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  1. Red Pole is a Triad term, Triads are Chinese organized crime group. Yakuza are the Japanese organized group. Not interchangeable.
  2. Maybe "The Big Boss" as in reference to the Bruce Lee movie.
  3. Killjoy is a mercenary, so he's everywhere anyway. The nothing beast is not really gonna do a lot different with positive flips. Montresor..... okay yeah that will suck, but that's one.
  4. Besides Viktorias', which would not be an issue, what would be break Fragile?
  5. Bangarang..... I'm down for that! Whoops, did that slip out? Instead of needing Scrapmarkers, generated or otherwise, let's turn the creepy narrative up a notch. What if she was so lonely and pathetic that she makes her Wicked Doll friends out of pieces of herself. Keep the Mask 7+ requirement, but she loses 1-2 wounds to do it, and she can only do it if she's above 3 wounds. Ideally I would make it a 0 action also to compete with Soul Teather. She's either making friends with the Leader or making friends with herself.
  6. As a Tri-Chi model, isn't the point to keep poison on people so they're stuck in the Drinking Contest? Expunge, or this half Expunge, defeats the purpose. And making it a close attack? A Ca close attack at that. My tanuki lore may not be up to snuff enough to know if this is a fluffy power or not, but it just does not syngergize well. Agree with the possibility of built in trigger for poison on the Ml attack, but I don't think it's supposed to be a reliable poison dealer. You take it for the built in "I'm a Teapot!", and/or you take it for Take A Little Nap, which are fluffy as hell and unique. Honestly, how it's built now it almost feels like a it's the perfect anti-Brewmaster card; you pop into the Drinking Contest uninvited, you literally buzz kill all the enemy Tri-Chi cards that need poison with Cure For a Hangover, save all your friendly models stuck in the Drinking Contest with Magic Elixir, and when they want to hurt you, you pop outside of the Drinking Contest with "I'm A Teapot!" Who's side are you on, tanuki?
  7. We get Fragile on Red Poles and a 0 action version of Fragile on Neil Henry, an Arcanist Foundry model; could be a themed Mei Feng build in the future. Protection Money synergies a little too well with Wokou Raiders, an Outcast Last-Blossom model: Drop It trigger built into its Ml attack (place enemy scheme marker within 3" of the target), and a 0 action that can place existing enemy scheme markers within 6" of its current location. Without a card per turn/activation limit, combined with Thunder Territory, ripe for large hand sizes in a Misaki build.
  8. Does making her Lost in the Outcasts faction this late in the game have any real affect? The only thing specifically Lost based is Hamelin's "Sewer King" upgrade which let's him Infiltrate 4 Lost models.... unless some other faction has a thing I'm not aware of? (I only do Outcast & Ten Thunders) Would it mean there will be other new Lost Targeting affects coming soon?
  9. if you're still looking, some posted this later on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Arcanists-Snow-Storm-WYR3034-Cult-of-December-Wyrd-/191507893988?
  10. I have a plastic Taelor from the Hired Swords box if you are still looking. I need either an Archanist Essence of Power or Neverborn plastic Bad Juju.
  11. every time Ironside or Snow Storm spent a soulstone, they got a positive flip also since i had the Essence of Power within 5 inches; the boost to casting was icing. i used 12 soulstones this game and could choose my triggers regardless of cards in my hands or flip luck, which kind of changes the whole game; at one point i was down to 0 soulstones, so i think 3 Miners might be good for me; i'll try 2 if i'm fighting more "Living" stuff because then the Recharge Soulstone would likely be more active. my main issue is with my Henchmen. Is Snow Storm the best combo with Ironsides? i took her because i could use the large base to hide Essence of Power on the first 2 turns. Snow Storms attack trigger heals if kills, making her self sufficient. The other Henchman i wanted to try was The Captain as his wind action could move people to Ironsides before she activates for more Adrenaline, but he has no heal and a lot of his other triggers would move people away from Ironsides in error. thoughts on a better Henchman to synergize with Ironsides and this tactic? Also, thanks for the input everyone!
  12. First attempt at Archanist, had to proxy in Ironsides as she doesn't exist yet; I used Bishop cause same thing, right? 50ss; Turf War; Standard Set-up; A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Vendetta, Plant Evidence. COLD IRON Ironsides (Iron Determination, Warding Runes, Recharge Soulstone), Essene of Power, Snow Storm (Warding Runes, Recharge Soulstone), Malifaux Raptor, Johana (Bleeding Edge Tech), Soulstone Miners x3. HURTS TO HELP Pandora, Poltergeist, Baby Kade, Teddy, Candy, 3 Sorrows (I don't know her upgrades) Pre-Fight: Revealed Line in the Sand; she revealed nothing. I Soul Stoned for more cards, loading up on low Tombs, 3 in my hand. ROUND 1: Triple move Ironsides 12" just back and to the left of the Turf marker. Pandora moves around the building on the right side. Double move Snow Storm 12" back and to the right of the Turf marker. Poltergeist moves up about 8" in front of the turf marker. I bury the Raptor. Teddy moves once, attempts to cast to put himself in base contact with Ironsides, can't get the casting off (i'm sad), moves again. Miner generates a soulstone. Teddy is now blocking Baby Kade's line of sight to Ironsides, so he walks twice. Miner generated a soulstone. Sorrow moved up twice. Full on soulstones so Miner moved up twice. Sorrow moved up twice. Johanna activated, walked forward a little, keeping in range. Sorrow moved up twice. Candy moved up twice. UPKEEEP: Raptor shows up on the left side of the table. ROUND 2: Raptor charges Baby Kade, wiffs twice. Sorrow charges the raptor, does 2 wounds. Ironsides makes Baby Kade charge her, spend a soulstone for a mask, within range of Essence of power gives a positive flip, goes off, get charged, cheat a 4 of tombs, get hit for 1, hit back for 2, get Adrenaline, triggers it again on a Sarrow, repeat, cheat a 5 of tombs, get hit for 1, hit back for 2, get Adrenaline. Then punches Sarrow, soulstone for Ravens, gets a positive flip, hits for 2, get Adrenaline. Finally punches Baby Kade, soulstone for Ravens, get a positive flip (are you seeing the pattern here?), hits for 2, gets Adrenaline. Teddy, now not able to charge Ironsides because Baby Kade and Sarrow are both in the way, beats up the Raptor and kills it in one shot. Essence of Power give +1 Ca totals. Sarrow moves twice towards Ironsides. Snow Storm shoots Poltergeist twice, some damage. Poltergeist attacks Snow Storm, some damage. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Pandora moves towards a building, drops a sceme marker, does some magic thing that way to high for me to stop and now Snow Storm is Insignificant until the end of game or Pandora is killed. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Candy moves and wails at Ironside, takes some damage. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Sarrow punches Ironside twice for some damage, each time I cheat down with a tomb to hit back and gain 2 more Adrenaline. Johana heals all three Miners 2 points. UPKEEP: I gain 1 point for Turf War, she gains 1 point for turf war. Ironside heals 1 point from Adrenaline. ROUND 3: Ironsides activates, gains 4 Adrenaline due to enemies, takes 2 damage for the Sorrows, spends a soulstone for a Ram, kills Baby Kade, both Ironsides and Snow Storm each gain a Soulstone (Recharge Soulstone Upgrade), trigger uses 2 Adrenaline, moves 2 inches, uppercuts the Sorrow, spends a Soulstone for a positive hit, kills the Sarrow, built in trigger uses 2 Adrenaline, moves 2 inches, punches the other Sarrow, Spends a Soulstone for a Ram, kills the Sarrow, trigger uses 2 Adrenaline, moves 2 inches, Uppercuts the Poltergeist, does some damage, built in trigger uses 2 Adrenaline, stays where he is, punches the Poltergeist, spends a Soulstone for a Ram, flips the black joker to hit. For Ironsides' second action point, she punches the Poltergeist and misses. Third action point, hits and kills the Poltergeist finally. Use the (0) action to lose all my Adrenaline and heal Ironsides to full. Teddy uses gobble you up on Snow Storm, and gets into base combat, then flurry's on Snow Strom, triggering the push/follow action once to get Snow Storm away from Ironside and Essence of Power, with uses of soulstones to prevent damage only takes 6 wounds. Snow Storm swings at Teddy, still in range of Essence of Power, so spends a soulstone for a Raven, triggers double positive flip damage, gets sever, spent a Soulstone for a Mask, red joker flipped for damage, kills Teddy, trigger heals 5 points. Candy wails at Ironside twice for some damage. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Pandora walk twice to an outcropping of trees, put down a Scheme Marker. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Sarrow moves twice, staying on the center line. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Johana heals all the Miners 3 points. Essence of Power moves behind Ironside so there is no line if sight from Candy. UPKEEP: I gain 1 point from Turf War. ROUND 4 Essence of Power gives +1Ca. Candy Wails at Ironsides for some damage. Ironsides makes Candy charge her, does some damage. Two more swings on Candy are met with lots of soulstones to not die. Pandora moves down the left side 3 times. Snow Storm charges Candy and wiffs on all attacks. Sarrow readjusts his location on the center line. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and generates a soulstone. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and walks twice towards centerline. Johana walks twice towards centerline. Reveal Johana is the Bodyguard target; in spite she reveals Candy is the Bodyguard. UPKEEP: 0 Points for Turf War on both sides; 1 point each for Bodyguard. ROUND 5 Essence of power gives +1Ca bonus. Candy wails twice on Ironsides for some damage. Snow Storm attacked Candy and killer her, gain 2 soulstones for killing a living model. Pandora moves to rocky outcrop on the edge of the table, places a scheme marker . Ironsides put down a scheme marker on the center line. Used (0) action to place Ironsides in base contact with Sorrow on the centerline. Took both action points to kill the Sarrow. Miner, in range of Johana, heals one and put a sceme marker on the centerline. Johanna put a scheme marker down on the centerline. Miner generates a soulstone. Miner generates a soulstone. UPKEEP: I gain 1 point for Turf War; I gain 1 point for Bodyguard; I gain 1 points for Line in the Sand. She gains 2 points from Plant Evidence. FINAL: Cold Iron crew 6 VP Hurts to Help crew 4 VP Comments, Concerns, Criticism, other words that begin with "C"?
  13. i like Bengt's idea. how about a Sister from the Guild Faction, Velma, Mercenary but cannot be hired by a crew led by a Viktoria. she's the goody two shoes younger sister who had to stay behind and be ridiculed and shunned as she was related to one of the most notorious outlaws in Malifaux; swore to make her elder sister(s) pay for their crimes by any means. a Rare 1 Enforcer Guild Marshall, a pair of average guns that she can also use in melee and she can always choose to count as a friendly Sister when it's to her advantage (would have to be worded better to not cause confusion). her special ability would be, let's call it "The Chase Is On!": When an enemy model is Pushed, you may choose to Push this model 4" towards the enemy model. This way you can keep up with the Viktoria sling shot tactics. say 8ss cost, give her one less on every Viktoria stat (except charge, bring that way down to like 5). thought?
  14. i have a great built with this for when the strategy is "Reckoning". cluster Hans & 2 Freikorps Trappers, put them in a clear firing lane behind McTavish's Hunting Screen way back on the table with Vik/Ash with said upgrade within 10" playing safety for them to be run up on. every turn 3 28"+ shots down field behind cover that only counts for you, double focused if you have the cards in your hand (Tally Sheet helps with that). optionally if you have the points, a Student of Conflict will give an additional focus shot down field.
  15. ohhhhhhhh, well that makes more sense and now will make me want to try story encounters. thanks folks..... and watch out for those post ninjas!