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  1. I'm hoping t check them myself soon
  2. Swine Cursed look really good esecially when you expect so ething with Armor or Incorporeal. And they can heal themselves. With Wong and Ooo Glowy they deadly and with Zipp they should be goid too.
  3. His low Wp is his doom. Single Nurse can keep him Paralyzed whole game.
  4. Any chance for initial spoiler about new models maybe?... Please...
  5. Generally it seems that Lucky Effigy is very sad panda just like his big brother Emissary...
  6. From the end of February to August 15th... Small change of plans...
  7. Specialist with Jack is quite OK. Tormenting and pushing him 3'' helps a lot with his slow movement. Also Jack can Obey him to take an extra walk if needed. If you need interesting fire platform who doesn't care about cover then he is not a bad choice.
  8. Actually this is really. Gremlin-way cool, but still cool. Personally I don't see a problem with Suffies but maybe this is just me.
  9. That's why I requested the full refund at the first time instead of waiting for them to re-send corrected cards.
  10. Had same story as well. They should stop sending stuff until they fix this mess first.
  11. Do you know if Wyrd mentioned something about releasing Knights as separate box? You know something like Ronins or Death Marshals.
  12. Ronin is not for shooting her gun
  13. That was the time when Void Wretches was only really good scheme runners option in Outcasts. Now I consider Winged Plagues as the best Outcasts can offer. Ronin is solid model but with cost 6SS it's hard to be considered a scheme runner. Of course if not bothered Ronin can do scheme running but Winged Plagues are faster and have flight.
  14. And now you made me want to invest in this box just to get the Knights for Levi... Evil you
  15. Specialist only with Jack and Viks + Emissary. Only there you have really a chance to use him properly. In your list you can take 2x Winged Plague instead as a cheap, independent scheme runners.