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  1. Smuggled Across

    Still seems really easy with pigapult. Since the smugglers don't have to interact or anything the opponent have to deal with them (or get a don't mind me model there) while they only have to survive and stay put in the out of the way place you catapulted them. Making it a special snowflake marker instead of a scheme marker also disables things like Seduction.
  2. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    It says "...suffer 2 damage instead of 1."
  3. Smuggled Across

    I think this sounds like an interesting scheme, perhaps with a name indicating that you are stealing stuff from the other crew though, e.g. The Heist.
  4. Symbols of Authority

    You can not enter impassable terrain (p 42, 61), and all measuring is done top down. The idea that you can stand on top of impassable terrain is not supported by the rules and seems to be a convention used by some groups.
  5. Resources other than AP for VP

    If nothing else Charge Soulstone should be called something else, the name implies to me that you'd get more soulstones (see the similarly named Arcanist upgrade).
  6. Public Executions

    About the "A Crew that scores this Strategy removes a Strategy Marker from play." part. Is the intention that the scoring crew be able to remove an enemy marker? Giving a win more situation. Or is the scoring crew supposed to remove a friendly marker as an equaliser?
  7. Titania. Indignation

    "Living Minion and Enforcer models hired into this Crew permanently lose the Living Characteristic and gain the Undead and Fae Characteristics." It's written at the top of the upgrade without a heading, i.e. it's not an Ability.
  8. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    As far as I remember Seamus fought Perdita and mused about reanimating her afterward, there is no indication in the story what the result would have been if he has succeeded so I don't think that argument hold any water. My principal point is that they wouldn't be the same. Dead Doxy is the closest potential result from existing models, at least for the minor Showgirls. The more fate-enthused characters (whatever we should call them), e.g. Cassandra, Carlos, would perhaps result in something new and unique. There is absolutely no support for them remaining the same. A bunch of models were released at the same time as these upgrades, if Wyrd thought Seamus needed "fixing" and were willing to put any kind of effort in it, they could have made some new belles. Instead they went with an incredibly unfluffy and lazy solution. P.s. I don't like Tara having undead Death Marshals either.
  9. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Mei Feng thoughts. Rail lines: The +1 Wk Ability is very good for a themed crew. As Passenger Line is a trigger it excludes doing more than one hopp or ending with a Jackhammer Kick, so you are giving up a rather useful effect when doing this, also need to get the suit. Still, can be very useful re-position something. Press the Advantage: Fun idea, but Mei Feng's attack triggers are spread out over four (!) upgrades, so you pretty much have to decide during crew building how you are going to mix and match. Ride the Rails is useful on paper, but rather expensive to use, ridiculously so on anything but Tigger claws, as you'll need a high enough card to hit and the extra suit(s). So, I think I'll almost always take Rail Lines and almost never Press the Advantage, it just takes too many other upgrades to actually feel that useful.
  10. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    I disagree strongly, undead are not the same as they were when alive, killing any of the showgirls and reanimating them should just result in Dead Doxies. This was just a very lazy way of giving Seamus some more models to play with (which might be needed mechanically, I don't have an opinion about that either way).
  11. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Oh, the end result is great (for as long as it lasts), but like most things Kaeris does she has to fly through a bunch of hoops to get there. In your example you have to get a bunch of burning on said Df 7 model first, 3 to gimp them this turn, 5 to gimp them next unless you think you can kill them this turn. And most of our burning is Df duels, especially any that comes in larger stacks. If you are going to get significant effects on multiple models, you'll also have to spend significant AP setting them on fire first. Heat Wave (the action) does play into the area denial aspect of Intense Heat (the ability) though. If you go near Kaeris you get some burning on you without any duels with the threat of some Heatstroke (the condition) once she activates. In conclusion I do like the upgrade, mostly for Intense Heat, since that part just works. I think Heat Wave will be fairly situational. --- Ironsides' upgrades both look real nice and makes me want to play her (hate the bait and switch buffbot situation). Luckily her old upgrades are kind of trash so she has plenty of space for these new ones. --- Rasputina's summon upgrade look more fun than actually powerful, in a "You know that Ice Gamin that just blew up in your face? It's back!" way. Unless the opponent is obliging to bring a lot of constructs she can really only replenish her dead models since she can't magically multiply scrap like Ramos or pull it out of her ass like many ressers do with corpses. Though there might be a market for stand alone Ice Golem box now. The melee upgrade could have been fun if it gave her a Cg stat like Bloody Shears do. Don't really care for it as it is now.
  12. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    So I went looking in the shadier parts of the internet (i.e. 4chan) and I'm not very impressed with the second effect on Heat Wave, it's a (0) that takes a 5, is 6" pulse, and gives a condition to all enemies that starts at +0 but can be made higher by reducing burning on the effected model. It lowers by 2 at the end of the turn. So like many things that Kaeris does it takes a lot of setup to have much effect. You can reduce burning by a variable amount so at least you can retain your if you managed to stack up 2 or more burning, so that's something. Heat Wave is limited. Flaming Angel's Incinerating Swoop has a duel (takes a 7), is "up to", and is once per turn.
  13. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Is one of these Limited? Someone posted that she had a limited upgrade in one of the other threads. Flaming Angel: Even if 8" is pretty far, with a 30 mm base it's going to be hard to catch more than 1 or 2 enemies with it in most games unless you first Walk to line things up and then the AP efficiency gets questionable. Seems most useful to push out of an unwanted engagement really. Also is it locked at 8" or up to 8"? If it's "up to" it will be a lot easier to use to set fire to friendly models without walking before or after as her auras and pulses has shorter ranges. The Immolate trigger feels kind of niche really. Heat Wave: Seems really nice for area denial for a late activating Kaeris, go near her and get burning and even 2/3/5 can be nasty with to damage. I do think you'll still want to have some models with her, she isn't that hardy. Hard to have an opinion about the other part, it feels like the devil will really be in the details here. At first glance Heat Wave seems most likely to worth 2 SS. Surprised she got so expensive upgrades overall, as mush as I love her, Kaeris could use a little buff a think.
  14. What breed is McMournings Canine?

    Oh you meant just using the coat. Though I must say that the body of evidence model looks a lot like it's a redo of the one to the right in Canine Remains 1 (and the left looks like one in the plastic Canine Remains box).