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  1. Lots of really cool looking crews! Love the void effect you've gone for @KrazyIvan - it really ties the crew together. Bet they really stand out on the table. Your Huggy looks great @ringsnake the eyes look awesome! Here's my work so far - Ice Gamin are finished (expect for the snow, but I might do that once I have a bigger batch to do to keep a consistent texture so I'm calling them done for now) which gives me 12ss. I'm hoping to get my Ice Golem done by the end of the month too. Doing him the same way as my Gamin is taking quite a bit longer than I expected! Here's a WIP anyway...
  2. Really nice work @JB11! And finished quickly too
  3. Thanks @klatschi! I'd had the agrellan earth for a while and not really found a use for it until now! I'm going to cover it with water effect to give the impression of broken ice on the surface of the water. Hopefully it works out!
  4. Some nice work from people already! Looking forward to seeing more Started work on first of the ice gamin. Needs the eyes picked out and a blue glaze I think to blend in the highlights a bit... I'll be doing all my ice this way so want to make sure I'm happy with it! Starting to think I may finish the gamin and then do the ice golem rather than snow storm this month to get all my icey things done in one go.
  5. This month I shall be mostly painting... Ice Gamin! And hopefully Snowstorm too to kick off my frozen heart crew. That's a total of 23ss if I get them all done... figure the Ice Gamin will be quick, but want to take some time with Snowstorm. Will take a photo when I dig them out to start painting, as still finishing off some Thunders for a tournament on the weekend at the moment.
  6. Before I forget - played Keron today and won 7-3
  7. Forgot to give you my result last week sorry! Played Alex and won 10-8. Also played Dom the week before if that should have been recorded... lost something like 7-2 I think.
  8. I'd forgotten about Asami! Yeah can see how they'd work with her. I guess I'll give them a go. They could maybe work with Mei as they can bump up their poison when scrap markers are dropped nearby. May be a bit too much work though when others could do a better job. Otherwise I'll just keep them til I eventually pick up Asami or Brewmaster!
  9. I've run them a few times with Shen Long, and had mixed results. At their best I had one Jorgumo tie up Hungering Darkness for 3 turns (healing up by killing other models with Eat Your Fill twice), and at their worst their big base meant having to walk all the way around some terrain to kill something like a Terror Tot! I find being able to push them and give them fast they can be a real threat, as with their (0) you can potentially get 4 attacks. That said if I want a hard hitting and expensive minion I'm generally inclined towards taking the Dawn Serpent which has just never let me down - their ML is better and flight can be a lifesaver depending on terrain! For something like turf war/extraction though where things are gathering in one place then a fast Jorogumo can be pretty nasty! They are ridiculously large though... which is why I only have one!
  10. I'm already aiming for a model a week this year, so this seems like a good way to keep motivated... Sign me up for master level!
  11. I picked up a box of these little filth demons after winning a store voucher at a recent tournament (it had to be used that day and I was in a rush!)... the models look cool, but are they any good? I run Shen Long, Lynch and Mei mainly (not Brewmaster who seems to be their main man!). The dropping a scheme marker for (0) seems useful for things like dig their graves, but getting the poison on them in the first place looks to be the problem. Peasants I guess are an option, but I usually prefer Kamaitachi. Any found them to be a good pick, or are we (as is often the case) better off paying the extra stone for a Thunder Brother?!
  12. Few more finished today while watching Afro Samurai (I wish there was an alt Lone Swordsman based on Afro... ) - Shadow Emissary and Low River Monk. Shadow Emissary is a lovely model but found it fairly boring to paint so was glad to get it done! Getting there with my backlog of Thunders stuff now. Want to get them done before I move on to my next project! Also here's a quick WIP of the next models to finish, my Tengu.
  13. Mei Feng and Kamaitachi finished. Mei's face didn't come out as well as hoped (bit of a strange texture for some reason, and eyes aren't great) but going to call these done. Just a few more models on the painting shelf and most of my Thunders will be done!
  14. Top of the table (until someone else plays a game...) 🙂
  15. Ticket bought