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  1. I like a lot the new ability Anesthetic everywhere. Here a possible simple application in a Ramos Turf war crew. Put the little robot in the middle of your arachnids. Blow up an arachnid with Ramos. This deals damage to the enemy and if you kill the automaton, you heal and give hard to kill to your arachnids. It seems fun for a turn.
  2. Hard to kill only lasts until the end of the turn. It might not be worth it. It is true that 5 ss might still be too much. I may be biased though.
  3. I have 9 spiders and 1 swarm too and I'm fine as well. If I built a 2nd swarm, it would be for my Hoffman crews rather than for Ramos.
  4. I was about to ask the same thing. I also find remarkable that he got such results with Kaeris. Do you think your friend Piotr could share his lists for each or some of his matchups? Or would that would be too much to ask? Some words on the gameplay would be great too.
  5. Hello, Where could I see the final results? Thanks
  6. How do you rate the Emissary @dancater? With the upgrade, he gets the frozen heart ability as well.
  7. I'll help a bit with some noob questions. Suppose I want to begin a Rasputina crew, which models should I consider? Within these with the frozen heart ability, which ones do you consider the most useful?
  8. I like these duels. From a fluff perspective they are awesome. I just love the idea behind the Kaeris attack against Ht for instance or the Wk duel clockwork traps impose. I think that as soon as they remain a minority, they are fine.
  9. I should definitely try Warding runes, especially against Neverborn. Moreover, I forgot about Powered by Flame the whole game this time.
  10. Hello, I had my first game with Ramos yesterday. I would like to share this experience here because I'm sure I will learn a lot from your comments. So please help me get better with him as I found it fun to flood the board with many little spiders My opponent announced Neverborn. The strat was extraction and the available schemes were claim jump, eliminate the leadership, Tail'em, Search the ruins and Frame for murder. I took the following list: - Ramos with Under pressure, Arcane Reservoir, Field generator and 7 ss - Joss, with Bleeding edge tech and Powered by Flame - Myranda with Imbued energies - 2 x steam arachnids - Mobile toolkit - Malifaux raptor - Metal gamin My opponent took Lucius. He also had the scribe, a pathfinder, a lawyer, a changelling, an illuminated, Johan and a blood wretch. I was lucky he forgot his doppleganger at home, so he decided to take Candy instead. I'm not sure about the name of the upgrades he took, but I will comment below what some of them did during the game. I chose Claim jump and Tail'em. My opponent took Frame for murder and Search the ruins. The game went well for me. But I guess most of it was probably because my friend was playing against Ramos for the first time and he took Candy instead of doppleganger. The additional henchman made it easier for me to score Tail'em. Some comments on the list I took and the game, or questions I'd like to ask you: - I almost went for a list that was including Lazarus and the electric creation instead of the two steam arachnids, the malifaux raptors and the metal gamin. I just liked the idea of combining Lazarus with the toolkit and blasting everything in an extraction game. But, I thought that blasting everything was probably not very smart with Frame for murder in the pool, even though it might be fun Morever, I thought that if I wanted to take Claim jump and Tail'em, I'd probably need to outactivate my opponent, which is the reason why I decided to hire 2 arachnids. So, I wanted to ask: What are your thoughts on hiring arachnids? I know it might sound stupid given that Ramos summons them later on during the game, but I'm wondering if this was one of the things that helped me win the game. - I wanted to try metal gamin to boost Ramos' defense up to 6. One of the reasons was that eliminate the leadership was in the pool. Is this something you guys often do? I have never read on the forums people recommending hiring a metal gamin for this. However, many Guild players tend to use Frank for the extra defense he brings to Sonnia and the like. Do you think the metal gamin is undervalued? - There is another model that does not seem to be recommended often for a Ramos crew: Myranda. Howard Langston seems to be the one people tend to choose. I've not played with Howard yet, but I have to say that I'm always happy with Myranda. Drawing four cards seems to be great when one needs to get those tomes for summoning the swarm and she's cheaper. In the game I played yesterday, I managed to draw a 13 when she turned into the Blessed of December at the end of turn 2. What are your thoughts on Myranda in a Ramos crew? - Ramos died in turn 3. I wasnt expecting that to be honest. My opponent managed to teleport Johan next to Ramos with Lucius' dirty tricks. Then he discarded an upgrade to ignore armour and defensive triggers until the end of the turn. Johan flurried. Because Ramos is a construct, he had those extra for damage, which allowed him to cheat in a red joker. Ramos was down from full health to dead in one activation. The end of the game went well as I still had enough models to score my schemes and strats, but that was a thing I wasn't expecting at all. - I have the impression my opponent should have taken Tail'em as it seems easy to me to score it against Ramos. Does this mean you don't take Ramos if you see Tail'em in the pool?
  11. The magnetisms of metal gamin and Ramos were indeed very useful against both. I was indeed very happy with what the gamin did that game. Ca 8 and Rg 16 are very good. Plus it's a (0) action. It generated my first two scraps indeed.
  12. If I remember correctly, I had two spiders summoned on turn 1, 2 and 4, maybe 3 on turn 3, but not sure. I took the decision of blowing up two I believe. One of the things I did not mention is that he constantly had about three daydreams around, reduing the Wp of my spiders by 3. Then, the Dreamer was Shing them with the Tantrum upgrade. The upgrade has the following Sh action: (1) Surrounded by Nightmares (Sh 7 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8): Target model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3'' and LoS of it which it considers an enemy. He could one shot each 2 or 3 spiders per turn. With 4 nightmares around, they were receiving each 4 times x 1 damage, killing them and making armor useless because those were a bunch of 1 damage. After that, he was brining Chompy Bits thanks to the Restless Dreams upgrade. I'll take this into account next time. I certainly overextended Joss a little bit to Sh the Teddy. I should keep him more in the back next time. Lazarus helped a lot at the beginning to kill Teddy, but he got tied up in melee quickly with a Walgeist. He then became slow. The Brass arachnid only reactivated him once in total the whole game. I did not get many blasts out of him. I got a nice blast with him when engaged with Chompy Bits just before he killed him and that's all. Maybe I should have kept him a bit more in the back too. I dont know. After all, he made about 6 damage to Teddy. Thanks @Adran. I see a bit better where things got wrong and what I should do next time. I thought I wouldnt be able to kill Dreamer because of the Df trigger and sort of ignored him. This is probably something I should not be afraid of next time.
  13. Indeed, this is something I forgot to mention. The Dreamer on the other hand was summoning peons, giving zero points for Collect the Bounty. Thanks. You're probably right. Next time might be different I brought the toolkit for Lazarus to increase the chances of blasts. I was thinking about combining them with the Brass Arachnid. I maybe spent too many soulstones on something that wasnt that useful in the end. I brought Metal gamin to increase Ramos' defense because of the presence of Eliminite the Leadership in the pool. I should definitely get the effigy. It is on my shopping list.
  14. Hello, Lately I have been playing with this new comer in our area. He’s playing neverborn and he’s good, at least up to our local standards. I’m relatively new to arcanists, so I would like to share the experience of my last game here so that I could get some valuable feedback for the future (I appreciated a lot the comments by @Adran, @spooky_squirrel, @Trixter and @Mrbedlam). I’ve been playing mostly Marcus and Ramos in the last months. I have Sandeep and Ironsides available, but I have not tried them out yet. I would like first to paint them and get more experience with Marcus and Ramos before considering them. In my last game, the strat was Collect the Bounty and the available schemes were Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Leave your Mark, Hidden Trap and Tail’em. It was standard deployment. Our lists were : Neverborn: - Dreamer with 6 soulstones, Otherwordly, Tantrum and Restless Dreams - Daydream - Teddy with a Thousand Faces - Coppelius, with On Dreaming Wings - Stitched Together - Waldgesit x 2 Arcanists : - Ramos, with 7 soulstones, Arcane Reservoir, Under Pressure and Field Generator - Brass Arachnid - Joss, with Powered by Flame and Bleeding Edge Tech - Lazarus, with Imbued Energies - Metal Gamin - Electric Creation - Mobile Toolkit I took Claim Jump and Tail’em. My opponent took Leave your mark and Tail’em. It was my first game ever against the Dreamer. I knew that he is good summoner, but I did not know much about his other limited upgrade which looks for bringing in Lord Chompy Bits every turn. In that game, I managed to score a point for Collect the Bounty on turn 2, but then my opponent became the dominant agressor after he brought Chompy Bits at the end of turn 2. I killed Teddy at the begining because I was afraid of the Thousand Faces upgrade and the possibility of anti armour. But I did not anticipate that facing Chompy Bits would be so brutal. The guy has a trigger that ignores everything, in particular armour and prevents the use of soulstones. He left Joss with 1 wound in one activation. I had to blow him up after that to prevent my opponent from scoring. He also killed Lazarus in another activation. At the end of the game, I only had Ramos left on the table. I did not manage to score any point for Claim Jump. Tail’em on the other hand was easier given that I had Chompy Bits in the face all the time. Clearly anti armour was the thing. I’m coming here to ask you guys the following : would you have played a different master given the strat, the schemes and the faction of my opponent? If so, which one ? If you had to play Ramos, which list and schemes would you have considered ? Do you see anything you dont like in the one I played? Things I would like to try in the future are: - of course Langston, I currently have him on the painting table - Sue, as suggested by @Trixter. I have to paint him. The same applies to Johan and Angelica. - I would like to start playing Sandeep and switch between him and Ramos. The idea is that I dont want my opponent to anticipate full armour. I'm thinking that by playing Sandeep more often, my opponent may decide not to bring anti armor the day I bring Ramos. - I'm wondering if Anna Lovelace would have been useful in this specific matchup.
  15. For 8 ss, nobody would take it. It would suffer the Captain's syndrome. What I like about Enchanted weapon is that we may see Samael Hopkins a bit more often.
  16. Do you mean Marcus has an advantage? Or a disadvantage? Sorry for mh English.
  17. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I'm a big fan of your podcast by the way. I'm looking forward to your new episode.
  18. Thanks a lot. May I ask why you consider three wind gamins? Is it just to summon Banasuva more easily? Or is there something else? (I also understand they are useful for several schemes and strat).
  19. Hey, As always, your work is amazing. How do you do to paint your leather typically?
  20. I love the skin tone of Snow Storm @Kutslo. How did you do it?
  21. Of course Sonnia Criid would be part of the rogue mage other subfaction.
  22. To complete the m&su faction, you could have a dual faction outcast master called the smugglers
  23. So, I've heard you twice telling you played your standard Sandeep list and I dont know where to get the list. Would it be possible to know what it contains exactly? Thanks
  24. @godswearhats had this one in his signature: http://godswearhats.com/malifaux/gg2016/
  25. I will still be holding demos this month. Please send me a private message if you are interested.