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  1. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Shenlong got Yin and Yang upgrades, can only have one at a time. Yin seems to be poison and air theme, Yang fire themed. Misaki got an upgrade that lets her pitch soulstones at the beginning of the turn to get a condition that stacks and lasts until the end of the game. Can't be removed by enemy models. You heal end of turn according to condition stack. Can also trade in condition end of turn for soulstones = amount you lowered it by. Other upgrade buffs her Thunder by letting you throw blast markers really far and making them hurt no matter what. Also grants Flay trigger to Thunder. McCabe got an invisibility cloak and an upgrade that works kinda like Terracotta Warrior, but without the "3 Sabers" silliness. Mei Feng got an upgrade that lets her, once per activation, use a trigger from an attack other than the activating attack. Also Railwalker trigger on all Ml. Second upgrade makes Foundry models near her faster and lets her haul friendlies around. Jacob got an upgrade that gives facedown cheating to friendly models close to him or Hungering Darkness. Also lets him reveal cards at the beginning of his activation, you get cumulative bonuses for each Mask you reveal, up to 3. Second upgrade lets you summon Depleted off Brillianced enemy models dying near him or Hungering Darkness, you need to pitch cards though. Yan Lo got three upgrades: One that grants Instinctual and buffs Lightning Dance, one that takes after Asami's VP theme but with Chi and also has a passive that lets you trade in Ascendant upgrades for other Ascendant upgrades. Blood Ascendant: Casting Expert, new Ca attack that heals Ancestors if it kills the target. Asami got an unusual one where she's immune to enemy condition remove but gains Flicker at the beginning of the game. You can lower it when you summon to buff the summon's flicker, and you get more flicker when you kill stuff with her. Don't have a line on the other.
  2. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Looks like you have an incentive to mod stuff into stompybots
  3. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Should be noted it goes 1/2/3/4 reduction in Condition, so he can't just spam out Fast every turn for cheap.
  4. McMounings hiring pool

    ...well then. Lotta McMourning players eyeing the Arcanist poison beasties now...
  5. Grootslang...any Stats?

    I'm pretty sure the Groot's ability specifies terrain OR lair markers, so they don't count as terrain for other stuff. As I said, this is off of memory.
  6. Grootslang...any Stats?

    I don't have the beta files to hand, but what I remember....: Get to place a "lair" marker or two at beginning of game, can place additional ones during the game in exchange for eating either scrap or corpse if I remember correctly. + to all non-damage flips when in b2b with a lair marker or terrain. Can teleport between lair markers. Came off as a relatively mobile damage dealer that can eat opposing summoners' resources.
  7. Catalan Riflemen

    Well...they should be developing stuff for book 6 now. We'll see in 2018
  8. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Well, ah...I wasn't expecting lanterns (and does that mean they got flying since the last public beta iteration...? ) But they look very distinctive and cool.
  9. Alt Hungering Darkness

    I will miss the purple worm, but can't resist getting this. Apparently it and alt Nekima are coming to regular retail as well, but given Reva just came out in July after being a pre-release at last year's Gencon, I'm gonna pick this up so I can get it ready ASAP.
  10. St. Louis Malifaux Desperate Heat 2017

    It's to be August 5th.
  11. July 28th - Margaret Belle

    Righty, keep forgetting that. Well, I'll see if she can be separated at least.
  12. July 28th - Margaret Belle

    When you're on a solo assassination mission and loaded down with gear, there's not a lot of other places besides your cheeks to store food. I think she looks good, though I am hoping that she can be built without the energy swirl. Still not sure whether I want to model it with her, or save it for some other model.
  13. Kansas City Malifaux

    Whoa - didn't see this topic back in March, but we have a small Malifaux contingent that regularly goes to Tabletop Games. There's a Malifaux KC page up, which is also available for people to set up games at other shops https://www.facebook.com/groups/265785616929097/
  14. Monday Preview - July 24

    I dunno. The newer stuff might be subtler in their portrayal of horror, but they still come off as disturbing. The female Cyclops for example, she looks like she's just spotted someone trying desperately to hide. Imagine peeking out from your hidey-hole and seeing her suddenly settling down suddenly into that position looking directly at you. "Oh ho ho, little one. I see you. I see you..." Maybe you try to flatten yourself further back in, then suddenly a meaty fist bursts in and grabs the front of your shirt... The Gravedigger is that person you see out of the corner of your eye as you walk past an alleyway, then you walk past another alley and think to yourself "Is that him...? How did he move so fast...?" Always watching, everywhere.
  15. Broken Promises teaser

    The secret is...a literal new dimension! You know the 3d chess sets from Star Trek? Pretty much that, but with Malifaux.
  16. I don't sleeve my stat cards, though I do keep them in 9-slot card pages in a binder. They come out for games and go back in after. Nor do I sleeve my deck, it's a plasticky composition which isn't particularly vulnerable to wear and tear. My old, more papery deck shows a lot of fray, though. Couple suggestions I don't think anyone mentioned: You want to have a host of 30mm markers to serve as scheme markers, which is a game marker that counts towards various schemes. Your models (barring those with special rules like Insignificant) will place these during the game. Malifaux also uses corpse and scrap markers which some models use for summoning or other sordid purposes. I've just used said 30mm markers and placed a token on them to differentiate them from scheme markers. I have from another game I play, blank acrylic tokens. I find them very handy for writing conditions on, and easily to work with than writing on the cards, with or without sleeves. If conditions are bouncing on and off, I just need to set aside the token and don't have to repeatedly erase and rewrite. I also track wounds suffered with 6-sided dice, which as long as they don't get bashed around, feel much easier to keep track of from both sides of the table.
  17. With a good company, errata is not to destroy model performance in the name of profit, but rather to address models that are so overwhelmingly strong by themselves that they effectively make taking other models pointless. Such models eventually lead to stagnation in listbuilding when not addressed by company errata, excepting "comp" formats where the community takes it upon themselves to set rules to account for the overpowering nature of these models. Strong combos are one thing, combos are vulnerable to disruption. Individual strength is another matter. Wyrd already publicly issues their errata for free, including providing errata cards on their website which could easily be printed off and cut out/laminated. You can find them by going here and scrolling down to the Errata section: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata They also partner with a print on demand service to provide "official" cards: http://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures/subcategory/9801_24297/Individual-Cards The company even has offered "errata bundles". The books are still chockful of fluff, and the vast majority of cards have not seen errata. I would rather have a company that pays attention to the play experience and tries to keep a game from being reduced to the X most powerful models than not.
  18. Last on the List

    Not on your list is Miss Fire, last year's Miss which can be infiltrated by Mei Feng. I'm jonesing for some artwork as well, and I'm a little disappointed that for whatever reason we didn't get the wallpapers like last year for whatever reason, but I think 10T is well-represented...if only in how much stuff we can steal from other factions.
  19. Monday Preview - July 17th

    "Of course this rolled up rug is extremely bulky. I like my rugs nice and plush. My feet are delicate, you know. Would you begrudge me a soothing surface for my poor, delicate feet? The rug is damp? Of course it's damp. I put lots of lotion on it. Lotion for my feet. They're very delicate. You're asking a lot of questions. Just saying." Aces picture! Looking forward to seeing the model.
  20. Hopes for new master upgrade?

    My Rezzer Masters have been Tara, Molly, Kirai, and Yan. I'm honestly at a loss for most of them, but I think Tara might appreciate a "Drain Life" for buried models (well...Drain Whatever considering she has a hole through her chest). Something that pokes every buried model for 1 point and then she heals for the total done. Not something you do all the time, but if you manage to slam 2-3 models in coffins, it might be worth it. Another interesting idea might be an upgrade that buffs Void model attack flips, damage flips, or both. Would make using multiple Wretches and Death Marshals more appealing in contrast to Beast Bombing. I think Yan's upgrades could be cool either way, Ascendant or Normal. The same question has actually come up with McCabe and whether his new upgrades might be Equipment or not. All I'd want, if they were new Ascendant upgrades, that they cost 1-2 Chi to attach - having a 4 Chi option would make for a tidy progression, but would need to be extremely strong to justify the Chi cost. I'd rather have cheaper alternatives to the existing ones.
  21. TOS figs for Mali?

    This is just rampant speculation, but I imagine it will be hard to get individual figures outside of special occurrences such as the "bonus models" they do for certain months - maybe they'll promote TOS with bonus model pack-ins for Malifaux, with suggestions for what Malifaux model you could use it as? I think most TOs would permit suitably converted TOS models, as they don't have any exact parallels in Malifaux, making it harder for the opponent to be mistaken about what they might be, plus they fit the criteria of being mostly Wyrd product. In the end, I suspect your best bet will be to find other people who are interested in doing the exact same thing, then hashing it out how to divide a retail set.
  22. Official Malifaux app

    If the model was similar as far as updates go (can buy individual factions or all factions, then free updates as new releases hit), I'm perfectly fine.
  23. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Something just occurred to me - we've heard 2 upgrades per Master, and Confluxes for Wave 4 Masters, but will the book also include campaign Avatars for the Wave 4 Masters?
  24. Trouble with Summoners

    Sounds about right. Snipers are a good start, taking a Trapper or Hans will let you pressure from activation one. A Focused Critical Strike or Kneecap shot can put your opponent into defensive mode quickly, and then you keep railing shots every turn. Taelor moves up under this covering fire, then activates Welcome To Malifaux. Cheaper models with Sh attacks that also have a option can deal with new summons either at range or up close, or can start popping off attacks at your opponent's stuff earlier. If your opponent wants corpse counters, the Specialist is a good way to go, or heck, it even has blasts on its weapon to deal with any swarm. I Pay Better is a good upgrade to have around with the Specialist since it can get a "free" Focus and put out a Focused and unFocused shot in one activation.
  25. Trouble with Summoners

    Virtus is right, but another thing to consider is that summoning tends to be resource intensive in either high cards, soulstones, or both. If you pressure your opponent and force them to spend those resources in trying to defend key pieces, or just kill those key pieces it slows their gameplan of flooding the board. For example, there's a local player in my meta who plays Guild and Rezzers. When he brings Nicodem, I know he's going to have a Necropunk / Phillip and the Nanny card engine going in the background, plus Mortimer with Corpse Bloat. I'm probably going to be directing any ranged fire on my way in, then jumping on those pieces with my beaters. Nicodem has pretty poor defense, so even with Impossible to Wound, a min damage 3 beater can inflict a lot of pain (and drain a lot of soulstones). Identify those pieces and go after them with a vengeance. Blasts are also a solution, as well as minding each summoner's particulars. Fighting Molly? Spread your dudes out. Going against Kirai? She needs to summon off other models, so pick stuff that's in optimal position for her and kill them. In terms of Outcast specific answers, Taelor is a powerful answer with Welcome to Malifaux. If you don't want to buy the Viks box but were planning to spend at least $100 at the Gencon sale, there's an alt sculpt for her (Miss Deed). Freikorp Specialist can also wax corpse markers.