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  1. So, I saw this in another faction's forum, and I started to wonder about it for guild. How does Wave 5 change our meta? Is Nellie maybe not the best answer for everything anymore? Are there models that flat aren't going to be taken? Did we improve at something we were bad at?
  2. New Hoffman

    Hoffman will often have effective armor of three against def(assuming noone is ignoring triggers) because I usually have armor 2 nearby.
  3. Guild Lucius post errata

    I want to love the warden, and have had some good games with it. BUT I wish their damage spread ramped a little more than it does. I've found less of a place for them in my games since the errata because the Guardians are so much more survivable for 1 pt more. When it comes to the austringer, I think most suggestions to run it with changelings are pre-eratta. I don't think they are as good with them now. The austringer bird attack really isn't impressive at sh 4. I'd much rather copy a FK trapper for shoot with them. TBH, I haven't loved the changeling recently. I tried them with lawyers to spam fees without much success, but my opponent's list was one that was largely immune to fees (either non-damaging attacks, samurai with their upgrade, master, etc). I'm sure I will build that list again, but it really wasn't very good.
  4. Guild Mccabe

    a 6" aura around a 50 mm model covers a really big area. I wouldn't stress over it.
  5. Guild Lucius post errata

    I'd not that Guardians are rarely worth the issue order action to attack, but getting the push plus an action to walk to move them around faster gets around their major weakness.
  6. Guild Lucius post errata

    Nope. You, from a safe location put Santiago at 4 wounds. Then, he helps Santiago by teleporting him to the place where he can have a single glory turn, and then makes him take one shot (or more) shots with commanding presence. Then Santiago drops DttG, and removes things that don't have armor. (I got this off the forums. I wanna say it was Admiral V, but I can't say for certain.)
  7. Guild Lucius post errata

    He likes wp 6 beaters, thralls, monster hunters, Santiago, probably other wave 5 minions, and guardians. Hes also always appreciated beaters that werent card intensive.
  8. Critique my public executions list

    Yeah probably. I was hoping to identify my opponents models that would alpha and use the monster hunters to intimidate/dissuade them or even intercept them. If my opponent built a list with alpha potential however.....
  9. 9.04.17 Ply for Information Nellie vs. Sonnia

    I think it counts as severe, but you don't have to take the red if you don't want to.
  10. Critique my public executions list

    I'm playing a game tomorrow with pulic executions, lym, set up, inescapable trap, and didg graves. Here's the list: 50 SS Guild Crew McMourning + 5 Pool - Test Subjects (1) - On The Clock (1) - Guild Coroner (1) The Judge (9) - Unrelenting Leader (2) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Rogue Necromancy (10) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Rogue Necromancy (10) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Monster Hunter (6) Monster Hunter (6) (exported from CrewFaux)
  11. Where now?

  12. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

  13. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    I thought Vics don't allow reduction of damage. Badge reduces damage to one IIRC.
  14. We played supply wagons tonight. The deployment was close and the schemes were lym, set up, hold em up, inex trap, and show of force. We are probably one update back on GG, since the inex trap was still in the pool. My opponent took the Crossroads 7 with the aura extender on gluttony and survivalist on wrath. I took Hoffman with field repairs and improves harness, 3 stones 2 hunters, 2 riot breakers, a peacekeeper, and nino. I took Leave your mark and hold them up my opponent took leave your mark and show of force. My opponent had to set up first, and set up his wagon and envy on one border, and everyone else to move into the middle. I set up with two hunters and hoffman with my wagon on the other side (right side), the riot breakers set up to stop his wagon (left side), nino in center left and the peacekeeper staring down his bubble. Turn 1: My opponent activated first and moved gluttony up into cover., I used a hunter to push the wagon forward. My opponent moved sloth forward into cover, I shot envy with a riot breaker to make him insig (this would become a theme of the game). lust and wrath moved forward into the same cover., hoffman made the same hunter push the wagon again and gave him fast, and gave the other hunter nimble. The hunter double walked forward and missed with his harpoon. The peacekeeper charged and missed twice. the riot breaker double walked to block the wagon the next turn. His other models moved up, and put minimal damage on the hunter. Turn 2: the peacekeeper missed his terrifying test against wrath, the auras started whittling down my crew and hand. He beat on the peacekeeper in return, gluttony engaged the hunter. the riotbreakers made envy insig again. My fast hunter double walked and dropped a scheme marker for LYM. He whittled down the peacekeeper to low wounds, and did a little more damage to the nimble hunter. my nimble hunter, even with hoffmans help, did minor damage to gluttony. I scored the strat and LYM and hold them up with the peacekeeper. My opponent scored show of force. Turn 3. Hoffman healed the middle constructs, and then made the peacekeeper do three damage. Wrath hit and killed the peacekeeper. the riotbreakers again did minor damage to envy, and made him insignificant. My hunter ran LYM some more. my hunter did a little damage to gluttony, and took some damage back. The auras continued to whittle down my hand and cards. Envy continued to chip away at the riotbreakers (we talked about it after the game and he really should have been using that free focus). I got three again, my opponent got a second SoF. Turn 4. Hoffman heals himself and hunter, and they manage to take down gluttony. The band takes down hoff and the hunter. The riot breaker insigs envy again. lust starts heading towards her wagon, and my hunter drops the third LYM and starts heading back to defend my wagon if need be. Sloth walks up and drops LYM. I score Supply wagon and LYM to go to 8 and my opponent finishes off Sof and scores Lym- 8-4 Turn 5. Riot breakersinsig envy one last time before dying to envys guns, and a chargeing wrath and lust. Interestingly, because lust is the last one, and has her trigger, she is able to force a 6th turn by putting a severe at the top of my pile. Sloth scores another LYM, and I get my last Supply wagon point. 9-5 Turn 6. I win init, and lust is too far from the hunter to do her card control trick again. He pushes his wagon up to get his first point for that. He gets his last LYM. 9-7 final. Interesting game. If my opponent has set up second, or had set up his wagon with his full bubble support I would have struggled to stop him. As it was, I was getting basically tabled as I scored, but my opponent couldn't stop me from scoring. It was a fun fun game, and I have never felt the CR7 be that effective before. It was fun. I do think Supply wagon is going to be very swingy based on who sets up first.
  15. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    And yet he gives not reasons.... Why shouldn't they be?