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  1. Sign me up please (Rik Phillips) Can't say no to only a 25 min commute to venue, will send payment this evening Thx
  2. PIG DADDY 11/06/17

    Payment incoming now, looking forward to this
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    Placeholder for WIP (need to find camera cable) this month Im going to finish green stuff tidying on the Sow, paint a piglet and a couple stuffed piglets.
  4. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- March

    Hi all, apologies for not posting my progress sooner, lots of hospital stuff in real life has gotten in the way. ive managed to finish my bayou display board (yes, I'm one of those guys....) and also finish Ol Major and one Akaname. the Sow still needs more green stuff to tidy up all the seams and the stuffed piglets still need glueing together before any under oats get applied. points for March old major akaname pics inc tomoz when I can find cable and have had some sleep.
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- March

    Hi, right then. Henchman, looking at the obscene amount of models still on their sprues, I'm going to start off with; The Sow 8ss Stuffed piglet 2ss Stuffed piglet 2ss Stuffed piglet 2ss totalling 14ss for the month, pics to be posted in a couple of days when I've got them off the sprues and glued together. good luck all.
  6. Cow Wars 4 Charity - MK - 30th April

    Hi, sign me up for this please. First event I'll have been able to attend since January due to work and family commitments. payment via usual route? thx
  7. Hi, please sign me me up for a Henchman, I think that's prob 2-3 models a month, really hoping I can stick to it.
  8. UK Nationals 2017

    Ticket purchased, see you all at the Nationals
  9. Enforcers Assemble - 21st January - Coalville

    I'll be Resurrectionists both days also thx
  10. I'll be bringing Resurrectionists Thx
  11. Hi, could I be added to the reserves list please? thx
  12. Enforcers Assemble - 21st January - Coalville

    Hi, work have changed my roster and on-call shifts, can I be added to reserves list please? thx
  13. Lucius' Plan B - Daventry - 27th August

    Sent payment through. will be bringing along Ressers. cheers
  14. The Queen's Strategy - Telford 27th August

    Hi, ticket purchased (Rik Phillips) will be brining Ressers as usual thx