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  1. Only things that explicitly say that they are Conditions are Conditions. There are various other lingering effects, e.g. Howard Langston's Steam Cloud, but these are not Conditions and are subsequently not affected by rules that remove or otherwise interact with Conditions.
  2. I think the primary reason to bring Mortimer is Chatty and Fresh Meat, only use the (0) on Corpse bloat for markers and spend his AP on pushing your dudes around.
  3. Upgrades that started on a Master doesn't count for Show of Force. Peons can't deny Leave Your Mark. A good read as usual and congrats on the win.
  4. Ohaguro Bettari's aura denying Df triggers makes any rider easy to kill whenever you want to.
  5. If you have 12 Arachnids I think you should build 9 Steam Arachnids and 1 Steam Arachnid Swarm. Soulstone Miners and Union Miners are well themed with Ramos. Mechanical Rider I don't think shares any theme with Ramos, it's not a robot built in Ramos' labs or workshops, it's an otherworldly apparition that happens to have the construct characteristic. Arcane Effigy is similar (it was built by Zoraida), as much as I love the little bugger. These guys should be firmly in the shared Arcanist pool if there is one. Angelica or Cassandra can be super useful in any Arcanist crew (Practiced Production is kind of filthy), but they share zero theme with Ramos. Anna doesn't share any theme either and don't have any particular synergy with Ramos (not that she is bad in herself).
  6. The problem with Oiron's lure is that they don't have all the suits built in so you will very often need to cheat to get it off at all. You might have enough cards to keep one luring Oiran going, but with more it's quite unlikely. If you don't want Misaki to get charged giving her the Disguised upgrade is going to be a lot more reliable, and combined with the errata making Deadly Dance a (0) it can get tricky to attack Misaki with close attacks at all. I guess Oiron can be used as a cheap minion to throw smoke bombs if you don't want anyone to be able to shoot at her either.
  7. I haven't been in a painting mood for while, I was perhaps a little burnt out. But now I've painted my Soulstone Miners. The base inserts they come with blended quite nicely into my regular Arcanist base design, so I didn't have to convert anything there, just shave the edges a bit. Paint scheme is my standard red and white M&SU, many drill bits are made from a pretty dark alloy so I went with dark grey for the heads.
  8. Reva & Vincent: Guises of Death Beyond Death Blood Mark Litany of the Fallen Deal with Death Soulbound (I assume these are also in Reva's box, but can also be used by Draugr), the first two are not rare so you could have several, the last is rare 2. My Fight Is Not Finished The Gift of Death Another Purpose Archie: Corpse Armor Hulking Leap Doc Found a Squid Today Others: Wronged Spirits, rare 1, 0 cost, boosts nearby Onryo Haunting Cries, 0 cost, Philip & the Nanny Admiration, rare 2 My Little Helper, rare 2
  9. It's usually on one of the inside flaps of the box. It's a small round white sticker with two letters and two numbers below them, e.g. my Canine Remains were packed by "EC 42".
  10. You should get the Carrion Effigy because he's a cute little plague doctor. Also if you get into Spirits you should get some Gakis since they can be summoned with triggers by both Kirai and Datsue Ba. They are also relatively cheap summons with Blood and Wind/The One Left Behind that can quite useful in some situations (e.g. clearing corpse markers, scaring Gremlins).
  11. Yes, by my reasoning the area end up counting as terrain. This is because the effects an area, not models. If the action read something like "...models within 4 count as being in soft cover terrain." it would directly apply the effect to the model and the 1" rule would not be relevant.
  12. For a card-rule to overrule a rulebook-rule it will have to do so explicitly. This does not. "Within" is for some reason pretty much always present in effects, even though it's part of the rules themselves so I don't see why you are obsessing about it. The important thing is that s that that directly affect models say some variation of "models within ", The mist say "area within ", yet you insist that it has a direct effect on models. You are the first person to bring up any kind of fluff argument, so don't try to pin that nonsense on me. I'm only applying the rules for cover as they are written in the rulebook.
  13. The FAQ shows intent. But more importantly the same section that you refer to for the 1" rule also say that you get from terrain with cover traits. So if the area around the Crooligan isn't terrain it doesn't do anything. Well I would put the emphasis on "area". The Mist has an effect on the area.
  14. The Ht has no effect what so ever on cover, LoS line are always drawn top down and if they pass through/over the Soft/Hard Cover (and the target is within 1") then that is it. Even Vantage points only ignore intervening terrain for blocking purposes, not cover. I also object to the notion that you can have soft/hard cover without terrain, though is not spelled out in the rules. What we do have is that you only get for terrain with cover traits (p 41), the rule book never considers the possibility of cover by itself. And secondly we have the FAQ for markers: From this I draw the conclusion that the area around the Crooligan is actual terrain.
  15. Burning happens in step 1 of the End Phase "Upkeep", step 2 is "Earn Victory Points". So no, the model will die first. Page 35 of the rulebook.