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  1. Branded bags & shaped foam trays?

    I wouldn't mind them reaching out to K&R Multicase as well.
  2. Branded bags & shaped foam trays?

    Personally I buy K&R Multicase. I've heard the Battlefoam boss has engaged in douchebag behavior before, so I buy K&R. They're nice folks and I think they should have foam to fit titans. The only thing I hate...their website...
  3. January 2018 Errata

    It was mentioned up-thread, but they said that caches would adjust to reflect this.
  4. January 2018 Errata

    Lelitu also has Regeneration and can always Whispers in Blood if you need to shore up her Defense. Granted it's only until EOT, but doesn't need a card, benefits WP, and boosts her Lure if you want to go Whispers + Lure route. Generally I'll take her outside of Lynch, but Beckoners in Lynch is easier to swallow.
  5. January 2018 Errata

    It also lost the clause to ignore damage reduction, so Armor is now a counterplay to it. I don't think the Rider change is unbalancing. Their reduction and damage tracks still take a bit to spin up, and you can use stuff like blasts and other non-targeting effects (Misery auras) to go to work on them.
  6. January 2018 Errata

    Looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out. I feel like Ressurectionists, Arcanists, and Guild benefited the most from the cost reductions, though I am happy to see a reduction on Thunder Archers, which I felt they needed. I think a few models in that list (Guild Guard, Desperate Mercenaries) might have benefited from either poking at other numbers on their card or non-number text, but overall I think it'll help to try and balance cost around power rather than power around cost for that many models.
  7. Friday Preview - Yarazi

    Tsk tsk Kimberly, "Yarazi" and you did not reach for the owl duo of "Orazi?" "Yarazi!"?
  8. Monday Preview - Guild Lawyer

    The Outcast infection is taking hold! Quickly, set your second Emissary on the pyre as a sacrifice! ...just do it outdoors and with proper respiratory protection.
  9. Wave 6 wishlist

    I saw someone else suggest alternate totems for Masters. I'd love that in addition to rebalancing of the initial round of totems. Seems like it'd add content, but the Master restriction would let them get creative without worrying about how it'd play under every Master in the faction. It'd also add some breadth while (I think) avoiding the increasing glut that is generally available models.
  10. Schemes & Stones Musing on M3E

    The new WMH release was rather rushed, and there's some rumors about whether their hand was forced owing to someone in-the-know threatening to spill the beans. It did result in a hit to the game that I've seen, but it's not too drastic. They also seem to be regaining some community goodwill with the CID process, trying to show they're earnestly hammering out issues with each faction, but that has also resulted in some grumbling about when they'll get to someone's personal faction. The Skorne redesign was really good, speaking as someone who didn't play Skorne - they acknowledged they fucked up, went to redo it, and delivered.
  11. Malifaux App Road Map

    Really looking forward to the December thing for viewing upgrades in the model section!
  12. New Image

    Oh, they can. I want to say they were originally pure mercs but then things changed so they could eventually be played as their own faction as well once they get enough models, but I can't find the authoritative statement on that, so I'll wait for someone to confirm or tell me I'm dead wrong. At the very least you'll see Guild popping up in Abyssinia and King's Empire armies as for-hire muscle. https://www.wyrd-games.net/tos-guild
  13. New Image

    Well, this would be for the Guild faction in The Other Side, rather than Malifaux. Court of Two and The Guild serve the role of Mercenaries in The Other Side, with one for the world-of-Malifaux factions (CoT) and one for the Earth factions (Guild), so it would make sense to have merc vs merc that can easily go into more factions. Much like how all the dudes in the Malifaux starter of Guild vs NB are all mercs so people can play them in other factions as they expand.
  14. Latest upgrades

    You are looking for this product, which was made available back in...October? https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wyr20039.html It includes the book 5 upgrades, which is all the new Master upgrades, the Emissary Conflux upgrades for the book 4 Masters, and a few general upgrades. If you're just starting Malifaux, you may find there's a lot in there you'll have no immediate use for because they're factions you don't plan on getting into soon, but I personally bought one for myself because, uh...I play a lot of stuff....? If you have friends who also play who want to split it, or if you want to hang onto the whole thing for yourself (futureproofing), that's one way to justify it. Otherwise, the official app lets you play around with the new upgrades as well. I haven't heard anything about the new Master upgrades going into crew boxes.
  15. Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

    I feel like the posters in this thread are taking Kai for a ride, cant(er) you all give him a break? Don't have your blinders on, the mane purpose of these previews is to get excited over new shinies, not have the gall(op) to sass him. Wyrd, give me these models soon, I can't wait for a rein-y day in March!