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  1. Either that or shooting at SS users.
  2. In Finland we don't do thankful.
  3. There's at least two ways of going at it. Both of them involve Hoffman buffing up something rather big and nasty like Joss, Howard or Peacekeeper. If Hoff has mobile toolkit, he can them :s, extra armor, Fast, extra s, nimble or some other nasty stuff (not everything though). Then he can either Machine Puppet the big nasty forward or do some Emissary bury shenanigans to get the big nasty more or less anywhere on the board. He doesn't really have to worry about opponent activating before the big nasty gets to activate, because most crews can't really pose a threat to an armor +4 Peacekeeper, and even if they can, Hoff has ways to adjust the plan accordingly.
  4. Black Friday Sale

    Except they actually didn't. At least I don't think so, since I just bought 3 boxes less than 5 minutes ago.
  5. Black Friday Sale

    I most certainly am not.
  6. Refining increases the cost of soulstones because of the amount of work involved, it's difficulty and the fact that refined soulstones look prettier. It's not like iPhone 8 costs over 800 because of it's superior technology.
  7. Black Friday Sale

    Oh no! Not the alt Bayou Gremlin!
  8. Black Friday Sale

    They don't do pre-releases outside Gencon anymore. You can also order all the stuffs that are available at the webstore normally. Who knows, maybe they will also add December releases to the mix...
  9. New TTB One Shot - Jurassic Faux

    Most oil is plants unfortunately.
  10. New TTB One Shot - Jurassic Faux

    I need a malisaurux rex in my life. Make it a model!
  11. Final GG18 pdf?

    Wyrd hosts most of the files they share in some weird place (amazonaws.com). Certain browser addons will interpret links to these files as unsafe redirects, which can cause you to get an xml file telling you that the download failed instead of the actual pdf.
  12. Role Saturation: A Pro or Con?

    I don't think role saturation is that much of a question of good or bad. It's just unavoidable in a miniature game. The companies have to develop new products to sell stuff to their existing customers. The only way you could avoid role saturation in a situation like that is to forbid using older models or create entirely new roles for models all the time, both of which would more or less equate to creating a whole new game periodically. I think role saturation definitely isn't a bad thing for the player of the game. Models in miniature games are more than just their rules and functionality in the game. They also have the corresponding miniatures, and most miniature game players enjoy getting new cool miniatures. Having an overlap in their roles in the game just gives the player more alternatives to choose from, and if the game rules are reasonably well balanced that also means that players can choose their minis based on their aesthetics as well. It's unfortunately quite difficult to keep the rules of the models reasonably well balanced. I'd say Wyrd has been doing quite a good job there (while GW for example has not). However, like I already said, role saturation is unavoidable. The game creators could choose to bitch and moan about it, but that wouldn't change anything. It's just a challenge you have to live with. It's up to you whether you choose to see it as opportunity to test the limits of your creativity or just an unsurmountable obstacle that eventually ruins all miniature games.
  13. Brainstorm new word for "always"

  14. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Finding Ice Golem separately is not actually that difficult.
  15. Pine Box

    Yeah, the smaller game size also helps you have cards to cheat for all the death marshals you have as you have fewer models competing for those cards.
  16. Pine Box

    It's a powerful action, but people usually also realize the easiest way to counter it as well i.e. kill the death marshal. It usually takes some kind of special set up to get that death marshal close enough to an enemy to use pine box and then get him away from there.
  17. Pine Box

    I think I have had 3 models buried at the same time at most. Don't really know how many successful casts of Pinebox resulted to that.
  18. What list would you take..

    I wouldn't exactly call it a well defined rule. It's a good first guess, though.
  19. What list would you take..

    I find it cute that you think that English language has some well defined rules for its loan words. The plural of phalanx is phalanxes or phalanges. For military formations it's usually the first.
  20. What list would you take..

    I'm not sure I understood this correctly. Assuming I did, that list doesn't have 3 bad matchups out of 56. It has 56 bad matchups out of 56. I just found those 3 hilarious.
  21. What list would you take..

    Imagine facing Sonnia, Raspy or Wong with that list. At least you would have lot of heads to pick up...
  22. Exactly this. One should always be playing Loot Bag.
  23. The last list I played was a weird one. I had: McCabe -Loot Bag -Cloak -Promises Luna Brutal Emissary -Badge of Speed Santiago -Hair Trigger Wastrel Wastrel Watcher Guild Hound Guild Hound Guild Hound Guild Hound This was a while back, so I don't remember the game that well. I was playing an interference game against Sandeep. I ended up winning 8-2, giving my opponent 2 points for frame for murder. The game was a weird one like I said. Santiago and Wastrels killed stuff and Brutal Emissary buried Arcane Emissary and Kudra, and threw them in the middle of nowhere, where I had put scheme markers for that specific purpose. I think we called the game at the end of turn 4, as my opponent practically had no chance of winning anymore.
  24. Weird Big Numbers Competition

    So many that it doesn't even make sense to try to count them. Separating them is more difficult than summoning them. A more interesting question could be: Can Hamelin summon so many rats that you can't fit them on the table without turning any of them being able to turn into a rat king when it activates?
  25. Well thought, since that's what the action says it does. (2) Charge: Target a model within LoS. Move this model up to its Cg in a straight line. This model must end the move with the target model within its engagement range or this Action may not be taken. This model then takes two Range Attack Actions against the target model. Each of these Actions must have an AP cost of 1. A model may not declare this Action if it is engaged (see Engagement, pg. 44) or if it has a Cg of "—".