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  1. I'm a real big fan of both Guild McMourning and Lucius.... I would start them next if two Arcanists crews didn't just drop in my lap. Although I'm conflicted to play "The Man".... even those pretending to be "The Man".
  2. Jesy Blue

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Both the attack and the defense triggers are both "resolve", so it doesn't matter if it hits or not, as long as the suits are right, you get a card and move the Torakage. Pretty sneaky, sis.
  3. Jesy Blue

    Rank the TT starters

    Downvoted for leaving off Closing Time (Brewmaster).
  4. Jesy Blue

    A Greed Centered List

    I've seen this with Doppelganger and Changing in a Lucius crew, never thought about mercing Hannah into it for full effect, good idea. Just too bad you can't get the trigger; getting SS after SS after SS....
  5. Jesy Blue

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    From early wording, the damage bonus you get from poisoning may be in addition to the damage you get from the wave 5 Brewmaster upgrade. If true, let them stew in the Drinking Contest for a turn or 2 and they will be dead.
  6. Jesy Blue

    Benny relase

    Says April, currently: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wyr20542.html
  7. Yeah baby yeah baby yeah!!!! (Sorry, couldn't help it) I Didn't Start The Fire. man I love this game!
  8. Jesy Blue

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    ... and half the time positive flip on Wp.
  9. Jesy Blue

    Lazarus Build

    Autofire is not Rapid Fire. Read carfully, it does not say same target like Rapid Fire does. Unfortunately, it also isn't affected by the Howling Wolf Tattoo either because it is not Rapid Fire.
  10. Jesy Blue

    Lazarus Build

    The Obey can also be used on enemy constructs, plus card drawing and Intuition. Also you can give her the Mark of Shez'uul or Howling Wolf Tattoo. Yes, these are not great, but you may find use of them still; I know I do.
  11. but if they are Tri Chi, it will stack with the Shadow Emissary!
  12. Jesy Blue

    Whiskey in the Gamin-o

    That may be the way it goes, but I'm gonna hold out hope for more Tri Chi models when I take Ten Thunders.
  13. Jesy Blue

    Lazarus Build

    Don't forget to hire Vanessa for her 0 action Construct Obey. She's Laz's best friend!
  14. Jesy Blue

    Von Schill starter

    And always remember Von Schill can charge your own models.... then punch the model your model is engaged with.