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  1. As the title says, anyone got a nightmare Tara crew that they're willing to part with please? Would prefer new on sprue. UK based if that matters for shipping costs.
  2. I'll drop you a PM.
  3. Whereabouts are you? Can potentially help you out with a new on sprue model.
  4. I'm going to go slightly left field and opt for Marcus. There's a lot of terrain that could slow down and block off other Masters and their crews, but the Beastmaster isn't phased by such trivial matters! Marcus (Trail of the Gods, Feral Instincts, Hunger Cry) Jackalope Myranda (Imbued Energies) Sabretooth Cerberus (Imbued Energies) Sabretooth Cerberus (Imbued Energies) Angelica (Practised Production) Night Terror Night Terror Malifaux Raptor 9 models, cache of 4 This crew is possibly the least subtle one I've put together in a long time. The reach of the Cerberus is enough to cause sleepless nights - 5" push from Angelica, 5" Imbued Energies walk, 7" Leap, 7" charge, 1" melee range. 25" threat range. Unimpeded. And there's two of them. Three if needs be. I'm confident that whoever the opposing Master is, they're going to end up in a big cat's stomach. Practiced Production makes Dig Their Graves ridiculously easy, particularly with this much hitting power and this much speed. Add Marcus with his 8" walk and charge. Pain time. Covert Breakthrough or Claim Jump can be accomplished via the Raptor and Practiced Production, or the Cerberus and Marcus if they end up with AP to spare. If Myranda went for the Blessed of December option then that model can easily accomplish Claim Jump by itself (marker, unsuited Leap, marker). Recover Evidence probably isn't a great take. Ten Thunders can make it very difficult for you to interact in a certain place if they want you to. 10T Brothers in particular are sods. For that reason I'm not exactly heartbroken that this crew doesn't like it. For Extraction, I'm relying on Angelica and the Night Terrors making use of cover to keep contesting, plus the hunting beasts. The Night Terrors are, believe it or not, Minions. They also take at least 2, possibly 3, AP to get rid of. In this crew there are much more pressing threats for the opponent to be dealing with! 10 Thunders in general have all the positive flips available to them. They have good stats and will probably have good cards. That's why 3-headed Cerberus are good choices to hunt them down because they also have good stats and positive flips, and high minimum damage to help with defensive abilities. Using Marcus' combo of make the enemy a Beast / Domesticate can lock down a model per turn or at least nullify its bonuses. Plus with a 4/4/6 damage track courtesy of Trail of the Gods, he's also quite happy knocking lumps off things. The crew does rely on getting the first hits in, as it isn't particularly resilient. However, having used it a lot, that's generally not a problem with the enormous threat ranges, Leaps and Unimpeded that it has. That plays even more into its hands with Extraction as the opponent has to come forward and contest the Informant marker. Anyway. I've rambled on enough!
  5. Oxfordian Mages do it for me. Furious Cast, Ca6, ignore armour trigger is built in if they're standing next up a friend. Which they should be. These guys are the first names on the team sheet for me with Ironsides, Sandeep and Kaeris because they're so versatile. Ignore armour, slow, push or burning depending on the target.
  6. I'm currently having a blast experimenting and throwing models on the table regardless of Internet opinion. Running double Ice Golem with Ramos has proven to be hilariously effective in Turf War / Extraction, for example. The only model I can't justify giving more than the one game he's had is Mouse. Seriously. What on earth is he supposed to be? He doesn't play like the spymaster of his fluff and he sure as heck isn't worth 4SS. Heretical though this may seem to some, I played a handful of games with Mei Feng and can't ever see myself adding to the tally. If I want a beater Ironsides or Marcus do it so much better. You want mobility, Kaeris or Colette get the nod. Buffs? Ramos, Ironsides and Sandeep. Denial? Rasputina. All rounder? Sandeep. I just don't see a role for her and I found one for Kaeris.
  7. And that, quite incredibly, is a sell out! I'm blown away - huge thanks to everyone who's bought a ticket! If you want to go on the stand by list please post here or drop me a line, and I'll pass tickets across accordingly if there are drops.
  8. Me too. I like my kneecaps where they are and intact! 😁
  9. Cheers guys! Be great to see you again. Prize packs are on order so we'll have a well stocked raffle at the end as well.
  10. Entrants List 1. Matt Ledgerwood 2. Joel Henry 3. Ben Halford 4. Chris Donaldson 5. Adam Hutchinson 6. Richard Matthews 7. Rich Bream 8. Troy Ashdown 9. Rob Hallam 10. Marcus Rose 11. Ross Baker 12. Mike Marshall 13. Lee Battrick 14. Matt Spooner 15. Ritch Keeling's Beard 16. Scott Peden 17. Johnny Donaldson 18. Tom Martin 19. AJ Barr 20. Tobias Dracup 21. Josh Leak 22. Graham Bursnell 23. Tim Britton 24. Lukasz Rozanski 25. George Hollingdale 26. Stuart Snares 27. Craig Woods 28. Karl McConnell
  11. Aloha! I'm very pleased to announce the next Warzone Northampton event, No Faux King Clue, will run on Sunday 4th June at the shop in Northampton. Warzone Northampton Gold Street Mews Gold Street Northampton NN1 1RA Recommended parking is in the St Peters Square car park, off St Peters Way and Horse Market. It's free all day on Sundays and a very short walk away - head to the top of the car park and there's a street just to the right of Argos that brings you onto Gold Street. Turn left, Gold Street Mews is a few yards down the street on your left. There will be 3 rounds at 50SS, starting at 10am. We will be playing; - Turf War, Corner deployment - Collect the Bounty, Flank deployment - Squatters Rights, Standard deployment There will be 28 tickets for sale, at £10 each. To buy your ticket go through this link (or cut and paste it); http://paypal.me/panzerharris/10 Lunch isn't included but we're right in Northampton town centre, so there's pretty much everything you can think of and it's very close by. You can play either standard fixed faction, or Trinity. To play Trinity, you declare 3 Masters at the start of the event. These Masters can be from any combination of factions. Dual Masters must choose a faction. For example, you could have Collodi, Som'er Teeth, and McCabe (10 Thunders), or Lilith, McMourning (Guild), and McMourning (Ressers). At the declare faction stage of each game, you have to declare your 3 Masters but not which one you plan to use. The painting competition will be best single Malifaux miniature. You can do what you like in terms of scenic bases, display boards, conversions and so on - let your imagination run riot! We will be laying on the usual spread of prizes; - 1st, 2nd and 3rd gaming - 1st, 2nd and 3rd painting - Best Sports - Best Loser (last place!) - Best in Faction awards Any question, please feel free to ask. And hopefully, see you on the 4th!
  12. Death Marshalls are your friend. Granted, locally Frame for Murder is known as the Panzer Handicap because I nearly always give away points, but boxing a model and running the Death Marshall away is an entirely viable tactic. One of my favourite games involved me doing this to a Langston - Death Marshall put him in a box and ran away, forcing Ramos to try and hunt him down. Last turn possible, the Death Marshall doesn't quite get out of range and Ramos kills him. I reveal Frame for Murder on the Death Marshall for 3VPs and my opponent was... unimpressed. Especially as Langston now didn't have enough time to get back in the fight. Equally good denial is using the Emissary and a well-placed Scheme Marker to dump the Frame model way out of position. Or, if you think you can get 3 points for your equivalent scheme, just kill it with an Enforcer, Minion or Peon to only concede 2. That puts you 1 up and personally I'm happy with that these days.
  13. Has anyone else taken inspiration from Justin Gibbs' Before We Begin and tried Ice Golems sitting just in front of Ramos with Field Generator and Under Pressure? With a Metal Gamin nearby? Df6 Ice Golem with a pos flip on defence and pos flips to attack from Ramos, and potentially spiders clinging to the enemy to reduce their Df, has proven to be downright hilarious so far. And that's without getting into Brass Arachnid Reactivate fun. Arcanists as a faction have so many tools there's usually one for anything. Even retooling Ice Golems. That's certainly been my experience since making the jump from Guild.
  14. Grilled chicken and pesto hot sandwich please. If they can sneak some cheese in there too would be much appreciated! 😁
  15. The other two are Ben Harris and Chris Donaldson - I'm driving so Chris is buying the tickets. 😁