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  1. Hi, can you explain me this one in more details please?
  2. We will have our first official Malifaux league in March! Please contact me if you are interested in participating. I'd need you to inform me about the faction you will be playing. Hurry up because there are at most eight slots available ! The prize for the winner will be a small mystery box and a guilder. We’ll play our games mostly at Erlimbo on Sundays, but because the club will not open all Sunday in March, we may relocate somewhere else for these weeks (probably to Warpig Arena). We’ll play the rules of Gaining Ground 2017 for the league with two exceptions in order to integrate more easliy our new players : i) miniatures do not need to be painted, ii) we’ll play only 35 soulstone crews. Each player will play four games in total. Please have a look at our facebook page for a discussion in Spanish (see my signature below).
  3. Hello, Today I'm adding a box of steam arachnids, same style as last month:
  4. This is heresy
  5. Hello, My progression of the month: three Malifaux raptors.
  6. If I remember correctly, a general rule we have had this year is that zero soulstone models count as five.
  7. I have been thinking about performers lately in a McM crew. But the reason was rather because of her dont mind me ability. I believe this is a pretty useful one, especially with GG2017. All these Dig their graves, head hunter or whatever other melee interaction schemes seem to justify me bying a the colette box next time I fall again into a consumerism fever. The other things I want to consider is @4thstringer's idea of guardian+Ryle or maybe a cg7 model+mounted guard (grimwell?).
  8. Hey @Romes Thanks for your clear answer. I hope you don't mind if I abuse again from your sympathy. I have a question: what do you think about the use of non-arcanist academics in a Sandeep crew i.e. valedictorian, sanctionned spellcasters and librarian?
  9. Is this a conversion @TheTrans?
  10. By the way, on Joss being a trap model: The first time I saw his card, I was upset by his damage track. I thus understand your opinion about him. But wouldn't he be worth taking if you anticipate armour on the opponent's side? I had a game once, where I took him in a Hoffman crew because of his ability to generate scrap markers. The reason why he shined that game is because my TT opponent took Izamu in his crew and Joss managed to kill him at the begining of turn 2. Sure, machine puppet was key to move him up the board and charge Izamu turn 1.
  11. Excellent podcast. Even if we missed the pit again XD
  12. 15 if I'm correct. @prof_bycid good job! I'd like to enroll as an enforcer please.
  13. Hello, Since Er Limbo will close for the summer, we'll do our February demos at Warpig Arena. I can be there during the week early in the afternoon (say 5pm). The address is the following; it is located near the Manuel Montt metro station: Warpig Games, Av. Providencia 1100 Local 45 Providencia Santiago Dont hesitate to send me a pm if you need a demo!
  14. Thanks @Vaiuri! @prof_bycid you're the official new boss! Unless you don't want to, I propose you keep your title. If you're not interested, I can do it as well. I can also help you with the task, if you need. Anyway, I'd be happy to enroll for a new year. Shouldn't we open a new thread for people to "register"?
  15. I think I did not finish any model in November. That was the month I "accidentally" fell back into hearthstone...