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  1. ...or they are playing Wong with a 7ss model.
  2. Malifaux cube draft would be pretty awesome. I wonder if I would get any players if I organized one...
  3. General understanding of systems is also useful for understanding all kinds of systems. The reason engineers have some difficulty in understanding bodily functions, is mainly the fact that bodily functions are difficult to observe. It is not so for a bureucratic machine.
  4. I'm aware that this is a bit of a short notice, but I hope we will get a good number of attendees. The tournament will be held in Hietaniemi youth center (Hietaniemenkatu 9). The attendance is free and there are prizes. We will be playing three rounds following GG17 rules. More information and registration can be found here in Finnish. As always, we also welcome non-Finnish speakers if anyone is interested in coming.
  5. Last time I lost.
  6. Losing all your models is acceptable as long as you win the game.
  7. As long as my winrate is in the 90's regardless of faction I don't really have to think about things like this.
  8. The real question is: What the **** are the two doing on the table?
  9. The number of recorded games is so low for many masters, that they are likely to have come mostly from one or two players. The individual skill of those players relative to their meta would affect the results more than the master.
  10. It's also a problem with the quality of the data and not just quantity. The datapoints aren't really drawn from the same datasets.
  11. If I had reported my guild McCabe games from the last year, he would be at the top of the win rate list in logfaux. The sample size is really too small.
  12. It's a lot easier to focus on scoring points when you have access to cheap models with extra scheming AP in the form of leaps or marker dropping.
  13. Edit Profile > Basic Info > Member Title Don't know if you need a certain number of posts, though.
  14. Well, you can elect not to do the place, but then you won't be the target either.
  15. Sidir is required to do the Place if it is possible, but yeah, you can sometimes avoid charges by placing him behind the original target.