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  1. How do you figure that? Going by "1. Declare Action and Spend AP" (p 37) you declare what action you are going to use before you declare a target and thus have an opportunity to use any Focus you have before deciding on the target. "Focused +1" (p 52) says to use it "...when declaring an Action..." so could presumably be used any time during step 1 since it doesn't further specify a timing.
  2. I think no. "Surprise!" have to have its conditions fulfilled before you can declare the Action and have a chance to use Focus.
  3. I really don't see how you can say Kaeris is "anti-synergistic", if anything she "over-synergistic" - everything revolves around combining her effects. And it is, IMO, this over reliance on synergy makes her tricky to play effectively. I think it help a lot to have other models set things on fire and go mid to late with Kaeris, Union Miners are good for this and they have some other uses after the buff. Finishing things with burning can also be quite useful in this Frame For Murder world we currently live in...
  4. The latest tournament document recommends 2h rounds rather than 90 min. Personally my casual games run closer to 3h, the few tournament games I've played have been faster as both players have had it in mind. In general I've never found time recommendations on games even remotely realistic for new players, mostly thinking about board games here as they usually have times printed on the box...
  5. The elevation rules.
  6. Scheme/Strategy wise I think a Silurid is vastly superior to an Ice Dancer. It doesn't need a suit for its special thing and it can Stake a Claim every turn, something the Ice Dancer isn't much better at than your random 4 pointer. Ice Dancer has some other qualities if you like generalists instead of specialists (though except for Marcus you wont be choosing between the two anyway ).
  7. The Ice Golem has better damage with three times 3/3/6. Emissary has one for 4/4/5, one for 2/3/5, and one for 2, and that's only if it could/wanted to charge, otherwise it drops even further behind. But I can't really see a case for sacrificing all that utility for a bit of extra damage.
  8. You can change it yourself if you have a certain number of posts, not sure how many as I think I had 2000+ before I tried. If you PM a mod they would probably reset it for you if nothing else.
  9. Chronicles 2 - Seamus Crashes a Funeral 1st Edition rulebook Rising Powers Twisting Fates Chronicles 7 - There's Something About Molly M2E rulebook Crossroads Ripples of Fate Some are more important than others, I'd say the chronicles stories, either RP or TF (can't remember which one) where the Necrotic Machine is introduced, and Crossroads are the most interesting ones. In some of the others she is just following Seamus around.
  10. If you were to expand your theme a bit and include other console properties with a somewhat similar style to Nintendo you would have more options. E.g Sonic, some instalments of Final Fantasy. Are you only doing protagonist/ally characters? Including antagonists (there a lot of those, and that's just Mario) would also give more options.
  11. This is so true. The selection of stories in M2E seems to assume that the only people who will buy it are people who played 1st edition, which seems oddly pessimistic. And yeah, you can now catch up with Tales of Malifaux or bargain digital 1st ed books, but a new player (and there are a lot of those nowadays, yay) is going to read the M2E book first and scratch their head! I certainly hope the M3E book starts with a "the story so far" kind of story, perhaps the draft of an article by a journalist with lots of notes back and forth with her editor (Nellie obviously) about what is fit to print and how some "facts" are obviously faked by the M&SU to slander The Guild.
  12. Not sure what you are really asking. But if it's specific colour schemes, have you tried just flicking through Official Handbooks? I assume at least some editions are on Unlimited. Otherwise you can probably find some in bargain bins.
  13. Something to consider with the SS miner is that it has to unbury 6" from the enemy deployment zone (as well as 6" from enemy models). If the Pigapult is deployed behind a house (or similar blocking/impassable pieces) of at least moderate size, it can take a lot of movement to get to it since it wont move much itself, especially in standard deployment. So think about the possible hiding places before hiring one.
  14. It's Sh 6 vs Df 1, so you only need to win the flip by 1 to get get a cheatable damage flip with focus and hard cover. With I Pay Better for double focus you are pretty safe, there are still Jokers of course...
  15. Errata changed summoning from Abilities to require LoS, so Ikiryo is less likely to work now. Kind of funny that that change almost only affect Ikiryo vs Pigapult/Austringers...