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  1. Mei Feng help needed?

    Where do you get detailed info about the tournament?
  2. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    You're the boss!
  3. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Who's OC? Outcasts?
  4. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Do you have more details?
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Hello, I finished two poison gamins and somewhat a fire gamin: @prof_bycid does the fire gamin count towards soulstone for the month? I did paint the base, but I obviously did not touch the mini.
  6. McMounings hiring pool

    Poison gamins were about to go from not played to almost autoinclude
  7. McMounings hiring pool

    Look at this: sebastian + poisin gamin. 6 damage upon activation if you have 2 poison and you activate near them. Am I wrong?
  8. McMounings hiring pool

  9. McMounings hiring pool

    You can now win with McM by hiring Sandeep as a henchman
  10. McMounings hiring pool

    I like the idea of the upgrade. Poison Marcus is not very popular. I find great that these beasts may find a place in a McM crew.
  11. Wave 5

    It was mine too, but, given the difference in shipping costs, I might only get the upgrades and a some minis.
  12. Wave 5

    The shipping cost decreases quite a bit if you dont buy the book. This is a bit sad but this what I may do.
  13. Steam fitters

    I'm still hoping that we 'll get an MSU faction with the new book. That would be a great incentive for me to come back to my Guild models during my painting time.
  14. Countering McCabe + Yasunori

    5. It is stuborn though...
  15. Headhunter post errata

    If Headhunter shows up, now that wind gamins have been cuddled, which master would you bring? Sandeep might not be great anymore, or is he?