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  1. Surround Them 10/18 update

    If you have three models in position to do that turn 5 walk and marker drop, you deserve the points in my opinion.
  2. Surround Them 10/18 update

    Defending markers is much more difficult nowadays than it used to be. Also, all the talk about areas is unnecessarily confusing. 40sq inch may sound large, but the size of the play area is nearly 1300sq inch. The area in the corner may sound large when I say it's over 30000mm^2, but the fact remains that you really can't place two scheme markers much more than 8" apart there. I obviously didn't mean that it's physically impossible to fit two scheme markers there, but it will be quite rare for two players both get at least one marker in two corners and manage to keep them there.
  3. Surround Them 10/18 update

    I don't actually think this is too easy. If you just drop the markers on turn 1, there is no doubt whatsoever that your opponent will try to get rid of them. The fact that it takes markers in at least 3 corners means that your opponent will be going for at least two of those corners if they take the scheme as well. It's near impossible for both players to score 3 points from this in reality.
  4. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Are you trying to agree or disagree with me or just criticize the clarity of my post?
  5. Lady J vs Nicodem

    Justice always wins!
  6. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I agree, that this definitely isn't something we should actively strive towards. I don't find it big enough issue to merit going to great lengths to avoid either, but if this new systems ends up making netlisting more difficult, I won't be complaining.
  7. A Final Plea for GG2018

    To be fair, complexity of scoring is basically one of the defining features of Malifaux. I somewhat doubt anyone who is really put off by that would really enjoy the game. It's not like this test version is an order of magnitude more complex than what is found in the rulebook either. In my experience, new players tend to be absolutely terrible at creating lists that could excel at all scheme pools. They do tend to come up with pretty good crews for specific pools given enough time. The existence of lists that do reasonably well in all pools is mostly beneficial to those who get their lists from the internet.
  8. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Matching two suits doesn't sound too complicated to me.
  9. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I like the second test iteration quite a lot. Although, I'm not 100% sure this is very different from just getting rid off the always strategy and just flipping 5 strats. Either way, I'm quite happy.
  10. The summoned model is already slow when it comes into existence.
  11. Nightmare Edition...no box

    At least you didn't get a box without minis.
  12. Club sections

    How did I end up as the owner of the club? That seems really mysterious.
  13. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    Like: Nothing. Dislike: Everything. Like I said in the other thread, this scheme now favors high activation counts over elite lists more than claim jump ever did. Even peons can deny it ridiculously easily by just engaging the enemy models near scheme markers.