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  1. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Burnin' Coal wow, as others have said amazing, also very much like the shirt colour
  2. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Franchute Hi, posting pics tomorrow, busy month at work, birthdays and inlaws visiting. finished Raphael, wild boar, Wong still working but likely finish Merris carrying into next month as ongoing WIP Gracie, survivor supringly loads done
  3. Monthly painting challenge - February

    So having had a mad bit of inspiration I have almost finished Wong already. also working on a young LaCroix and Raphael. pics tonight when I get home. bit concerned I’m now painting mini s from 3 different crews so need to calm down and get one finished and then move to the rest or else I’ll be gaming with half painted crews all year.
  4. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute Hi, mulligan for me for month one please. Have managed to get about 160 SS worth of Gremlins built and sprayed black, some with gremlin skin as a base layer (as min requirement for tournament last Sunday). Have also almost finished one wild boar and also working on a display base for an Ulix theme swamp crew. All in all a positive start if no completed miniatures just yet.
  5. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Struggling quite a bit this month. work has been a nightmare and I’ve been cutting and glueing models ready for tournaments. have almost finished one boar and making a start on Ophelia later. May just get a model done this month but then with upcoming tournaments and two crews worth of models glued and undercoated I should be fairly motivated to paint.
  6. Gremlins newbie advice please

    Hi all, thank you you for the feedback and useful advice. I have a tournament this weekend where I’m looking to learn more, try out and see how things go. a generic list that I’m not constantly changing models and just learning gremlins will be the plan. Im thinking of going with Ophelia with full 7ss cache and useless junk upgrade Fingers with stilts and dirty cheater (haven’t read cards yet to check all this is legal) Burt with dirty cheater taxidermist slop hauler survivor survivor young la croix young la croix 9 models some heals and hopefully a bit of longevity to get some VP i seriously cannot locate my Franc and Raph models hence why they haven’t made the cut (sock gnomes have grown tired up hiding my socks and upgraded to plastic).... Are there any other suggestions to swap models out/in? thanks
  7. Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Payment sent, thx
  8. Gremlins newbie advice please

    Wow, didn’t realise they could do all that, esp to heal themselves, thanks for the info. Def keeping one in the crew now 😀
  9. Gremlins newbie advice please

    Thanks all, really appreciate the responses. I think against Sonia I need to be less nervous and can bunch a bit closer than I did. will try hiring a stuffed piglet as well as a Taxidermist and throw both into combat ASAP. hopefully having the crew closer together will assist putting out burning. we were fairly close together starting off on flank deployment and Raph and Rami in addition to poor flips and bad hand on my part didn’t last too long. I think a gremlin gun line could probably deal with the witchling stalkers reasonably well. thanks
  10. Hi All, bit of background, I’ve been playing for 2 years but only get games at tournaments and probably 4-5 tournaments a year, so learning curve is interesting. Especially first ever game (didn’t get spoon at that tournament). i usually finish bottom or close to bottom table but have more fun playing than trying to win games, and with such a great community it’s not difficult having fun. Im switching from Ressers to Gremlins this year and a friend has started playing Guild, so I’ll now get regular-ish games in. last night first game I beat Sonia with ophelia 6-4 in a game that felt I was on back foot whole time while only pulling off a win taking Sonia out turn 5 (leadership) and denying him picking up evidence markers. i really struggled against burning, he also summoned about 3 models (stalkers) which from turn 3 was out activating me. (sorry for long intro) so so my questions are; Slop haulers, I don’t see how they are that good having such a low healing per 2 AP, unless I bunch my models up, are there better healing options to consider? burning, was horrible, I had an upgrade to remove conditions but my models were being burnt after they had activated. Any models/upgrades good for this? i had spread my crew out a reasonable amount as I was nervous about blasts, should I keep closer together and focus on taking out enemies nearer to me before going for schemes? taxidermist, until I committed to throwing him into charges he was pretty useless. I didn’t hire any stuffed pigs and couldn’t get to a corpse marker to summing one until turn 3. Would you hire any or have tricks to get them in quicker? sorry for daft questions, rereading seems I’m more whining than asking questions. have had a good read of most of the posts in the past few months and will be listening to schemes and stones pod casts later tonight. any help, pointing in right direction would be much appreciated. i don’t have a huge amount of gremlin models but could get hold of things fairly quickly. thanks rikk
  11. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Woohoo sorted out photo issue, here is Ulix and of time Penelope will get done too
  12. Monthly painting challenge - January

    I’m pledging Ulix, glued together and a nice little base made, painting to start tomorrow. annoyed my phone photo is too large so will have to log onto laptop to resize before posting un-primed starting point

    Ophelia = Wicked Witch Franc = Lion Rami = Tinman Pere and pig = Dorothy and Toto Raph = Scarecrow Young La Croix = Winged monkeys or my personal favourite = Munchkins

    Yes to Wizard of Oz theme, unsure which models I would like to see, think one of the master boxes rather than mixes, Ophelia could be good
  15. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    Can only make Sunday event 😪 funds sent 😀