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  1. The usage of "suffers wounds" is curious and I would be adverse to any assumptions. It may be along the lines of the disparate wordings of bonuses to attack flips, or the differences in Hard to Kill wording for certain models, that comes out to the same thing in the end. This is probably something that needs to be addressed to Aaron and company directly, rather than trying to draw a distinction between "suffers wounds" and "suffers damage" where none may exist.
  2. Just a question - the condition he applies which continually checks for 4 or more damage hits - does the check come before or after armor?
  3. I don't see the Quellers sharing Suppression markers as a mistake. They still have a range on them, so it might behoove one to take at least two and have them covering either half of the board. Plus it means you can relocate two markers/turn rather than just one. If it was per Queller, rapidly blanketing the board to turn off every built-in trigger of your opponents' would be...overwhelming.
  4. I've actually also been stroking my chin re: Maddox and Misaki. She drags everything in for a threat range extension on Misaki, then Misaki can pick things off at her leisure. Filter stuff with Rigged Deck on Maddox's activation, then either go double defensive and pitch a low card before drawing a high card for Misaki to use later on, or shoot away then blind draw for Misaki. If you can trap a couple of models against a double Defensive Maddox, you immediately give the rest of your crew more flexibility in doing schemes or combat, and Misaki is killy enough with Stalking Bisento to handle the tarpit. I'd like to see a third trigger on her gun that takes advantage of Brilliance, but I'm not sure there's enough room on the back of her card, hah. Something that encourages her to use the gun to apply Brilliance in the first place besides just making sure stuff gets dragged in.
  5. I support Wyrd's bold defiance of ageism and their willingness to portray undead senior citizens.
  6. There's a new Playtesting subforum a bit down the page. You can find the current files here: http://themostexcellentandawe...-wave-5-playtesting-read-me/
  7. As it so happens, Malifaux night is tonight and I'm hoping to play the new Darkened Henchman with Jacob. Quick reads on her and the other follow: Gywneth: Very potent. Between Rigged Deck and Hit Me, you have a lot of "card draw", particularly if you can set up Hit Me into an Ace or two. She plays really hard to the Brilliance condition, and helps it stick - I always felt Beckoners were a little too fragile to work Party Never Ends even with forcing negatives, so having a beefy henchman with SS prevention will be nice. Previously I haven't played Jacob too Brilliance heavy in 10T, but tonight I plan to do so. Overall I think she's pretty solidly balanced even with the potential for absurd card advantage, as her own damage track isn't much to speak of and her defensive ability, while nice, isn't as consistent as Armor or HtW. Crime Boss: Nice and beefy and I really look forward to the card draw, especially with my current sentiment that 10T leans heavily on card pitching even if we do get a lot of Focus and pseudo-Focus abilities. He will likely make any crew in a scheme-heavy environment. He might have one too many wounds to make it to printing with everything else on his card, but I like the combo of HtW and Calls Unto The Chi. Lotus Eater: The thug to the Crime Boss it seems. Having extra Protection Money auras seems baller, especially for 6SS, but I feel like this guy doesn't really want to attack - he's pretty fragile at 6 wounds and 5/5 if you attack, and the heal trigger won't do much if you open him to a concerted assault by not having the relevant defensive stat at 7. You can still walk him around, scheme, engage and double Threaten, so it's not all bad, but actually hurting someone feels last-resort, which is weird for a thug - especially those as proactive as the Ten Thunders. If they had HtW as well, I might be more down to attacking with him. Obsidian Statue: A solid bruiser who also brings portable cover. Excellent synergy with Mei, since he can potentially drop a truckload of scrap and then hoover any back up that she doesn't need. Burning also works with her attacks, and it should be noted that his Dark Energies (0) works very well with her Ca action. He also goes well in a Yan crew, since Yan and Yin appreciate the damage bonus to Ca actions and Toshiro can then get a scrap summoning vector without Komainu blowing up. Might require dropping Izamu though, so your call on how that works out. Charm Warder: Odd duck. The scheme marker aura feels tiny, but the anti-summon aura is potentially huge, although it has an odd anti-synergy against Molly - you might be able to pop something immediately, but if Molly manages to catch you clumped, it could be a ton of Black Blood damage coming out before you have a chance to respond. The blade dodges any triggers you like and always attacks the weakest, but he won't be getting close in most matchups unless out of dire necessity. Cleanse Ground is also weird - ability to remove markers is nice, but not without a built-in trigger seems weak. I feel like it's more useful to other factions hiring it as a mercenary, but even so they probably have better options. Tanuki: Clever. Feels a little better than Terracotta Warrior in protecting stuff if you're expecting a sustained assault on the protected model, especially if you have one of the two triggers auto-firing. Overall I think we got a pretty solid round of stuff, but I'm a little iffy on the Lotus Eaters being severely disincentivized against attacking (they're thugs!), and Charm Warder's Cleanse Ground.
  8. Summoning is neat, especially if you can use it to fight an activation war. A gun that ignores HtK is also real useful.
  9. Burying is also a plausible solution. The Freikorps henchmen bring it as a merc option, while Tara in Outcasts and Death Marshals (and Recruiters) bring it in Guild. If she ever becomes too oppressive, those could come around, and she's sitting at Wp 5.
  10. At that point it's basically relying on throwing away stuff from Rigged Deck and then trusting the next four cards are Aces, at which point we're getting into probabilities of "will I die of old age first" scale. I think we can settle on "she draws a nice amount of cards but has weak damage output, moderate defensive capabilities, and Brilliance doesn't do a whole lot unless you bring other models that benefit from it".
  11. You can't get more than five cards from Hit Me, and the first four have to be Aces. Realistically, most turns you'll pitch the chaff, then either leave a big 'un on the top for her and blind draw when she's spent her AP, or draw a good card before starting into her other stuff. Sometimes you'll get one or even two Aces, but those will make up a very small %. And while she's well protected from snipers and heads off Focus, there's plenty of 6/7 attack stat beaters that will go well against her Df 5 without having to Focus.
  12. Forget the hats! When am I getting my Izamu suit?!
  13. Thing is, it has great synergy with Survivalist thanks to the fact that you increase the value of the condition by how much you exceed the TN check. If you just have a 5, then you just get the Tethered +1. At that point you only force your opponent to land an additional attack. If you cheated in an 8 though, now it's Tethered +4 and your opponent needs two hits, three if they land a min damage 2 for one of the first two. If you went all the way to 13, you're sitting pretty at Tethered +9 and whoops, that kill shot on your Master now just healed them to near-full. It's balanced out by her taking wounds equal to the value, but Armor +1 takes some of the sting off, you have Freikorps librarian for healing, and Freikorps Engineer for buffing her Armor against enemy attacks and Tethered.
  14. Actually, I just twigged on Cleanse Ground potentially frustrating scheming, especially if you force an enemy model into walking then dropping, rather than dropping then walking, or even having to double walk / just not drop a scheme marker that turn, but eeeesh. Seems a lot of investment, particular with a 7+, when I could shove something in to engage (barring things like Don't Mind Me). If they want to push that particular line of play, either the Ca needs to come up or the TN needs to come down by 1-2.
  15. Here's my initial feedback: I appreciate the Neil Henry = John Henry reference (Was one of my favorite songs when I was little...)
  16. That certainly is a thing @_@ Any chance you can hint if the factions that "won" a model in a week but not overall, will influence the final abilities of the model?
  17. The alt Titania is looking great. I'm probably going to wait on the Titania until Gencon comes around and more goodies (like potential Nightmare crews) pop up, but it's on my buylist for sure!
  18. Very nice. Looking forward to Dade, Rougarou, and Fire in the Sky.
  19. Fair enough. Will the special edition models of the sort previously used as purchase incentives, simply be straightup available for purchase, then, as they usually are in sales following? Also, we're rabid for information on new releases in the next few months over here...just saying
  20. Hey Aaron, There's this rather contentious conversation that's come up on the Facebook group about Dade's hand reveal and whether it's appropriate to record the player's hand. It's also grown to incorporate the question of what's permissible as a reference in playing Malifaux. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWYRDPLACE/permalink/617362651794136/ I've already said my piece on the Facebook group that I think it's polite to allow my opponent to record my hand when revealed, especially since people may have memory issues more severe than the average person - enough to put them in that grey space where they can function socially but need a bit of help, and it's not my place to interrogate them about whether they do (especially since they may have internalized societal stigma and feel bad about their being disabled, therefore being less willing to bring it up). I'm not sure if such things as hand recording or the larger issue of references is covered precisely, but those two things might need greater consideration for the next FAQ. Just bringing to your attention
  21. I'm one of those weirdos who knows that it's possible to write on and wipe off cards with dry erase, but don't like to for some reason. I have some of the WMH tokens, so I just use the "blank" ones to keep track of conditions. Lets me toss them onto the field if necessary. "B+(number)" for burning, "P+(number) for poison, etc. Lets me write unique conditions too, if there's something I wouldn't represent with one of those flame tokens or whatever.
  22. I've been fairly successful with Tara, myself. Two beaters (I play Nothing Beast and Bishop most of the time), taxi one up, and Pulse Fast onto 3-4 models (Void Wretches with Fast are excellent scheme runners). Then beat something to death with Wp-targeting attacks. If you can wrangle it, the target will have -2 WP. I mean, yeah she's kinda limited and I'd love to see some additional options via upgrades for her in future, but she can have something scary dead turn one with four attacks at +2-4. The taxi also works in other, interesting corner cases. I had a game with Tail 'Em vs post-errata Lucius in which he ran to the opposite end of the board where he thought he'd be safe from being tailed by a minion, first activation of the turn. Tara activated, used her Reactivate (0), picked up a Punk Zombie nearby, double walked so she wouldn't be in range of anything to engage her. Second activation, she walked over to Lucius, spat out the Punk, then the Punk Tailed Lucius. That was the first real non-bomb I've done with her, but now that I've clued in on it, I could see grabbing scheme runners on her first activation if necessary to taxi them across the board.
  23. Better yet, employ some of those Union Miners and go deeper. "We've hit basement, boys!"
  24. Will there perhaps be prototyped models on display for Book 5 at these cons? We're all hungry for more things to speculate over!
  25. I'm pretty sure March's promotion is having the alt Dr. McMourning sculpt packed into the Titania box. Generally it alternates between having people send in receipts for alt sculpts, and having models packed into one of a month's releases. We won't see a similar promotion until April, probably.