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  1. Thank you @Kimberly for the answer you gave me in a private message!
  2. @Kimberly do you know if I was considered for the promotion? I have not received anything yet. Shipments to Chile (where I live) may sometimes take more than two months, but I was wondering if there was any issue with my submission. If not, I'll just wait patiently
  3. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    What do you think about the chihuahua for activation control? I woild probably consider Frank instead of heathbane and put disrupt magic on Grimwell, especially if eliminate the leadership is in the pool. Moreover evidence tempering to negate search the ruins makes sense only if McM survives until the end.
  4. Marcus Bomb List

    What were the schemes, the strat and the opponent?
  5. Montresor's (0) Fearful Whispers

    Only A is correct. If mini 1 is pushed towards mini 2, the center of mini 1 has to go towards the center of mini 2.
  6. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    What about Collodi? I have nearly zero knowledge about him but my impression is that he can include all the effigies in his crew.
  7. Question for Rusty Alyce's Snare ability

    Hello, my answer is no, which I would base on the following FAQ: 37) Q: If two models are in base to base contact, and an Ability pushes one of them exactly 3” away, how much distance is considered to be in between the two models? Are they considered to be within 3” of each other? A: As base to base contact is considered to be exactly 0” apart, the models would be exactly 3” apart after the push and therefore still within 3” of each other.
  8. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    Hello, Following a bit the idea of other factions' forum, waht would be your hopes regarding the new upcoming upgrades of wave 5? In my case, I would love an upgrade for Lady J that would give her a (0) action to give her positive flips against a specific target... Just kidding. More seriously, I'd love to see better summoning abilities for Guild, maybe for Sonnia or Lucius, better than what already exists. Some upgrades making some of the killy masters more schemy would be nice too.
  9. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    I liked reading @Aaron about what would come in the future and what is currently disscussed. Nice communication strategy.
  10. Dealing w/ McMourning, Sebastion and Poison Shinaningans

    One thing about condition removal is that it may not prevent an expunge if McM builds up poison during the same activation. It is certainly useful against Sebastian.
  11. Dealing w/ McMourning, Sebastion and Poison Shinaningans

    Maybe because I played her for the first time this week end, but warding rune ironsides could be an option. She and her henchman would be immune to poison. If you can lure Sebastian early for the kill, that would be great.
  12. Green Stuff + Magnets

    This is what I did with my warhammer minis. It worked perfectly. However, when I started with Malifaux, I decided to buy a whole set of resin bases like this one: They don't have any space below to put a magnet. Each base is one full block of resin. I would need to dig a hole below. Does anybody know the best way of digging such a hole?
  13. Hello I have a game saturday, so plenty of time to decide on which list to bring. Ive already thought of two possible lists but I am curious about what you guys would bring. I thought about that list game @Mrbedlam proposed a couple of times. This could be the opportunity to play it again. What would you bring against a neverborn player who typically plays Lucius or Lilith but who may also come unexpectidly with Lynch or Pandora? It is a standard deployment headhunter game with claim jump, accusation, dig their graves, tail'em and inspection. I dont know the map yet.
  14. Coming back to the list game again

    Hello, Thanks a lot for your opinions @Sybarite and @bertmac. In the end, I decided to go for my first Ironsides game. I also thought Sandeep would be appropriate given the advantage of wind gamins for headhunter, but I wanted to try something new, just in case a Summer errata would come. People have been complaining about them so much all over the internet that this is possible. Unfortunately, I don't own Kaeris. Maybe I'll have the chance to try her in the future. I went for the following list: - Ironsides, with warding runes, challenge the crowd and iron determination and a cache of 6 soulstones - Joss with warding runes and imbued energies - Angelica with practised production - 3 x mages with upgrades - 3 x steam arachnids My opponent had Lilith with her totem, doppleganger, 2 x wadgeists, Johan, Teddy, Baby Kade. I dont remember all the upgrades but Teddy had the one that ignores armour and Lilith the one that ignores terrain when she charges. We both took Claim jump and Dig their graves. I took warding runes on both Ironsides and Joss to deny Tail'em and Accusation. My strategy was to pull a chunk of the opponent's crew towards Ironsides, while the arachnids would score Claim jump. At the same time, the mages would send back the rest of the opponent's crew towards their deployment zone. Angelica would drop markers next to Ironsides so that Digg their graves could be scored. Joss would help Ironsides to kill stuff for dig their graves. I wanted to try arachnids as an alternative to Wind gamins for headhunter: the idea was to resist a charge and then blow them up in order to deny headhunter. It didn't go that well. I lost 6-7. I managed to score all my points for dig their graves, but only one point for claim jump and two for the strat. My opponent was less successful with dig their graves, but did much better with the strat and claim jump. Some specific comments: - my steam arachnid strategy did not go well: the opponent's totem red-jokered an arachnid turn 2, giving him his first head. Then, he didnt care much about my arachnids, but I put myself in a bad position in a corner, making things difficult to maneuver. - I had problems maneuvering my mages. I forgot arcane shield can reduce the damage to zero: I wanted to use an arachnid to ping two mages at the beginning to benefit from Hand-Picked Men but, since arachnids have min damage 1, I only managed to hurt one mage. I should have just sent that arachnid forward. I'll try Miss Fire next time, as has been recommended in the Ironsides post. I just need to assemble her first. - Then, mages were all the time in melee. I never activated Angelica in the right moment to pull them out. I should do this more properly next time. - My opponent smartly put Lilith markers to cut LoS of mages. I couldn't send back anybody towards their deployment zone at the beginning. They also lost LoS towards Ironsides turn 3 and 4, making things difficult. - Because most of my crew was in melee all the time, it was difficult to pick up heads. I definitely need to acquire a performer. I almost had included Big Jake in my list for this reason, but somehow I had decided that 9 activations were better than 8 when I did the list. Next time, I think I'd go for a dont mind me model instead, especially if I play in such a bubble. -I liked the fact that Ironsides and the mages can slow things. This was especially useful against Teddy and Johan who then cannot flurry. - Warding runes helps a bit against tangle shadows and paralyzed, though a smell fear reaction killed Ironsides on turn 4. If somebody has comments on this, I'd appreciate to hear them a lot.
  15. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    @prof_bycid the information you have on me seems the correct one to me. Thanks for being the boss this year and organizing everything so smoothly.
  16. Hello, I'm not a Ten Thunders player, but I have this question for another player: what is your common approaches to Interference and reccoinnoter? I've heard about Mei Fang, Toshiro and the pork, who can summon komainus with the scrap markers the pork generates. Being a summoner, I guess Asami may be another option. However, I understand that her summons may disappear quickly because of the flicker condition. Is this an issue? What would be your other approaches for this type of strats? Thanks
  17. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    Maybe she'll be able to summon stalkers out of corpse markers "This model gains the undead characteristic"
  18. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    I think it is a smart idea actually.
  19. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    Leveticus + 4 Pool - Pariah of Iron (1) Hollow Waif (0) Hollow Waif (0) Ryle (10) Mechanical Rider (12) Burt Jebsen (8) Stitched Together (6) Necropunk (5) Terracotta Warrior (5) (exported from CrewFaux) 3 soulstones left for upgrades.
  20. Bishop vs Pandora mechanics

    It seems that I cant paste the link. Short answer: if Bishop decides to attack Df, Pandora just replaces Df with Wp.
  21. Bishop vs Pandora mechanics

    This has been answered before, e.g.:
  22. Speculation on Broken Promises Upgrades

    I shared some of your ideas in this thread: This suggests they are natural ideas and thus very probable. I'd add a schemy Rasputina would be nice. Maybe a more killy, yet more fragile Ironsides. A summoning Marcus with an upgrade named "call of the wild"?
  23. Broken Promises teaser

    I love the design! Who's the red-hair woman? Pandora?
  24. Zombie1701's Ten Thunders

    It looks very good. Did you paint them one by one?
  25. M2E Ironsides

    It does not say "may heal". It is not a choice.