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  1. After Succeeding

    You must take it immediately. The trigger tells you to take an action and isn't resolved until you do.
  2. Monday Preview - July 17th

    Looks awfully similar to this: So, no news there?
  3. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    I enjoy dual Nurses for similar reasons when playing ressers. Meds is so intimidating that your opponent will likely cheat in a high card if you are winning the initial duel, regardless of whether you actually have anything useful in hand.
  4. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    I find Ryle is a model that can perform quite well independently. Him being a construct doesn't hurt either.
  5. NB Lucius on Logfaux, what gives?

    It is very much possible that there are also some hidden correlations affecting the results. Beginner players might more likely pick certain masters over others because their aesthetics are more pleasing to wider audience, or more experienced or skilled players could be drawn towards more complex masters even if the complexity does not translate to actual game benefits. Same thing could apply to masters that are perceived powerful. Because it is practically impossible to determine if player assignment to different masters or factions is truly random, it will be impossible to draw very far reaching conclusions about the power levels of masters or faction just from statistical data like that. Not to mention there could be other problems with it as well. People could be more likely to report games they have won for example.
  6. Witchling Thralls

    Yeah, it's practically certain they won't be available until September, except maybe in the Wyrd's Gencon sale.
  7. NB Lucius on Logfaux, what gives?

    Yeah, the sample sizes in Logfaux are so small that they tell more about what certain good players like to play than how masters actually rate compared to each other. I could probably pick any little played master and get it to the top of the win rate list if I wanted to.
  8. Monday Preview - July 17th

    Seems like Kai is making a play at Aaron's top spot on the leaderboard.
  9. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Go check back on the original thread. I can't be bothered arguing this in two different places.
  10. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    The question is: Can you prove it is a typo? If you can't, you don't have a ground to stand on.
  11. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    It's page 52 of the rules manual. Edit: As for the terrifying, the answer is no, because Horror duel is not Sh Action. It works with some other similar abilities like Sonnia's Ancient Runes, because that one gives to duels during Ca actions (and Horror duel can be taken while the Ca action is in progress).
  12. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    I do not, because there is no such line on page 28 of the rules manual. I mean this one:
  13. ophelia's "eyes closed"

  14. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    To add to what @Adran said: The rulebook uses to an Action and to an Action's duel interchangably. For example, soulstones can only be used to give a to the Attack flip, but the opposed duel example on pg. 28 of the rules manual talks about using a SS to give to the Attack Action.
  15. TOS figs for Mali?

    It would be pretty dope if Wyrd released alternate model stat card decks that would allow using TOS in Malifaux or vice versa. They could just use the rules of some existing models in a fashion similar to Miss models and the likes. I don't think it would even affect the sales negatively in the long run.