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  1. Halloween Newsletter

    Please tell me my dreams of a Black Knight'd Nicodem will be a reality.
  2. Monday Preview - The Commander

    Not going with Shredder with the Foot Clan off the bat? Tsk tsk. Vaguely surprised you aren't squealing at the thought of leading a stompybot legion.
  3. Why do you fight for the Order?

    I dunno, I think point costs and examples lend themselves well to ensuring a relatively level of uniqueness, and there's nothing stopping Wyrd from porting "Rare 1" over to TOS. Packs of monstrous scarabs alone seems like a good start for mass forces that are also beasties. Egyptian vultures. Crocodiles. The list goes on. Then you slap Rare 1 on the Spinx and maybe "Gods", mix in some Egyptian arcanists and conventional troops. And trust me, after having watched the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies, you'd know how scary scarabs could be portrayed as.
  4. July Errata now available on WGV

    I would imagine that from July-August onwards, product had the revised cards. If you run into someone that stocked the item before July, then no. Just all depends on when the distributor got it and the seller got it.
  5. Tuco? How bad is he?

    I'm actually taking him into a campaign in which I'm doing a rather thematic Lilith crew using her new terrain marker upgrade in conjunction with the Mysterious Emissary to mine the battlefield. I'm hoping that the blasts will serve as a nice supplement to Nekima's single target and the general combo of mines + Lilith movement. Disillusion trigger to set up Nekima, Df trigger helps Lilith with Transfixing Gaze to get stuff away from him.
  6. Why do you fight for the Order?

    Let's go a step further...Egyptian cat-powered Sphinx-o-pult...that fires Egyptian cats onto the enemy to claw their eyes out. Put on some little glider wings to give them a chance to slow down before landing.
  7. Hannas Aura and Counterspell

    I asked this question before in this topic: I believe the consensus was that soulstoning and card flipped would still add a suit, and that if a model would get a suit to a generic duel (IE it doesn't specify Ml/Sh/Ca, such as Dreamer's ability to pop a totem for + to Ca), but any other source would result in the suit being lost.
  8. Box Sets to complement Herald of Obliteration

    I personally prefer Bishop over Killjoy as a second beater to NB's first. If you can prey on WP debuffing (with Price of Haste), Bishop can go for that. Or if you need to go against low Df, he can switch gears. Killjoy has more raw hitting power, but I like being able to attack Wp if necessary, and getting that extra AP goes a ways towards doing a respectable amount of damage in an activation. Killjoy can do volume as well, but it's reliant on Onslaught triggers.
  9. Why do you fight for the Order?

    Because if I don't get a sphinx in the Malifaux universe I will freak. FREAK. E: By "Malifaux universe" I mean the overall in which both Malifaux and TOS games reside.
  10. McMounings hiring pool

    There's not as much obvious synergy, but I was wondering if anyone has tried Vidiya Guard with McM since the upgrade release. I was thinking the (0) push might be funny with McM mobility, the heal helps playing tricks with their H2K, and the bevy of triggers seems useful. McM's other new upgrade could also fuel their discard-for-focus ability, opening the door for 6 damage hits. Throw in Anima as many people are trying out anyways, and her Injured Workers passive supplements the H2K/heal mentioned previously.
  11. Who you support? confidential (^^)

    The Council has their own agenda though, and seem very well-organized. Marcus will introduce a lot of beasties to Earth, but while they may be a powerful threat, will they necessarily be well-organized? It could be safer to support Marcus' side over the Council just because the Council could be strong opposition in the end.
  12. Mei Feng Flow Chart

    No problem! Would that happen to be an Infinity Fastpanda you got there? Or just your bog-standard robot panda?
  13. Mei Feng Flow Chart

    The upgrade that lets you declare any trigger is called "Press the Advantage" with "Take Advantage of Any Opening" being the specific passive's name to duplicate any trigger, and "Ride the Rails (Crow+Mask) letting you take Railwalker. The Railwalker one is called "Rail Lines" for the upgrade name, and the trigger is called "Passenger Line" triggering on a Mask.
  14. Lampads?

    Yeah, I had a brain fart there. I still think hiring and getting that dual-summoning pressure on is a solid reason to take them.
  15. Lampads?

    I think Lampads by themselves will do the job nicely most of the time. You only need to kill with the Burning, so any of your other models can contribute to the effort by stacking damage on the enemy model until you're in that range where Burning will kill. I could see +1 or +2 doing the trick most of the time. The difficult part comes in when you have to play around A) Condition removal B ) healing and C) Interacting to reduce Burning. Df 5 with 7 Wounds isn't incredible, but that's still more HP than most Rezzer summons enter the board with, and if the opponent's damage track starts with 2, they're looking at 2+ attacks and a bit of luck to kill a fresh one. Really, I think the niche they're going to fill is that of "runaway threat". Each summon from the Lampad's ability further extends the aura coverage of the board and means more Burning put out. One becomes two. Two becomes three. Four? Five? I think bringing or summoning an initial Lampad, having it hang out at the limit of its gun, and pinging away is enough to make life very stressful for your opponent, because when you're pitching 1s and 2s to bring in these models, it's a very good bargain compared to conventional summoning, which you can also be doing at the same time. Bring Philip and the Nanny + Necropunk for card draw, or Take Back The Night, or both to fuel it (sadly Take Back and Burning is a non-bo, but if a model has to die to something other than Burning, you can profit off of it - and you'll at least have some spirits around in form of the Lampad).
  16. August 15th - App

    Not sure if you can answer this now, but will the app have in-app support for condition tracking, or due to the wide variety of conditions in-game will it necessitate continuing tracking conditions with tokens?

    Killjoy has been mentioned with a female Killjoy specifically, but I'd like to specifically suggest Killjoy from before he was turned into his current state. Could be cool to see what he was beforehand.
  18. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 I was just kinda speculating on the undead thing since I had assumed that enough necromantic mojo had steeped into the place over the years of imprisonment that Lililth might not come out unchanged. I doubt we'll see any outright faction losses~ like with McMourning reflected in the game rules, namely his losing his Guild identity, since Wyrd doesn't want to invalidate purist Guild players having purchased him (well, Purist insofar as they're not interested in exploring Rezzers beyond what McMourning brings), and not sure we'll see faction additions either. At best, we'll probably see things along the lines of Hoffman's Arcanist Assets.
  19. Nimble and Disengaging Strikes.

    Disengaging strikes are performed by the model whose engagement range you're trying to walk out of, the model trying to walk away is just performing a regular Walk. So if a model has Nimble, is currently engaged with an enemy model, and wants to get away, you simply declare a Walk noting that you're using the Nimble-granted special AP, then the enemy model has the opportunity to take a disengaging strike. That's how it goes if I understand you correctly.
  20. Post GenCon Update

    If it's a draw, I hope it turns out Lady J failed to kill him but went all Holy Grail on him. MicMourning stitching Nico's head onto a flesh construct while Nico continues to insist he won't be stopped.
  21. Post GenCon Update

    Might take a little extra time depending on whether they have both possibilities written up already, or if they planned to have their writer go at it out once the results are in. Personally I'm curious if the vote margin will have any impact as well.
  22. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Grandpa Nephilim clubs you!
  23. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Oooh, another idea. Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen out of their human forms.
  24. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Another vote for new Yan Lo based on book 5 art. I'd also be interested in a Yin-in-life alternate to go with the living Toshiro + living Punks idea in the previous post.

    I don't have a particular interest in Dreamer myself, but he seems like a good opportunity for a resculpt with the new book. Maybe also Lord Chompy Bits where he becomes a bit more Tyrant-ish, fearsome as he already is. Let us see more hints of the true Nytemare. I think Lilith would also be a good candidate. Give us a sculpt to reflect any changes from being thrown into Nythera, then show it to us to give us an opportunity for rampant speculation about what it might mean.