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  1. Hi all! Officially I can announce that I have joined the darkest force in the Malifaux - Gremlins To celebrate this event I started my new blog where I'll post battle reports and my insights on this coolest faction in the game. My first post can be seen here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I'll follow up with games reports shortly. See you soon! dan
  2. Hi all. After closing my previous blog I decided to start a new one where I'll will post battle reports as Gremlin player. I hope you will enjoy reading them and if not, shoot me a message why and I'll amend my reports. Blog can be found here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I want to start posting game reports this week as on Thursday is my big, Gremlin inauguration game See you soon! dan
  3. Unless the is FFM in the scheme pool
  4. Good luck, dude. And have lots of Zzip fun
  5. Shoot me pm too thx
  6. I'm after plastic Taxidermist fro the encounter box - either sculpt. I don't need Stuffed Pigs, just Taxidermist himself. Shoot me pm or drop reply here if you have one spare. I'm based in Ireland so shipping will be to Ireland.
  7. After Gremlin and Zzip? I'm not surprised.
  8. Uuuu... You joined the dark side of the force...
  9. Tried it few times. In Turf War/Extraction it is handy to push her with Dead Doxy and then walked twice near the centre to threat opponent models with Gnawing Fears. Still I didn't used her to the extend I was hoping for.
  10. Shoot me pm with offer please (incl. shipping to Europe).
  11. Not to my knowledge. I think Terracotta Warrior is the only one model you really need from 10T lot.
  12. Engaging them itself won't work. They can push away from engaging model and fire at your precious model anyway. You need to kill them asap
  13. Trappers are really annoying I must admit and sometimes hard to deal with. I would recommend two approaches: either use Rooster Riders or Wild Boars deployed up in the field to quickly intercept them or use your superior mobility |(Francois, Burt helped with Iron Skeeter taxi service) to grab them fast and kill them if they are deployed on your flanks. Zzip should be good too - just grab them and throw them around.
  14. Maybe he is Gremlin's T-Rex?... You know, big boy with short hands...
  15. I'm aware that you had another models in your crew that were trying to distract the opponent but I'm telling you from my perspective as an ex-Outcast player who used to run Levi/Jack Daw/Viks - if I see big target like that who is pushing along the table edge and do scheme running I'll dedicate some model who can deal with this big juicy target as I know it will hurt you badly (Levi himself, Pokey, tormented Johana pushed by Jack Daw or Nurse to paralyze your big guy, etc). I can't speak for your opponents though.
  16. I would be glad seeing Whiskey Golem trying to go deep in my half of the table to run schemes. There is nothing more beautiful than killing 10SS scheme runner denying VP points to my opponent. There is a tonne of models who ignore Armour and some of them can target Wp so his Fine Craftsmanship won't protect him. IMO he should have 2/3'' MI range and Fine Craftsmaship as 0 action (at the cost of card or some medium range simple duel). Also his Angry Drunk upgrade shouldn't cost 2SS but rather 1.
  17. Hey all. I have my blog where I put all (or nearly all) my battle reports with Levi and jack Daw. I have similar tops in Outcast forum but I don't think everyone is interested in looking there so I thought it is good idea to put new topic in here as well. The link to the blog is below: http://fiftyshadesofleviandjack.blogspot.ie/ Most recent report: 50SS Levi vs Seamus can be find here: http://fiftyshadesofleviandjack.blogspot.ie/2016/04/game-report-170416-50ss-leveticus-vs.html From now on I'll post here links for my newest reports only. I hope you'll enjoy it. thanks
  18. Can't tell you but it might have to do something with booze and bacon
  19. Nurse always had a big target marker on her forehead whenever I played her in my Jack Daw's crew or when I played against her... She is very good model and I'm not surprised Zoraida benefits from her presence on the table.
  20. This voice in your head telling you 'do it, do it'...
  21. Definitely real
  22. I start this topic a kind of diary where I'll share with you a game reports and overall conclusions after my Viks games. First a quick report from my last game against Yan Lo (big thanks for Owen for preparing this report): http://www.farfaraway.org/blog/2014/09/21/malifaux-yan-lo-vs-the-viktorias-40ss/ For this game I decided to use for the first time Rusty Alyce and Malifaux Child. Conclusions: - Although Alyce costs a fortune (12SS with upgrade) it brings a lot into the crew. She is very good shooter, she can summon Abominations (in that game I summoned two of them), she can allow Construct to reactivate (at small price of course ). Also her 3'' 'no charge' zone is very handy as well. I was very happy with her performance. - Malifaux Child - she (in my crew Child is a girl like all my crew) was casting Sisters in Fury like crazy allowing Ash Viki to utilize all her AP for slinging her sister. Apart of that it is very cheap activation giver. Her healing abilities are not great and depend heavily on good flip/having good hand. Still I'm pleased with her. - Vanessa - very good shooting/healing support, also she is great when co-operated with Constructs. Plus when Sisters in Fury is casted she is quite good in melee which can surprise opponent greatly. - Freikorps Librarian - we all know she is good... - Viks - sling tactics... What else do we need to want
  23. Have anyone one tried 'Poison bomb' with Doll, Trixie and Performer? Doll Hem's opponent. Trixie uses her '0' AP action to stack as much Poison on Doll and Hemmed opponent as possible and then Performer uses Siren's Call on Doll and then enemy model.