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  1. ant: Single Wrastler model

    I'm after a single Wrastler model - preferably not the one with the pig. thx
  2. Smugglers: even worse?

    He is too situational. At this state of the Malifaux you want models which are good in certain things every time, all time not something which works good under certain circumstances. It could be ok when the model pool was not as big as it is now. Simple, for 6SS (and 5SS) you can get way better models into your crew.
  3. Smugglers: even worse?

    Yep. Seems like there was no spot left in Outcasts during this wave so Smuggler was pushed to Gremlins because why not?
  4. Smugglers: even worse?

  5. Smugglers: even worse?

    Let's say this is the last model I but from this wave (IF I decide to buy it at all). I won't take it further than this statement. No point.
  6. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Always have Piper on Hamelin so no-one can charge him. Also have so hard-hitting model nearby so you can counter-strike whatever dares to walk to close. You don't need Obedient Wretch for Rat-activation control. You hire Stolen and 1 Rat. Stolen changes into 2 Rats then from 3 you have Rat King, then Rat Catcher + Rat. Hamelin should summon Stolen and you should have a card to summon other one same turn too - you have burn a soulstone for that to get one of the suits but you should have a card to get second Stolen. This way you put your enemy way behind your activation unless it is Nellie of course.
  7. Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

  8. Dilemma...

    I need to try Pigapult+stuffed piglets+Crier+Slop Hauler nearby. Stuffed piggies do defensive stance which triggers extra cards through Crier. More higher cards = more certain you'll kill enemy models. I think it should work (more or less) in Somer's crew as he would generate enough models to fulfill strategy and schemes.
  9. Som'er and/or Zipp in new "Ours"

    Zipp with Dread Pirate upgrade to contest quarter which is needed. Anything fast to re-deploy if necessary. Somer to build up numbers and out-activate opponent. Newly summoned Gremlins to tie-in enemy models as a cannon fodder when hired models would try to kill anything which dares to approach your quarter.
  10. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Considering you will be outactivating opponent on every turn you can easily avoid any potential threat with Nix.
  11. What was the last list you played?

    Played my Zoraida against Hamelin in Supply Wagon (dig their graves, set up, public demonstration, recover evidence). Zoraida - Powerful Control 4ss pool Trixie - dc Whiskey golem - barrel up Emissary - conflux of fate Swine Cursed Merris Old Cranky Bayou Gremlin i got hammered drastically. I was outactivated constantly which negated my Obey from Zoraida and Hamelin used heavily his Obey plus reactivate trick on Rat Kings from Rat Catchers. I remainded myself why when i was playing Outcasts i sold Hamelin after circa 10 games. It was no fun for neither me or my opponent to put him on the table... anyway the crew i got normally would work very good. There is lots of movement tricks there, there is serious punch involved. I would like to play this crew again but this time against some normal master
  12. Leveticus in General

    In short: GG18 is not really designed for Levi and although you can still play him to some degree of success there are better choices in Outcast family to pick (Hamelin, Viks or even Schill now).
  13. Wild Boars - convince me?

    All they miss is a Pig Charge and they would be OK as the models which could put a pressure on the opponent on T1 thanks to the From Shadows and Pig Charge.
  14. Mah Tucket - is there any hope?

    Agreed. I think she is not as good as Zipp but way better than Ophelia at the moment.
  15. February Chronicles

    The last page has a very nice Gremlin background. Is there anywhere wallpaper like that we could download by any chance?
  16. Facing Hoffman

    Trixie pushing away enemy models sounds interesting too.
  17. Mah Tucket - is there any hope?

    I think she is OK now although Manifest Destiny should really be an update of her card rather than upgrade.
  18. Mah Tucket - is there any hope?

    With Mah you really want to take Ml experts so Burt, Franc, Emissary, Golem, Taxidermist, Roosters, Manja and season it with Survivors.
  19. Lucky Effigy

    Jafar made a topic about Gluttony and I want to ask similar question about our Effigy - anyone used it? In what purpose? To me it is a 'dead' model but maybe I miss something.
  20. Maybe they will slow down with 'normal' model releases this year and hence encounter box goodies?
  21. Som'er and Zipp Tactics?

    In general - use Zzip to disrupt enemy plans by denying Interact actions and by picking up and killing his key models using Zipp's superior mobility. Somer on the other hand should flood the board with Bayou Gremlins allowing you to use 'thousand tiny cuts' technique and allowing to activate your key models later before switching to buff your crew and damage dealing.
  22. Wonder if these gonna be single cast?...
  23. Backdraft Story Encounter

    Keep your hands off our Whiskey Golems you filthy Sandeep! Signed: Bayou Residents
  24. Gluttony - have anyone used him?

    Was looking at his card lately and I don't think I'll ever use him in any crew.
  25. nurse nerf, why?

    When he suffers damage from the Poison he can push certain distance (don't remember how far exactly). Excellent way to speed him up or let him out of sticky situation.