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  1. @Paddywhack A 360 view of each table edge: There's still a few open areas that can be filled with some scatter terrain (rubble piles, crates etc) as well as there will need to be some additional scatter to block the obvious sight lines down the roads. The doors of the warehouses help a little. And finally, the floorboards get laid onto the rubble. Just needs some paint and weathering
  2. So I guess Id better get started on the last section of the board... Any guesses what it could be? I'll put the answer at the end of this post. Additionally I decided to test how the ground floor rubble would look. It still needs some floor boards on those joists, but it's looking good. And now for your answer: Train service shed.
  3. Seems like forever since I was able to work on the board. A few updates: Current status of the table... Construction on the warehouse doors begins I had to make a slight change in direction in regards to the flooring. Originally I was just going to have the buildings free standing, but as they lack any real mass and the terrain is prone to being bumped by hands reaching for models they needed to be more solid. To facilitate this the bases have been magnetised and to give them more of a sense of 'belonging' a new sub floor has been added directly to the board. This will continue to have rubble and floor boards added to it. Finally so close-ups of the details as they sit primed ready for painting and weathering. Suitably shadow figure luring in the alley ways.
  4. Spring is here and that means it's time to prepare for the Australian Malifaux Nationals at Cancon 2018. The Australian Malifaux Nationals is an annual event held during CanCon in the wonderful city of Canberra. It is Australia's (2nd) largest and most diverse tournament in Australia and is a great chance to test your skill against a broad range of players from all around the country. The Nationals are for both beginner and experienced players alike. Date: 26th - 27th Jan 2018 Where: Cancon 2018 - Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), Corner of Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell, ACT, 2911 Tournament Details: 6 games, Fixed Faction, 50ss crews Tournament Organiser: Sebastian/Dhampir Email: admin@malifauxcanberra.org Master of Ceremonies: Kakwah and Robbo have kindly agreed to host the pre and post game celebration drinkies. If you provide them your mobile number they will ring you until you cave-in and agree to go drinking. CanCon troubles: If you have any problems with ticketing or the broader Cancon venue, contact Tim - cgsinc@tpg.com.au Entry fee: $60 for two days ($50 for one day, or just an additional $10 if you are already playing in another tournament.) Player pack: http://malifauxcanberra.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Malifaux-Nationals-2018-player-pack.pdf Ticket available from (TBA): http://www.cgs.asn.au/cancon/tournament/ Don't Miss Out!!! A gentle reminder, ticket sales for Cancon 2017 ended abruptly with many players missing out on a chance to join in. So a word of caution, if your thinking of coming along don't hesitate too long. If you have any questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to get in contact.
  5. Building my own stuff

    I found this article helpful: http://www.barrule.com/blog/what-is-scenery-scale-and-how-big-should-my-doors-be/ my general texchnique is to make a mock up out of cheap cardboard and test a few minis against it to see if it looks right.
  6. Don't mind at all, it's just the hairspray chipping technique. Undercoat with a dark color then hairspray, then the top coat.
  7. Just a little bit of a delay in updates, it's been a slow couple of weeks for terrain building, but... first draft of the warehouse doors with working hinges. I'm not sure if I will make it a single door or double. The single door will make more LoS blocking terrain when it's open on the street so that is my preference for the moment. Fences painted up and weathered. I skipped a step compared to the last ones and the weathering has turned out a bit different. I think I prefer the first ones I've also discovered that lighter paint has a better effect than dark.
  8. More fences being constructed
  9. Would you like to join in a Shifting Loyalties campaign, run monthly on the Thursday of each weekfor 6 rounds (or longer if everyone is having fun). First round starts the evening of Thursday 31st Aug @ Jolt.If you have not read the Shifting Loyalties campaign rules or are unsure how to participate in a Shifting Loyalties campaign, these will be provided. Games will be hosted on an alternating roster of Northside Jolt Games 56 Hoskins Street Mitchell and Southside Three D6 Unit 6, 38 Reed St North, Greenway Starting Arsenal of 35ss.Prizes: 1x Guilder for each participant that has attended every round of the campaign.Other prizes at the TO's discretion. Entry is free! To join in fill in the entry form here
  10. One fence completed, ready for assembly
  11. Scratch building warehouse windows is so much fun.
  12. Time for a bit of paint. Test paint scheme and weathering on the fence: Front Back Unfortunately I won't be able to make any more fences until I find some more cheap Gel superglue... My usual supplier has run out.
  13. @Burnin' Coal It's not foam board, it's Expanded PVC board. A lot tougher. No risk of them pulling out. If you look carefully in the photo of the piece laying on it's side you can see where i had to pry out a magnet that 'accidentally' got glued in backwards. Took quite a bit of effort to remove.
  14. Yep, 2mm x 1mm rare Earth magnets And as promised, an image of the the refreshed ground work.