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  1. Trouble with Summoners

    When I know I'm against I summoner I play Hamelin, Stolen, hire two Performers, use I Paid Better, a bunch of rats. Slow play the first turn with the rats so when they are out activated, then activate performer, get focus, double walk to try to get in range for Sirens Call, activate other performer, get focus, double walk to get inrange for Sirens Call, Hamelin activates, Obey Performer, Focused Sirens Call on the summoner, Obey other Performer, Focused Sirens Call on the summoner, then Pipes to drag them another walk in and now after 15 inches of walking should be well into all of your stuff and away from their stuff for them to be way too concerned with surviving being in the heart of your crew than summoning. Normally I follow up with popping my own Stolen in their face to paralysis, but you flavor it from here how you wish. I'll reiterate, do this only if you are positive it's a summoner, the build is not really meant for other stuff. And dragging like Ironsides or Lady Justice in your own face DOES NOT WORK! This has worked thrice so far, twice on Molly and Karina once.
  2. Hamelin for beginners

    I usually take just Iggy and about a dozen Rats after the core build. Fire and a (0) AP WP penalty pulses for 5 points is great for the stubborn ones who have a wound or 2 left after Bleeding Disease. I've diversified out into more Crooligans and Hodgepodge Emissary and a whole slew of other stuff after playing that list for a while, but for a long several months, that was the list everyone hated.
  3. Sensei Yu's Brutal with Stumble

    So Sensei Yu's Brutal Ability states that when he succeeded with a Ml action, the target can get either Poison, Slow or Burning. The Action on Fermented River Style, Stumble, states that it's a Ml action that goes off on a static number, but all enemies within a 4" pulse makes a Wk test. So, no matter what the results of the Wk test, because Stumble was successful, Brutal causes everyone within range to get my choice of Poison, Slow or Burning because they are the targets. I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly, because if so, oh man did Sensei Yu's usefulness over Fingers just spike!
  4. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    Definitely the Dawn Serpent; no one uses the Whiskey Golem, even with the 0 cost upgrade he's not good enough. also having to spend one of your AP to increase it's Def is dumb for a beat stick that should be using it's AP to actually beat things. also, you know what looks good on the table? A Dawn Serpent on one side and a Shadow Emissary on the other side!
  5. Need help picking three masters to focus on

    I've begun a scheme heavy Hamelin crew I play every 3-4 games just to mess with people when I say I'm playing Hamelin and the schemes are right. Using Sewer King to get Crooligans, Iggy, and Mercenary Torakage with Emissary "don't mind me" trinket (gonna try adding Big Jake soon). Point: there's a lot more going on outside of the crew box.
  6. A friend asked me if I could get all 7 factions in one crew with infiltrate and mercenary and duel factions and such. I said, obviously yes, it's called the Crossroads Seven. He said he meant without them. So, I tried to build a crew with all 7 factions in it, and he's gonna make a crew with all seven factions and were gonna play next weekend and see who's not terrible. Here's mine (unless you guys have some better ideas): Hamelin with Sewer King upgrade that gives Infiltrate [Lost] Iggy (Neverborn) [Lost] Crooligain (Resurrectionists) [Lost] Nix with Hollow upgrade which gives Release the Hounds ability to hire Hound models Guild Hound (Guild) [Hound] Ama no Zako (Outcast/Ten Thunders) Performer (Arcanist) as a mercenary Bert Jebson (Gremlins) as a Mercenary Yes, it can probably be done easier with Levi with Undead or Constructs, but I don't have that crew; except for Bert Jebson, I have everything else. Feel free to share your Crews in Harmony.
  7. Big Jake, a Big Impact?

    Aw, how did I not make that combination!!!? I gotta buy me a Jake!
  8. Torakage Effectiveness

    I use one in Outcast, having the Emissary give it the " Pretty Floral Bonnet" trinket so it has Agile & Dont Mind Me abilities, then run them into groups of enemies who have already acted to take affect of One in the Crowd and put markers down wherever I want whenever I want.
  9. Archibal's Empty the Magazine is the first one I thought of. Any other come to mind?
  10. Asami of the Huge Hand

    Page 53, "Sometimes a model will gain a Condition that has the same name as one of its Abilities." Yeah, conditions are conditions; abilities are abilities. darn.
  11. Asami of the Huge Hand

    Possibly silly concept, possibly the beginning of something amazing. Take Asami Tanaka and her totem Amanjaku, hire Outcast model Hannah as a mercenary who has Arcane Reservoir +1, use Amanjaku's A Taste of Life action to increase the Arcane Reservoir condition every turn. Is there any other model with Arcane Reservoir I can add to this crew to make the hand size bigger or do it faster?
  12. Best outcast minions

    If there are scheme marker heavy schemes/strategies in the pool, Dead Outlaw is a must. Frustrating and effective. If Hamelin, using the Sewer King upgrade to get Crooligans on the table is wonderful. I've used Nix with the Hollow upgrade for access to Guild Hounds, Corrupted Hounds & Canine Remains, or all of them once in a very memorable Recconoitor strategy once; 12 non-peon models over 4 table quarters vs an elite beater 6 model crew, it was auto 4 points just existing. I really like Wokou Raiders with Viktorias as their Coordinated Raid trigger makes Viktoria of Blood, with her Mark of Shez'uul, hit people again, and again.... If the Freikorp Trapper did not randomize when shooting into melee, it would be the best Minion in the game, and while you can do it with the Hodgepodge Emissary's Von Schill aura, that makes it too expensive/limiting. The Performer is the best Mercenary minion in the game, full stop.
  13. What about desperate mercenaries?

    Walked him with Parker and the Human Shield upgrade.
  14. Von Schill Question

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with Hamelin, just leave hm be. i think all the Outcast masters are cashe 1 because they are outlaws robbing people for their money, are living adjacent being beyond the need of money, or working for money. "Money First" Everyone else has influence or power or flat out wealth behind them.... our folks, not so much. I honestly think we'll get more out of faction freikorps after we get some out of faction Sisters..... 15 minutes after never.
  15. Anyone willing to sell a Snow Storm? UK / World

    if you're still looking, some posted this later on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Arcanists-Snow-Storm-WYR3034-Cult-of-December-Wyrd-/191507893988?