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  1. Kutslo

    UK Nationals 2017

    Ticket available here if anyone on the list wants one. Just send me a PM.
  2. Kutslo

    UK Nationals 2017

    I’ll have to drop out of this too unfortunately already sent a message to oldmanmyke but thought I’d mention it here so people on reserve list know there’s another space!
  3. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    Can't seem to take a non blurry photo so this will have to do! Finished up Tina tonight to give me a monthly total of 29ss (I'm off on holiday next week so getting it in early!).
  4. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    I'm thinking maybe Marcus as a second Arcanists master...
  5. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    I forgot to take photos before, but I finished up 2 December Acolytes on the weekend... ...and over the last few days I've made a start on Rasputina to finish off my crew (sorry about the rubbish photo - will take a better one once it's finished). I haven't actually got any more Malifaux to paint then! Just a pile of Guildball stuff, and the new 40k when it arrives...
  6. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Cheers @klatschi! There are loads of great models this month - keep it up everyone! I managed to sneak in a quick Wendigo (using pretty much the same colours as SnowStorm) before the end of the month for a new total of 27ss.
  7. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    @Viruk love the red constructs - I always default to painting robot type things silver, but seeing yours perhaps I'll mix it up a bit when I get round to my Ramos crew. Finished up my May goal with some time to spare. Here's Snowstorm and two Ice Dancers for a total of 23ss. I still haven't got round to doing any snow, so think I'll actually just wait until I've finished the last 4 frozen heart models I have to paint! Looking at the photos I can see the eyes aren't quite right... might go back and tidy them up but always worried I'll make things worse!
  8. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    I used a mix of old and new GW paints but sure they all have current equivalents. It was dheneb stone basecoat, highlighted with pallid wych flesh and then lightly dry brushed with white. I then used the sepia shade all over, but fairly lightly to try and stop it pooling too much. I then just did a final highlight of quite thinned down pallid wych to cover any raised bits that were too dark. Didn't take too long really!
  9. Kutslo

    Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Some great work already! That printing press especially looks really nice @RustAndTheCity! I forgot to take pics before I started painting, but I've been working on Snow Storm and some Ice Dancers for this month so far. Snow Storm is pretty close to being finished I think, mainly just the base now - anyway here's a quick WIP shot Sorry about the terrible photo!! Hopefully it gives an idea of what I'm going for... will take some proper ones when they're done
  10. Kutslo

    Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    Painted my Blessed of December for another 9ss, giving me a total of 21ss for the month... next month I might even get round to putting some snow on the bases!!
  11. Kutslo

    Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    Pretty much finished my Silent Ones, just the snow to go (as with everything I've done so far!) - now on to my Blessed to try and make my target for the month. I've also got some Guild Ball stuff waiting to paint but don't want to start that until I know I've done my 15ss @iamfanboy I really like the colours on Lust. Bet that stands out really nicely on the table
  12. Kutslo

    Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    The pattern on the coat is great @Sandmann! That must have taken some patience Thanks @Boomstick - I tried to do it without drybrushing as I did the fur last so didn't want to accidently drybrush the wrong bit, but think I'll give the drybrush a go for the other one.
  13. Kutslo

    New to Ten Thunders

    There's a fair bit of variety in the different masters, as a lot are dual faction so can hire some interesting choices from their 'other' faction. Their styles are also quite different; Shenlong and McCabe are force multipliers in that they can get more from their crews, Misaki is a fragile but deadly assassin, Lynch and Mei are both good damage dealers, Yan Lo and Asami can summon in two different ways, and Brewmaster I don't know much about but think he works mainly around locking down the enemy. Personally I play Shenlong mainly as I find I can do most schemes etc with his crew, although I also have Lynch for when I just want to kill things, and Mei for when lots of stuff is likely to be bunched up in one place. Some of the main advantages I find are that Thunders have access to quite a lot of ways to get focus and fast, as well as some useful pushes, which I find makes them quite mobile compared to some other factions. Also they have Ten Thunders Brothers who are excellent for 5ss! An advantage all to themselves
  14. Kutslo

    Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    Had a day off today so managed to get a head start on the month's painting. First Silent One almost finished... eyes are not my strong point, and I also find both pale colours and fur a bit tricky... So this was good practice at many things I'm not very good at!! Started with my least favourite of the two sculpts so hopefully will improve on the second one.
  15. Kutslo

    Monthly Painting Challenge 2017 -- April

    I like the idea @H4ml3t but I struggle to fit in enough painting for my usual stuff, let along an extra special model every few weeks... will see how I'm doing with my painting pile when it starts though!