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  1. The Enforcer Problem

    Another way to state my feelings are why would you add something like Collect the Bounty or minion restrictions if there isn't some cap on how good minions can be. Either minion is only an "upgrade yes/no?" thing and they can be as expensive as you want OR you get rid of victory/talents referencing station. I think the current state (though Collect the Bounty isn't that current ) is poor design.
  2. The Enforcer Problem

    I don't think Illuminated (or Acolytes, Rotten Belles and what have you) are relevant since they are supposedly not very powerful (them not being accurately costed is a completely different discussion ). But sure there are some early expensive minions in the Dawn Serpent and Hanged and I don't like them either. Colette have minion restrictions on Rehearsed and Disappearing Act (which while less flexible than Prompt can let you hand out more AP as it's a potentially an almost 30" place). I don't see why you bring up Brass Arachnid as most talents can target anything. But my main point is: why are some talents (e.g. Disappearing Act, Black Flash) restricted to minions if it's not supposed to be some kind of power limit? If it's just a random whim that would be terrible design! I can see a fluff argument for minion only summons as named unique models are more common in the higher stations; and Lucius as he is supposed to be a bully.
  3. The Enforcer Problem

    There are several victory conditions (collect the bounty is perhaps the most egregious example) and talents (i.e. things that go target <keyword> or minion model, or sometimes only minions at all) that seem to assume that minions are lower powered models (not for their cost, just in absolute power). So I think it's a problem that ~10 and higher stone (exact price point can be discussed) minions exists at all.
  4. Any good Doctor Dufresne art?

    There is a picture on page 10 of Chronicles #12 (the story is about another character but the art was reused for Doctor Dufresne).
  5. Forum colours

    Cool. Though I prefer the classic theme, the black bars in the pale theme are a bit too abrupt.
  6. Need Rasputina 2e Crew Cards

    One way to get her is with Guilders (tournament participation tokens). https://www.wyrd-games.net/guilders/ But depending on the local scene that may take a while. Don't know how often she pops up on ebay. You could also try the trade section of the forum.
  7. Kaeris in Wave 5

    I guess I would like to try Carlos at some point but haven't bought the model yet. To do something for Kaeris the Emissary have to compromise too much so have never fitted it. Would never take Gunsmith with anything. For burning I usually take Union Miners and maybe a Fire Gamin or Eternal Flame (more for theme than them being particularly strong). The rest of my Kaeris crews are just generally good Arcanist models.
  8. Well the post is over a year old and book four wasn't in stores yet.
  9. Need Rasputina 2e Crew Cards

    There was a metal Wendigo sold separately back then, so if you could find the Cult box, maybe you could find that as well? Alternatively come up with a proxy. If it's only the Children Rasputina you don't like, there is also an alt plastic sculpt, not sure how easy it is to get though.
  10. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    Totems have very weird pricing so I don't think comparing them to each other says much of anything. You could for instance argue that comparing Wendigo and Essence of Power mean that incorporeal is a grossly expensive ability.
  11. Need Rasputina 2e Crew Cards

    The best model, apart from Rasputina herself, in Children of December is the Wendigo, it doesn't come with the Cult box. But you can buy cards here (don't forget to get her upgrades as well as stat cards) : http://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures
  12. I'm not suggesting that we change the way we play (only rare matters) from this one line. But I can't help wonder if it's just sloppy wording (i.e. it's meant to say they can restrict summoning as applicable) or if the author had something in mind when they chose those words.
  13. There used to be an option to have dark text on a light background, but I can't find it now. Has it been removed? I find dark text on light background a lot easier on the eyes.
  14. Interesting, at the start of the section it says "Additionally, these characteristics will restrict whether or not the model may be summoned by a crew.". While only "rare" explicitly mention summoning, the initial clause seems refer to all of them (i.e. mercenary, rare, and totem).
  15. How the hire rule works?

    As Kaeris lacks a special hiring ability she only goes by the first and last clause - any Arcanist (as Kaeris can only be your leader if you declared Arcanists as your faction) model and up to two mercenaries from any faction. Some models also have their own restrictions, most commonly totems which are generally linked to a specific Master, and you can only have one totem. So Kaeris could hire one of: Eternal Flame, her own totem; Essence of Power, the Arcanist faction totem; Malifaux Child, a mercenary totem; Student of Conflict, another mercenary totem.