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  1. It looks like there is at least two green colors on the picture. Is it simply because you applied the green as washes on a white foundation? Depending on the thickness of each layer, the green might look different?
  2. Great initiative @prof_bycid. The gamins already look pretty nice on the picture. Which green colors did you use? On my side, I've painted three steam arachnids so far: I tried @Viruk's way of making swamp bases. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Does this mean you think the list isnt worth it? Would you make changes to it if you had to play again with it?
  4. What's your opponent playing? I would probably take a pretty standard Sonnia list, blasting everything next to the markers at the beginning of the game and then trying to score the schemes once most of the opponent's crew is dead, probably with leave your mark and claim jump:
  5. Just play Jack Daw!
  6. I love it! When do you think would be the best moment to use curfew with this list?
  7. Also: I'm assuming you want to use hold this, which would not be feasible if you put papa in a box. But maybe you dont want to use hold this.
  8. It does not protect him, but it would protect the rest of your crew in case papa dies near your crew. The Null field ability of the attendant would negate the pulse of papa's BOOM! if you place it next to him.
  9. A possibility could be to include the attendant in case a katanaka sniper kills papa too early? This could prevent papa from exploding in your face.
  10. It seems you put the wrong list: I dont see Killjoy. It must be because of @Myyrä threatening you
  11. That's actually why you should take Killjoy in a 5 models list
  12. I've sent them an email to let them know about it.
  13. Don't you have too many arcanist constructs for arcanist assets? Wasnt it 4 the limit? Or am I wrong?
  14. Is it a matter of principle?
  15. It's funny you're talking about silly killjoy lists because I feel like playing the following list those days. I just don't have the miniature: - Hoffman with field mechanic and arcanist assets and a 3rd upgrade - Brutal Emmissary with conflux of amalgamation - Howard Langston with curfew - Watcher - Killjoy with expert sleuth probably It might be better if last stand was in the pool though. I'd be interested in knowing your silly killjoy list. Edit: English