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  1. Painted my Blessed of December for another 9ss, giving me a total of 21ss for the month... next month I might even get round to putting some snow on the bases!!
  2. Pretty much finished my Silent Ones, just the snow to go (as with everything I've done so far!) - now on to my Blessed to try and make my target for the month. I've also got some Guild Ball stuff waiting to paint but don't want to start that until I know I've done my 15ss @iamfanboy I really like the colours on Lust. Bet that stands out really nicely on the table
  3. The pattern on the coat is great @Sandmann! That must have taken some patience Thanks @Boomstick - I tried to do it without drybrushing as I did the fur last so didn't want to accidently drybrush the wrong bit, but think I'll give the drybrush a go for the other one.
  4. There's a fair bit of variety in the different masters, as a lot are dual faction so can hire some interesting choices from their 'other' faction. Their styles are also quite different; Shenlong and McCabe are force multipliers in that they can get more from their crews, Misaki is a fragile but deadly assassin, Lynch and Mei are both good damage dealers, Yan Lo and Asami can summon in two different ways, and Brewmaster I don't know much about but think he works mainly around locking down the enemy. Personally I play Shenlong mainly as I find I can do most schemes etc with his crew, although I also have Lynch for when I just want to kill things, and Mei for when lots of stuff is likely to be bunched up in one place. Some of the main advantages I find are that Thunders have access to quite a lot of ways to get focus and fast, as well as some useful pushes, which I find makes them quite mobile compared to some other factions. Also they have Ten Thunders Brothers who are excellent for 5ss! An advantage all to themselves
  5. Had a day off today so managed to get a head start on the month's painting. First Silent One almost finished... eyes are not my strong point, and I also find both pale colours and fur a bit tricky... So this was good practice at many things I'm not very good at!! Started with my least favourite of the two sculpts so hopefully will improve on the second one.
  6. I like the idea @H4ml3t but I struggle to fit in enough painting for my usual stuff, let along an extra special model every few weeks... will see how I'm doing with my painting pile when it starts though!
  7. Started on these this morning... 2 Silent Ones and a Blessed. Already made a mistake painting the wrong bit on one of the Silent Ones!
  8. Lots of really cool looking models getting finished off! I'm amazed at how many models people manage to paint in a month. I was pretty pleased with myself for finishing 4!! @RikLok I love the way you've painted the wood on the emissary @Franchute Ramos looks great, but really loving the rusty little toolkit
  9. Just about finished my Ice Golem (as with the Gamin I haven't done the snow yet!) for a total of 22ss this month (Golem for 10 and 3 Ice Gamin for 12). Up next month I think are Silent Ones and Blessed!
  10. Lots of really cool looking crews! Love the void effect you've gone for @KrazyIvan - it really ties the crew together. Bet they really stand out on the table. Your Huggy looks great @ringsnake the eyes look awesome! Here's my work so far - Ice Gamin are finished (expect for the snow, but I might do that once I have a bigger batch to do to keep a consistent texture so I'm calling them done for now) which gives me 12ss. I'm hoping to get my Ice Golem done by the end of the month too. Doing him the same way as my Gamin is taking quite a bit longer than I expected! Here's a WIP anyway...
  11. Really nice work @JB11! And finished quickly too
  12. Thanks @klatschi! I'd had the agrellan earth for a while and not really found a use for it until now! I'm going to cover it with water effect to give the impression of broken ice on the surface of the water. Hopefully it works out!
  13. Some nice work from people already! Looking forward to seeing more Started work on first of the ice gamin. Needs the eyes picked out and a blue glaze I think to blend in the highlights a bit... I'll be doing all my ice this way so want to make sure I'm happy with it! Starting to think I may finish the gamin and then do the ice golem rather than snow storm this month to get all my icey things done in one go.
  14. This month I shall be mostly painting... Ice Gamin! And hopefully Snowstorm too to kick off my frozen heart crew. That's a total of 23ss if I get them all done... figure the Ice Gamin will be quick, but want to take some time with Snowstorm. Will take a photo when I dig them out to start painting, as still finishing off some Thunders for a tournament on the weekend at the moment.
  15. Before I forget - played Keron today and won 7-3