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  1. Who does the lady on the right remind you off?
  2. what's your crutch?

    Does it matter if someone is being self-derogatory?
  3. Wyrdscape Preview

    Which kinds of minis? The wobbly ones that fall off their bases and turn into pools of jello at a hot breath. I meant if it is the harder or the softer plastic.
  4. Wyrdscape Preview

    Which kinds of minis?
  5. December LGS Promotion

    Maybe I don't want to support all my local shops as much as Wyrd does.
  6. What's a good monster hunter list for perdita?

    It's not like they actually died instantly, but it was a pretty good way of getting easy 3-6 damage.
  7. What's a good monster hunter list for perdita?

    I got a lot of mileage out of obey once, when I was playing on Vassal. The map had lots of walkways and dangerous terrain. Models just kept leaping to their deaths in the hot lava.
  8. Making Pale Rider work

    For 12ss you can hire one model to do the killing and another to do the scheming, and they will both end up being more succesful than Pale Rider would have been in either of those roles.
  9. Making Pale Rider work

    I think trikk nailed it. The real problem with the Pale rider isn't that he dies too easily. The problem is that he isn't worth his cost even when he doesn't. The damage is very bad for a model that expensive making him the most expensive scheme runner in the game. Unless you also double his damage, I don't see myself using Queller to buff him anyways.
  10. It bothers me that only two of three neverborn model are going along because they are indebted to the Guild. What's Tannen doing there? Was he lured by Queek's promises?
  11. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    I think they would still be played. Plus the non-master clause could just be introduced to just that one trigger. Just saying that the bigger picture doesn't always matter.
  12. Non-Leader attacks- is this a mostly Guild Feature?

    It is unacceptable to slightly annoy a master, but completely debilitating them is okay. Their plot protection can only save them from minor annoyances.
  13. December LGS Promotion

    Well, the prices here are so steep that I can get the Draugr on e-bay with the money I save by buying online.
  14. December LGS Promotion

    Hmm, too bad my FLGS probably won't be able to get me anything before January even if I ask them to order something right now.
  15. Help with McCabe

    2 hits isn't that bad. Very few 5ss models take less than that.