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  1. @wizuriel a quick question: do you use army painter as primer?
  2. Maybe some examples of list building would be nice. Generate a random scheme and strategy pool with deployment and opponent faction. Which list would you build given the situation?
  3. I thought it would be ok because it would like this IRL. Do you think I should pay attention not to touch the grass? The other thing is that the grass is attched to a white surface that I want to hide and I try to cover it up each time I apply my water mixture.
  4. I've never played with the coryphee but one good thing I see is that, even though it is a costly third beater, it actually counts as at least 2 activations turn 1.
  5. Hello, I would like to share my progress so far. I said I wanted June to be the month of the gamins, so I painted one of the poison gamins I said I'd paint this month and I finished... four dog gamins : You may know about dog gamins: Marcus can take them... I still have to finish the following four in progress, including the two poison gamins I announced at the beginning of the month:
  6. Hey, Just curious. Does anyone have a good experience with a Ramos elite crew? I'm thinking about bringing the Combat Mechanic upgrade and maybe three enforcer/henchmen, focusing more on buffing these beaters instead of aggressively summoning.
  7. At the ITC Larry played the valedictorian in some round(s?) if I remember correctly.
  8. Hello, We finally had our last round of the league. Congrats to @Icarius who managed to come back to the top with his Lilith crew!
  9. Freikorps specialist is one merc.
  10. The explanation is a bit tricky, i.e terrain dependent. Also I did not have this 5 to leap.
  11. Yesterday I played arcanists against the Viks. I chose twice not to shapeshift Myranda because Taylor was positionned in such a way that the sabertooth cerberus would get two hammer attacks in the face before even acting.
  12. Thanks all. Given that you suggest weakening the opponent summoner, do you have preferred ways to burn their hand? Summoners typically need their high cards to summon.
  13. Hello, I'm not a Ten Thunders player, but I have this question for another player: what is your common approaches to Interference and reccoinnoter? I've heard about Mei Fang, Toshiro and the pork, who can summon komainus with the scrap markers the pork generates. Being a summoner, I guess Asami may be another option. However, I understand that her summons may disappear quickly because of the flicker condition. Is this an issue? What would be your other approaches for this type of strats? Thanks
  14. It is common that you need an upgrade to summon. Look at Sonnia, Karina. If I'm not wromg, Molly also needs an upgrade to summon her totem.