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  1. Looking for 1-2 Akaname and 1 Nurse with M2E cards of course. Preferably not painted/based. I live in Ireland so please send me your offer including shipping cost. cheers dan
  2. Sadly this ^
  3. From Dust is not worthy of taking. Put Oathkeeper on Johan and last one on Levi or Rusty. I would also consider removing Desolate Soul from Rusty and then add some cheap scheme runner (depending on encounter of course) like Winged Plague. Tally Sheet is no longer so juicy on Levi as it was before he was castrated... I mean hit by errata
  4. Hi all! Officially I can announce that I have joined the darkest force in the Malifaux - Gremlins To celebrate this event I started my new blog where I'll post battle reports and my insights on this coolest faction in the game. My first post can be seen here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I'll follow up with games reports shortly. See you soon! dan
  5. First game as Brewie and as expected first loss We played Guard the Stash (corner deploy) and schemes were Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Tail Em, Covert Breakthrough. I brought funny list as I decided to check if the 'expunge' Brewie is good or bad choice so I had Brewie with DC (6 stones), Wesley, Sammy with Binge, Fingers with DC, Burt, Slop Hauler, Performer, 2x Bayou Gremlin. Owen took his trusty Ramos with Arcane Reservoir plus two other upgrades (buffs for DF and MI), Joss with Bleeding Edge Tech, Howard with Imbued Energy, 2x Arachind, Coryphee and Mobile Toolkit. Once he shown his crew I knew it's gonna be hard as I'll be out-activated turn 1 on. I went for Dig Their Graves but unfortunately I picked wrong second scheme - Claim Jump. I should take Tail Em. As expected game was tough and Owen took full advantage and sent me wave after wave of Spiders who tarpitted me. I wasn't able to hold is flankers and I was only able to negate 1VP for Breakthrough thanks to Sammy. If Performer survived on turn 5 she would negate second VP. In the end I lost 6-8 which I consider a could score for this crew. If I took Tail Em I could try for draw. As for Poison - 'expunge' trick it's not bad (Howard died this way - I expunged him for 8 damage) but definitely I would prefer to play Brewie with some good beatsticks rather than Poison game as Swill is very nasty condition.
  6. He always is more 'fluffy-orientated' with his crews although sometimes he uses Colette with Hank I think I'll go Brewie just for the craic.
  7. Gonna play Guard the Stash and scheme-orientated encounter (except Dig Their Graves ;)) against friend on Sunday. I have two masters I haven't played yet: Ulix and Brewie. Question is should I be friendly and use Brewie (with Whiskey Golem, Gracie+Lenny combo and generally models I haven't used much so far) or should I be less friendly and bring Ulix with Pig-factory and Pigapult as cherry on the top of it?
  8. I got one Will O Wisp model and now I'm tinkering how to incorporate it into Gremlin Zoraida's crew. It is cheap activation which allows Zoraida not to waste APs for summoning Doll but on the other hand if you want to take it you must pay the tax in form of Tarot Reading upgrade which means it bumps up the cost of Wisp a lot. of course since you take Tarot Reading you can always take Waldgeist or two as well so Tarot Reading cost would be shared nicely between those hired models but what if you don't want to take Waldgeists? Is it worthy to take Wisp anyway? What's your opinion?
  9. At least we will have some additional choice to pick for Wong' crew apart from standard Burt-Francois team
  10. So I had two games today (woo-hoo!). First I played Wong against Zzip and I must say that Glowy on McTavish is pure evil especially when you combine it with Old Cranky and his soulstone 'regeneration'. By the end of turn 4 I wiped out almost whole table (Zzip died of deadly Stuffed Piglet pulses so he couldn't use his Df trigger ;)) and my opponent concede the game. I can't wait to get Swine Cursed as having two extra models with really nice damage track ignoring Armour, Incorporeal and HtK plus regeneration and healing (and reckless) would elevate Wong to the insane level. Second game I played Mah for first time with support of more beaters (Francois, Burt, Taxidermist) against Pandora. On turn 1 thanks to Mah push and Iron Skeeter taxi service I killed Mysterious Emissary (despite my rather average control cards). Then Mah went completely wild killing Widow Weaver (turn 2) and Doppelganger (turn 3) surviving in the meantime beating from Pandora with extra damage for Misery. But the best action of the game was when Pandora was chased by 4 Stuffed Piggies (summoned by second best model in the game - Taxidermist) and finally being finished off by the craziest action I had so far in my Malifaux games. Basically I had 2 Stuffed Piglets 1'' from Dora when Francois walked behind them and smacked one Piglet killing it so Piggy used his Bacon Bomb fliiiping Crow (4 damage on Dora) and killed second nearby Stuffed Piglet who also used Bacon Bomb and flipped Crow killing Dora... I couldn't believe what I see... It was first time I used Taxidermist and I must say I like this model. He has very good attack with respectable damage track and built in damage flip which in most cases gives him straight flip on damage. He drops Corpse Markers which he can then change into Stuffed Piglets for 9+ of anything which is not too steep price I must say. Sure he is on;y 6 wounds and with very weak Wp but that means he must pick the fight and not being thrown where he doesn't stand a chance. And with Iron Skeeter taxi service he can be quite scary. Still I have two masters to play (Brewie and Ulix) but I'm already deep in love with Gremlin buggers
  11. I'd say 4SS for their current form wouldn't be bad idea but this is just my opinion
  12. I wouldn't be worried about that. In the price of one Survivor you get 2.5 Stuffed Piglet so Stuff Piglets would always be a stronger choice if you need more activations and annoying models on the table and Survivors would be interesting summon option for Sparks. IMO both would fit nicely in many crews.
  13. This is awesome idea.
  14. Levi loves all of his options. There is no real staple model for him.
  15. No way!
  16. Who is gonna be an anchor there? A&D is too fast and should do other things. Killjoy starts buried and you dont really want to be too close once he pops out. Bete is buried too, then maybe she can be an anchor later in the game. And come on! With Bete only it can't be called Bone-Levi
  17. Earl Burns can give nearby Zzip or Construct model a suit as well.
  18. Same question here
  19. I was using T-Warrior few times when I was still playing Levi. He is very useful for recycling Pariah of Iron or Scout the Field upgrades once they are not needed anymore. Also he is great babysitter for Johana or Rogue Necromancy as his damage prevention condition helps them last a bit longer on the table. Generally I think it is more than worthy of his 5SS cost and would recommend bringing him as much as possible.
  20. I'm looking at those Akaname stats and just wondering in what role to use them in Brewie's crew. So far I can see them doing this: - speed up Brewie (when he uses One for the Road on them) and Moon Shinobis - suck off Poison from friendly models helping to negate 'Poison-penalty' from Another Round or Whiskey Golem's Smokey Finish - dropping scheme marker when they have +2 and more Poison on them so they can do some scheme running from time to time. Anything else I missed?
  21. Which models do you think are a bit lackluster in our faction and why? I'll start with my pick: Moon Shinobi. They are neither fast (no Reckless) nor hit hard enough to be taken seriously in this faction. What's worst they have almost no vital synergy with Brewie and for 6SS there is plenty enough better options (within +/- 1SS difference) than those guys. How to help them? I think errata for them is almost necessary. Drop cost to 5SS and get either immune to Poison and free 3-4'' push at the upkeep phase when Poison is resolved orReckless and healing from Poison rather than taking a damage. What do you think? What other models would you put here and how would you help them to be fielded more often?
  22. Since Reva can choose to target Df/Wp you must be careful of what you are taking against her. Piglets with their low Wp are easy target (unless staying close to Ulix all the time). I'd say I would go for two heavy hitters ('taxi' Burt and Francois) and throw them in her face as fast as possible to put enormous pressure on her.
  23. Yeah I was totally confused but everything is sorted out now
  24. Isn't he in The Kin box? -Loki- was talking about The Bayou Boss box.
  25. Who is this fantastic henchman in that box???