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  1. New Image

    Oh, they can. I want to say they were originally pure mercs but then things changed so they could eventually be played as their own faction as well once they get enough models, but I can't find the authoritative statement on that, so I'll wait for someone to confirm or tell me I'm dead wrong. At the very least you'll see Guild popping up in Abyssinia and King's Empire armies as for-hire muscle. https://www.wyrd-games.net/tos-guild
  2. New Image

    Well, this would be for the Guild faction in The Other Side, rather than Malifaux. Court of Two and The Guild serve the role of Mercenaries in The Other Side, with one for the world-of-Malifaux factions (CoT) and one for the Earth factions (Guild), so it would make sense to have merc vs merc that can easily go into more factions. Much like how all the dudes in the Malifaux starter of Guild vs NB are all mercs so people can play them in other factions as they expand.
  3. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    I've played Talos twice in Tara and I'm not...particularly impressed so far. I've won both games but he felt incidental in both. I feel like he's not any better than Nothing Beast / Bishop for bombing, and the inability to use his bury on a charge like Death Marshals reduces the potency of his bury (having to either walk or Tara invests in taxi-ing him). I almost find Tara beating on something in her second activation and getting repeated bury tests with -2 on Wp and reduced hands to be more effective. He does ask an interesting defensive question the rest of the thematic crew doesn't in terms of armor, which goes well with Tara's discard to reduce damage upgrade, and his innate healing. Still though, I find myself wishing I had Bishop's innate extra AP/Flurry with Chain Wrapped Fist being equal or better in damage with Ram on Adaptive, and able to prey on Wp same as the NB if necessary. Is there something I'm missing with maximizing his personal bury? Is he maybe better in a non-Tara crew that would like to have a bury option available in event of something too resource-intensive to kill?
  4. Latest upgrades

    You are looking for this product, which was made available back in...October? https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wyr20039.html It includes the book 5 upgrades, which is all the new Master upgrades, the Emissary Conflux upgrades for the book 4 Masters, and a few general upgrades. If you're just starting Malifaux, you may find there's a lot in there you'll have no immediate use for because they're factions you don't plan on getting into soon, but I personally bought one for myself because, uh...I play a lot of stuff....? If you have friends who also play who want to split it, or if you want to hang onto the whole thing for yourself (futureproofing), that's one way to justify it. Otherwise, the official app lets you play around with the new upgrades as well. I haven't heard anything about the new Master upgrades going into crew boxes.
  5. Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

    I feel like the posters in this thread are taking Kai for a ride, cant(er) you all give him a break? Don't have your blinders on, the mane purpose of these previews is to get excited over new shinies, not have the gall(op) to sass him. Wyrd, give me these models soon, I can't wait for a rein-y day in March!
  6. December LGS Promotion

    Whoo! I love this sculpt, and with a Malifaux Secret Santa coming up locally, I've got an excuse to cover at least part of that
  7. Winter Wonderland issue

    If I'm fine with merging a new order for Wonderland with my extant order, do I place a new order then email with a merge request, or do I email directly about adding stuff onto my extant order?
  8. new realeses for December

    Nothing's popped yet, though people have been prodding for information. The general hope is sometime this coming week since Dec 1st is Friday.
  9. Importing Chatty Models

    Mortimer, Mr. Tannen, and Fingers are the only ones I know of, and none of them can get into Outcasts. Best you can do is bring someone who has a pseudo-effect, usually with a condition or tradeoff (Tara, Nix) or hampers them (Hamelin). If you're looking at stopping scheme markers, there's a few more options.
  10. Black Friday Sale

    It comes up a lot, but since these are sold a lot less regularly than their retail items, it might be that Wyrd has to price them higher than they otherwise would, to reclaim cost of development/mold/production (economy of scale). Still completely understand how it's out of your budget relative to other options, but it's not that Wyrd is twirling their mustaches while setting their prices. They undoubtedly have a rationale for why the prices are what they are.
  11. Black Friday Sale

    Should we be wary of assuming that the Raspy Twisted Alternatives set would be available next year?
  12. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Ran this today in a basic scheme/strat pool (Reckoning with both of us taking Deliver a Message, then I had Protect and he had Distract). Went very well for me, playing against Gremlins. Never got a bury in with Hannah herself and I'd probably drop Ancient Runes for something a bit more potent, but otherwise Wretches and Effigy ran schemes except for one turn where Talos buried a full health War Pig (healing 8 wounds!) and then the Wretches bit it a bunch. Got two soulstones with Hodgepodge t4/t5 with Tara's 4 and 5 damage pokes (only one poke each turn of course, since I went first with Tara to secure the reactivate). Not quite as killy as NB/Bishop (...even though I did get a Red Joker on Hannah's first damage flip when bombing her...) but definitely a lot of fun.
  13. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    It's possible to place stuff dead center that serves as ht3 blocking. I once did a Turf War with a church dead center, which created some amusing dancing around. She can place the Blasts anywhere she likes as long as it satisfies 12" and LOS, which I suppose could work with Ht3 models...but then you're probably spending most if not all AP to walk into positioning, then tapping your own model as well. Also "bunching up" is spoken of in the context of models clustering almost b2b. It's why I was able to get both the Doppelganger and the Depleted in one activation, as my opponent had put them in b2b. Rare are the effects that require you to be as close as the span of a blast marker, and if you don't need to be, you can force Misaki to single-target with blast markers.
  14. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    I've been having the same thoughts as I'm finishing up my Hooded Rider. Lowering costs is one way to go, but the disparity between Mech and the rest remains unless you further adjust her cost - breaking the nice symmetry. I think the best option at this point would be to go with personal upgrades, 0SS, does not count against upgrade limit (so you can still bring a regular upgrade like Retribution's Eye or Thousand Faces for Hooded, for example). Go with the previously mentioned idea of letting their triggers reduce regardless (still vulnerable early game and to "ignore trigger" models) as a shared passive, then throw in additional items of varying power to bring them to A) 12SS worth of model and B ) roughly comparable power levels.
  15. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    In defense of Misaki's storm upgrade, it requires both LOS and within 12". If you're playing with Ht3 terrain (which most buildings can arguably be), you can hide stuff from her fairly effectively. In my previous meta, my Katanaka Sniper became somewhat infamous for railing weaker models off the board turn 1 until we started fitting in more terrain that could block LOS entirely (and even then, champ that he is, he still does it now and then with a good From The Shadows angle). Also her trigger is only "built-in" if her soulstone pool is completely depleted. If you want to do that early game, you need to either spend it down fast or use Risk/Reward. Both options leave your Henchmen more at risk (Misaki being less so because of her to Df flips she gets along with the ), less ability to cycle cards with option one, and if she dies with Risk/Reward live, oops. I ate a guy's crew at the last tourney I attended with The Storm (blasts killed a Tot, a damaged Depleted, and a Doppelganger on t1 after I was able to reach an already-activated model with a walk + Charge on Flank Deployment), but I think people need to be looking at their boards and thinking about how to not clump their models too much before evaluating The Storm.
  16. TOS could provide them an opening to moderate the Malifaux release schedule if they so desired, but bear in mind the KS backers aren't expected to get theirs until March or so. We've been gently prodded in the past about not making too many assumptions about their business plans, but if I were in their shoes, I'd want to be looking at sales for at least a couple months post retailer-release before making any decisions to roll back Malifaux releases to strike a balance between the two. I could see an argument that it doesn't matter much to newbies and that old guard might like shiny stuff but also like getting to practice with what they have more often. Personally I'm fine either way, but it will help my wallet a bit to worry about less Malifaux releases when there's TOS stuff coming down the pipe...
  17. Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

    Looking forward to these dudes primarily for crossover into Cult, but also looking forward to when I play with the Hordes side of my pledge
  18. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    The Storm isn't that bad, in my estimation. The trigger isn't baked in unless Misaki ditches all her soulstones either by her new upgrade or naturally, and if you do that, you may gain a heal and + to Df flips, but you lose out on a major source of defenses in damage reduction not only for her, but also for any henchmen you may have. We do have access to healing in LRM, but if the opponent puts a power piece into the henchman and kills them, healing doesn't mean much. It also means she no longer has the Stalk/Yu combo available, which diminishes her single-target killing power somewhat and helps preserve her hand. Granted, she still has Recalled Training, but that just adds more on the Training turn, which is never sniffed at - and she gets it on other turns. Also the LOS restriction gets a lot more potent if you're playing with terrain that's =>Ht 3. I've been more on an Outcast kick recently so Yasunori has faded, but he's never felt overwhelming to me, rather I think other stuff in his price range needs to come down. Killjoy isn't quite worth 13SS, and I've been painting up the Hooded Rider recently, wondering how much he's really worth 12. With Tara, I can pretty reliably delete something t1 with a properly executed NB bomb (even with a stripped hand, 7 vs effective 3-4 works out most all of the time), as 2/5/7 damage track can really cause problems even for armor or H2W if you flip a string of moderates. Yasu has volume but as mentioned, armor can give him fits.
  19. Malifaux App Launched!

    It was already mentioned, but just putting in another vote for letting us browse upgrades available to models, in the Model List section.
  20. Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    Just saying Wyrd, we have Lawyers in Malifaux but these guys could use their own models so Guild can properly spar with Amina Naidu Pretty sure these previews are leading up to a Guild-but-applicable-to-other-factions release.

    Something of a necro, but an idea recently struck me thanks to our local Arcanist fan deciding to try out pig Marcus: Old McMarcus Nightmare crew. One of every common farm animal plus a trusty dog, then Farmer Marcus and Farmwife Myranda.
  22. Help picking a second faction

    I went ahead and shifted up to the all-four-pledge before the KS ended, but before that I pledged Burning Man and Abyssinia, intending to pick up KE and Hordes items as addons to take advantage of the dual commanders. I'm personally of the opinion that selecting models from the other faction will focus on patching holes or bringing utility than anything else - like Armored Whelks in Burning Man to protect against Pinned tokens, and that the basic units that come with selecting a faction as a "core" choice may not represent that much value when considering bringing stuff over. If you have your heart set on one Malifaux faction and one Earth faction, I'd just go ahead and pick them, then go a la mode on select items to bring over with Commanders.
  23. November FAQ

    Just to make sure I'm not missing anything, does no. 9 have any implication for Sidir's By Your Side, both actually taking attacks and pulling tricks like taking the attack but managing to place just outside of the charging model's range?
  24. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Talos is sadly Wp 6 (which he uses directly for his bury), which actually does complicate getting in those crucial buries, particularly against the bevy of Wp 7 Masters that are out there. While I acknowledge 12-18 attacks is better than 6-9, I'm going to try a permutation with three Wretches. I know a lot of people out there dislike Karina, but high-Crow turns have usually worked out well for me. Plus I got Hannah around with that extra card... Tara (5SS pool) -Dead of Winter -Emptiness -Obliteration Symbiote -Knowledge of Eternity -Survivalist -Out of Time Karina -The Faces of Oblivion Hannah -Ancient Runes Talos -The Bigger They Are Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch Hodgepodge Effigy I know Hodgepodge is a bit rare these days, but with the extreme damage Tara is capable of in later turns with The Clock Is Ticking, I think it's worth a look. Also the cheap activation is nice.
  25. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    My usual list pre-book 5 is NB/Bishop/Karina/2x Wretch/Trapper along with the standard beastie bomb upgrades, I was testing out SUPER-STACKED Tara/NB/Talos/2x Wretch/Karina. I've been leery of doing the whole thing with VW spam in fear that they'd nerf it into the ground with a January errata, but I guess Tara hasn't been blowing up the tourney scene that much that they might do so. I'll look at playtesting the VW/Hannah/Talos list personally next chance I get.