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  1. After quite a bit of procrastination I finished my Carrion Emissary. I went with crow coloration for the bird parts, while Hooded crows (the ones with light grey areas) are the most common here, the all black Carrion Crow seemed more fitting. To save space in my case the wings are magnetised, and get little stands as their surface shape and the angle of the magnets doesn't let them sit very well on the flat tray without the guide pins.
  2. And minions. Cost is only vaguely related to station. The thing about using multiple henchmen, that their ability to use SS is diluted, isn't diminished if you play larger games. I would recommend mixing up the victory conditions in larger games, either come up with your own story encounter och use more than two schemes or something. If you just use the regular rules, chances are it will play just like a normal game, only it takes much longer.
  3. Counterspell aura, Vent Steam.
  4. Cg 7 and 1 for a threat range of 8 is rather common, even in Ressers, they are only cruise missile in the sense that they are one use. As they can hit fairly hard the other player will no doubt kill them promptly and end your card draw (they are perhaps good for FFM?). Philip can hang back while drawing cards so the other player will have to put some effort into getting to him.
  5. The file I posted contains a list of all standard models and some alt versions. Use it replace the hidden list page as per the "Instructions" page.
  6. Remember that the Vantage point rules is not used if the models are on the same height either. So, by RAW, if any models are standing on top of the same piece of blocking terrain that are the same Ht or taller than them they can not see each other at all. I've never met anyone who wanted to play like that and I wouldn't want to for cover either. The elevation rules are a shambles and since Aaron if more errata happy I hope he takes page 41 out back, shoots it, burns it and spreads the ashes in four major rivers.
  7. Titania/Aeslin The Wicked Silence "Place a Scheme Marker in base contact with target enemy model, then the target suffers 2 damage." There is also A trophy for the queen triggers that places a marker after succeeding, and while you can't use them on the same attack that kills the model they let you place markers without interacting and are nice if the enemy takes more than one hit to kill.
  8. There isn't anything official. The list update I posted towards the end should work. I'll see if I can get hold of Mako to get his permission to host the full spreadsheet.
  9. The older errata cards also appear in the generalist 1 and 2 decks and the campaign deck. I'm kind of curious if the latest round of errata will come in a hypothetical wave 5 generalist deck.
  10. The wording is "This model is immune to the effects of generated by other models." So I would think you can get vitality of them as that aura doesn't have an "effect" on the Seishin, it just checks if they are there. Granted "effect" is a bit vague. Oops. I was thinking too much of Chi since the Hayreddin model is so ugly. --- What are the thoughts on bringing some Belles to Lure a suitable target close, poke it a bit with the Soulporter before killing it with Yan Lo? I guess the big cost here is that the Soulporter can't push Ancestors around at the same time, slowing down the crew a bit.
  11. No "per turn" limits on Spirit Barrage/Revitalize, as long as you can hit severe or kill something you get one.
  12. Mech can summon mannequins but it will be at 1 Wd so its +3 armour does nothing.
  13. I think if you want to hit one model twice for chi you really need to be ready to drop a bunch of cards on it, even if you have Hayreddin hanging around you might very well miss the attack and so on. Any cards you manage to top deck is like you had drawn a card . One benefit to hitting one model twice instead of two Seishin once each is that you can charge it with Yan Lo and get some movement out of the whole exercise.
  14. Well several of the monsters of Malifaux wouldn't fit in normal buildings, and if you were to design all buildings to accommodate them they would look pretty weird with people sized models. Of course if you are building a cathedral or something you can get away with pretty high ceilings. Don't have any avatars, but the Carrion Emissary is 89 mm to the wingtip, Rail Golem is only 83 mm.