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  1. Wave 5 - How does it redefine our meta?

    Speaking personally, I'm glad to see buffs spread liberally across the faction. Hoffman is now much improved at the hold ground role I used him for anyway. Justice is much more flexible when it comes to where she applies her violence. Lucius and his deep pockets and Dim Bulb are great. McMourning allows me to throw Sabretooth Cerberuses back at Arcanists. And so on. I've said many times that I still don't agree that Nellie is the be all and end all. She's 'Guild lite' - you can get a taste of our best models without having to adapt to the playstyle. For me she's just a tool in the box. But it's a tool that I might use a bit more given the fact that she can now rewrite schemes, so if a gamble doesn't pay off you're not up a certain creek without a certain implement.
  2. Lightning Bugs - A Weekend Tournie 7/8th October in Leicestershire

    Cool. Will be there, just need to wait til payday to buy the ticket.
  3. Guild Lucius post errata

    A timely Shield Bash to knock a model away from objectives can be amusing. If the opponent isn't expecting it and doesn't have a card to stop you it can cost them VPs.
  4. Guild Lucius post errata

    Witchling Thralls were seemingly designed for Lucius. They will automatically pass any Horror duel he makes them take, they're Minions so he can Issue Command, and then if he uses any scheme marker shenanigans they can attack when a marker is dropped nearby (once per turn but it's still cool!). That means under his tender ministrations, you can have one of these things attack 5 times in a turn (its 2 AP, his Horror duel walk, Issue Command, and then order someone to drop a nearby scheme marker) and it can do so at positive attack flips if he's nearby. He wasn't able to order Austringers around pre-errata - he can now. Those birds are still as useful as they ever were. I was put onto Guild Pathfinders by the Scottish Wizard Dave Laing. They work well with Master Queeg who has a similar I'll-walk-over-here-and-you'll-do-something mechanic with Minions and 0 actions, so Queeg can walk and make the Pathfinder summon or move traps, then Lucius or the Pathfinder itself can get more work out of that potentially armour-ignoring musket. Plus traps are great for Devil's Deal damage if you can't find anyone else to take it. Have tried a Rifleman line that actually worked. 2 Riflemen, Dashel and Queeg. Queeg walks twice, orders both Riflemen to Focus for a 0 off Dashel's aura. Queeg is a Guardsman himself so counts for the Riflemen Firing Line ability. Then the Riflemen can activate, take a Focussed shot at double positive to attack (Dashel giving an extra positive) with 14" range at Sh6 and a now 3/4/6 track, Focus for a 0 off Dashel, then shoot again. 4 of those hurts, and that's before Lucius orders more Focussed shots. Be prepared to use Dashel and Queeg to keep enemy models off the Riflemen though - Queeg's whip with its built in push is pretty great for that, as are summoned Guild Guard to block attack lanes. Guardians can give a lot of beef to a Lucius list. They can't be Inspiring Presence-d but they can be Issued Orders and they can receive the positive flips to attack at Ml7. And their Protect (double defensive to target model for a 7) is great to look after a vulnerable target. Of themselves Df6 with Armour and Grind to a Halt, they can stick around if you need them to. And all of that is just the Guild tech, without touching on Changelings for amusement value and Terracotta Warriors for swapping around Lucius' upgrades so he always has the right tool for the job. The key to any support Master who gets more AP out of their crew is to make sure you have actions in that crew that are worth taking.
  5. Lightning Bugs - A Weekend Tournie 7/8th October in Leicestershire

    Just to confirm - it says on the page that it's a fully painted event. Is that definitely the case please?
  6. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Win some lose some.
  7. To Flurry With a Peacekeeper?

    I speak from bitter experience of having way too much similar card luck. My decks are renowned for going 'oh no you don't!' to me at crucial moments. For that reason I will always Flurry given half a chance. Hoffman or McCabe will make Lord Stompy Bits (that's what I named mine!) Nimble for that reason. If I can make him Fast, then I'm very happy to harpoon my target first, drag it in and THEN Flurry. Don't underestimate the psychological effects of knowing you get 3 strikes with something that hits as hard as the Peacekeeper. I frequently have opponents refuse to throw in severe cards on the first couple of hits on the basis that there's many more to come, so moderates may well be enough. And don't forget the immutable laws of attacking a low Wound model with Flurry. Yes, you could kill it in one shot. And if you Flurry it will die first shot. If you don't Flurry, it'll survive the two normal attacks and you'll feel really rather stupid...

    As we're 2 weeks away and not a single sign-up or confirmed attendee, reluctantly I've decided to cancel. Will have to think of something else!
  9. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Paid up.
  10. A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Paid up. Will try and herd the rest of the Squigs into doing likewise!
  11. Coffin v. Vendetta v. Badge a LJ limited dillema

    Still not a choice for me - Badge of Office all the way. End of turn 1 I normally have Lady Justice embedded in the enemy crew having made her first kill. She needs to survive that top of turn 2 counterattack and then she can get back to killing things. The only way that happens is if you have the Badge. Counterstance is a massive help but a determined enemy will still get damage through making the Badge a necessity in my experience. It also protects you from that horrible horrible moment when you miss the Acrobatic Assault attack and don't get Counterstance.
  12. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Deal! Will pay up on Friday and be there Sunday. Drop me a DM if you need terrain. My stash of 6 tables can be called on if necessary.
  13. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Allow Broken Promises, I'll come and bring a car full and probably so will Harrogate. I don't buy the preparedness argument - that assumes people immediately study and learn everything they could possibly face when the book is out. Trust me - they don't. I own the book and I've only studied my faction's new toys. The try hards who will study can do so now courtesy of all the forum threads, pictures and leaks that are already in circulation... Most of us learn in game and that might as well be now as an arbitrary two weeks. Anyway. Your call. 😁
  14. ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    It's OK. Baby Squig is still around to put Sidaway in a corner.
  15. ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    And the Squigs team that kicked your arses will be as happy to deface your merchandise as we were your title bid.