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  1. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Amazing! I especially love the color contrast on Talos
  2. Oops! I forgot....

    Imbued energies when the model dies...
  3. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Masters are 15ss for our purpose.
  4. August 15th - App

    You cant just post this and leave us in the unknow
  5. Always Scheme

    A typo in the just released new version: Leave your mark is now an always scheme, but the Table on page 12 suggests that Inescapable Trap is the always scheme. By the way, as an arcanist player now, I think I would always take this scheme, unless I want to bluff I guess. Anyway, Claim Jump was a pretty common pick too.
  6. Dear Wyrd, New Master Models Please?

    I agree with @-Loki-. The hungering darkness release suggests anything is possible. Moreover, we've just seen a Yan Lo "preview". Future will tell us if this is an actual preview, but so far it looks like it is one.
  7. New player - choice of master

    As has been mentioned above, you tend to play a faction. Given that most of the masters you propose are outcast, I'd consider this faction. Moreover, the two masters you propose (Von Schill and the Viktorias) are masters typically considered for beginners because of their straightfoward play style. What is your impression of Hamelin @gribble? I'm asking because he's the master that is typically considered the best among outcasts. If you go with outcats, you may choose to play him in the future for competitive reasons.
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Hello, just showing some WIP, very preliminary:
  9. A World Without Peons

    Some actions turn models into peons (e.g. Ramos' vox populi). Wouldn't Sue in these crews be a bit too powerful? Edit: It actually is a kill-a-totem trigger
  10. Killjoy poster

    I love the new poster. Not only because it is well painted, but also because it shows a Malifaux scene, with its landscape and light. Previous posters were mostly centered around a character or a faction but did not transmit much of the gothic/steampunk ambiance. I like this change very much
  11. Sandeep without Mages.

    Ben from Aracane Reservoir was running him with Carlos, Howard, a set of wind gamins, a raptor and the effigy. That was before the cuddle.
  12. She's turning Japanese - I really think so!

    She also says "merda", which is the Italian translation of "mierda" in Spanish. Multicultural indeed.
  13. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    @Viruk red is great! I love your bases too. They go well with the saturated red.
  14. Marcus and the Purple Beasts

    @Adran I remember you are one that was defending Gods Domain over the other limited upgrade depending on the scheme pool. What do you (and others) think about the new limited upgrade The Gods Path? It gives Wicked and, at the beginning of your activation, you can choose from: i) Armour +2, ii) +1 Ca, iii) ennemies that end their activation within engagement suffers 2 damage. By discarding one or two at the begining of your activation, you can also add one or two of these extra abilities. Armour 2 (or 3 with steamfitter) sounds great, but Def 7 and regen too, especially if you're facing a neverborn or an outcast that ignores armour. The new upgrade also has (free) offensive abilities that the other upgrade was lacking.
  15. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    My bad. I thought you were talking about the spiders.
  16. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    That's because he put the upgrade on Joss XD
  17. Marcus and the Purple Beasts

    Raptors are great of you anticipate the opponent will take Claim Jump too.
  18. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    - - - - - - - - - - I read yesterday the arcanist fluff. I feel really exited about what will come in the future! Just one thing: the writer forgot arachnids are evasive when one of the stalkers exploded. Ramos should have called the TO
  19. Musing on Always Scheme

    Indeed: it should be scheme-marker related.
  20. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Thanks. Given the quality of the picture, you have a lot of imagination
  21. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Sorry for the double post: does anyone have a good recipe for gold NMM? The one time I had tried, it got pretty bad. I mainly use GW colours.
  22. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    @prof_bycid I dont remember the answer to this one: can we get soulstones for painting terrain?
  23. Ludocrónicas de primavera

    Hello, On September 30th, we'll have the Spring version of the Ludocrónicas. It will take place from 11:00 to 19:00 at Constitución 85 in Santiago de Chile (barrio Bellavista). This event is the opportunity to learn about several board games, card games, RPG etc... Come to play with us! Malifaux will be present too. I'll run some demos. Don't hesitate to come by if you want to know more about Malifaux. If you're an experienced player, dont worry, we may also find a slot for a game or two The event has been announced through facebook. Please come discuss about the games you'd like to discover at the Ludocrónicas: https://www.facebook.com/events/916219388531169/?acontext={"ref"%3A"3"%2C"ref_newsfeed_story_type"%3A"regular"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"17"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}
  24. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- September

    Hello, I've just finished the zombie chihuahua for 2 soulstones: I'm sorry for the quality of the picture. This thing is so tiny and I have a bad phone. After this one, I'll go for this nice lady:
  25. Steamfitters and Kandara

    Question about steamfitters: their Weld Metal Plate has a trigger on a where they can take the action again after succeeding. Weld Metal Plate is a Ca action with no included. How can you get two ?