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  1. Lampads?

    Yeah, I had a brain fart there. I still think hiring and getting that dual-summoning pressure on is a solid reason to take them.
  2. Lampads?

    I think Lampads by themselves will do the job nicely most of the time. You only need to kill with the Burning, so any of your other models can contribute to the effort by stacking damage on the enemy model until you're in that range where Burning will kill. I could see +1 or +2 doing the trick most of the time. The difficult part comes in when you have to play around A) Condition removal B ) healing and C) Interacting to reduce Burning. Df 5 with 7 Wounds isn't incredible, but that's still more HP than most Rezzer summons enter the board with, and if the opponent's damage track starts with 2, they're looking at 2+ attacks and a bit of luck to kill a fresh one. Really, I think the niche they're going to fill is that of "runaway threat". Each summon from the Lampad's ability further extends the aura coverage of the board and means more Burning put out. One becomes two. Two becomes three. Four? Five? I think bringing or summoning an initial Lampad, having it hang out at the limit of its gun, and pinging away is enough to make life very stressful for your opponent, because when you're pitching 1s and 2s to bring in these models, it's a very good bargain compared to conventional summoning, which you can also be doing at the same time. Bring Philip and the Nanny + Necropunk for card draw, or Take Back The Night, or both to fuel it (sadly Take Back and Burning is a non-bo, but if a model has to die to something other than Burning, you can profit off of it - and you'll at least have some spirits around in form of the Lampad).
  3. August 15th - App

    Not sure if you can answer this now, but will the app have in-app support for condition tracking, or due to the wide variety of conditions in-game will it necessitate continuing tracking conditions with tokens?

    Killjoy has been mentioned with a female Killjoy specifically, but I'd like to specifically suggest Killjoy from before he was turned into his current state. Could be cool to see what he was beforehand.
  5. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 I was just kinda speculating on the undead thing since I had assumed that enough necromantic mojo had steeped into the place over the years of imprisonment that Lililth might not come out unchanged. I doubt we'll see any outright faction losses~ like with McMourning reflected in the game rules, namely his losing his Guild identity, since Wyrd doesn't want to invalidate purist Guild players having purchased him (well, Purist insofar as they're not interested in exploring Rezzers beyond what McMourning brings), and not sure we'll see faction additions either. At best, we'll probably see things along the lines of Hoffman's Arcanist Assets.
  6. Nimble and Disengaging Strikes.

    Disengaging strikes are performed by the model whose engagement range you're trying to walk out of, the model trying to walk away is just performing a regular Walk. So if a model has Nimble, is currently engaged with an enemy model, and wants to get away, you simply declare a Walk noting that you're using the Nimble-granted special AP, then the enemy model has the opportunity to take a disengaging strike. That's how it goes if I understand you correctly.
  7. Post GenCon Update

    If it's a draw, I hope it turns out Lady J failed to kill him but went all Holy Grail on him. MicMourning stitching Nico's head onto a flesh construct while Nico continues to insist he won't be stopped.
  8. Post GenCon Update

    Might take a little extra time depending on whether they have both possibilities written up already, or if they planned to have their writer go at it out once the results are in. Personally I'm curious if the vote margin will have any impact as well.
  9. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Grandpa Nephilim clubs you!
  10. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Oooh, another idea. Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen out of their human forms.
  11. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Another vote for new Yan Lo based on book 5 art. I'd also be interested in a Yin-in-life alternate to go with the living Toshiro + living Punks idea in the previous post.

    I don't have a particular interest in Dreamer myself, but he seems like a good opportunity for a resculpt with the new book. Maybe also Lord Chompy Bits where he becomes a bit more Tyrant-ish, fearsome as he already is. Let us see more hints of the true Nytemare. I think Lilith would also be a good candidate. Give us a sculpt to reflect any changes from being thrown into Nythera, then show it to us to give us an opportunity for rampant speculation about what it might mean.
  13. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Nico's big thing is going to be what happens in the fight between him and Lady J. As far as the book goes, he planned and participated in an attack on the Guild HQ, with McMourning and Seamus, to stop a ritual that would have cut Rezzers off from the Grave Spirit, which is how Lady J twigged on who he was. Tara didn't have a lot, the Outcast story was highly Von Schill oriented and focused mostly on his non-violent conflict with the new Governor-General and his plans to set up a new settlement for the mercenaries of Malifaux. She showed up at the meeting for the latter and distracted some poor sod with Karina when she wanted to get out of a boring conversation. She also got a bit with the Talos entry - construct from the old Malifaux inhabitants intended to cage the Tyrants but turned out too weak to do so, so they were left sitting until she found one and imbued it with a fragment of Obliteration's power.
  14. I'm aware that it's already explicitly stated that as cards move from deck to discard pile, they must be shown to your opponent as set forth in the Public Information section, but I was wondering if there might be a short sentence or two added to either Deck Etiquette (or the preceding section if more appropriate) saying that the deck and discard pile must be reasonably visible to your opponent as well (no setting them behind tall buildings and the like). I don't want to go into too much detail, but previous tournament experiences make me think that unambiguously setting that down in the tournament packet would be for the best. My apologies if it's already set forth somewhere else and I missed it.
  15. What is the appeal of M3E?

    The new and shiny. You remember the hype leading up to book 5? Imagine that for every model currently existing. I never played 1.5, but I have the books and the differences in models are incredible. I think Wyrd's design philosophy has matured enough that if we saw an actual 3e instead of a 2.5e, the change wouldn't be as drastic in terms of overall philosophy, though models might get tweaked to a significant extent. Base rules play a role too, some people really want stuff changed /clarified, but I think more people want to see what models changed. Some people because they just want a whole new world, some because they don't like how some models are (whether in the 1.5-2e transition or just how they were designed in 2e), some a little bit of both.