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  1. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    This. So many books and models and I lost track. I meant book 3 with Emissary, Sparks and other 'goodies'...
  2. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Have same feeling, man. For last two books I didn't have this Wow! feeling about any new Gremlin model.
  3. Broken Promises on DriveThruRPG.com

    Do we know if the single upgrade will be also available at some stage?
  4. Roosters

    Don't agree with above. Roosters are solid flankers which can easily hunt down enemy scheme runners and then do schemes themselves.
  5. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Thanks. Forgot about Emissary.
  6. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Something escaped me... How Mah can benefit from double-suit with Chores?
  7. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

  8. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Even if Wyrd improve Moon Shinobis this change won't improve Brewie himself... I guess he is sitting now somewhere and drinking heavily his moonshine out of despair...
  9. A couple frustrations about Brewmaster

    Brewie would be nice if he had some sort of Expunge type action and something to put Poison via . Then his Poison shenanigans would have some sense.
  10. 4-Rider Levi

    It is quite interesting model and I used him once or twice outside of 4-horsemen list (just like other riders). He performed pretty good as flanker cleaning everything in his path but I think A&D beats him easily in this task.
  11. Broken Promises Upgrade Gremlins

    Is this including Zoraida's upgrades?
  12. 4-Rider Levi

    Yeah, I played few times this crew before so this is what I found about it: 1. Turn 1 is positioning. Try to avoid fight unless you kill enemy model AND your Rider will be safe after at the start of turn 2. 2. Protect Mech Rider at all cost. She is your scheme runner and model who will build up your crew in time. Opponent will know that and will try to kill her ASAP. Keep her safe for at least 2 turns. 3. Remember that conditions are your nemezis and some match ups will be a horror for you (i.e. McMourning and his Poison bomb). Burning is also painful. 4. Hooded and Dead Riders are your beaters. Turn 3+ don't hesitate to use them as disrupting tools for your opponent. Let him focus on them and do your schemes with Pale and Mech Riders.
  13. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Yes, because Bayou Gremlin melee damage is soo scary...
  14. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    Ulix in T1??? Why? Wong in T2??? Why?
  15. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    You just have an evil twin in your head who is constantly talking to you... Just like myself