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  1. Franchute

    M2E Ironsides

    I guess a moderator such as @Adran should be able to give you an answer.
  2. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @bedjy Which blue did you use for the "tiles" (is this the English word for "tuile" by the way?). I may steal your ideas for my own terrain if you dont mind. I might also try something a bit more turquoise because I saw the following pictures some days ago on Facebook: I still dont know what tot do.
  3. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I have never played with the captain. A reason is because I dont have him painted and I typically try to play with painted models (though I never completely fill this condition). Another reason is because, pre errata, I was convinced by the argument that Angelica + Johan was a better option than the captain. As result, the captain has never been a priority on my painting list. And I'm a slow painter... However I understand he is the only option we have if we need to move our master without spending his AP---also if we care about not hurting our master (i.e. oxfordian mages) nor we play Rasputina (i.e. Snow Storm). If you need to push Sandeep, he may be an option. Given that you are tight with your soulstones, adding Johan is clearly not an option, and converting Angelica into something that looks like a beater such as the captain looks like a good idea. The one thing I realize though is that, if you want to replace the valedictorian + angelica with Carlos + PP + Captain, you wont have enough sousltones to put Patron's blessing on the Captain. This means that either you'll have one less push than Angelica, or the captain might be too far back because you would use both his AP to push your other models. Would this be a problem? On the other hand, having 4 significant models (Sandeep+totem+captain+carlos) seems better than having 3 (Sandeep+totem+valedictorian), which is definitely a good thing on paper. It's just that it would be so great to have that one extra soulstone to get this one extra push or walk on the first turn. Is she an academic? I have the impression that she is not. Or did you refer to some other synergy? Or maybe you meant Amina Naidu (her name starts with an "A" like Anna)? I have only played Amina a few games and I still dont know how to use her properly. I see the potential but it happens to me sometimes that I do not know what to do with her APs. I am myself a big fan of Joss but I certainly play in a much different meta than yours. People around here dont practice Malifaux as much and I have never had to run after Nicodem sitting on a zombie horse. By the way, I may have some other questions for you, if you dont mind. I always run 7 sousltones (or 6 maybe) when I play my summoners. I was surprised when I saw you only consider 5 with Sandeep. A thing I do a lot with any master I play is stoning for two extra cards at the begining of the turn. Given how effective Action though Inaction seems to be, is it the case that you never stone for cards? If so, is it because of the upgrade or because you tend not to stone for cards in general? Also what is your opinion about Myranda?
  4. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    No, we haven't. I apologize for this "informality". Being a fan of your podcast might have me crossed that line. Alexandre
  5. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    George, if you did not have access to the Valedictorian, would you simply replace him with, say, Howard? Or would you consider a completely different list? And go maybe for the Howard/Carlos list you mentionned?
  6. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Joachim amazing work on this hat compadre. @bedjy @wobbly_goggy your ss count please! On my side, I have finished Amina Naidu for 9ss:
  7. Franchute

    Vantage point and los

    Hopefully what @WWHSD and @Rillan say is correct. But what about the thing being a circle and not a rectangle?
  8. Franchute

    One Hundred Games

    I guess you cant really trust the Colette's number given the sample size. Are these numbers mostly gg17?
  9. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    How come? Was the blood ward mage dead? Or too far away?
  10. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Hello I'm totally stealing the idea of other factions' threads here and simply ask you to post the lists you've been playing lately. I hope we can learn from others like this. Last time, I played against outcasts the following encounter: Headhunter, close deployment, eliminate the leadership, search the ruins, take prisonner, recover evidence, hold up their forces My list was: Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: round 3 - ironsides 50ss Leader: Ironsides - Cache:(5) Warding Runes 1ss Veteran Fighter 1ss Iron Determination 1ss Amina Naidu 9ss Joss 10ss Warding Runes 1ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss Blood Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss Doom Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss Nemesis Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Union Steamfitter 6ss Large Arachnid 6ss My opponent had a von schill list. I took search the ruins and take prisonner on Hannah. I followed the advice of @retnab and took iron determination because of eliminate the leadership. Unfortunately my opponent did not take this scheme and complitely ignored ironsides. I'll have to try again this build in the future. I took the large arachnid because of search the ruins in the pool. It was an easy win for me because the opponent is still new to the game. Joss was amazing that game. Strongarm died easily and, thanks to regen and amina, he came back above hard to kill something like 4 times. Would you have modified this list? What was the last list you played?
  11. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    I'm not sure it would survive.
  12. Hello Next week, we will start a Malifaux League that will be played at the store wargaming.cl. The address is Francisco Bilboa 3771, local 8. It is very close to the subway "Bilboa". Malifaux days are Mondays at the store, but the store is open from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 22:00, giving us plenty of time to organize encounters between the players in case some cant make it on Monday. The event should last about 5 weeks. Please contact me if you are interested in participating or please comment (in Spanish) on our Facebook page, where you'll also find more details about the League: https://www.facebook.com/groups/101914340173903/
  13. Franchute

    Fears Given Forms : A Malifaux Tournament in Chile

    I am sorry I have to announce the tournament is cancelled. The main reason is because not enough players registered for the event.