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  1. Misaki Alpha.

    You are basically paying 7ss to get Misaki anywhere you want on board and have to take suboptimal models to support the plan. Seems to me like you are just setting up your opponent for a free win.
  2. You sure can. You just have to play Sonnia.
  3. Guild Lucius post errata

    There are some good attacks in Guild that they can copy. Phiona has good damage track and against activated models and Jury has good damage and gives out slow or draws cards. Even Jury's book attack might be kind of okay on Changelings.
  4. Why is the Brutal Emissary so expensive?

    The subject hasn't been touched in the fluff.
  5. In My Bed Rule Question.

    The Trigger only changes who suffers the effects. It doesn't say anything about changing the actual target. Dreamer can push after resolving the action.
  6. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    Wrath leading a crew has nothing to do with the health of the game. Crossroads 7 isn't a real faction. (Much like Gremlins.)
  7. Suited Schemes and Meta Control

    I would add couple of factors to the list: Keeping specific models alive. Forcing models to a specific location. Not relying on interact actions. Not forcing you away from enemies. There are several schemes in the rulebook that are better for elite crews for these exact reasons. Bodyguard and Take Prisoner are a couple of examples. That forcing models to specific locations is maybe the one that hasn't gotten enough consideration. It's the reason why I would much rather play an elite crew into a scheme pool with Search The Ruins than Leave Your Mark. Crews with high model counts can more easily spread out and drop scheme markers to places where the enemy just won't be able to reach them because of limited AP, but if you force them to a specific location they lose that advantage.
  8. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Well, Guild is pretty terrible at playing control without killing the opposition, so at least you won't be making your opponents feel hopeless.
  9. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Viks will also have to think twice before they Charge Perdita, who has been buffed by Frank. Doubly so, if she has her finger on the trigger. They also can't deploy out in the open if they don't want to get killed. Although, I suspect that is going to help you about as much as all the other posts suggesting masters other than Lucius and McMourning. I don't think they have access to any easy answers. You could try using sniper models like freikorps trappers to limit where Viks can safely go. The other good alternative would be to hit them with conditions, but it isn't as easy as one would like. Wave 5 also has some pretty good answers coming, but they haven't hit the stores yet: Guild investigator can make it so that Vik of Blood can only attack once per activation and Disguised protects them from charges, Thalarian Queller can almost guarantee they can't use Whirlwind and Riot Breaker can rob Blood of extra AP like fast and Melee Expert.
  10. New Hoffman

    The deduction relies on the assumption that Lady Justice would be doing weak damage, but that really isn't the most probable case with the amount of she has for damage.
  11. To Flurry With a Peacekeeper?

    Get for the attacks from Promises or Hoffman Emissary.
  12. Molly Back on the Job upgrade in GG18

    Relatively few schemes have ever had unknown parts.
  13. Molly Back on the Job upgrade in GG18

    I think that would more or less be true with any scheme pool really.
  14. New Hoffman

    Are you referring to extra attacks from vendetta? They aren't as good as her normal attacks and come with extra limitations, so 2-3 seems like an overestimation.
  15. New Hoffman

    I don't mind gimping her damage a bit if it means I don't have to deal with a Peacekeeper.
  16. New Hoffman

    They really can't get out for good. They would have to essentially pass 4 Wp duels against Wp or Ca 7. Not really going to happen. The only practical way to release the model is kill Lady Justice.
  17. New Hoffman

    Lady Justice won't have much trouble dealing with him. Pinebox the biggest meanie and kill the rest.
  18. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    You can most definitely do an alpha strike with Ressers. You can for example have Nico give Archie fast and have a couple of Doxies poke him forward. While your opponent tries to deal with him (and it isn't really certain they even can) you can summon more models for the second wave or follow up with Nico and heal Archie to full health if he hasn't already died.
  19. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    The basic answer is pretty much the same for both Perdita and Hoffman. You threaten them with your own alpha strike. Perdita has huge range and high damage if you bring Papa Loco or Jury. That more or less means the opponent won't be able to advance their models anywhere visible before she has activated, and even after that she can take a charge from almost any model without dying if she has Franc's buff. She also has the ability to get to the center of the table before activating the first time, so the opponent can't be certain they are safe even at their own deployment zone. Hoffman on the other hand can use the Emissary to sling an extremely beefed up construct very far away from his deployment zone. If the opponent isn't heavy on armor ignoring, they probably even won't be able to take down that constuct after that. If they are heavy on armor ignore, you can use his new upgrade that prevents ignoring armor to tank the alpha strike. Even Vik of Blood will not likely be able to kill a Peacekeeper with Armor +3 in a single activation if Hoffman is nearby. If they decide against doing that aplha strike, they will likely end up wasting most of their first turn, while Hoffman has upgraded his constructs and is stronger on turn 2 than he was on turn 1.
  20. Always Scheme

    I don't actually think that the final score difference reflects how close the game was all that well. Often one player will be able to pull a 2-0 lead on the strategy that cannot possibly be overcome. Is a game that has been decided on turn 3 really a close one?
  21. New Hoffman

    How does power looping help that?
  22. New Hoffman

    And why would I want that? Emissary doesn't really use it's Ml most of the time and neither does Hoffman. Boosting the Df of Hoff and Howard by 1 is not all that useful either. Statistically the difference is very small. The Peacekeeper is the only one who siginificantly benefits from this arrangement statwise, but he's very durable either way, so he doesn't really need the added survivability from higher stats and the difference between Ml 6 and 7 is small. The higher defences help protect against conditions, but condition removal does that even better. Peacekeeper is also very slow, so he benefits more from Hoffman helping him actually hit something than boosting his stats.
  23. Always Scheme

    No amount of hand holding with available schemes is really going to prevent me from completely annihilating a new player if I choose to do so. I don't think this is something that can or should be handled with the always available scheme. Leaver the new player experience up to the tournament organizers.