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  1. Hannah vs Lazarus

    I don't take the whole army, just the key weak support ones that hide in the back. I took out The Dreamer last weekend this way before he could summon Chompy.
  2. Hannah vs Lazarus

    I do because it gives him a 9" charge, plus the 2" cyber arm range, it gives him an 11" reach across the table, twice if Fast, so that's near the whole table.
  3. A friend for Jack Daw

    I would say Von Schill, Viktoria, Parker or Misaki.... a more terrestrial based crew to counter the fullly supernatural crew Jackie, Tara and Levi provides. Hamelin is in the middle, either he's super terrestrial or really out there, so I'd say no so you'd have to stretch your legs, metaphorically speaking. This way people don't know what you're doing when you declare outcasts. Do I prepare for manipulation? Do I prepare for a beat down?
  4. Hannah vs Lazarus

    There's no way Hamelin is giving up The Pipes to walk quickly.
  5. Aionus: Where does he fit?

    It's utterly hilarious with Desperate Mecenaries. its kind of scary with Nix allowing Hounds Guild Hounds to be hired. Fast charging companion scheme running for those useless 4s?
  6. A question on the Misters

    I've been trying to see if they fit in a Lucius Guild crew, as they are both mimics; it's a hard fit, but I only half heartedly am looking as I don't play Guild yet. I have found use of Graves in Brewmaster, pushing people into Drinking Party ring(s), but only as a tertiary choice.
  7. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Scramble on Bishop does wonders, and flurry with that extra move is amazing. or Oath Keeper to charge and charge or charge and flurry something big is impressive.
  8. This is mostly just to make sure I'm not missing anyone. You can put the Howling Wolf Tattoo upgrade on Viktoria of Blood, Viktoria of Ash, or Vanessa (but let's be honest, it's only going on Vanessa). The only models who can receiving the DBATC ability are: Flurry: Bishop, Ronin, Johan(a). Rapid Fire: Convict Gunslinger, Torakage. Am I missing anyone? I feel like I'm missing someone.

    When does the Alternative Lazarus come out, is there a date? When I started I sought out the metal ronin, metal alt female desperate mercenary and miss demeanor metal alt convict gunslinger.... I wish they would put them in plastic or redo them (god, please redo the female desperate merc, that pose is atrocious). I personally would want alt all freikorps, females where there are males; males where there are females; steam trunk as a locker, maybe? The emissary needs a new model because the damn hooves keep snapping off!
  10. Hannah vs Lazarus

    The visual of throwing Lazarus across town is hilarious.
  11. Miss O'Jenny

    Really? Wow... only took them 100 years to learn about Madam Butterfly. Guess they should have watched more anime.
  12. Importing Chatty Models

    Darn, I thought Chatty was a little more common of an ability than that. Ah well, thanks for digging for me, folks.
  13. Importing Chatty Models

    How can I get a model with Chatty in an Outcast crew? There's no one in faction I can remember who has it, and off the top of my head no mercenaries with it either. Point to me where I've forgotten or skipped over a model with that ability, or are we out of luck?
  14. Miss O'Jenny

    Mistaken is taboo but Misogyny is okay? That is an odd comfort scale on any linguistic chart.