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  1. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Hi all! Officially I can announce that I have joined the darkest force in the Malifaux - Gremlins To celebrate this event I started my new blog where I'll post battle reports and my insights on this coolest faction in the game. My first post can be seen here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I'll follow up with games reports shortly. See you soon! dan
  2. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Have small tournament on Saturday and I want to bring one master for all 3 games. I'm going for fun so I'm hesitating between Mah and Ulix. I think I have to flip the coin...
  3. Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    Played him with Zoraida and he was OK (but nothing more than that). Outside of Zoraida I'm not going to use it though - too expensive to what it can offer.
  4. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Not my community As far as I remember the issue was also that healing is so easy with Slop Hauler and Bug (who is also undercosted according to some guys) that Somer's summoning is almost free. And once summoning is done Bug can do other tasks and Slop Hauler can support other models too.
  5. My problem with Burt Jebson

    Everyone loves cuddles. They are so warm, soft and nice...
  6. My problem with Burt Jebson

    Burt is long enough with us and so far there was no issue about running him in Gremlins crews so I'm not sure about this 10x of more salt thing
  7. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    The main argument I heard from this guy (who is I believe a friend of mine despite our differences in opinion) is that it doesn't cost Somer anything to summon them. Surely new models come up with 2 wounds and it damages other Bayou Gremlins of whom they are summoned of but with Slop Hauler around and Lighting Bug the cost is nothing compared to other summoners.
  8. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    I know one guy who will eat your face for this statement
  9. Raphael is pretty boss

    Not quite because you really, really want to use Gator Snack all the time with McTavish instead of other (0)AP action.
  10. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    Panic mode (in Poland) [on]...
  11. Raphael is pretty boss

    Nah. Bring this upgrade with McTavish. Then it is fun
  12. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

  13. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    She is watching you holding her spoon, you know?
  14. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    I'm drinking now to the post above. Cheers!
  15. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Well, after my games with Mah I think she is better than other 3 I mentioned. She is not as good as 'the golden trio' but with her damage, pretty good resilience and pushes is quite cool. Of course if she gets something to make her better I'll be happy too. BTW - love this gif, Matt. I laughed like mad when I saw it
  16. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    Perfect storm
  17. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Something for Ophelia, Brewie and Zoraida. Rest of our masters are OK right now and don't need anything.
  18. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    I played 'Civil War' today - my Zoraida vs Ophelia. We played Guard the Stash (Corner Deploy) with CJ, Frame for Murder, Leave Your Mark, Covert Breakthrough and Undercover Entourage. I had Zoraida (Tarot and Crystal Ball), Sammy (Raven), Burt (DC), Emissary (Zoraida's Conflux), Nurse and 2x Waldgeist. My opponent brought gunline + heavy beatsticks (Ophelia, Francois, Burt, McTavish, Rami, 2x Slop Hauler and Young Lacroix). I picked Frame for Murder (Nurse) and hint, hint... Entourage on Sammy. BTW, don't take Sammy with Raven when Entourage is in the pool... It is so darn obvious for opponent Anyway when at the start of the turn 2 I lost emissary I was ready to call the game but I kept playing anyway and it paid up. I didn't make any mistakes and I was able to remove McTavish this turn and hurt enemy Burt a lot. On the bottom of the turn 4 my opponent called the game as I removed his Burt (who died of the Hem and he was his Frame for Murder sucker), one Slop Hauler and he killed my Nurse with Ophelia on Turn 3 giving me 3 VPs for Frame for Murder. For more he couldn't get to Sammy and he knew I was going to fly with her around avoiding his guys so he game was lost for him (9-3 for me at the end of the turn 4). Action of the game: enemy Slop hauler drops scheme marker to allow Slow McTavish to pull back off Waldgeist and my Burt. Sammy activated gets in the range, summons Stuffed Piglet from the marker and then hides again. Comment from my opponent: 'I hate that b**ch...' It was good fun although I'm not big fan of Zoraida as Gremlin master although putting Bewitched on Ophelia which game me 6 extra cards (an insane hand on my next turn: 2x12, 12, 2x11 and 9) at the cost of Emissary was kind of cool. I need to play more games and maybe I'll change my opinion about the old Hag. Definitely I need to bring Rooster Riders with her. About Emissary and Conflux of Fate - generally I think taking Emissary is worthy only with Zoraida (card cycling, Obey for good damage slap). It was pretty nice to draw card with Zoraida, then emissary and Sammy. It's bit costly thing to do (17SS) but was worthy (at least during this game).
  19. Raphael is pretty boss

    Fully agreed with Math. Raph is very underestimated model which actually can do amazing things if used correctly. I like to take him with Merris/Burt as my opponents tend to focus on them rather than on Raph which allows me to achieve my goals more easier Raph is very good scheme runner which can additionally dish out crazy amount of damage as well so he is natural-born flanker. Really like this guy.
  20. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    (player 1) Hey! I shot your guy to death! Buhahahhahaha! (player 2) Thank you. Let me pick my head marker (sound of scoring VP in the background) (player 1) Grrrrrr......
  21. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    What is some awesome about Lenny is Somer's list? 1 damage save on each summoning when you have Slop Hauler or Bug to heal models around anyway? Spending 9SS for a model just to do this (plus occasional Pig summon) is a big pricey I think...
  22. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Ha! I knew he got it from somewhere
  23. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    We will have two nice summons in some situations now
  24. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Lol! Good one