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  1. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    Thank you for another great unboxing. Unfortunately I got my Carlos last week, so this was the first time I didn't have one of these for reference. I'm confident in my modeling skills, but it felt strange not being able to double check some things. Agreed, it feels incredibly fragile to have the whole model balancing on three tiny wisps of flame and connecting to one of the thinnest supporting parts. Still, I must find a way to get him to the field in one piece, just to be able to call out the name of his attack.
  2. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Hmm, I was expecting something close to a Shinto monk, not lantern-riding ninja-mages. I'm glad to be surprised, these are definitely more wyrd.
  3. Who's this???

    I quite certain it's a Domador de Cadaveres. Those guys gave a strong dia de los muertos vibe and to me that looks more like face paint than an actual skull.
  4. No Image of Kentauroi

    There's two different pages for the previews and this one does have the Kentauroi: https://www.wyrd-games.net/specials-images/
  5. GenCon Outcast Releases

    I wouldn't call Talos exactly squishy with Armor, Terrifying and self-healing. It's just that most big guys rely on something other than Df to stay alive. Also, I need that Stalker in my collection. The rules look nice and the model fits them so well.
  6. Dealing w/ McMourning, Sebastion and Poison Shinaningans

    Warding Runes and Blood Ward certainly works to protect one or two models, but if you're not running Ironsides or Sandeep, a single Oxfordian might not be the best addition to your crew. What I prefer is to take Johan and/or Arcane Effigy. I've yet to play a game where condition removal hasn't been effective, especially against ressers. Another solution is to just kill the Chihuahua. It has only 4 in Df and Wd and no defensive abilities and needs to get close as Horrific Odour is just 2. Also on a side note, if you have a soulstone user poisoned within Sebastian's Induction aura, preventing the 1 damage from poison stops Induction from going off.
  7. Hodgepodge Effigy

    Prop gun? The effigies are puppets trying to mimic iconic characteristics from their adoptive factions after all. I'm guessing it's more likely that the Actions of the effigy were designed with the old model in mind. The old pewter model had an oversized knife, mismatched arms and no gun, at least to my knowledge, I don't have the model to confirm this. Later when they designed the new model, they made it look more like a puppet version of a generic mercenary, most of whom carry guns.
  8. [Finland] Ropecon tournament 2017 29th of July

    I asked this earlier on the Finnish forum and the ruling was that models need to be at least assembled and primed, so if you can manage that there shouldn't be any problem. Can't help with the rest, hopefully @Molja checks here soon.
  9. Monday Preview - July 3rd

    Not what I expected from the Jötunn Cyclops. But I like it.
  10. Base Size List

    Nice work. Looked through the files and these are the things I found in need of fixing (from typos to misplaced models) Arcanists: Cojo should be 50mm (errata) Arachnid Swarm should be 40mm Guild: Field Reporter has a typo Resurrectionists: Banasuva shouldn't be there Nurse has a typo Shieldbearer has a typo Neverborn: Barbaros should be 40mm (errata) Outcasts: Nothing Beast should be Henchman (errata) Gremlins: Lenny has a typo
  11. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    I'd love to see more named Frozen Heart models. More specificly, I've wanted Alice Burson to become a model ever since reading her story (Wyrd Chronicles Volume 15, December's Call: Homecoming). Though the problem with Alice specifically is that there's nothing differentiating her from the generic Acolyte and her story seems to be more of an example of how the Acolytes are recruited instead of the backstory of one unique individual, so I doubt we'll be seeing her anytime soon. Still, I'd love to have a named Acolyte upgraded to Enforcer/Henchman with it's own pet hoarcat (not Luka for obvious reasons).
  12. I've posted more this month than in the whole preceding year...

    No, I'm not bored at work, why do you keep asking?

  13. Ten THunder Crew Prices

    It's most likely because the four $40 boxes (Misaki, Mei Feng, Lynch and Yan Lo) as well as Lucas's box are from edition 1.5. They're an earlier production and consist for the most part of a lot less pieces and therefore, less plastic. The poses on the models are also more static (again, for the most part), thus requiring less fiddly and tiny bits, apart from certain facial hair. Also also, the $40 boxes have only 6 models, or less in Lynch's case with only one larger model on a 40/50mm base (this is why Lucas is $45 as a 1.5 production).
  14. Asami of the Huge Hand

    Quite sure Arcane reservoir is an Ability, not a condition. If Amanjaku's A Taste of Life could increase Ability values, he'd be utterly broken (Don't have the card so can't confirm).
  15. (0) "Welcome to Malifaux!" Well, if you want to go fully thematic the starter box is Witch hunters vs Nephilim, IIRC (don't own the starter myself). That would indicate Sonnia Criid and Lilith, so The torch and the blade box for Sonnia and Mother of monsters box for Lilith. But we're talking about mechanical effectiveness, so those two aren't the only choice. Luckily the models are generic enough to not be useless in pretty much any crew, especially the two henchmen, though this has the drawback of not having crazy synergies with anyone either. I'd still stick with Guild and Neverborn, since you can only bring two models as mercenaries in other factions (thus wasting half the starter box). Can't advice you further than that since I'm not really a Guild or Neverborn player.