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  1. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Have decided to photo my box of shame for gremlins (24 models in photo...and I’ve realised Ulix isn’t there) Ive a fair bit more unmade yet, so I’m going to say now, I can only buy more minis when I’ve completed 12 models from this box/tray, and anything I do buy goes straight into this pile. hopefully I would like to get all these complete by end of July....we’ll see
  2. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Only found time for some additional foliage and extra bit of slime on the roof so far
  3. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Thanks. Im please how the rust turned out The roof is pretty much finished now, some additional slime patches, tufts of grass/lichen and maybe a small highlight on the roof slats I still need some more ivy and moult patches to add but the shack itself is about 95% done Next step will be to complete the base including steps, small pond around steps and some bushes. I think a barrel or three of moon shine left about too.
  4. Rikk

    Worcester Shindig - Sunday 1st July 2018

    Will see if I can make this, need to check work roster (and wife’s)
  5. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Silly amount of updates today, have been very motivated Have base coated everything now added shading to the roof and will really take my time lighting each tile happy with the rust effect on the porch roof still have a long way to go with the wood on the house and the base needs sorting out. Aim to complete with 7 days from now...
  6. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Getting carried away. Need to finish before painting happy with how the roof has turned out, used a straw cut in half to seal the top of the roof
  7. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    More progress (day off work) and totally getting carried away with this so Ulix crew is not getting finished one side complete and starting to paint, not keen on the green, think I’ll turn it more a slate colour and have some green tint Im going to orange/brown rust affect the corrugated porch roof and add a similar one to part of roof on the other side
  8. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Some small progress with one of the shacks. I’m going to cut cardboard slats for roof and overlap to add to the 3D effect along with the corrugated (yay for spell checker) iron sheet for porch roof. some of this is glued, rest is dry fit as I’ll need to paint it before glueing together.
  9. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @PetitDalek congrats on completing first crew box. That Wendigo does look great
  10. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So far this month, I have almost finished Penelope but no pics yet. Ive actually put paint to Ulix, even if just weak base coat, it’s a start, also started to do the same on some other models.
  11. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute Hi, thanks. Tournament went ok, I’m getting more familiar with Ulix and more confident with Ophelia, should try another master. 1 win and 3 lose but fun games all day. I’ve learnt that I don’t like Viks, Nekima, Barbaros and Lilith, actually I could make a bigger list. I definately need to finish painting a crew up as Gremlins can look very similar undercoated black so I’d like to be fairer for my opponent by them being identifiable so big push now for Ulix crew complete by month end.
  12. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Two great swamp village buildings from Sarrisa Going to let them ‘air’ for the day to get the burnt smell away, will then start on paint and build
  13. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Kind of a terrain piece, can leave it as a bit of blocking terrain, but it’s meant to be used in supply wagon strategy. Really pleases how it turned out and got a best painted at tournament for it (tournament best painted format was for best painted supply wagon which I thought was a great idea for a variation to the standard best crew). Going to start on a bayou village tonight
  14. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    My Supply Wagon token/terrain piece is complete (just in time for tournament yesterday). Going to start on Penelope tonight
  15. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute That is a seriously nice Rasputina