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  1. Terry Bailey Sr

    A Wyrd Place

    I was on that facebook group until today. They made it clear my opinions are not welcome unless I am a top tournament player.
  2. Terry Bailey Sr

    Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

    Well crap, I was going to buy the box. Now their is no need.
  3. Terry Bailey Sr

    Mages missing strength in unity

    It happens when I copy a crew over from my iphone with QR that has the valedictorian. It then breaks the mages. That is the only way I can add valedictorian to a crew. I must use a crew he has been in before. If I create a new crew with sandeep then the mages work but I can’t include the valedictorian. Edit: It is odd that a QR copied crew does not retain the same stats. I deleted temporary shielding and added it back the mages are now showing the 6-1 cost. However they are still counting as 6 each for the total.
  4. Terry Bailey Sr

    Mages missing strength in unity

    I have temporary shielding on all 3. I am on 3.81 on iPhone and iPad. It is only happening on iPad. Mages show 6 instead of 6-1. Soul stone total is off on iPad but not iPhone.
  5. Terry Bailey Sr

    Mages missing strength in unity

    The oxfordian mages are missing strength in unity on the iPad.
  6. Terry Bailey Sr

    Unaligned Sage

    When was the last update ?
  7. Thanks to our henchmen our area is thriving.
  8. Terry Bailey Sr

    Schemes & Stones Musing on M3E

    We live in a digital age. When will we ever go to living rulebooks instead of constant new editions? Heck even Advanced Squad Leader was using a binder and updated pages for rules changes years ago.
  9. Terry Bailey Sr

    Here is a crazy idea for a rule change

    Like I said from the start this was just a crazy idea. I have enjoyed discussing this. A fun thought experiment. I love the folks that took time to have fun with it. All I really wanted was folks just to take it as a fun thought experiment. I did confuse euchre deck with pinochle deck. Never at anytime did I demand this as a change. Thanks for participating.
  10. Terry Bailey Sr

    Here is a crazy idea for a rule change

    How did you get that from the above? You will still be dueling against the other guys Flips and I showed how the danage flips would need redoing.
  11. Terry Bailey Sr

    Here is a crazy idea for a rule change

    Exactly. I want to increase successes but not completely do away with them. I think it would help speed up the game especially for tournaments. Alternatively if you still use a standard deck give the 2-8 cards more of a roll in the game. Maybe two cards discarded are a wild for suit perhaps.
  12. I had an idea, it may be crazy but here it goes. How about instead of using a standard deck of cards instead use a Euchre deck. Euchre decks uses two standard decks but removes all of the 2-8 cards. So you are left with A,K,Q,J, 10 and 9. Also you have 2 of each of those in every suit. I have not tested this but I think it could work. In Malifaux 2-8 serve almost no purpose. I say almost because they do serve as a clog for your hand. Duels would still work the same way and Aces would still count as a 1. Damage would still need to be adjusted of course. Maybe 9-10 weak, J-Q moderate and K-A as severe.
  13. Terry Bailey Sr

    Some ideas for improving the app

    Why do you think Landscape mode is weird? I use a keyboard case. It would make things so much better.
  14. Terry Bailey Sr

    Who has Sandeep Cheatsheet

    Bingo!! Thank you!
  15. Terry Bailey Sr

    Some ideas for improving the app

    For the love of Pete!! Landscape mode!!!