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  1. I'm one of those weirdos who knows that it's possible to write on and wipe off cards with dry erase, but don't like to for some reason. I have some of the WMH tokens, so I just use the "blank" ones to keep track of conditions. Lets me toss them onto the field if necessary. "B+(number)" for burning, "P+(number) for poison, etc. Lets me write unique conditions too, if there's something I wouldn't represent with one of those flame tokens or whatever.
  2. I've been fairly successful with Tara, myself. Two beaters (I play Nothing Beast and Bishop most of the time), taxi one up, and Pulse Fast onto 3-4 models (Void Wretches with Fast are excellent scheme runners). Then beat something to death with Wp-targeting attacks. If you can wrangle it, the target will have -2 WP. I mean, yeah she's kinda limited and I'd love to see some additional options via upgrades for her in future, but she can have something scary dead turn one with four attacks at +2-4. The taxi also works in other, interesting corner cases. I had a game with Tail 'Em vs post-errata Lucius in which he ran to the opposite end of the board where he thought he'd be safe from being tailed by a minion, first activation of the turn. Tara activated, used her Reactivate (0), picked up a Punk Zombie nearby, double walked so she wouldn't be in range of anything to engage her. Second activation, she walked over to Lucius, spat out the Punk, then the Punk Tailed Lucius. That was the first real non-bomb I've done with her, but now that I've clued in on it, I could see grabbing scheme runners on her first activation if necessary to taxi them across the board.
  3. Better yet, employ some of those Union Miners and go deeper. "We've hit basement, boys!"
  4. Will there perhaps be prototyped models on display for Book 5 at these cons? We're all hungry for more things to speculate over!
  5. I'm pretty sure March's promotion is having the alt Dr. McMourning sculpt packed into the Titania box. Generally it alternates between having people send in receipts for alt sculpts, and having models packed into one of a month's releases. We won't see a similar promotion until April, probably.
  6. The window for redemption closed just a few days ago. Typically they let people submit receipts a few days into the following month, though the date still has to be in the month in question. Then they have to sort through everything and get them sent out. I'd expect to see people starting to get theirs around the second half of the month. If it gets to the last week of March and you haven't heard or seen anything, you might inquire again.
  7. It'd be a one-shot column or series of columns, but something on the design process up to the community playtesting step would be cool. How does the idea for a model typically come about? How does Wyrd start fleshing out the basic statline for the model? How does Wyrd decide what abilities go on the model, especially in choosing between new and unconventional abilities and tried-but-true? (This goes for passive abilities, attack and tactical actions, triggers, heck - even damage spreads if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty).
  8. Yeah, burning is at a premium in her core box, but a lot of core boxes find themselves wanting for additions to get the synergy going. I should note that she has an upgrade, Vapormancy, that gives out burning with blasts as a Ca attack on a built-in suit. It also comes with a trigger for her basic attacks that lets her Vent Steam, which makes it very useful beyond ranged burning. Honestly, I never found the shoveling too compelling on Rail Workers, so it mostly comes down to her getting that + on damage. FWIW, I originally started with Mei as TT and will be using her to kick off my Arcanists, and while she's certainly very strong in 10T, her burning game there was weak for a good while until Komainu and Obsidian Oni hit. I much preferred combo Mei at the time, and have played the latest iteration with summoning to good effect. I'm looking forward to Arcane Effigy and Firestarter in Arcanists for the burning play, and it seems the Firestarter alt sculpt has moved to the Wyrd webstore for special sales, meaning that it's now feasible to get one without buying a Kaeris box. Agreed on the Rail Golem thing. They went a touch too far in trying to shut off the synergy. I guess internal playtesting must have had Rail Golem running the world? One thing to note about the Foundry (Hard Worker) upgrade is that it lets ANY foundry model take the action, which includes Mei. If you're going against anything with Armor or H2W and plan to utilize Mei to rip up weak models or combo something threatening to death, it's very good and doesn't compete with any native (0)s on Mei (although the Wind upgrade is very useful if you're playing her as 10T). Using Hard Worker lets you get to straight damage flips more consistently against H2W (assuming burning setup to get the innate + on Tiger Claw) and lets you get that additional damage against models with armor. Also it lets you ignore LOS-blocking markers, which the two big bringers of Armor and H2W - Arcanists with their Ice/Flame Pillars and Rezzers with their Shards of Nythera - like to throw out. Any markers with blocking characteristics will still be a pain, but a charge at an angle followed by a Jackhammer Kick to shove Mei into Tiger Claw range can be a rude surprise. Yeah, it's not great with the Rail Golem or the Rail Workers compared to innate (0)s there, but it can be very handy for Mei.
  9. Not quite sure what you mean by "anti-synergistic." Could you expound on that?
  10. As far as Outcasts go, Hamelin has the option of Obeying with some minor debuff on enemy capabilities. Tara also fits the bill since with her Fast pulse she can turn one AP of hers into 3+ AP for the rest of the crew, plus she can taxi models around the board even outside of her opening beast bomb. I haven't gotten to play Titania, but Bloody Command lets you move your minions around, and An Audience with the Queen frustrates your opponent's attempts to kill said minions. It can, but it's a lot easier to get an Obey to go off on your own models. Plus Obeying Whispers in Blood on Lelitu is just meeeeean.
  11. I know it's an obvious reference, but I couldn't not make it:
  12. I had already added a Rail Gunner to my pledge, but now I get a second one and a Breachling! Tight (not to mention the Hordes and KE ones, but those are a touch further down the wishlist).
  13. Have...have you seen the internet at large? That's the natural state of things! Cough twice if Aaron has one of those child internet safety things on your computer.
  14. Personally, I saw the mention of wave 5 in the introduction and I'm afraid it spoiled the rest of the Chronicles for me. Who can read it when a mention of wave 5 is ricocheting around your brain?
  15. Do Shikome fit your bill? They're "fleshy"but not quite gribbly, and they're astounding beaters. A core of Datsue Ba + Shikome + Onryo + fill to taste will work out pretty nicely imho. Once you get more points, you can add in Izamu as beater number two and be set for Kirai.
  16. To get on the theme discussion, what about Corrupted Hounds? A New Master goes with the ordering kind of thing, and they may as well be the Guild Hounds' counterpart, being the discarded and forgotten pups from the litters that feed the Guild's kennels. Lucius seems the man to see the humor in taking the Guild's castaways when not on the clock.
  17. I wouldn't necessarily say older models are becoming obsolete out of any intended design process, that is to say Wyrd isn't intentionally saying "let's make these newer models flatout better". It's just that they're a little behind the curve owing to changes in design philosophy, etc. For what it's worth, back in January, they did a bunch of functional changes to models to bring up some models and to tone others down. I'm hopeful 10T will see some benefit from the next go-around in the summer. Yan Lo's pretty great! I recommend looking at the named Ancestors, Komainu, and Shadowy Emissary to start.
  18. Oiran are slightly harder to justify these days because their Lure still needs a suit to go off (one thing that I'm hoping gets changed in the next round of rebalancing) and their melee attacks are still a little ehhh compared to other things you get. Even their specific upgrade doesn't do the trick. If they got a fully suited Lure, they'd immediately become a compelling option. Yamaziko is still decent, especially with the advent of the new Gaining Grounds in which all the schemes start hidden, makes her ability more potent if you're playing her in tournaments. As Fetid said, Yasunori is really good and makes it harder to justify Izamu these days. Nowadays I would primarily take Izamu 1) for Yan Lo with Reliquary and other Ancestor/Spirit synergy, 2) for Misdirection-using Masters (like Brewmaster) since that extra armor makes Misdirection a touch better and 3) if I honestly needed that extra 2 SS more than the difference in output between the two.
  19. Ashes and Dust is probably the first go-to, and is very thematic for him. It's very resilient to actually dying for good (read: having one or both of its component parts killed after the main A&D goes away), is useful for Levi's Rebirth ability, and serves well as an anchor for Waif-based resurrections. As a bonus, it's very killy. Hannah and Sue are also good choices, serving as anchors, utility, and buffing the insane card draw capabilities of a Levi crew. Levi's crew usually has decent guns (Levi himself, Rusty Aylce, Sue if you bring him), but Von Schill's box brings the Librarian and the Trapper to the table - both serve as additional ranged elements, but the Trapper can shoot much further than anything else in the crew, and the Librarian brings both healing as well as another vector to deal with Incorporeal models. Levi really blows up once you get into the Pariah of Iron/Bone stuff, but the stuff I've listed above will go well with him and permit you to expand more easily into other Outcast Masters should you wish to.
  20. Damnit! I misplayed that. It's been a while since that game, and other games I've been walking and swiping. My bad.
  21. One thing I don't think was mentioned yet was a reminder that you can relent when having your models target other models of yours - that's what makes the Ml 7 so good in removing conditions from friendlies, as there's virtually no friendly model with Df higher than 7. That means you can just flip a card for the monk's "attack" and then skip the flip from the "defender", making sure it automatically goes off (barring anything like a negative flip on attacks being applied to the monk). EDIT: Made a mistake
  22. Very disappointed that you didn't show the back of Kyle's card. How are we supposed to assess him with respect to the rest of the meta if we only know the abilities on the front???
  23. I haven't had time yet to think too much about lists, particularly since I haven't gotten proxy bases yet / seen if anyone in the Kansas City area is currently a backer and will be involved in playtesting (I sure hope so though), but I'm thinking that the Black Ops team will be a player in most lists I build, solely because of their ability to deploy forward and really threaten anything that steps out of the enemy deployment with a move + shoot. That should help constrain their movements at least on the first turn. From there, I'm honestly unsure what melee units I'll be taking, of the Warped/Broken/Twisted Horrors, all seem attractive in their own way in terms of flinging into the enemy frontlines, and jamming them up for the heavy hitters (see: Gory and Cinnamon) to come in.
  24. Do you think your local meta will have annoying defense triggers? I'm thinking mostly Gremlins here with their damnable Squeal, but Rezzers and Arcanists also have their share of defense triggers that unfairly hinder our ability to kill them I guess I should also ask if you want to build towards a particular Master, or have a certain crew theme in mind.
  25. Hmm, well, that makes Kassa and Horo a touch more interesting. I think though, it'll mean more "titan" units into KE most of the time, 25 instead of the 12 I originally thought means instead of a single Steel Legion or Mech Infantry, you could take 2x Steel, 1x Steel and 1x Mech, or 3x Mech into KE. Not too sure about KE into Abyssinia, though. Her bonuses seem to favor "Titan"-heavy forces, (I think...can't find the bloody update with her stat card and upgrades), so I think KE -> Abyssinia is going to be a touch more limited, the support units as I mentioned. You *could* go "Titan" light in an Abyssinia army with Kassa, and have her...focus on one? I think the more one takes, the more bang for the buck one is going to get, though.