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  1. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    And everything went well! Thanks a lot!
  2. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    These are great news @Viruk! Congrats to you too!
  3. New Acranist here Need your help

    Salut! The Ramos box indeed has the advantage of bringing Joss and Howard which are seen in many arcanist crews. The arachnids are also goid scheme runners. If you want to play Ramos, you would have to buy some more arachnids and either mobile toolkit, or electric creation or union steamfitter. With this you can perfectly play Ramos. A showgirl like Angelica or Carlos Vasquez to hold the practiced production upgrade is a great addition to any arcanist crew. Angelica is cheaper than Carlos and brings useful pushes. Carlos is a great tank but his role may overlap with Joss a bit. Arcane effify y Johan would another addition. They both brings cindition remocal. Effigy is a great schemer. Johan has sinergies in Ramos' or Ironsides' lists. Ironsides would indeed sinergies well with Ramos. Her box also gives you the oxfordian mages who are great fir their cost. Kaeris, Sandeep and Rasputina boxes would bring less minis to the faction or would require more purchases to be effective. Which one of these 5 masters appeal you the most?
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Hello, my daughter will be born tomorrow earlier than expected! This means I may not have time to paint anymore this month. So, I'm posting what I have done so far. I have the following two large arachnids. I wanted to add an OSL, but I guess these wont have any! Wish me luck for tomorrow! Edit: this is 2 x 6ss = 12ss
  5. Monday Preview - Gunner

    We just the Malifaux mini now
  6. Hey Since the final version of GG2018 has been released, I generated the schemes for the January tournament. Here they are: Round 1: Strategy: Public Executions Close Deployment Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Set Up, Take Prisoner Round 2: Strategy: Ply for Information Standard Deployment Schemes: Surround Them, Dig Their Graves, Set Up, Hold Up Their Forces, Undercover Entourage Round 3: Strategy: Ours Corner Deployment Schemes: Eliminate the Leadership, Search The Ruins, Take One For The Team, Take Prisoner, Public Demonstration
  7. Hello, We'll have a tournament on Sunday January 7th 2018 starting from 11:00 on. It will be a three round tournament using the GG2018 strats and schemes. I will let you know about the available strats and schemes for each round once GG2018 will be released. As prizes we'll have mystery boxes and guilders. Location: it will take place at the Er Limbo club. The club is located at av. Paul Harris (Sur) 1000, Las Condes. This is right at the corner with Av. Cristobal Colón. Registration: there are at most 10 available slots. You can contact me by sending me a private message for registration. There will be a registration fee of 3000 Chilean pesos. The purpose of the fee is simply to cover the shipping cost for the prizes. Once the number of players will be known, there might be a partial refund on the fee the day of the tournament. Details: Three rounds tournament - GG2018 with an exception to this set of rules: we'll accept unpainted miniatures, but the rules regarding the use of proxys will be the ones described in GG2018. Crew size will in principle be 50 soulstones. We may choose to reduce the size to 35 if many beginners are interested in playing the tournament. Notice that we are willing to lend some minis to adjust the crew size to 50 if required. More info to come!
  8. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @Viruk is your cat's name Nekima?
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    I'm sure we would be happy anyway if you decided to post here.
  10. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @RustAndTheCity you should not complain about your painting abilities. I love your work. I remember I felt a bit sad when I saw you were "out" on @prof_bycid's spreadsheet. Great Queeg by the way.
  11. Malifaux App Launched!

    Hello, how does it compare memory wise with an app like crewfaux?
  12. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @Sandmann great paint work. I love the combination of yellow and green, and the contrast between your green and the blood red. Where did you get the "plant" from originally? Sorry for calling it a plant. I guess its supposed to be made of the same material she has in her hand.
  13. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Hello, My plan for November is 2 large arachnids and 2 watchers:
  14. M2E Ironsides

    I have the model but Ive never put her on the table. Does the summoning happen often? My impression is that it might happen at most once per game but I may be wrong. The mech rider seems like a better alternative. I'm intrigued/interested by the placement tricks and the shooting into melee though. This may be the excuse to start painting her.
  15. M2E Ironsides

    What does she bring in an Ironsides crew specifically? (beyond the teleport thingy you mentionned above).
  16. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Hello, I've just finished Toni Ironsides for 15 soulstones. With the Malifaux Child (2 ss) and the Wind Gamin (4 ss), this puts me at 21 soulstones:
  17. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    I finished the first wind gamin. With the Malifaux Child, this takes up to 6 sousltones:
  18. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    @wizuriel Maybe some yellow brown to contrast with the purple wings? On my side, after the Malifaux Child, I decided to paint something else than what was initially planned. I have been working so far on the following three gamins. Hopefully I will finish them by the end of the month:
  19. armor dose it stack

    It does. Edit: Nikodemus, finger on the trigger, you were faster than me
  20. Tactics and tips: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Viktoria+of+Ashes
  21. Kaeris in Wave 5

    I was remembering the old trick in Hoffman crews to boost the Ml of steam arachnid swarm up to 7. These are very effective against low Def models as they have the Overwhelm trigger which allows them to generate an attack for free at -1 Ml. I remember killing a Def 4 Mr Graves on the first attack of a charge because of these triggers and the positive flips to damage. Unfortunately, in a typical arcanist crew, this trigger is less effective because they dont benefit from the Hoffman trick. However, I was thinking that with the new Kaeris upgrade it might be possible to reproduce something similar on debuffed models. Imagine a Nekima with Def 2: she may suffer a lot from a charge from such minion. The swarm would not even suffer damage from black blood. It sounds less effective than a Cerberus with min damage 3, Ml 6 and the 4 card drawn with Miranda. But it is less tome intensive, it can eat scheme markers and may heal if you bring a steam fitter. With armour 1, it might also be a bit more resistant than the cerberus and costs 1 stone less. The cerberus does not need the opponent to be debuffed though: he'll always be effective if you have the tomes. Has anyone tried the swarm with the new Kaeris upgrade?
  22. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    It was proposed by @Travis in this post:
  23. Guarded Treasure 9.29

    I did not have any issue with the previous version. I dont have with the current one.
  24. M2E Ironsides

    Do you take the steamfitter out of your crew in this case?
  25. M2E Ironsides

    @spooky_squirrel Thanks for the input. I'm intrigued by your decision of including the Iron Determination upgrade. If you include a Steamfitter in your crew together with the healing trigger in one of the new upgrades, wouldnt you be OK? You could instead consider Warding Runes for instance. What motivated your decision?