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  1. Lucky Effigy

    When it came up in our group, it was pretty much 50/50 to be honest, and most people around here aren't exactly rules lawyers. Most players will accept any rules interpretation if you are insistent enough about it, but that doesn't mean that you would be correct to insist.
  2. What is a + worth?

    The distributions for the and are not symmetrical, so median is different from mean.
  3. What is a + worth?

    This is related:
  4. Over Excited

    Until there is a FAQ or errata saying otherwise, the abilities work as written.
  5. Over Excited

    The criers thing was actually pointed out during the playtest, and it wasn't changed, so this argument is completely invalid concerning them. Either the interaction is intentional or someone dropped the ball pretty badly.
  6. Mathemagics

    That also works fine if it has decent stats to begin with.
  7. Mathemagics

    I have been doing some Malifaux computer simulations again after a while and thought you guys might be interested in the results as well. I did a quick study about how different attack stats and damage tracks affect the model's ability to kill stuff. The results can be seen in the table below. The numbers in the table tell how many AP a model with attack value found on the left and damage track found on the top will need against a model with 6 wounds, Df 5 and no other significant abilities. To actually compare different models you need to divide the number of attacks the models can make per turn with the reference number on the table. If the image is too difficult to read or you want the numbers for some other use, the same data can be found as an excel sheet or csv. What do you guys think, is the ability to kill Witchling Stalkers a good proxy for model's offensive capability or should the target be something different? Should I use an average of multiple different targets or something? At this point calculating new targets takes less than a minute, so I can do other targets as well if someone is interested. What targets would you like to see? Some notes: The commas are decimal commas, because I use Finnish language OS. The models do not cheat fate. The numbers found in the table are each an average number AP spent on 10 000 kills in computer simulated malifaux combat.
  8. Mathemagics

    You could probably improve your power loop game by not focusing too much on getting the best stats possible. Getting most stats to 6 by looping emissary is quite enough.
  9. Mathemagics

    Yeah, I try to never get into a situation where I have to roll a 6. But I guess we all know at least one guy who always seems to succeed at those. High stats are a lot more valuable when cheating, though. That makes me avoid costly models with low stats, but I don't mind having low stats on my cheaper models, who don't get cards from my hand anyways.
  10. Mathemagics

    I did some really basic stuff this time, because I think most people might not be aware of this and have not seen the previous thread where I posted more or less the same info (which is no wonder considering even I don't remember when that was). So, here you have the hit probabilities as a function of the difference between attack and defense values (atk-def): and also as a figure, because why not As you can see, having a is more or less equal to having a 2 points higher attacks stat and equal to having a 2 points lower attack stat. One would easily think that hitting something with Df 9 would be impossible when you have Ml 5 and but it's only about equal to having to throw a 6 on a normal 6-sided die.
  11. Guild newie

    I like the Emissary with Justice, McCabe and Hoffman, not so much with others.
  12. Guild newie

    I'll second Ludvig here, you have enough to get going, but would probably benefit from some cheaper activations/scheme running. If I were in your situation, I would buy Nellie's box next for Phiona and Reporters, even if you don't especially want to play Nellie. As for what kind of lists you should be playing with those masters, I would probably build all the lists around Francisco, Abuela, Nino core, especially if there is a lot of interacting in the schemes. They can be played with all three of your masters, in my experience. With Sonnia and Perdita I would then add Brutal Effigy and Papa Loco. With Justice I would probably reach for Recruiter and Lone Marshal (whose cost was just dropped in the errata).
  13. Master tiers or who is who.

    Yeah, I haven't tested him, but test subjects is potentially really powerful upgrade on McMourning. Sure, he can also take it while playing ressers, but he doesn't actually want anything as badly there. It would mostly just be for Scorpius.
  14. Monday Preview - Waldgeist Rider

    Poor waldgeist!
  15. Pandora's Self Loathing says "Apply the printed damage results of the chosen Action to the target, no other effects or triggers from the chosen Action are applied." I just basically assume that everything that says "Target suffers X damage." is a printed damage result and ignore everything else written on the action. Kentauroi Lance would probably do higher damage when Pandora charges, if weren't for the fact that "this action", in my opinion, refers to Kentauroi Lance.
  16. And if he isn`t undead why wouldn`t he suffer 2 damage? Its a damaging result. I thought that it goes without saying that flat 2 damage is a damage result and would be applied, so I didn't say it.
  17. I'd say Judge would suffer 2/4/8 damage, if he is undead for some reason. The action isn't a valid target for either of Pandora's attacks though. To me it seems like "If the target is engaged with at leaqst one other friendly model, deal +2 damage." is an added effect that modifies the damage, and not part of the damage itself. It's totally debatable though.
  18. If I target a Beast its 2/3/4. If I don`t its 0? Is there an action like that? That seems like it would do self loathing damage to a Beast, but I really hope it doesn't exist.
  19. I would say Pandora can't use the higher damage, because there was no Kentauroi Lance action generated by a Charge.
  20. Master tiers or who is who.

    Tankiness is different from being hard to kill. Tanky model doesn't mind others trying to hit it, and might actually try to actively get into situations where others would be tempted to do so. A model can be hard to kill for several different reasons as well. Many highly mobile ranged models are hard to kill, because you can't hit them when they keep avoiding you. Many Gremlin masters fall into that category. Then there is an even broader category of highly survivable models. That also includes, for example, Governor's Proxy that's just so useless that no one bothers to kill it.
  21. Master tiers or who is who.

    Half of them are damn near impossible to kill with all the squeeling. Incidentally, that's the half with high defenses.
  22. Master tiers or who is who.

    I don't see how huge damage is helpful if it is reduced to 1.
  23. Master tiers or who is who.

    You don't need huge single target damage to kill Sonnia. Ergo, Lady Justice is pointless.
  24. Master tiers or who is who.

    Probably, but it's good with Sonnia as well. It depends on what you want your master to do.
  25. Master tiers or who is who.

    If you bring Nino you also bring Abuela. Then you have enough family models to make a difference.