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  1. Sonnia Meta

    How do you all feel about investigators to help with card draw plus pushes?
  2. Sonnia Meta

    I don't there is such a thing as a good Sonnia stake a claim list.
  3. Domadors - Thoughts?

    That's pretty much it. I'm also undecided on whether such thing could feed a summoning sonnia.
  4. What can I take with sonnia for schemes?

    I can't believe I forgot hounds.
  5. What can I take with sonnia for schemes?

    Field reporters or orderlies- not slow and decently cheap. Orderlies can benefit from disrupt magic. Brutal eff- I've used him for schemes after a while when I use him early for healing. Grimwell/nurse hb- probably too expensive but get around the board fast. Investigators- can feed card draw then run schemes late. Monster hunters? ?- wk of 6 and will kill larger threats. Stalk can help them get upboard early. Pistoleros- usually taken for their def aura but may be a decent later game runner. Guild sarge- not my cup of tea, but if you can protect him he can kick markers like a champ. Performers/ big jake- don't mind me is good.
  6. Domadors - Thoughts?

    I've used them with mc mourning in a 3 rogue Necro list, And with nellie to make a nasty alpha. Nellie has a nice synergy with his heal blasts too, which I used to finish gwen off. I intend to use them with Sonnia, but haven't played anyone I hated enough to try it yet.
  7. Were you not stoning for the burning? At ca 9 I cant see how you missed with that hand.
  8. I need some help

    Does your group tend to preselect schemes and strat? Because we can help with list builds. Heck, I think we could do a little better, giving you goals to work on each game to develop certain skills.
  9. I'm thankful for this blessing of new 6 SS minions which has been bestowed upon us from up on high.
  10. Played a 2-1 game againstNB Lynch last night. I ran the following Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: dita murder 50ss Leader: Perdita Ortega - Cache:(2) Fastest Draw in Malifaux 1ss Trick Shooting 2ss Aura Ancestral 1ss Enslaved Nephilim 3ss Francisco Ortega 8ss Wade In 1ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Phiona Gage 8ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Abuela Ortega 7ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Monster Hunter 6ss Monster Hunter 6ss I got too killy and picked schemes poorly.
  11. using thalarian quellers effectively with sonnia

    I'm gonna try one with Sonnia, Frank, and abuela tonight. I'm hoping they can bring the killing for public executions.
  12. using thalarian quellers effectively with sonnia

    More examples of the ball of fail that is the Judge.
  13. using thalarian quellers effectively with sonnia

    Has anyone managed to use the Quellers' suppression markers effectively? I haven't gotten them going yet.
  14. using thalarian quellers effectively with sonnia

    Men, I'm not seeing any synergy besides the disrupt magic you already pointed out.
  15. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    Yeah. But it can close down a significant portion of board.