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  1. Does not work.
  2. The most cost efficient way of getting that scheme marker down is probably using an Austringer's Deliver orders on something that double walked earlier that turn. If you don't want to invest much extra Abuela is a decent choice, because some other model could have easily pushed her 5" and you can also use her to get the Emissary to bury lady J. Guard Sergeant can also be utilized with his ability to move a scheme marker as a (0) action. In reality the easiest way to get that max distance is to just move the Emissary. Even Franc can do that on the first turn after buffing Justice. The scheme marker option, in my opinion, is best done cheap just to provide you an alternative attack vector if your opponent tries to avoid the Emissary directly. In that case my recommendation would be a Watcher/Reporter + Austringer/Guard Sergeant. They can just do what they would have most likely done on the first turn anyways and drop a scheme marker near center line. They can take care of most of your scheming needs in the later turns as well.
  3. This has probably been this way for ages, but I'm not getting paid enough to comb through all the models every week. Swarm Attack has somewhat unclear wording. Is it supposed to do 1 damage several times or one big blob of damage? The current wording seems to imply 1 damage several times.
  4. It definitely needs some kind of change in its wording, because atm it can't be taken by any minion. It could say minions count as enforcers for purposes of attaching this upgrade or something.
  5. The best build is actually: Nellie + Delegation + Misleading Headlines Printing Press Peacekeeper + Debt Queek + Promises + Numb Abuela + Debt Nino + Hair Trigger 2 Reporters True story.
  6. I just can't let that claim stand uncontended. There is nothing below average about Belles, not even after the cuddle. Their durability is above average, their mobility is average, their ml is average and their Ca attacks are way above average.
  7. I play in the same meta and there are people who I have never lost against even though we have played more than 4 games (a lot more in case of some). Also, no one can blame on focusing on specific masters too much. The difference in skill levels is a real thing. Although, I would also argue that there are differences in power levels of masters.
  8. Math didn't even know he hated it until a few days ago.
  9. In certain tables you can try and counter Nico's summoning by limiting his ability to move his models around. Sonnia and couple of traps can go a long way in achieving that. You don't even have to go full retard trying to buff Sonnia if you are trying to focus on the board control side, so you can leave out Papa and Franc for some other models if needed.
  10. That would pretty much force Nellie to hand out the condition and she doesn't have disengaging strike. You would have to target something that's engaged with another friendly model as well and the opponent could still use an Obey-like effect to remove the condition.
  11. Problem isn't usually getting the condition on a model. The problem is keeping the condition on it.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't really play it either. Or at least I wouldn't expect scoring more than 1 point from it.
  13. There's also accusation, dig their graves and some other things.
  14. Nellie would probably be family as well, yes. The list doesn't make that much sense if the enemy doesn't want to be interacting near you for some other reasons as well, and you are probably better off them not interacting at all than having them score points and you getting evidence.
  15. I actually got an idea how to make her Scathing Review more effective. You could take Nino and Abuela to get a huge no interact area. That would make removing Humiliation very difficult or at least costly. You can also include Franc for a good measure if you want to. You would obviously need a good spot for Nino for this to work effectively, but it would probably be a pretty decent tactic considering what else it does as well.