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  1. A one day, three rounds, 50ss GG2017 event. $20 entry fee (available on the day) Mystery box prizes for the winner and guilders for all attendees. Player pack: http://malifauxcanberra.org/wp-content/upl...player-pack.jpg
  2. It's Malifaux time this Thursday! Ease yourself into the Easter long weekend by challenging a fellow Canberra Malifaux gamer or try and take out my newly painted Titania crew. Demos will be on offer; additionally I will be running a game of Enforcer Brawl for anyone who wants to have a smaller game.
  3. It's Vanilla-Faux hype time! So to further entice you all to come along here is a little sweetner. If we can get 6 or more entrants on the day, I will raffle off a special edition miniature (winner can choose what they want) from the below list: Dr Dufresne SE Gremlin SE Performer SE Katanaka sniper SE Fransisco SE Barbaros SE Firestarter
  4. $20 for three games of 50ss Gaining Ground 2017 goodness. Tickets can be bought early in-store, over the phone, or turn up on the day. Player pack is available here.
  5. Links have been fixed.
  6. Ratty wrote a great article about the type and quality of terrain: In summary, place all the terrain you propose to use on one edge, and the area all of your terrain should take up is between a 1/3rd and 1/2 of the table.
  7. It's been a while (thanks to Cancon), but we have a small gathering of players coming along tonight for demos. Feel free to drop in and learn to play.
  8. Sorry Krellnus, I haven't been on the forums for a little while. There was a slight overbooking issue and they temporarily suspended ticket sales. Were you able to get a ticket? cheers Seb
  9. Our Second Monday of Malifaux at Three D6 is on tonight. We have McMourning, Yan Lo and some random Neverborn scum heading in tonight. Come along and have a game or sign up for a demo.
  10. Ladies & Gentlemen. CanCon 2017 is open! The things you need to know: Entry is $50 for one day and $60 for both (play either Friday or Saturday or both) 32 spots available for each day Tickets available here Player pack - (Print friendly version available here) If you have any questions, need help with accommodation suggestions or directions please don’t hesitate to get in contact. See you all there – Seb
  11. It's Monday and that means our new Monday Malifaux Night! See you all there. Seb
  12. Please note: This is the last time we will be playing on a Wednesday, As on November Malifaux will be run on Mondays! But as always games all night and Demo's available from 8pm. See you this Wednesday (12th Oct).
  13. Even though it's modular, most tiles are empty through the middle of them creating shooting lanes. I would build more (but not all) tiles like the one on the center left that has a wall that crossed the center. This would create a board that could have a real tunnel feel and some more open areas. You could also build a few blank tiles for an open section as well.
  14. Looking at your layout, my only concern would be shooting lanes. In the first picture there seems to be a very clear line of sight from the right hand side of the board almost all the way across the board. Great for the guild, not so good for Neverborn. Of course scatter terrain could solve this, but I'd want a more 'blocking' layout.
  15. Malifaux Games night is on tonight, who's up for a Divergent Paths game?