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  1. Bengt

    Nicknames and avatars

    Bengt is my given name. I stopped using nicknames on forums many years ago for reasons I can't recall. 😛 The avatar picture is of my left eye.
  2. Bengt

    Is Malifaux too complex?

    I've said it before but I think Malifaux is Gotcha the Game. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun for the most part, but I'm not that fond of the design philosophy of making units unique by adding wordier and wordier unique rules as times goes by. I consider a game like Epic Armageddon, which had a list of unit and weapon abilities in the main rules and built all the units from those (and varying scores of course), much more elegant.
  3. I think Amphibious Assault, Brotherhood of the Rat, and Creative Taxidermy are totally cool. They are not only single faction, the included models are summoning each other, so they are very closely tied together. If I played any of those factions (or crew in the rat case) they would be on my list. But even if you look at only the Arcanist models of Backdraft, all they seem to have in common is that they make some use of the burning mechanic and that is not a very strong tie in a faction with many options for burning. But yeah, I'm also a filthy casual so I'm not going to chase or overspend on models for that extra oomph in some clever combo.
  4. I detest the practice of bundling models from several factions in one box. So even if the Fire Golem end up being the perfect "fix" for Kaeris I wouldn't buy Backdraft as gremlins are useless to me and it's way too much work flogging them on the side. Not super happy about models before rules either. This is not so bad as it will solve itself in time, but it sure stops me from picking up a product on release.
  5. Bengt

    March Newsletter

    In the art I like the expression of the Vik with the full suit, it doesn't come across in the render though, so meh.
  6. Bengt

    M2E Rasputina

    Only pick her if there isn't much terrain where the strategy will force the enemy to go if they want points. Using AP to push an enemy just so Raspy can blast them is rarely more effective than using those original AP to damage them.
  7. Bengt

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    Been ages since I saw Dogma @Treehouse. It's mostly that the wrinkles reminds me a lot of cowpats of a certain looseness (I grew up on a farm so I've seen many a variety of cowpat and they are more firmly logged in my memory than any of Kevin Smith's movies). It will be interesting to see how the actually model turns out as there is usually a certain disconnect between it and the drawing.
  8. Bengt

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    Maybe I'm being juvenile but the image only makes me think poo-golem...
  9. Bengt

    Building a "Blue Deck" Crew

    Counterspell (and thus Warding Runes) are only against Ca actions so are not going affect most models at all.
  10. Well powercreep may not be strictly necessary to stay in business, but making loads of new models is. You got to have new stuff coming out continuously to keep people excited. Powercreep is then more or less inevitable as some models will be overpowered and the meta will shift with them. Of course some models will be underpowered as well but they'll see less use and not affect the meta as much.
  11. Yeah it's fun when stuff have strength and weaknesses but pouring out models and powercreep is how you stay in business, so what are you going to do? I also don't think Zipp have a meaningful weakness, if the Zipp player never planned to interact with Zipp anyway, how are you going punish them for not interacting?
  12. Bengt

    Skulls for the Bone Pile

    Take Prisoner says "there are no other enemy models", it counting as two models doesn't make it "other".
  13. Bengt

    January 2018 Errata

    3 stones for Mouse would still be way too much. One can only hope that he is being completely reworked and they haven't finished testing him...
  14. Bengt

    The Enforcer Problem

    Another way to state my feelings are why would you add something like Collect the Bounty or minion restrictions if there isn't some cap on how good minions can be. Either minion is only an "upgrade yes/no?" thing and they can be as expensive as you want OR you get rid of victory/talents referencing station. I think the current state (though Collect the Bounty isn't that current ) is poor design.
  15. Bengt

    The Enforcer Problem

    I don't think Illuminated (or Acolytes, Rotten Belles and what have you) are relevant since they are supposedly not very powerful (them not being accurately costed is a completely different discussion ). But sure there are some early expensive minions in the Dawn Serpent and Hanged and I don't like them either. Colette have minion restrictions on Rehearsed and Disappearing Act (which while less flexible than Prompt can let you hand out more AP as it's a potentially an almost 30" place). I don't see why you bring up Brass Arachnid as most talents can target anything. But my main point is: why are some talents (e.g. Disappearing Act, Black Flash) restricted to minions if it's not supposed to be some kind of power limit? If it's just a random whim that would be terrible design! I can see a fluff argument for minion only summons as named unique models are more common in the higher stations; and Lucius as he is supposed to be a bully.