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  1. Yep, it's been that way from the start. My interpretation would be several instances of 1 damage as well. It fits the theme of the attack better and if they wanted it to be a single source, it should read as increasing the original damage by +1 for each vermin.
  2. I've posted more this month than in the whole preceding year...

    No, I'm not bored at work, why do you keep asking?

  3. It's most likely because the four $40 boxes (Misaki, Mei Feng, Lynch and Yan Lo) as well as Lucas's box are from edition 1.5. They're an earlier production and consist for the most part of a lot less pieces and therefore, less plastic. The poses on the models are also more static (again, for the most part), thus requiring less fiddly and tiny bits, apart from certain facial hair. Also also, the $40 boxes have only 6 models, or less in Lynch's case with only one larger model on a 40/50mm base (this is why Lucas is $45 as a 1.5 production).
  4. Quite sure Arcane reservoir is an Ability, not a condition. If Amanjaku's A Taste of Life could increase Ability values, he'd be utterly broken (Don't have the card so can't confirm).
  5. (0) "Welcome to Malifaux!" Well, if you want to go fully thematic the starter box is Witch hunters vs Nephilim, IIRC (don't own the starter myself). That would indicate Sonnia Criid and Lilith, so The torch and the blade box for Sonnia and Mother of monsters box for Lilith. But we're talking about mechanical effectiveness, so those two aren't the only choice. Luckily the models are generic enough to not be useless in pretty much any crew, especially the two henchmen, though this has the drawback of not having crazy synergies with anyone either. I'd still stick with Guild and Neverborn, since you can only bring two models as mercenaries in other factions (thus wasting half the starter box). Can't advice you further than that since I'm not really a Guild or Neverborn player.
  6. One idea that has been on my mind from the moment I read Spark's card is taking Lazarus and Hans. Make Hans a construct, Assimilate "Smile, You Son of a...," then Autofire three pinging shots into the enemy master without having to worry about To the highest bidder. Granted, it's probably nowhere near the 27ss price tag in terms of effectiveness, but man, wouldn't it be cool to blast all upgrades off the enemy leader in one activation?
  7. Agreed, Accomplice is pure gold when you get to chain activate into Hank and smack that pesky enemy with it's brand new Df -3. The problem with Combat Mechanic in my games is that often my beaters get attacked too much or too little for me to start healing them. Either they get burst down with armour ignoring attacks and/or massive damage on the earlier turns when I don't really have the scrap needed or they get more or less ignored or neutered (a plan that usually backfires thanks to Johan and the Effigy). I don't doubt that Combat Mechanic can be very useful. It's just that I personally can't ever utilize it to it's full value (So a clear case of YMMV).
  8. As has been stated above, it's really not difficult to back an elite crew with Ramos's usual mass summoning. I usually run Joss, Hank and Johan with Ramos and still outactivate my opponent by turn 2 if everything goes according to plan. Upgrade-vise I use Under Pressure and Field Generator with the last one depending on the situation, usually Electric Summoning though I've recently discovered the awesomeness of Arcane Reservoir. I find Combat Mechanic to be a bit of a trap, as using it eats up your precious scrap that might not even be there when you need to heal, as well as hand if you're unlucky, since you will want to cheat a weak healing flip. As a support master Ramos doesn't want to be fighting too much himself, so his activation consist of summoning, putting up Arcing Screen and getting in to position, maintaining a 6 death ball that gives everyone to Ml and Df. Then use the summoned spiders to either run schemes or latch onto enemies, making them easier pickings for your beaters. In a nutshell; elite heavy or not, Ramos always wants as many spiders as possible.
  9. I had moderate success and great fun with the following: Joss Langston Arcane Effigy Metal Gamin (pre-errata, now would probably go with an arachnid)
  10. Thanks. The question arose in a resent game and the potentially infinite range felt crazy powerful at the time.
  11. Quick question, is The Formless Mantra supposed to have infinite range?
  12. As I read it, there seems to be two oddities with the Wheelbarrow Ram and I want other's opinions on whether it's true/intended. First, the move doesn't ignore the target or anything, so if you want to "ram" the target directly away from the Gravedigger, you have to awkwardly scoot around them first. Second, it's a move so it's subject to disengaging strikes (please correct me if I'm wrong). So if you want to ram a beatstick or other threat away from your crew, they can stop you dead in your tracks (though if the move fails, can you still place the target in base contact?) EDIT: Second point's invalid. ttsgosadow and Paddywhack have pointed out that only walks trigger disengaging strikes (I also got to a rulebook and could confirm this).
  13. Do remember that From the quarantine zone can still be taken only once per turn. Surprised none mentioned that she can hand out potential Ml 7 with built in Contagion. That seems... fun.
  14. Today was a strange day: the neverborn gunline fell apart as the arcanists pounced from their cover and fell upon their prey with blinding speed.

  15. Rooster riders, at least pre-cuddle. It's not a tiny green man on top of overgrown poultry, it's a bloody 6 point cruise missile.