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  1. I would have to disagree with you there.
  2. I'm more worried about Sammy really.
  3. It's not like the possibility of summoning Flying Piglets forces you to do it every time. The summoner will become more powerful if the new summon is optimal even 1% of the time.
  4. The Swap is an awfully complicated way of saying "Draw two cards. You may discard an odd card to place some scheme markers instead." The opponent really shouldn't ever be discarding any cards for this unless its absolutely critical that you don't get to place those scheme markers, and when he doesn't you shouldn't either if you are fine with drawing cards, because the values of 0 cards always add up to 0 (proof is left to the reader).
  5. Oh, apparently I can't read very well.
  6. Why assume the marker ability can't be changed again? They survive one hit from many more models than before. If it doesn't really matter how durable they are as long as some models can kill them with 1 hit, why not make the wound count 5 or 1 when they are summoned? The people who tried them seemed to think they were quite interesting enough as summons.
  7. This change effectively makes them Rare 1 though.
  8. It is somewhat weird but not necessarily bad for game balance. It would be quite strong if it worked on masters.
  9. I dislike giving them additional wounds when they are summoned. Giving perfectly good (non-master) summoners more powerful summoning options is rather questionable in and itself (or does someone feel like the summoners need a buff?). Flying Piglets' offensive and scheming capability is really high compared to Stuffed Piglets. I don't see why their durability should also be so similar.
  10. The new abilities seem really interesting, but also somewhat problematic. Tap Out works even when Wrastler suffers damage from friendly models or falling (which is sort of wonderfully thematic if they charge down from a roof or something) but seems bit too powerful when it's that easy to control. Hit Your With Anything seems fine otherwise, but the wording is unnecessarily verbose. It could just say "When this model ends the movement granted by a Charge, it may..." or something. discard
  11. Still not the worst ability I have ever seen.
  12. I really dislike the change to Hands from Below. Obviously the duration can't stay as it currently is, because the model would be forever stuck with the condition if Asura dies, but that isn't even the only problem. The ranges of Residents of Rottenburg and Hands from Below are so massive, that most Mindless Zombies on the table will be able to target the model they want to. Now that the condition lasts well into the next turn, Asura can pretty much shut down any Ml model permanently while dropping its Df to 1 if there are three or four Mindless Zombies on the table. Whether it is too powerful is debatable to an extent, but it definitely sounds like the most unfun experience ever to have your master be shut down by a bunch of Mindless Zombies. I have pretty much always disliked static reductions to stats in this game, and this one seems really easy to cast, has no limit how high it will stack, and can be cast by models whose AP is essentially worthless.
  13. That seems stupid. I wonder if it's intentional...
  14. That could work, but I think the TN should lose the suit requirement in that case.
  15. You showed us that 11ss worth of models can waste an entire turn trying to kill a single Sorrow.