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  1. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Thanks @Icarius, imgbb seems to work wonderfully, now I just need a photography rig that doesn't eat half the colours from my models.
  2. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    I'm guessing models in any state beyond that won't be accepted. Regardless, please sing me up as enforcer. Also, can you people recommend any image hosting sites?
  3. Thanks @Mason, we can always count on you to clear up confusion.
  4. Thanks @gribble and @Griautis Jump distances substituting the normal walk/charge distances would solve my main worry, that being a beginning character charging 10+ yards without issues. That would change jumping to more of utility movement, being used to bypass difficult terrain etc. which makes way more sense. I have to reread the rules to see if it can clearly be interpreted this way. Showboating isn't that much of an issue. It can give the character 3 Attacks on a charge, but being a trigger it still requires luck or cheating. Outside that, the character needs to spend their AP on moving and possibly netting a free attack, instead of straight up attacking.
  5. So, while I'm writing and working up the courage to run a TTB campaign, which will be my first time as FM/GM/DM/etc. and my players are brainstorming character concepts, they discovered something strange: The 2nd edition rulebook states that a character can jump after moving for free, with the base distance of half their Ht in yards and double that if they charged. If they want to get further, they can take a TN 5 Athletics duel to increase the distance jumped by half their Ht on a success (or double that on charge), plus one additional time that for every margin of success. So if a PC takes Wall of Muscle and trains in Athletics, they can easily increase their walks and charges by 4,5 and 9 yards respectively. Not only this, if the same character has Athletics at skill rank 3, they can take the Showboating trigger, meaning that if they get a on the Athletics duel to increase their jump distance, they can take a free attack (which might get a bonus, I can't recall). All this, at no visible drawbacks. So tell me, is this a viable strategy and a free way for every character to gain 1-9 yards increase to all their movement, as well as potential free attacks everywhere if they put a little effort into it, or have we misread or misunderstood something, and it doesn't work at all like that? (I'm using a friends book, that I seldom have at hand, so I can't quote page numbers and might remember stuff wrong)
  6. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    I love it, I want it and I want it NOW!
  7. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Phew, voting's done. Took me over 2 hours, great use of a sick day. Cheers to all of the participants, regardless of your score you're way better than people like me. My painting schedule's way too relaxed to take part in this kind of competition.
  8. So, Ironsides is slowed and still manages to punch dead two guys, one of which was above Hard to Kill threshold. What's my response when the opponent asks if I'm done? "I still have my second AP."

  9. Gremlin Crier and FFM\EL

    But if the sucker is being ignored as a model, it shouldn't be giving VP when it dies, status or no status. I see your point now, but disagree with it. We need more evidence to come to a mutual conclusion.
  10. Gremlin Crier and FFM\EL

    I'm sorry but I don't understand your explanation for FFM. My interpretation is that since the sucker is in the "This makes no sense" aura, it's impossible to score VP from that model, even if it's a scheme that specifically checks for that model's death. And since the window for scoring is the exact moment that model dies, it is impossible to score from it afterwards, there is no sucker in play to score from. Denying models for Guard the stash and Extraction is the straight forward way of using "This makes no sense" so there's not really an issue there.
  11. Gremlin Crier and FFM\EL

    Thanks I'd say yes, it counters both of those schemes. The wording is quite straight forward, if they're within the aura, they get ignored when scoring.
  12. Gremlin Crier and FFM\EL

    Can you quote the "Makes no sense" condition? I don't have the book at hand and the direct wording can be important in this case.
  13. new FM with questions

    Thanks @Mason Yeah, being denied cheating can be quite devastating if you're not aware of it. And cheating is still only as good as your hand.
  14. new FM with questions

    I'm sure you're right. It's a simple way to solve a lot of questions, especially with derived aspects, such as "Can I cheat my Defense if I don't have Evade trained?" I still want to hear from an official source if this is the case, mostly just to get insight on their thought process. I'm fine with it being changed and our group is going to be house-ruling a couple of things anyway.
  15. new FM with questions

    Can I ask for the reasoning behind this change? I liked the old system, being able to cheat only on trained skills made even the rank 1 skills important.