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  1. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    So how do people play Guild McMourning then? I dabbled with him and couldn't really make him click, then he got swatted aside in 2 turns by one of the UK's best players and hasn't been seen since. Looking at On the Clock he seems to be more of a support master that can take care of himself, rather than the front line beatstick that he is for Ressers. In Guild there's no particular benefit to him making the kill compared to, for example, giving Ryle Precise and letting him dismantle things. As for Heartsbane, I wrote the PullMyFinger on her. Loved her. If only she was less suit hungry...
  2. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    Fantastic news! Deputation from my homeland.
  3. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    Badge of Office and Last Stand are my 2 staples as well, so you're following the example of the former Best Guild UK. I just love it when Lilith hides on the other side of a forest, puts up her Illusionary Forest just to make sure, and still gets charged because Lady Justice doesn't care about the lines of sight or the terrain.
  4. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Sleep in the car. Grumpy Wodefang isn't funny.
  5. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    I've always had a lot of fun with this; 50 SS Guild Crew Hoffman + 5 Pool - Field Mechanic (2) - Arcanist Assets (1) Howard Langston (12) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Peacekeeper (11) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Rail Golem (11) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Watcher (4) Watcher (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Which particular nimble, heavily armoured juggernaut would you like to be hit with first? Oh, and in the meantime, my Watchers are flying around the table scoring schemes or being a taxi for Hoffman. I know it's not optimal but I don't like taking non Constructs with Hoffman. And it's hilarious on the table. One of those crews where the opponent doesn't even know where to start.
  6. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    Uh oh. I better be very careful what goes on that 10 Thunders list then. Although it would be funny to see you steal the best in faction off Troy again at the last minute...
  7. Expanding A Lady Justice Crew

    Bit old now but mostly still valid - I did a blog post on my top 3 to go with her; http://panzerfaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/shopping-list-lady-justice-guild.html
  8. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    An announcement to make - I'm very pleased to confirm that we're being joined by Leodis Games, and he's bringing his shop and the awesome Board Matz with him! My one reservation moving to the school was lack of somewhere to buy toys, and it's safe to say that weakness is now a strength. There will be a 'collect at event' option going up on the store soon if you want to order from the website and save on postage. Supporting Leodis does support the event - if nothing else, it'll make it an awful lot easier for me to convince Neil to come on down to future events and let me borrow the mats...
  9. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    The fluff board lists will go up two weeks in advance so you've got plenty of time to see what's there. Just to reiterate, it's a completely optional thing - you don't have to take part, and taking part won't boost your scores or your placing.
  10. Fluffy Bunny Roadkill - Sun 20 August, Newbridge High School, Leicester

    Thanks Rik - see you there!
  11. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

  12. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    Nah, there are enough ways to push her up the field that I've never seen the need for the Emissary tricks. My record is 14" up the board and round a corner before activating turn 1, courtesy of Francisco, Judge and Queeg, with Grimwell's Doctor's Orders in reserve but unneeded.
  13. Guild vs. Specific Ramos Setup

    With all that armour and all those Constructs, plus the need to kill all that armour and all those Constructs, I would be leaning towards McCabe. Throw Glowing Sabre to a series of fast models like the inevitable Guild Hounds, Mounted Guards and/or Hunters, giving them a 4" Push in the process. Reactivate said models with Black Flash off Badge of Speed. If you lose the model with the Sabre, it snaps back to McCabe to give it to someone else next turn anyway. One of my favourite routines with McCabe is Taelor with Debt to the Guild (duh) and Numb to the World. She gets Badge of Speed for Nimble and the extra 4" Push, is immune to any condition that might stop her, then goes in with a 4/5/7 track that can ignore armour on a trigger and has all the Relic Hammer bonuses against Constructs. She's quite happy against Ramos as if he summons a swarm near her with Welcome to Malifaux up, she can charge and do her 2 attack potentially clearing the whole lot back off again.
  14. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    As a Lady Justice fanatic, I was doing cartwheels. Well. I was trying - I'm far too fat to actually pull off a cartwheel. Ended up being more of an ungainly belly flop. I always run her with Badge of Office and Last Stand. Suddenly I have a 3rd upgrade to bolt on that fits seamlessly into the playstyle. She's a missile that I lock onto the priority target and delete it. Now it's easier to get there, easier to survive a counter and she hits even harder on arrival. Thank you Mr Darland. Beers are on me at the UK Nationals if you can make it.
  15. Lucius - New Player Seeking Advice

    I have tried 2 Riflemen with Dashel and Queeg. Queeg Walks twice, making each Rifleman take Focus for a 0 from Dashel, then when they activate they take a Focussed shot, 0 for Focus off Dashel, then take another Focussed shot. And Queeg is a Guardsman so will give them an extra Ram as he's activated. Dashel may well be worthwhile now, and I'm a big Queeg fan. Rifleman are very cheap for what they can do. Expensive and situational, but it can catch out an opponent when that group holds a flank and Queeg's Promises bubble covers a beater in the middle.