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  1. Fluff Question

    Theres been quite a lot of Victorian stuff on recently too
  2. Id suggest getting a few crews of different factions , maybe 4?(or 2 and the starter set might be a good option as they are easier models to play) That way you can have 2 30SS games going at once , if you have friends helping to promote it then so much the better , if possible have different crews , the more varied models you can show off the more chance of catching someones eye . Paint everything , grey plastic doesnt attract attention very well Good scenery also can really draw peoples attention , try and make sure its thematic as well , playing on 40k scenery for example is all well and good ,once your into the game ,but your trying to shove the steampunk vitorian era down peoples throats so they can properly appreciate it Some people just wont like the setting/rules , just mourn their loss for them and move on Make sure people can get an eyeful of the card mechanics , most gamers have never seen it and it draws attention You might notice a theme of drawing attention , so flashing neon pants and a massive hat could well work too , depends on the audience I will add that im no expert either , my groups not massive or anything but i think the games attractive and good enough to draw in most people ,once theyve spent a little time checking it out , so draw that attention , speak some sweet words and see how it goes!
  3. Wrath was no fun whatso ever for me and the zombie chihuahua was terrible too . Got some pretty bad memorys putting together Taras crews for a friend of mine too , although i did that in a pub wich probably didnt help
  4. Club starting malifaux

    yes i have the viks myself we also have loads of terrain so thats not a problem either will probably go with Seamus and Lady j , as has been mentioned they seem quite iconic and would probably be a good indictor of how the game plays for new folk , also a few spare rotten belles knocking about for my Nico crew to summon wouldnt hurt
  5. Club starting malifaux

    thanks for the advice theres a few of us that already have a crew or 2 (or in my case 6 ) and a few more that are planning on getting one , so with regards to the crews we just thought we would get 2 so people can try the game out rather than cover all factions . Are there 2 that stand out from your list ?
  6. Club starting malifaux

    My local club has decided to take up Malifaux , any suggestions on starter supplies? Aside from rulebook and a few decks of cards of course For example is the schemes and strategy deck a worthwhile purchase? also looking for a couple of crews the club can buy for newcomers that are 1. easy to put together paint 2.sturdy 3. good for starting players any suggestions welcome
  7. Triggers and Suits

    makes sense thanks for that.
  8. Triggers and Suits

    this had me a bit confused too I noticed Nicodem has a Ca 6 (Crows) ability and the trigger needs 2 crows, why is the ability not just a Ca 6 ability with a 1 crow trigger? theres no second trigger to choose so it seems pointless? i assume im missing something