleeding Disease from 12"?
  14. Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    Brewmaster and Wesley use Obey to make WG attack again, triggering Barrel Up again, getting more poison again. (I also sometimes use Yu to push WG and give him poison) Late game can use Akaname to take poison away from other people and just put it on WG so Tanuki can reactivate him.
  15. Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    Normally I put Barrel Up on the Golem and just let him go to town..... but that's just me.