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  1. Small update: work has kept me away from terrain building. A quick dry fit of the houses onto the street layout.
  2. Just a reminder: Coming up THIS SUNDAY at Three D6 Tuggeranong: Malifaux Atoll. Beginners welcome; demo's will be available on the day if you want to find out what Malifaux is all about.
  3. I'm happy to introduce a new regular Malifaux event; Beers n Brawls. 8pm @ Three D6 Tuggeranong Three rounds of Enforcer brawl, with the winner of each round winning a free beer (or other preferred beverage) from the Loaded Dice next doors. $10 entry - Rounds kick off at 8:10pm Enforcer brawl rules: http://malifauxcanberra.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Alternate-Tournament-Formats-Printer-Friendly.pdf
  4. This is the rough idea on how I'm going to implement it. Aluminium channel that sits over the rim of the table and supports on each side to stabilize it.
  5. Ha ha, no trade secret, I just haven't done them yet. Need to buy some more timber and work/life has gotten in the way.
  6. Small update: test facsia for the Dutch townhouses.
  7. One word: Moonshine!
  8. UPDATE: Due to many conflicting schedules the Malifaux-atoll tournament has been rescheduled to the 18th June. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  9. First test piece for the sidewalk/footpath. I'm not sure if this looks too modern and not Victorian enough. My reference and inspiration research.
  10. For the Dutch town house: The door is 30mm x 45mm. The window is measured in lego. 4 dots x 3 dots. I used lego to glue, cut and frame the styrene window to keep it all square. It's based on a rough scale calculation of 20mm x 30mm EDIT: I measured and the windows are 2.4mm x 3.3mm.
  11. Work begins on 'New Amsterdam' the dutch enclave of Malifaux (and my first experiments with styrene).
  12. For the last few weeks I've been testing a few ideas, the first being abandoned Victorian Buildings. I found a resource of authentic Victorian floor plans I decided to use one as the basis of a building. This was my test piece, both to try out a few techniques and to work out scale. This was a great learing experience. Firstly my scale is waaaaaay off, with everything (doors, windows, ceiling heights) being far to large and made the miniatures look too small. On the positive side I tried a few new techniques with weatherboard and flooring that I have been playing with on small test panels but on a full size piece. Additionally i managed to work some new painting/weathering techniques into the house and I think they worked out quite well. Interior with Victorian wall paper WIP shots: Weatherboard proof on concept sample: Practicing weathering on the roof:
  13. Welcome to Dhampir's terrain log. Firstly I would like to preface this post with the following caveat. I suck at documenting things, so this may end up being more of a collection of random finished terrain or images of stuff I'm working on in no particular order. So let's begin. Firstly I built this dedicated table (during a lunch break) out of scraps of timber that I had in the workshop. It is 3' x 3' and I still need to finish the removable shelves that sit on the side for cards and models. The idea being that you can set up your terrain first and then depending on deployment add your 'player space' on the required side.
  14. UPDATE New Date: Sunday 18th June - 9:30am till 5:00pm Location: Three D6, Tuggeranong A one day, three rounds, 50ss GG2017 event. $20 entry fee (available on the day) Mystery box prizes for the winner and guilders for all attendees. Player pack: http://malifauxcanberra.org/wp-content/upl...player-pack.jpg
  15. It's Malifaux time this Thursday! Ease yourself into the Easter long weekend by challenging a fellow Canberra Malifaux gamer or try and take out my newly painted Titania crew. Demos will be on offer; additionally I will be running a game of Enforcer Brawl for anyone who wants to have a smaller game.