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  1. I consider the Wendigo tier 1. 3 SS for a significant Minion with Wk 6 that can copy Ice Pillars.
  2. The definition of stats are on page 9 of the manual, and it's the numbers on the card. Compare The Hanged which uses the phrase "half of its remaining Wounds".
  3. Well they are not assembled, and the other kits all seem to made from all flat parts (I guess so they can print the textures easily). That one isn't up yet, but you can see assembly instructions for older stuff here.
  4. The trigger doesn't do anything unless it as applied before step 5. Technically I guess the Dreamers trigger has incorrect wording. But it's close enough they just made it a FAQ entry instead of changing the card.
  5. Eternal flame's heal has no duel but requires you to discard a card. You should be able to top deck a 7 for Medical Assistant's heal slightly more than half the time. The problem with EF IMO isn't that his heal is bad, it's that it's once per turn and all his other actions are so incredibly niche that I have never felt compelled to use either one. So he passes his second AP alarmingly often. To get back to the MA, it has the resilience of a 4 SS model, and it can't really do anything useful for "free", its tacticals have kind of high TNs, its condition removal requires a AND causes damage, its passive has a discard. Offensively it can't charge. I really think a 5 SS model needs at least one useful thing that is free or very cheap.
  6. The upgrade restriction rules are only about attaching during hiring. There is nothing like the "you can't exceed rare with summoning" section for upgrades, hence why upgrade swapping talents have to be so wordy. If and "Blast" is supposed to mean different things that would really really need to be clarified as they are both used throughout the relevant section of the rules. It would also important for things like Freikorps suit.
  7. Last years contest: They often tweak the the rules/judging a bit, but that should give you the gist.
  8. The Severe to Moderate thing is too niche for me to hire a model, and that is the only unique thing he does. I mean sure the new Tools for the Job suit thing is cool but since it's only a facilitator it doesn't make him interesting by itself.
  9. There is a description of how to score multiple schemes at the end of the game (page 74). While it doesn't explicitly cover end of turn scheme I would treat them the same way, i.e. the scoring player selects one scheme and resolves it fully (including removing any markers) before moving to the next one. Edit: page 93 in the Rules Manual.
  10. While I agree that mechanically a (2) action could do with being more reliable, lorewise I think a heavy cart pushed by one guy would be one of the easier things to dodge.
  11. I think about 99.9% of the time you try to use Carlos' single Pyre marker to block LoS to a Belle the end result will be that you get lured through Hazardous terrain for your trouble.
  12. If "An Extra Set Of..." resolved at the start of the turn (or had a line about not being able to choose on the turn it is summoned) it would be a bit less rubbing it in the face of non summoners.
  13. Gravedigger require you to target it with an Action to count as a corpse marker. Give up the Ghost isn't targeting anything so can't unbury at a Gravedigger. Mindless Zombie and Corpse Candles are more ambiguous as they uses the wording "while performing Actions.". Is "performing" only the sequence when you are initially doing the action (this would be my opinion)? Or are you still "performing" it when resolving a lingering effect like this at the end of the turn?
  14. Mindless Zombies are only corpse markers to Actions, Graverobber is an Ability, so nothing happens. Muwahahaha doesn't target anything, Wheelbarrow of Corpse needs to be the target of an Action to count as a corpse marker, so nothing happens. Under the current rules the aura would stack if you manage to take the action several times.
  15. That is not what Incorporeal says. It just makes the model ignore terrain and models. And it can still end in contact with terrain while ignoring it and will thus take damage from Transfixing Glare.