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  1. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    This. So many books and models and I lost track. I meant book 3 with Emissary, Sparks and other 'goodies'...
  2. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Have same feeling, man. For last two books I didn't have this Wow! feeling about any new Gremlin model.
  3. Broken Promises on DriveThruRPG.com

    Do we know if the single upgrade will be also available at some stage?
  4. Roosters

    Don't agree with above. Roosters are solid flankers which can easily hunt down enemy scheme runners and then do schemes themselves.
  5. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Thanks. Forgot about Emissary.
  6. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Something escaped me... How Mah can benefit from double-suit with Chores?
  7. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

  8. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Even if Wyrd improve Moon Shinobis this change won't improve Brewie himself... I guess he is sitting now somewhere and drinking heavily his moonshine out of despair...
  9. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Brewie would be nice if he had some sort of Expunge type action and something to put Poison via . Then his Poison shenanigans would have some sense.
  10. 4-Rider Levi

    It is quite interesting model and I used him once or twice outside of 4-horsemen list (just like other riders). He performed pretty good as flanker cleaning everything in his path but I think A&D beats him easily in this task.
  11. Broken Promises Upgrade Gremlins

    Is this including Zoraida's upgrades?
  12. 4-Rider Levi

    Yeah, I played few times this crew before so this is what I found about it: 1. Turn 1 is positioning. Try to avoid fight unless you kill enemy model AND your Rider will be safe after at the start of turn 2. 2. Protect Mech Rider at all cost. She is your scheme runner and model who will build up your crew in time. Opponent will know that and will try to kill her ASAP. Keep her safe for at least 2 turns. 3. Remember that conditions are your nemezis and some match ups will be a horror for you (i.e. McMourning and his Poison bomb). Burning is also painful. 4. Hooded and Dead Riders are your beaters. Turn 3+ don't hesitate to use them as disrupting tools for your opponent. Let him focus on them and do your schemes with Pale and Mech Riders.
  13. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Yes, because Bayou Gremlin melee damage is soo scary...
  14. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Ulix in T1??? Why? Wong in T2??? Why?
  15. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    You just have an evil twin in your head who is constantly talking to you... Just like myself
  16. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    (0)AP with TN to get Focus is all they need. It's not much, really it is not.
  17. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    Little Lass is cheaper.
  18. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Non-randomising with current damage track would help them a lot.
  19. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    I agree with you. People tend to think 'why should I take model A, when I can take model B which is cheaper/have better or more abilities/i take every time'. And of course highly competitive play style attitude is not helping either.
  20. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    And? Any comments after the game? How do you feel after playing one of the most broken Masters in the entire game?
  21. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    As mentioned in post above I had 2 games last Saturday with Brewie. This time I completely ignored his Wp debuff aura and focused solely on Swill and Obey. I used same crew in both game as I wanted to use some models I haven't used so far (Moon Shinobis and Whiskey Golem): Brewie - Stilts, Dirty Cheater and in second game I added Liquid Bravery (5/4SS pool) Wesley Whiskey Golem - Barrel Up Burt Jebsen - Dirty Cheater 2x Moon Shinobi Slop Hauler Lightning Bug Bayou Gremlin First game was civil war against Wong (Glowy Manja Rocha, Swine Cursed, 2x Rooster Rider, Slop Hauler, Merris and something more I can't recall now) in Headhunter (standard deployment): CJ, Eliminate Leadership, Accusation, Search The Ruins and Last Stand). I picked Claim Jump and Search The Ruins as I knew I should feel comfy sitting near centre of the table and counter-strike my opponent right after I put Swill on the target. Game was really bloody and I was able to pull 8-7 win although my opponent was pretty lucky with his Manja when I put Swill +1 on him and charged him with Bug and Burt but failed to kill him (he used his last SS to prevent one damage) and then he won initiative and killed my Brewie getting 3VPs for Eliminate Leadership. Second game I played against Neverborn Crossroads 7 crew in Extraction (flank deployment): CJ, Eliminate Leadership. Leave Your Mark, Undercover Entourage and Hunting Party. Because of Hunting Party my opponent hired Primordial Magic to keep it in his deployment zone I knew all these auras and Manipulative abilities might present a problem for my crew hence Liquid Bravery on Brewie. I picked Claim Jump and Eliminate Leadership. Game went pretty well for me starting on turn 1. I obeyed Golem into position and charged Lust. First hit landed with Red Joker on damage and Lust was gone. Turn 2 Wrath charged Golem (buffing MI damage before this) and hit him once and then hit again but flipped Black Joker on damage. I immediately activated Golem and had to use Nimble to get into 1'' melee distance to Wrath but Golem failed Terrifying test by flipping Black Joker... Crap... Thankfully Burt was close by and he charged Wrath hitting him twice with Ram for extra damage and with second hit I flipped Red Joker for damage again killing Wrath instantly (I putting my opponent in despair). I was also quick with killing Envy and this way I cleared middle section of the table letting Greed and Pride chase my minions for Hunting Party and then drop scheme markers for Leave Your Mark when I was scoring points for Strategy and my schemes. It is worthy to notice that Sloth dies of third damage Red Joker as well Eventually at turn 4 and 9-5 score my opponent decided to call a game. Few comments on Brewie, Moon Shinobis and Golem. Brewie focused on Swill and Obey seems to work OK although it is pretty boring to use him only this way. I hope these new upgrades will allow to use him in a bit more interesting way although still I think Swill/Obey style will be most effective way to play Brewie with occasional extra damage from Poison. Once I get upgrades I'll give him a run. Moon Shinobis - these are quite interesting models but I think they lack bit of mobility unless we have some Poison on model in from of them so they can push a bit towards it or we put Poison on them so they can push at the end of the turn. Problem with second option is that they don't have that much wounds nor healing to afford using them this way. Their attack is surprisingly good. MI5 only but if you hit then it is hilarious to see opponent cheating a card to get me straight/positive flip and then me cheating to give me negative/double neg flip and use Shinobis ability to swap positive/negative flips. In general I don't think they should cost 6SS especially when we compare them to Bug but this is just my opinion. Golem - I think his 0 upgrade should be really an errata to the card rather than an upgrade. His damage spread is very good but MI range in a scandal. I might use him again but this time with Mah's crew where she might have a chance to boost his MI. At the moment I'm 50/50 about how to judge this model so I'll hold with my opinion until I use him again.
  22. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Hi all! Officially I can announce that I have joined the darkest force in the Malifaux - Gremlins To celebrate this event I started my new blog where I'll post battle reports and my insights on this coolest faction in the game. My first post can be seen here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I'll follow up with games reports shortly. See you soon! dan
  23. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Agreed that Emissary needs to be fixed as it is hardly seen as viable choice as it is now... Burt and McTavish should loose Mercenary so they wouldn't be abusive choice in other factions and Burt should go +1 cost definitely.
  24. Future of Pigapult

    So, with Stuffed Piglet cost raise and new GG18 heading our way what do you think about future of Pigapult? On the one hand shooting Pigapult will be viable with Ulix/Lenny and maybe with Somer where she can still fling summoned models to score schemes but on the other hand it looks like spending 8SS on this model looks like huge investment where payoff might be challenging. What do you think?

    Alt Lenny sounds good. Just don't forget to fix his ability on the card too