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  1. 480's painting attempts.

    Thank you for the replies. I did have an enjoyable couple of afternoons painting them both. And yes. It's a very valid pickup. I have always had a tendency toward sloppy building practices. It's only when I have undercoated and am putting a brush to a model that I notice the bits I have missed! Next model I will slow down and find all of the gaps and lines before I undercoat.
  2. I love malifaux. I love painting. I also love my wife and my dog. The following painting log is a mix of the first two. Somehow I don't think this is the place to document learning to play malifaux with my dog. I will be posting my attempts to transform my mountain of grey plastic into a mountain of colourful plastic whilst hopefully picking up hints and tips on how to improve my painting. the emissary was a lot of fun to paint. Zipp is still wip.
  3. IMG_1233.JPG

    From the album My malifaux painting attempts.

    Work in progress
  4. NEXT!!!

    From the album My malifaux painting attempts.

    Back through the breach.
  5. New Vassal ask for updated module

    I am stuck between a bit of a rock and a hard place as if i retro install an older version of the engine the malifaux module works but it stops the guildball module from working as that was written for a newer version of the engine! oh well:-)
  6. New Vassal ask for updated module

    As a recent convert to the ressurs I thought I would try a bit of threadomancy. I have just updated to version (3.2.15) of the vassal engine and I am getting the same message regarding recompiling the custom code. Is anyone else getting this message? Is there anything that can be done about it? I use a Mac and I run OS X. I also have up to date java (don't know if this is relevant.) Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Charging and blocking terrain

    Waldgeists can throw up blocking, severe with germinate? or is it Lilith that creates a kind of blocking terrain (dense terrain can be seen into but not through.) not too sure. edited to stop myself looking like a complete chump.
  8. Omnicarbivore - Round 1 - Working Stiff

    I really like what you have created with this piece. It tells a haunting story with its composition. my eyes initially focus on the miner, who looks like he has just been interrupted from a task he can't drag himself away from. Then I get to look around at the little details, which don't detract from the original focus on the miner.
  9. Seamus and Mortimer.

    Thanks for the quick reply:-) So far I have only been using Mortimer in his thematic crew with 'corpse bloat' and 'my favourite shovel' to churn out corpse markers and then blow up ones near enemies. With this in mind I know I have not been using him to his full potential and definitely want to get the most out of him.
  10. As the title hints, has anyone taken Mortimer with Seamus? I was looking at options for Seamus as I will be playing my first game with him very soon. Mortimer's ability to provide corpse markers could be of use to Seamus for his '0' action on Red Chapel Killer, However, is it too situational and seems good on paper but not on the table?