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  1. A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Apologies, I'm not able to make the event any more. Happy for my ticket to be passed on to a deserving case.
  2. Using Brutal Emissary

    Agree with the previous post. McCabe loves the Emissary. Other than him I really struggle to find a place for it. Guild have so many better models at that SS cost...
  3. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    I don't have an issue with Warmahordes per se, I just don't like the game. So buying a model for it does feel a touch hypocritical! Then again, if it's the best option, I'll crack on I guess. Ah yes, Judge Stern from Wild West Exodus. I use him as a Guild version of Johan. Lovely model. When I saw it I knew I had to find a use for it...
  4. Sanctuary Hall Of Fame-Date Moved AGAIN

    I'm not able to make it - I'd already committed to the event in Warrington on the same day. Hope it goes well!
  5. Faux at the Forge - 12th November, Warrington

    Paid up, see you there!
  6. Sonnia the melee monster

    The only time Sidir has ever been useful was when I traded the model for drinks... What's the point of a bodyguard that can't keep up?!
  7. Sonnia the melee monster

    I'd be sorely tempted to drop Reincarnation for Counterspell Aura. A lot of potential damage can come your way via casting actions, and it also makes Lures etc a lot harder to pull off against you. I just don't like the resources Reincarnation makes you spend for Stalkers when you're already throwing cards for Quick Study and needing Soulstones to keep Sonnia upright. As for the rest of the crew, I still like Hannah being around. There's a surprising amount of cast actions for her to copy in Guild and who doesn't like Arcane Reservoir? The trick I've found with Hannah is one picked up from my clubmates. If you can, make a focussed Ml attack with her and blast off. Otherwise I'd look at Watchers (that moment when your opponent spends most of a turn removing Burning from a key model to deny Sonnia line of sight, only to have her target them anyway with Relay Information, is pure comedy gold, plus they deny cover and aren't randomised for when she casts into melee). The Peacekeeper is a good shout. It's a huge priority target that isn't Sonnia. Always good! Dr Grimwell is fun too. He's a potential Disrupt Magic caddy, can help with moving her around, and is only too happy to perform brain surgery on something that gets too close. Elite crews are less of an issue with Sonnia because if your opponent isn't very careful she can quite happily bully their lesser models off the board early. I've been quite happy to run at 6 or 7 models with her.
  8. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    That's the limited edition alternate Performer - already a known Malifaux model sadly.
  9. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    Hi all, Just wanted to start a thread to steal share proxy ideas for the unavailable wave 5 models. There's no release schedule for any of these yet and with the UK Nationals at the end of November, the time to get painting is now... Appreciate most people at the moment probably just use one model as another (Wardens subbing for Riot Breakers etc) but as someone who plays at events, I can't really do that! Guild Investigators The one I'm most happy with as an Investigator is this chap, Dodge from the Infamy Miniatures range; http://elementgames.co.uk/cult-steampunk-other-miniatures-games/infamy-miniatures/the-little-parliament/dodge Looks suitably like a policeman investigating crimes. Monster Hunters I freely admit, I'm having a little fun with this one and using models based on Lara Croft and Alice. They may get more Malifaux weapons later. They're Survivors from Studio Miniatures; http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=3&Itemid=383 Riot Breakers These are causing problems. Getting hold of Hoffbots to convert is expensive and feels like a waste. The best things I've seen so far are Warmachine Cygnar Warjacks with shields, and I could mess around with a new head and some detailing, but I'd feel dirty buying those... Domador des Cadaveres These, I've drawn a blank on. There are voodoo models but they don't look very Spanish, and your generic necromancers don't cut it for me, and the only Spanish models I can find look like Zorro. Help definitely needed here! Any other cool ideas?
  10. Speeding up Lady J

    My favourite crew is still Lady Justice, Judge, Francisco, Grimwell, Queeg and Effigy. I don't get to use it very often (needs the right mix of schemes and strategies) but when I do, it brings the pain. That crew recorded the only 10-0 win in round 1 of the UK Nationals by tabling my Italian opponent in two and a half turns (I felt so guilty I gave the chap my foil Perdita card), and wiped out a Lilith crew in 3 turns in an event a few months back. Low activation count can work as long as you start making a serious dent in the opponent's numbers early! Smaller Sonnia crews work much the same way.
  11. Speeding up Lady J

    1. I don't do logic. I've won tournaments with Lady Justice and Colette, and can't make Nellie work. This is a logic-free zone. 2. Emissary has to be on the front lines to do his work. Queeg is sitting just behind the front lines, taking shots with his pistol and shoving away anything that breaks through with his long melee range and built in triggers. He's much harder for my opponent to actually get to as they have to get past the beaters first.
  12. Speeding up Lady J

    I struggle to find a justification for the Emissary. It doesn't do a lot and then goes over to a stiff breeze. 10SS is way too much for one move that will then get it killed almost immediately. Queeg standing around with Promises on the other hand, that's a much more long term thing. Especially in a crew with Lady Justice, Francisco and Judge. Giving those guys positive flips, even if your aura only covers 2 of the 3, can feel unfair on your opponent sometimes.
  13. Speeding up Lady J

    2 damage for 6", and she'll heal it back with 2 swings. Worth it.
  14. Speeding up Lady J

    Ah, my specialist subject... Francisco with Hermanos de Armas and Wade In, activates first, puts El Mayor on Justice, walks, Cover Me on Lady J to pull her 5" up, then get out of the way. Judge double walks, Stand for Judgment to pull her another 5". Master Queeg then charges (using Sadistic Streak for extra movement if he needs it). His whip has a 3" melee range, weak damage of 1 and a built in 3" push. 3" then 3" from him. If more movement is needed, I've taken Grimwell (yes, it's a 6-model crew with the Effigy) too for Doctor's Orders. Chaining all that together I've managed to get Lady Justice 16" out of her deployment zone and round a piece of blocking terrain before she's activated on the first turn. When she does go she's got El Mayor up and the Effigy has just about got enough range to reach her with Fear Not the Sword then Accomplice.
  15. Lightning Bugs - A Weekend Tournie 7/8th October in Leicestershire

    Apologies, I’m not going to be able to make it.