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  1. It should be noted that the only generic summoning rules are Slow (some models are immune though), no interacts, LoS, and respect the rare limit. Various models use a wide variety of resources (variable number of markers (e.g. Ramos can get three spiders from one scrap marker, Masterpiece uses four corpse markers), other models (e.g. Kirai), discards, upgrades (e.g. Sandeep), etc)) and take a wide variety of damage, from zero (e.g. Sandeep) to all (e.g. Molly, but as mentioned she can prevent som of the damage under the right circumstances). Some models also use the summon rules for transformations, e.g. Myranda, Ferdinand Vogel, Coryphee.
  2. Since it must pop up 6" from both enemy models and the enemy deployment zone that really requires the Gremlin player to let you do it. --- Why I like them: Their damage is respectable against armoured models (since they ignore it). They can be deceptively resilient with Use Soulstone if they need to be, it's not something that comes up that often, but once in a while them sticking around much longer than your opponent expected can deny points in Interference or whatever. The enemy down below can get you a lot of movement in flank and corner or just get around deploying first in standard, remember that it's optional if you get close deployment. If it did run off to some corner and have completed its objective it can still contribute by mining some stones.
  3. Can't really comment on Vogel as he died before doing anything. I didn't read all the Neverborn cards all that closely so didn't realise the threat range of the Lair interaction, my mistake. The plan for Kandara was for her to go for one of the Stash markers along with the Large Archnid that got red jokered on the first turn. If she had had that support she might perhaps have been more useful as then her speed could have come into play. As it was it was she wasn't that hard to kill (I think Johan could have killed her earlier if he had made a beeline for her and started those focused Relic Hammer attacks asap) and her offence is laughable unless you 1) make her vulnerable with Mantle, 2) have a ton of severe cards, and 3) don't want to use them for anything else, and that huge expenditure of resource will only bring her up to average. I did swap in Mantle once in an attempt to kill the Mysterious Effigy as it was the last Minion that could do Tail Em, but to very minor effect (one burning for damaging it) in the end as I didn't flip any severes on my straight damage flips and didn't have any to cheat.
  4. The books are $28 digital, but it's still pretty expensive if you are coming in late and would prefer to spend at least some of your hobby budget on miniatures. But this may be solved once the app they have been developing is released as I got the impression that you after buying the app could see all stat cards in it. And it will surely be much cheaper than buying all the books.
  5. I value Joss or Howard higher than Emissary with Kaeris so it would only be a potential purchase if you didn't want to buy the entire Ramos box for whatever reason. Raptors are good, even better if you have a Practice Production carrier (Cassandra, Angelica, Carlos), those three are all nice models in themselves as well and the last two are single model boxes. Carlos also have a fire theme. Acolytes are good models, but they never seem to fit into my crews anymore since they are kind of expensive and die real easy (and they tend to be high priority kills since they are fairly annoying). So if I were you I'd buy Raptors and either Angelica or Carlos next.
  6. While I agree that we can't assume what timing conditions are supposed to have, I think @santaclaws01 have a point, the relative timing of Sours and Eternal is key to this question.
  7. According to the "Math" box '-' values can't be modified.
  8. The marker have to be there when the model is killed. "After" triggers happens after that even if the model isn't removed from table until after the trigger is resolved.
  9. So you dealt severe damage with every single attack Kandara made? Where you cheating or flipping them? Flipping that many would have been really lucky.
  10. Most staple models are strong in more than one area or very strong killers (since that is always useful) so fixed list will in my opinion only result in less model variety. Niche models that sometimes see play in specific pools will be left at home.
  11. No. If you google "malifaux retro fate deck" you'll see that they are different products, if conceptually very similar. Classic is still in print and wasn't even out yet when I made that post.
  12. The last week of open beta is not always the final version of a model, they'll receive tweaks before going to print. So you'll definitely need your opponents permission to use any beta rules.
  13. To me the wording of Prompt in contrast to Obey is enough. Obey forces another model to do something "...target ... immediately performs...", Prompts allows another model to do something "... target may perform...". Because of this language I think the burden of evidence falls on the person claiming that there is a chain of control in Prompt.
  14. Understudy->Prompt would have to target a model friendly to Cassandra, which in this scenario is only models in her original crew.
  15. Understudy->Prompt would have to target a model friendly to Cassandra, which in this scenario is only models in her original crew.