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  1. Hello, I had my first game with Ramos yesterday. I would like to share this experience here because I'm sure I will learn a lot from your comments. So please help me get better with him as I found it fun to flood the board with many little spiders My opponent announced Neverborn. The strat was extraction and the available schemes were claim jump, eliminate the leadership, Tail'em, Search the ruins and Frame for murder. I took the following list: - Ramos with Under pressure, Arcane Reservoir, Field generator and 7 ss - Joss, with Bleeding edge tech and Powered by Flame - Myranda with Imbued energies - 2 x steam arachnids - Mobile toolkit - Malifaux raptor - Metal gamin My opponent took Lucius. He also had the scribe, a pathfinder, a lawyer, a changelling, an illuminated, Johan and a blood wretch. I was lucky he forgot his doppleganger at home, so he decided to take Candy instead. I'm not sure about the name of the upgrades he took, but I will comment below what some of them did during the game. I chose Claim jump and Tail'em. My opponent took Frame for murder and Search the ruins. The game went well for me. But I guess most of it was probably because my friend was playing against Ramos for the first time and he took Candy instead of doppleganger. The additional henchman made it easier for me to score Tail'em. Some comments on the list I took and the game, or questions I'd like to ask you: - I almost went for a list that was including Lazarus and the electric creation instead of the two steam arachnids, the malifaux raptors and the metal gamin. I just liked the idea of combining Lazarus with the toolkit and blasting everything in an extraction game. But, I thought that blasting everything was probably not very smart with Frame for murder in the pool, even though it might be fun Morever, I thought that if I wanted to take Claim jump and Tail'em, I'd probably need to outactivate my opponent, which is the reason why I decided to hire 2 arachnids. So, I wanted to ask: What are your thoughts on hiring arachnids? I know it might sound stupid given that Ramos summons them later on during the game, but I'm wondering if this was one of the things that helped me win the game. - I wanted to try metal gamin to boost Ramos' defense up to 6. One of the reasons was that eliminate the leadership was in the pool. Is this something you guys often do? I have never read on the forums people recommending hiring a metal gamin for this. However, many Guild players tend to use Frank for the extra defense he brings to Sonnia and the like. Do you think the metal gamin is undervalued? - There is another model that does not seem to be recommended often for a Ramos crew: Myranda. Howard Langston seems to be the one people tend to choose. I've not played with Howard yet, but I have to say that I'm always happy with Myranda. Drawing four cards seems to be great when one needs to get those tomes for summoning the swarm and she's cheaper. In the game I played yesterday, I managed to draw a 13 when she turned into the Blessed of December at the end of turn 2. What are your thoughts on Myranda in a Ramos crew? - Ramos died in turn 3. I wasnt expecting that to be honest. My opponent managed to teleport Johan next to Ramos with Lucius' dirty tricks. Then he discarded an upgrade to ignore armour and defensive triggers until the end of the turn. Johan flurried. Because Ramos is a construct, he had those extra for damage, which allowed him to cheat in a red joker. Ramos was down from full health to dead in one activation. The end of the game went well as I still had enough models to score my schemes and strats, but that was a thing I wasn't expecting at all. - I have the impression my opponent should have taken Tail'em as it seems easy to me to score it against Ramos. Does this mean you don't take Ramos if you see Tail'em in the pool?
  2. Hello, Round 2 of the league has been completed. I've updated the spreadsheet above with the new results. The neverborn still leads together with a gremlin. Enjoy round 3!
  3. This is exactly what I told my wife. For some reason, all the nice minis I see come from Russia.
  4. I have only recently started playing some arcanists, but I agree that Myranda with imbued energy is amazing. I find the four cards draw very valuable.
  5. Watchers are indeed great. Maybe with just Abuela and some austringers you would be ok. Brutal effigy is not a bad option either.
  6. There are two decks you should find easily, which are the generalist upgrade decks. I would buy them both. They include all the upgrades of the game which are not crew specific. They also include some upgrades specific to some models when the intention was to buff these models after the crew had been released. If you need some upgrades that do not belong in these boxes (e.g. hermanos de armas, wade in), wargame vault should be able to help you.
  7. Wargame vault sells cards.
  8. I guess you also need to pretend noob attitude for this
  9. I agree with you. I could totally see Joss dying after two turns even if the opponent doesnt ignore armor because he cant leave melee, while Blessed would survive the first turn thanks to the well rehearsed upgrade and then leap away to eat your fill on a small scheme runner.
  10. It's a bit more than that. Eat your fill and hard to wound are nice, but if Nekima charges it, these two abilities wont help it survive much because it only has eight wounds. Two hits from Nekima and it goes down. Somebody like Joss would survive longer.
  11. I love Blessed of December. The only issue I see is that it dies easily against high minimum damage models.
  12. I enjoyed that discussion too as we are starting running official events this year. We somehow thought that you guys had everything painted
  13. Just hire mercenaries. Ronin are perfect for this role. Johan and Taelor have against constructs. The damage by strongarm suit ignores armor on a trigger, as it is the case also for Hans and Bishop.
  14. If you play hoffman, you can take Joss who does it as well. Strongarm suit is a good mercenary too