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  1. Mikey_C

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    2/3/5 done 6 times, each causing a TN13 WP duel adds up quickly, and burns the enemy hand. It doesn't actually. Fast does not go away at the end of turn. Fast goes away at the end of activation. So on Tara's reactivation she can pulse out fast (even if she already has no hand) and get a bunch of your models fast for nest turn. I always take this upgrade. Every time. Tara does fast/slow at 8" instead of 4", at CA vs wp instead of CA 5 vs df, and hers has a built in bury test and does a damage. Also, end of turn you pulse out fast, next turn win initiative with +flip, then use this to remove fast from the enemy that gained it. Ignore what this ability does for void wretches, that is just a situational bonus that might happen. You are taking this upgrade for + to all flips when out of cards. This is huge. It make her really scary late turn when your opponent is low/out of cards. It's a plus to ALL flips, duels, damage, damage prevention. This alone is worth a stone, and then it comes with the added bonus of an attack that damages without having to flip for damage, and heals at the same time. Dropping a card to prevent damage can be amazing, also turning TN 13 bury tests into TN 15 bury tests should not be under estimated. There are so many things in this crew that target wp debuffing it by 2 can be huge. Blinking back to your deployment zone can be a game winner. Popping up next to an enemy scheme marker and removing it can deny points so easily, and you can do this on your reactivation. Emptiness is 0 and doesn't even take up a slot, what more do you really want from it? Start spamming out glimpse tests and you'll see it take effect. Slingshotting a model up the board via Tara and Scion is a real threat. I think it's the most boring way to play the game, but it is legitimately effective. Tara is certainly an unusual master, and it takes a lot of practice to know what tools to use when. Once you get a handle on her though, I think she is greatly under estimated by opponents.
  2. Mikey_C

    Molly in GG18

    If the scheme pool has multiple schemes where the points are scored all at once, it can be an amazing upgrade. If however the pool is full of 1 point per turn schemes, it is less worth while.
  3. Mikey_C

    Tara : how do I start ?

    Tara - Out of Time, Knowledge of eternity, Emptiness, then either Dead of Winter or Eternal Journey whichever suit the schemes. Karina - The Faces of Oblivion The Nothing Beast - Void Shield Scion of the void - (Scramble - option 1) Talos - (The Bigger they are - option 2) 1x Death Marshal 2x void wretch [Get yourself, 1 punk zombie, 1 drowned, and a box of guild autopsies for summoning]. That is my default list, then switch upgrades to suit to taste/scheme. I never bother with Obliteration symbiote because I think beast bombs are really boring to play as or against. I like one death marshal, because if they hang back a bit they can often enough hit way above thier pay grade by burying Nekima or howard etc. If you don't want to spend so much right away you could use a second death marshal instead of the Talos (that is what I did until recently when I got a Talos myself). The must have outside of the Tara box in my opinion is the Scion. It is amazing at being where it needs to be to score points or deny them, and has threatening enough attacks. Just remember that TARA DOES NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO GO FIRST. If something is going to die then often it is worth activating it before Tara. Often Tara's first activation isn't that great anyways because she has to play a bit cagey (she is very weak vs strong Ml attacks). This should be a solid Tara crew, until you get a hang of your personal Tara playstyle.
  4. Mikey_C

    Our worst models

    You actually consider taking them in other factions? I wouldn't consider taking them outside of Schill.
  5. Mikey_C

    Our worst models

    I think the easier fix at this point is to make them a little worse and drop them to 4ss. The addition of the engineer really ruined them. 1) for one point more you get a better model. 2) the fact that the engineer can add rams to the freikorpsman would fix them, except adding rams to pretty much any other freikorps model is a better return on investment, so the freikorpsman is still bad. Maybe drop crit strike, up the damage to min 2 and lower them to 4ss. Something else might also have to drop, but at 5ss they are just outclassed by so many things.
  6. Mikey_C

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    The fact that she doesn't randomize on shooting is really great in a Freikorp crew. I think she combos well with the Strongarm or Schill getting stuck in. She's fantastic with fast from Oathkeeper each turn. Only thing to remember is that she doesn't have freikorp armor so be weary of blasts and pulses. Rush of magic is just gravy.
  7. Mikey_C

    Our worst models

    Lady Ligeia is my favourite thing about a Jack crew. She has absolutely won me games, and ruined opponents plans. I also don't think it is very difficult to get her where you want her to be on full wounds. Hide her behind some large bases and/or cover on her advance. She's walk 6 and incorporeal so when it's time she can just walk right through said cover and blocking models. Give her defensive stance every single turn, and when you have her where you want her go defensive x2. There are so many ways to move her around in a tormented crew that I find it's never an issue to use 1 of her AP each turn for defensive stance.
  8. Mikey_C

    Does anyone use these models?

    I think Jaakuna is a good pick in Ours. Give her unnerving aura and position her near the centre but still scoring. Use her lure to pull a decent enemy model into the non scoring zone, she’s pretty good at keeping them there while they slowly disintegrate.
  9. Mikey_C

    Rider Levi after errata and in gg18

    You should try playing Tara. on Init flips. Typically I after stone use I only lose 1 per game.
  10. Mikey_C

    Talos: Where does he fit?

    Yes. Since Lazarus is a friekorp Hannah can copy his (0), which then copies a constuct's (1) action. Both require a TN duel needing a 6, and both models would need to be within 8" of Hannah.
  11. Mikey_C

    Strategy Markers

    I use crates and barrels. I figure they will always be a pretty safe marker to have for objectives, mine don't accurately reflect ht 5 but I'm not concerned about it.
  12. Mikey_C

    Our worst models

    I can't think of a way to anger malifaux players more than removing the Merc keyword from a model.
  13. Mikey_C

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    I guess they haven't made it to my area yet. I meant the toot. It is not defendable, and with Sebastian near by will do 3 damage ignoring armor.
  14. Mikey_C

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    When they come out little gassers will be amazing at dealing with the spiders in combination with Sebastian. They'll kill all but full health spiders.
  15. Mikey_C

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    There wasn't a Malifaux preview ready so you are showing us Bayou Bash. Case Closed.