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  1. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Burnin' Coal this Mr Graves is turning amazing! The contrast resembles a bit the one you used for the stitched together. I love it! The trouser details are well executed too. Incredible job!
  2. Monthly painting challenge - February

    It is even 3/4 of the month @Kogan Style is your rat queen finished? If so, can you please tell us how many soulstones you have accomplished so far? By the way any news from @Icarius, @prof_bycid, @misterfinn, @MunkyMuddFace, @Monkeyfist, @Scatterbrain, @tjgreenway, @iamfanboy, @Stonewall78, @Phinn, @Hound Grey, @Chou, @wizuriel, @PetitDalek, @Boomstick, @Rikk?
  3. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Pancho Ortega for 8 soulstones, putting me at 14 so far: I'm a bit frustated by the colours I used for the blade. It gives the impression it is an ice sword. Anyway I know how to paint my ice gamins now
  4. Ironsides, Iron Determination & Red Joker

    On page 26 of the big book: This suggests that a cheated joker is not flipped.
  5. Ironsides, Iron Determination & Red Joker

    As an Ironsides player, I would consider that cheated jokers are not flipped.
  6. Monthly painting challenge - February

    It is. Their "Terrunyo" is very good. You should try
  7. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Joachim these minis are great. Which colours did you use for the cream white you used on the gakis and the dirt? And which Chilean wine do you drink?
  8. [Chile] Demos

    I'll go to the new store of wargaming.cl on a regular basis for games of Malifaux. Just let me know if you want a demo of the game! The address is Francisco Bilbao 3771, local 8. You can send me a private message so that we can coordinate the demo.
  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Thanks. I remember the drowned of @Burnin' Coal and @Viruk were pretty cool too. Do you guys use a similar recipe?
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Nice paint job @Strangely Brown. And good luck with your Jack Daw crew I might painting my few zombies at some point: which colours do you use to paint the skin?
  11. Scheme marker shuffle

    Large arachnids with Hoffman, or even steam arachnid swarms. Cojo with McMourning.
  12. Common Sandeep Mistakes.

    I guess I'm wrong. Indeed, when you declare the charge, I believe you dont need to declare the attack actions you will make yet.
  13. Common Sandeep Mistakes.

    You cant declare a charge with a (0) action.
  14. Common Sandeep Mistakes.

    When he declares the charge, hes not engaged. Hence, he does not have a close combat attack: He cannot charge.