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  1. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    I finished the first wind gamin. With the Malifaux Child, this takes up to 6 sousltones:
  2. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    @wizuriel Maybe some yellow brown to contrast with the purple wings? On my side, after the Malifaux Child, I decided to paint something else than what was initially planned. I have been working so far on the following three gamins. Hopefully I will finish them by the end of the month:
  3. armor dose it stack

    It does. Edit: Nikodemus, finger on the trigger, you were faster than me
  4. Tactics and tips: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Viktoria+of+Ashes
  5. Kaeris in Wave 5

    I was remembering the old trick in Hoffman crews to boost the Ml of steam arachnid swarm up to 7. These are very effective against low Def models as they have the Overwhelm trigger which allows them to generate an attack for free at -1 Ml. I remember killing a Def 4 Mr Graves on the first attack of a charge because of these triggers and the positive flips to damage. Unfortunately, in a typical arcanist crew, this trigger is less effective because they dont benefit from the Hoffman trick. However, I was thinking that with the new Kaeris upgrade it might be possible to reproduce something similar on debuffed models. Imagine a Nekima with Def 2: she may suffer a lot from a charge from such minion. The swarm would not even suffer damage from black blood. It sounds less effective than a Cerberus with min damage 3, Ml 6 and the 4 card drawn with Miranda. But it is less tome intensive, it can eat scheme markers and may heal if you bring a steam fitter. With armour 1, it might also be a bit more resistant than the cerberus and costs 1 stone less. The cerberus does not need the opponent to be debuffed though: he'll always be effective if you have the tomes. Has anyone tried the swarm with the new Kaeris upgrade?
  6. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    It was proposed by @Travis in this post:
  7. Guarded Treasure 9.29

    I did not have any issue with the previous version. I dont have with the current one.
  8. M2E Ironsides

    Do you take the steamfitter out of your crew in this case?
  9. M2E Ironsides

    @spooky_squirrel Thanks for the input. I'm intrigued by your decision of including the Iron Determination upgrade. If you include a Steamfitter in your crew together with the healing trigger in one of the new upgrades, wouldnt you be OK? You could instead consider Warding Runes for instance. What motivated your decision?
  10. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Malifaux Child for two soulstones:
  11. Hans and his uses.

    Which upgrade do you put on Hans in this case?
  12. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    @Icarius nice work on the osl! And you're fast: already two models!
  13. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    I wanted to take pictures of what I wanted to paint this month, but days are passing by and I haven't taken any picture yet. So I'll just use words before shame hits me. There are some half finished minis I want to be done. I'll start with the Malifaux child and after that one of the following: either Johan, Electric creation, or Steamfitter.
  14. [Chile] Demos

    Hello, Please get in touch with me should you need a demo of Malifaux during October. I would be happy to show the game to anybody from Santiago!
  15. Cherufe's Parting Gift timing.

    You need to have burning on the target previously. Hence, Sonnia cant summon in this situation.