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  1. 4thstringer

    The Bloodwretch/brutal emissary card engine

    16 and 8 after the blood wretch attacks something too. I think my plan is to use the decent activation control to not move up the thrall until the end of the turn, carry a really good hand into turn 2 or develop a deck that has as few weaks as possible. Turn two is more towards optimal hand. The emissary is backup damage dealer too. 16 and 8 after the blood wretch attacks something too. The 7 guild guard are the best target for shooting I could come up with. Since the target for the repeating trigger has to be original.
  2. So, Gnomey got me all worked up about this wretch/emissary card engine (from main malifaux discussion forum I think). The list I came up with is Lucius with Deep Pockets, a Witchling Thrall (no point in having all these cards without something to use them on), emissary, 7 gg, and a blood wretch. You could easily draw a big chunk of your deck first turn, if you don't think you are engaging then discard the good ones and keep the bad ones to thin your deck out. Then do it against the second turn. If you take the lucius upgrade those models will all heal 1 of the 2 damage they take on weak. The BJ is the only thing that will stop the cards train that I can think of. Any thoughts? Have you run anything like this?
  3. I like it with lucius because at least then the emissary upgrade can heal the gg back up (assuming weak damage).
  4. I must be blind, I cannot find for the life of me how guild does that card draw. Could you quote it for stupid me?
  5. 4thstringer

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    I knew I was risking your ire with my posts, but I figured since you have abandoned the guild for stompier pastures, you had come to the same conclusion.
  6. Honestly, I only point out Nellie's fast upgrade to point out that all his other actions aren't worthless, which I think was being debated.
  7. Can't nico give fast out? Nellie has that on an upgrade and it is considered an autotake. I can get a pretty good card engine going with nellie, but that doesn't mean it is a good idea. (though now that I think about it, I wonder if I could use that card engine to hold onto a bunch of bad cards, to spike the deck for turn two. hmmm). I think I have solved the way nerfs should be handled. Each errata that comes out, we will handle nerfs by simple vote. Every forum and AWP member gets one vote, and the master selected through that vote gets nerfed into the ground. just absolutely Colette treatment. None of this "we nerfed sandeep by nerfing the wind gamin" business. TN's go to 20, abilities taken off cards, Cache 0. That kind of thing.
  8. 4thstringer

    Few questions about new Gg18

    I've enjoyed blocking supply wagons by taking away models ability to interact using riot breakers too. Honestly, I don't find public executions or supply wagons difficult enough with guild to require special masters to use them. For the tournament I would stick to the master you feel most comfortable with. That being said, do tailor your crew to them. The strat that does change my master is Symbols of authority. Unless you are in close deployment, I find it hard to get to my opponents markers with the traditional beater masters. Nellie, Lucius, McCabe or even McMourning (but don't take McMourning for other reasons) I find to be better choices. Perdita gets across the board fast enough to do it too, but the way I play her rarely works out that way. I'm very mixed on Jury. She does some really cool stuff, and her main flail attack has enough going on that it is a really good attack. I would only take Jury if I thought I had a plan to use her masks. (Edit: or if facing a faction that uses a lot of conditions like NB or Ressers).
  9. 4thstringer

    Our Worst Models

    Guild needs more stuff like malifaux provides and the rougarou that would eat those markers. Investigators just don't do it fast enough. I do really love the idea of the guild Sarge planting evidence, the investigator insisting"everyone stay back, that's evidence", and then picking it up and using it as evidence against someone else.
  10. 4thstringer

    Investigators and guild sarge

    I'm thinking about protecting them with a tc warrior.
  11. 4thstringer

    Investigators and guild sarge

    I've had some games where it triggers at times and I just have no idea of a good use for the trigger. They get a target on their heads really fast.
  12. 4thstringer

    Investigators and guild sarge

    It's once per activation. So they can trigger it after someone else already has (which is still pretty good imo)
  13. 4thstringer

    Investigators and guild sarge

    dammit you are right.
  14. 4thstringer

    Investigators and guild sarge

    So I've been looking at this since my ingredient this week is the Sarge. I'm ashamed to say I'm probably going to try him in NB Lucius because I want to try some of this with bulltigan and rougarou. But the guild Sarge can drop a marker near the back of an investigator, push something in the backfield, place that marker 6" forward to trigger investigators pushes again and then drop a third marker, allowing for more pushes. That is bananas to me. I'm looking forward to trying it this week (I've got to figure out the timings for the bulltigan since so much happens in chained actions due to those pushes), but has anyone used the guild Sarge with the investigator as a push factory?
  15. 4thstringer

    Our Worst Models

    I take back everything I've said about the guild Sarge. I haven't played it yet, but pairing them with an investigator or two looks to create a true hail of pushes.