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  1. Faction rankings?

    He's been kind of a wanderer to be honest. I think he won a tournament with Pandora, then went to captain con and got a second place finish using ressers (iirc Nico for all his wins and Tara for a tie with the Larrow in Ours)
  2. No House Calls - A McMourning journal

    Congrats on your best guild at captain con!
  3. I found Yan Lo games to be different than almost any other master I played against. The closest I can describe is maybe belle spam. I look forward to hearing how yours goes.
  4. Faction rankings?

    I consider my goal on the Guild forum to stop netlisting. That being said, yeah in one game with Duncan's sonnia list you did really bad. But if you did 20 games with that list, you probably would get pretty good with it, as you figure out how to make it work. It seems like the best players don't play a lot of different stuff, but focus on one list and make occasional changes to hone it.
  5. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    One thing is that taking Philip will only stop half of the card draw engine. There's still Sebastian, and Nico's own draw. Now that I think about it I might target Sebastian.
  6. Faction rankings?

    It's Travis and a rotating second chair. If you want to hear about Nellie you will have to go back and listen to older episodes because he has abandoned Nellie for other factions.
  7. For the people who watch other forums-

    Seeing the Seamus thread got me thinking. What things do you see on the other forums asking "how do you deal with" from guild? Is it Nellie? Sonnia? Dita? Monster Hunters? None of the above?
  8. How does the guild beat Nikodem?

    I haven't really tried it, but it sounds like from the article like going after nico with our big damage is our best option. Just laying into him with a nellie or lucius superpowered McTav, a repeat shooting santiago, or even a second activation Sonnia all feel like ways to make your opponent rethink things. Honestly, I've really wanted to try to land a first turn Condescening from Lucius onto him, but I haven't actually pulled that off yet. Maybe also a guild pathfinder throwing traps into the middle of their crew?(though those plus flips plus the huge hand really makes it more disappointing). Kind of a funky option, but maybe a sanctioned spellcaster backed by a bunch of henchmen shooting at him or his support staff like crazy? Putting shots into either sebastian, phillip or asura early might break down that engine a bit. I don't think austringers will get the job done. He just has too much card draw, and if you are losing one to make them lose two, you will still end up with way fewer cards than your opponent.
  9. Terracotta Draw Loop

    I may have been experimenting with using gg to have activation control with sonnia.
  10. Terracotta Draw Loop

    My stupid opponents have all fallen in love with other game, so I don't know when I will get to try this, but it will be my next list.
  11. Terracotta Draw Loop

    Between this and the other thread I have already built a list. Lucius, Condescending, sup loyal, hidden weapons, Myst Em w/ conflux, tannen w/ thousand faces, 2 bultigan, 2 knights, and a TW. I've been dying to try the bultigan, so this is an excuse to proxy them for the attempt.
  12. Terracotta Draw Loop

    Hmm, can I bring myself to play Lucius's dark side again?
  13. Lucius with Condescending and Conflux

    I must be missing something. What is condescending bringing to this that makes it worthwhile? EDIT: NM I see it.
  14. Faction rankings?

    One of the interesting facets of this is that when certain strats came up (I think Stake a claim and interference/recon) Travis not only left nellie, but left guild completely. Those going away I have to think will help guild in the long run.
  15. Just a thought related to this. Because shooting heavy metas are rare, I would be cautious with this list if your boards tend to be low terrain, low cover or low blocking terrain. If they tend to feed shooters you might have trouble getting there (though since it is close that should in theory be mitigated.)