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  1. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    I'm not actually sure being able to turn other models to constructs is actually stronger than being able to make that Peacekeeper's armor unignorable.
  2. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    For example, Nico's summoning works like that to an extent, the more models the opponent loses the more Nico can summon. It also works under other circumstances, but it will still beat his opponent while he is down. The effect doesn't sound awfully strong to begin with, so I don't really care.
  3. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Being behind in VP does not necessarily mean being behind in the game. There are also schemes you score at the end of the game. Although, the upgrade could also punish a player who is actually behind in the game, but that could be said about a lot of abilities.
  4. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    I'd still posit that Hoffman got much more than Lucius.
  5. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    That doesn't sound too limiting, because the non-construct models tend to have better raw stats. Avoids some Ca sillines, when you can't spam actions with borrowed Ca 8 from a Metal Gamin. Death Marshals could still be pretty annoying, especially since Hoffman could also copy Pine Box with OSA.
  6. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Right... That was a thing as well. Will practically never happen though.
  7. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Where'd it get that?
  8. Malifootball (rules variant)

    Collision with impassable terrain and table is handled by the fact that it is a push. A push will end when it comes into base contact with one of those things. Also, feel free to modify that in any way you want, it was just a suggestion.
  9. Malifootball (rules variant)

    Kick it! would work better if it were worded something like this: (1) Kick it! (Sh 5 / TN 9): End I’ve Got It! Condition on this model and place the Ball Marker in a base contact with this model, then push the Ball Marker up to a distance equal to the amount that this Action's final duel total exceeded the TN. If the Ball Marker comes into base contact with another model, the model gains I’ve Got It! Condition and the Ball Marker is removed from play. 3VP also seems like kind of a lot for killing enemy models. Wouldn't 2 be enough?
  10. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    You don't say?
  11. GenCon news update

    My guess would be two months tops, but nothing is certain. It has happened in the past that I got the new book from a store before my GenCon order arrived.
  12. GenCon news update

    You can just wait several weeks and then pick up the deck from the local game store.
  13. GenCon news update

    Disappointed about the decks, but not your fault. Thanks for telling us. Have a nice GenCon!
  14. Upgrade deck out of stock already?!

    Yeah, I imagine there are literally thousands of people who are going to be pretty unhappy when they notice it. I wonder if they might have more stock that they didn't add to the webstore. It has been known to happen in the past.
  15. Book 5 general release

    I doubt Wyrd is in the money exchanging business at all. If you use paypal, the rate will depend on your settings and if you pay by card, the conversion will most likely be done by the card issuer.