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  1. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    @Rikk Icarius suggested https://imgbb.com/ and it has worked fine for me. It's free, easy to use and provides a link the forum converts directly into an image.
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Thanks. I'm aware of the issue ever since I decided to use cobblestone basing for most of my models. I don't think it's an issue outside the smaller minions and those don't need to pop that much. But how would you spice up a grey cobblestone base without making it look out of place? Ditch grey and go with another colour altogether?
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Time for a mid-month report. The eternal flame got finished about two hours ago (2 ss). The decision to paint an couple of brass and bronze parts made the model itself look quite nice and I'd say the flame effects aren't half bad. I also tried a bit of OSL (barely visible in the photo) which could have turned out better, but that's what practice is for. The gamin on the other hand I'm struggling a bit with. I tried some weirder shading to give it a translucent feel and mulling over the results has made progress slow, so slow I haven't even gotten to the chitinous highlights. Still, I'm happy with the results, though the current layers are too dark for my camera to pick up. And here's mouse for completions sake. Haven't touched it yet this month, but I wanted to upload a picture that showed that the model did have some colour already. And once again I'm back to the potato camera, so pictures are a lot greyer than in real life. I'll try to borrow the better camera once every couple of months or so, but untill then this is the best I can do.
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Thanks for the tips @Scatterbrain and @misterfinn. So far I've dreaded using NMM and high contrast highlights, but I guess it's time to give them a try. I didn't have anything fancy planned, just trying to make it match the box art with the same techniques I've used for my dawn serpent and ice gamins. Now, though, you've inspired me to try and make it a bit more... wyrd.
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Plans for this month: The eternal flame and a poison gamin (7 ss total). I'll also try to finish mouse if I've got the time or if either of the other two prove too difficult. (would have been finished last month, but couldn't be bothered during the holiday) On a side note, do people have any tips for painting the poison gamin? I've got some ideas, but would like to know how others achieve the chitinous look.
  6. How do Fated die?

    Can't find it at the moment, but there was a topic where Mason pointed out a couple of things that can get people killed faster: Negative wounds affect all Critical effect flips (so if your critical effect is flipping another card for a different table, you add your negative wounds as a bonus to that card as well) If a critical effect would affect a missing limb, that effect is transferred to the torso (so if your character has both arms missing and suffer another amputation to their arm, it hits them in the torso instead, aka death) As for dying. Most of the time that's going to be it, but there are effects and talents that can still revert it. For example, the Sawbones pursuit has the talent Life Support that lets them use Doctoring to revive a dead character, as long as they haven't been dead for too long. Alternatively (IIRC) some pursuit (most likely the Necromancer) can resurrect dead characters as undead, or in case of Fated characters as Stitched. And of course the FM can always come up with a way to revive a character they aren't ready to let go.
  7. Monthly painting challenge - February

    As promised, here's some pictures taken with a proper camera. I'd say the quality is a bit better, or at least close to the real things colourwise. Also, it was pointed out to me by the owner of said camera that the backdrop I was using could be the cause of my issues, so I'll be experimenting with other ones in the future (and I'll be the first one to call myself an idiot for not realizing it sooner).
  8. Oh Captain My Captain!

    Ditto to @MuMantai, The Captain is my favourite model in the whole range and I fielded him a lot even at 12 ss. The support he offers is just golden, the 11" threat range with a min 3 damage is nothing to sneeze at and with soulstones he's surprisingly hard to take down. I've never regretted bringing him and now that he's 10 ss with the upgrade, I'll be cramming him in every crew I can.
  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Firstly, thank you Joachim and Franchute @Joachim I try to get as much natural light for the pictures as I can, but there's a tiny problem. It's winter and I live in the north, so the brightest time of day lasts about three hours and even then most days it's not very bright out. @Franchute I do that already, my current setup is a brighter flashlight reflected off some drawing paper to disperse the light. Not too great but it's the best I've got. I'd use my work light but it's quite warm, so would require a great deal of tweaking in post to get the colours right.
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Done (Freikorps Trapper: 7 ss). Not much to say about this one, IMO the freikorps are very simple paintingwise. Though doing tiny details like the shine on his lenses is fun, as it instantly makes it look much better. Unfortunately I have to extend the disclaimer from last month, the camera eats a lot of colour from the model. I might try to borrow a better one next weekend and snap some pictures that do the models more justice.
  11. Monthly painting challenge - January

    None taken. Things like that are the exact reason why my painting table hasn't been empty for ten years, and fixing them is the main reason I joined the painting challenge in the first place.
  12. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Awesome. That means I have an additional 175 soulstones worth of models to work with (I told you there's a lot of them).
  13. Monthly painting challenge - February

    My February pledge is another single model, a Freikorps trapper (7 ss)
  14. Monthly painting challenge - January

    And boop: After finishing the monk practically in one week I perked up and completed one of my other models, that had been sitting half-painted for months (I have way too many of those). I thought those wouldn't count towards the challenge scoring, but apparently they do. So, 4 more ss for me for January. Unfortunately the picture is still rather terrible, I swear the dress is a lot more purple and the tights aren't pure black in real life.
  15. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Oh, I wasn't aware we could do this. I need to post something once I get home.