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  1. Would you like to join in a Shifting Loyalties campaign, run monthly on the last Thursday of each month for 6 rounds (or longer if everyone is having fun). First round starts the evening of Thursday 31st Aug @ Jolt.If you have not read the Shifting Loyalties campaign rules or are unsure how to participate in a Shifting Loyalties campaign, these will be provided. Games will be hosted on an alternating roster of Northside (Jolt) and Southside (Three D6). Starting Arsenal of 35ss.Prizes: 1x Guilder for each participant that has attended every round of the campaign.Other prizes at the TO's discretion. Entry is free! To join in fill in the entry form here
  2. One fence completed, ready for assembly
  3. Scratch building warehouse windows is so much fun.
  4. Time for a bit of paint. Test paint scheme and weathering on the fence: Front Back Unfortunately I won't be able to make any more fences until I find some more cheap Gel superglue... My usual supplier has run out.
  5. @Burnin' Coal It's not foam board, it's Expanded PVC board. A lot tougher. No risk of them pulling out. If you look carefully in the photo of the piece laying on it's side you can see where i had to pry out a magnet that 'accidentally' got glued in backwards. Took quite a bit of effort to remove.
  6. Yep, 2mm x 1mm rare Earth magnets And as promised, an image of the the refreshed ground work.
  7. Sorry, progress has slowed a little... But finally here is a small update. Building has started on the warehouses. These have been split into their respective floors and magnetized. *Tape for temporary stability as we align magnets Buildings in their positions. We're going to need to add some blocking terrain on the roads to stop those nasty Guild and their long range rifles. The patchwork modular ground looks appalling (in my opinion) which is why I've rebuilt it. There is now a solid MDF board underneath that the buildings will attach to (via magnets). This is currently drying - takes a while in our minus degrees weather but photos to come. It has added extra height to the dirt area so it now sits proud of the pavement, which is not ideal, but bearable. Next up, painting and then adding the weathered wood to the houses, and adding detail to the warehouses. And for the more astute of our viewers you may notice that there is still a rather empty section of the table. There has been a slight deviation from the original plan... #spoilers
  8. Giving papercraft scatter some substance.

    I doubt the foam would add much weight as it's mostly air bubbles. You could use styrofoam to fill it and embed a washer or fishing weight in the centre of the foam so that it has no definite bottom.
  9. More updates, Roofing structures are in place, ready for tiling, wall detail added and base layer of ground work added. I had originally thought to make the pieces modular but due to warping of the base card I'm thinking of moving back to the MDF. The original idea was to use a slightly thinner card and then apply ground material so that the final thickness would match the thickness of the sidewalk.
  10. Slight change in direction, less residential, more quarantine zone: The flooring goes in.
  11. The small park at the back of the house takes shape:
  12. Sure thing G3ck0_ Test for the ruined roofing...
  13. Small update: work has kept me away from terrain building. A quick dry fit of the houses onto the street layout.
  14. Just a reminder: Coming up THIS SUNDAY at Three D6 Tuggeranong: Malifaux Atoll. Beginners welcome; demo's will be available on the day if you want to find out what Malifaux is all about.