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  1. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Shock & Awe I love your wisps! I hope you did not suffer much during the earthquake. @Viruk I Love your Lilith. Amazing work as always.
  2. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I did it. I managed to finish a necropunk (5 ss) before leaving for my trip: I'll thus finish the month at 29ss.
  3. Franchute

    [Chile] Never Trust Pandora: a Malifaux League

    We are finally ready for the final! Pablo J. with his Guild will be opposed to David H. with his outcast. Should the best win!
  4. Franchute

    Never trust Pandora: A Malifaux League

    Here are pictures of a Malifaux league held in Santiago de Chile in April-May-June 2018. Games took place at the store of wargaming.cl (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=276460066185352&ref=br_rs)
  5. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Hey. I've finished Sandeep Desai for 15ss, putting me at 24ss. Since I'm bad at taking pictures I decided to take several of them this time: I'm leaving for a business trip on Tuesday until the end of the month. It is very likely I wont be able to paint anything else this month. But who knows...
  6. Franchute

    Reva for a new Resser

    Anna seems more resistant though: def 6, armor, henchman, 1 more wound. She also has a better Ca, though I could see the argument that Sh5 with positive flips is better because it generates more card cycling and potentially draw more cards from your opponent (he will have to cheat more often without you having to cheat).
  7. Franchute

    Reva for a new Resser

    @thatlatinspeakingguy I guess Ana Lovelace---who he already owns---could play a similar role as Sue. What do you think? Anyway Ive kept telling @Wurz_7 he should acquire Sue for his outcast collection 😀
  8. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @PetitDalek These look finished to me! If so, please give me your sousltone count. The three minis look amazing by the way.
  9. Franchute

    M2E Rasputina

    Now I just want to read about the fifty shades of Rasputina or whatever you would call the new blog 😀
  10. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    I thought I answered but I didn't. I apologize. No problem @prof_bycid. Please paint these!
  11. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Of course and more than once. The TN number is not crazy high. I also was willing to cheat the duels. In the end, I didnt need that many spiders to play the game. The table was the typical circus style wyrd table, certainly helpful. I could easily block a "corridor" with the markers.
  12. Franchute

    (Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires on June

    A great tournament. I had a lots of fun!
  13. Franchute

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Today I went to a tournament organized by @aquenaton. I had a great time there. A lots of fun and the opportunity to meet the Argentinian Malifaux community. Round 1 was quite interesting in terms of the involved strategy and schemes. They were the following: Ply for information, Close deployment, Surround them, Show of force, Hold up their forces, Take one for the team, Public Demonstration This pool made me think quite long---quite a tricky puzzle for me. In the end, I took a risky bet and decided to go for the following list. The bet was "everybody plays fixed lists and, as a consequence, nobody chooses Public demo": Ramos, with Vox Populi, Arcane Reservoir, Field generator, 5 ss Malifaux child Captain, with Patron Blessing, Powered by flame Amina Naidu, with Warding runes, Bleeding Edge Tech Lazarus Union Stramfitter The idea was to deny Take one for the team with strike markers and burning, while Amina and Ramos would make the enemies peon. I have to thank @retnab for the precious advice he gives in this forum. I took Show of force and Hold up their forces. I was lucky the game went well for me, but which list would have taken in this pool?
  14. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Chou you ss count please 😀