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  1. Looking for either Montresor or either of the hanging trees (and Brick by Brick upgrade if possible) can do money, us currency, or trade from the following: Plastic Viktorias (Ash and Blood) Plastic Asami Tanaka Plastic Taelor Metal Marcus Metal Razorspine Rattler Metal Sabertooth Cerebus Hired Swords box still shrink wrap Metal Johan (primed white)
  2. New player starting with Asami

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Yin with Smoke Grenades. I use Asami with Wings of Wing, Heavenly Design, Feign Weakness... using all her actions for summoning and still getting 9" of movement is freeing to me.
  3. This List Is The Pits

    So, in an effort to not loose all my friends, I've been constructing a more rat free Hamelin crew; now that Broken Promises dropped, I have the focus. Pretty much it's Wp reduction and Bleeding Disease. 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 2 Pool - Plague Pits (1) - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) Montresor (9) - Fearful Whispers (1) - Brick By Brick (0) Nix (8) - Oath Keeper (1) - Scramble (2) Benny Wolcomb (8) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Next time Guard The Stash or Extraction comes up I'll use this list. You start by place the 3 pit markers around/amidst the strategy markers, then From the Shadows place Crooligans among the pit markers, using The Mist to make them in soft cover, walk Montresor to join the Crooligans, causing a collective area of negative 1 to 4 Wp by existing where the enemy needs to go to score. Then using Pipes, Obey and/or everything Montresor does to draw people into the affected/infected area, pulling the Nix Bomb (pop Oath Keeper, walk, walk, walk, Drink Spirit) on the Wp deficient, then you have 5 models (plus 1 for every The Stolen) with Bleeding Disease, which also targets Wp, casting into the poor unfortunate souls, as well as other non-center table schemes to run. And as long as there are people nearby, you can't do Interact Actions to remove the pit markers. I'm still wary about using Benny, as he's expensive for just another casting of Bleeding Disease; I was tempted to drop him for a 4th Crooligan and Hodgepodge Effigy (an additional -1 Wp, two more castings of The Mist and add Souls Stones on Hamelin kills), or maybe just Iggy for that extra -2 Wp aura or Mood Swings, both 0 actions, and a little Burning to finish off the hard to kill folks at the end of the turn. I can also add Candy; I only mention it because everyone tells me Candy synergies well with Hamelin... but I don't see it. Comments, criticism, condemnation, or other words that begin with C, feel free free to post below.
  4. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    This thread has opened my eyes up a bit. Maybe I won't be so narrow in scope. Also, my friend gave me a Miss Pack (alt sculpt nurse), and I thought of using that model type as a Performer, someone playing a nurse. Thanks for the insight friends.
  5. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Drop him to 6SS and make him a Minion... he'll cost more than a Man, equals a Trapper with a much shorter range, equals an Engineer with a completely different skill set. The model just really does not justify the Enforcer tag. Specialist is not on par with a Librarian or Strongarm or Lazarus, so downgrade to minion.
  6. So I wanted to start Guild with the medical models and do a painted up matching crew. I just didn't know if anyone else has ever done it and what to expect? ----------------------------------- 50 SS Guild Crew McMourning + 7 Pool - On The Clock (1) - Plastic Surgery (1) - Evidence Tampering (2) Zombie Chihuahua (2) Dr. Grimwell (9) - Research Grant (1) - Numb To The World (1) Nurse Heartsbane (8) - Disrupt Magic (2) Orderly (5) Nurse (5) Nurse (5) Orderly (5) (exported from CrewFaux) ------------------------------------- sure, I won't be the greatest crew, but I will be matching and thematic and it will make me happy for a little while. And seriously, I can't be the only one to think of this, right?
  7. New player starting with Asami

    Sorry, I was getting Asami's healing part confused and overlapped. I used those a lot because everyone gets the (1) Charge from her so healing her on the regular is key.
  8. New player starting with Asami

    I summon Tengu early on... they get the single flicker, and as long as they are within 10" of Asami (with A Heavenly Design upgrade) when the flicker runs out, they drop a scheme marker. When a tengu activate they can be placed in contact with a scheme marker within 5". Bonus if you have Shadow Emissary with Orochi Conflux upgrade who places scheme markers next to itself when an oni is sacrificed within 6"; you're making it rain scheme markers! Now by second turn you have plenty of scheme markers together to summon stuff for a while or heal Asami in a pinch. Also, if you play hard mode, position stuff properly and Tengu can dole out the stackable Regeneration condition on your beater models before the Tengu fade away due to flicker. Also, the new combination with the Orochi Conflux upgrade's new 0 action to remove half of an oni's wounds plus one to give that oni exactly 1 more flicker. It now gives use to the Obsidian Oni, who being low on wounds will be the easier to explode and/or stay around an extra turn giving out healing and burning.
  9. New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    The transcripts are available for Patreon subscribers only.
  10. This is a stupid thing I had a dream about last night: how to the DC Comics Lantern rings match up with the colors of the Malifaux Faction's? (granted, Gremlins Brown is not a ring color) Red = Rage / The Guild. Apart from the vomiting up acitic blood, being angry at everyone all the time is not too far off for the controlling faction of Malifaux. Orange = Avarice / Ten Thunders. Organized crime families vying for control over the criminal underworld in two dimensions? That's some serious greed right there. Yellow = Fear / The Outcasts. I think the only scared person in The Outcasts are Desperate Mercenaries, however do The Outcast masters bring the fear? Oh yes. Between the three who refuse to die, the two/three lady murder machines, and the guys who will do anything for money, they do bring the fear. Green = Willpower /Resurrectionists. Forcing the dead to rise, spirits to follow your commands, and abominations to be your friends, Resurrectionists are the poster child for sheer power of will. Not so much the good guys as their comic book counterparts, but absolute power..... Blue = Hope / Arcanists. This one is a little bit of a stretch. When you think of what the people of the M&SU want, it's a life free of the corruption of The Guild and the hardshipso they left on Earth; a chance to start over. The people want hope... the masters are a little less, let's say altruistic in their agendas. And this is where it all break down. ... now this is gonna leave then The Neverborn as either Indigo = Compassion (hell no), or Violet = Love (god no), then Gremlins as whichever of those two are left (even more laughable). I just can't seem to bs my way out of this one, so I'll leave it up to the rest of you to discuss below.
  11. New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    Lucky for you Schemes and Stones just dropped a new Parker Podcast so you now get an hour plus of positive talk with some guy from Australia about Parker's tactics, strengths, and weaknesses; it was a good solid review.
  12. Hans and his uses.

    When I'm playing Vik's, I'm always using I Pay Better anyway, so when I'm facing Nephelim, first thing I do is get the focus, use Ping and get ride of that upgrade that grows tots. Removes half of the opponents crew effectiveness with one activation. I'm waiting to see how they will work on Asami's new Borrowed Time upgrade & Yan Lo's Yin/Yang ones. It's a must For Emissary's 0 upgrades, and whatever big thing they put on the non masters.
  13. Now I know the point of the Ten Thunders is that they have infiltrated every other faction in Malifaux, so you have to have at least one master in each factions that is part of the Ten Thunders. But how is Misaki also Outcast, as much as one can be part of the Outcast faction?
  14. So I was planning to do his Blightship, Hamelin, with wretch, benny, nix, the stolen and some rats... but I could cut back on some rats and instead squeeze in Hodgepodge Emissary and conflux of plague with that sweet positive flip to give more Blight, plus his other standard tricks. But, is that overkill on the Blight? Am I hamstringing myself in other categories even with the moving other models with markers ability of Hodgepodge? Will 4-5 more rats really swing things more in my favor? Answers on a postcard to....
  15. Hamelin - where will you dig the Pits?

    I was thinking about placing them with Crooligans so even if you get there first turn, you can't interact with another model around, and you want to do actions to get ride of the Crooligans? More blight for you!