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  1. daniello_s

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    Ok, thanks. Just one note to remember - Serena cannot be charged.
  2. daniello_s

    Our worst models

    Not necessary a true. If you 'buff' models making them good option to so-called 'auto-picks' you are creating diversity which is good i guess. I'd love to have a situation (in every faction, not Gremlins only) that, say, when I want to choose a beater I have 3-4 equally good models to pick rather than 1 obvious choice, 1 maybe and 2 never happen ones (this is just loose example not referring to any particular situation any particular faction ;))
  3. daniello_s

    Ours and Gremlins

    Sammy to limit Wk abilities for enemy models. Trixie with Gremlin Lure and Slow trigger (very nasty). Zoraida's Doll when summoned gets Slow, then you Hem enemy model and Emissary can Paralyze Doll and Hemmed model. Nurse with Zoraida is still good option for Paraylze and Paralyze-like condition (Ml only for a turn when you are not engaged is like Paralyze to enemy model).
  4. daniello_s

    Our worst models

    On Raph and Burt: you have to invest extra 1SS on each to keep them alive and allow them using their Reckless and Raphael's dumb luck (which really depends on flipping/cheating Ram and if you are not lucky enough might not happen that often). I agree that the are quite durable but i can't count how many times my clever opponents puts a lot of pressure of Burt with his Df5 and dropped him to last wound which disallowed me to use Reckless for that turn and limited Burt's damage output. Plus he ha 1'' range on his melee so engaging him with 2'' melee range model is pretty common too. On Sammy: yeah she has Df7 just like Vasilisa. Since that Vasilisa should be a top pick among Neverborn players. Why not? Because other stats which makes her not great. On Piglets: great Df, shitty Wp which means they are situational. On healing: we are good at it. The best i would say but everything comes with a price - you have to invest extra SS in upgrade or you have to baby sit healer or he will perish as he has big target painted on his forehead. A bit pressure, Slop Hauler is gone and you famous healing is a past. Again - not trying to complain but trying to say that every coin has a flip side.
  5. daniello_s

    Our worst models

    When you have an access to duo Glowy McTavish and Cranjy which can kill enemy model a turn and turn it to extra SS then Lovely Assistant can't beat it.
  6. daniello_s

    Our worst models

    Just wait a while... Once Sandeep gets cuddled, Zipp/Wong with Glowy will be next in line to be hit with stream of complaints and inevitable errata.
  7. daniello_s

    Getting Into Neverborn

    Stitched are too slow with Lynch. You would need to invest in Graves or Widow weaver to speed them up. Lynch has very good box himself. Add Beckoner, Doppelganger and something more and you are good to go.
  8. daniello_s

    Our worst models

    My few cents... - Lenny is a sad panda. With cost of 9 and Df4/Wp1 he is so fragile and prone to get hit by Wp attack so easily that his Toss doesn't compensate these issues. For this cost you can get something more useful especially since some masters (Mah, Ophelia, Zipp) already provide movement shenanigans for the crew - Pigapult is another sad panda. GG18 and Stuffed Piglets cost change killed this model. Especially if you need to take model from other faction to make it work with only one master. - Lovely Assistant - no need to comment. She will sit on the shelf till something will be done with her card. Courtesy of Cranky and Student. - Rami - no comments. Dead model. Full stop. - Gluttony - see above. - McTavish is still OK. I'll take him with Wong (and Cranky) all time every time. - Roosters are difficult to judge. They were too strong with Reckless and would be to strong for 5SS without Reckless. I'm still using them as flankers to quite good effect. IMO they are more or less in the position where they should be. - Brewie - if I want control master I go for Zoraida. Enough said. I also doubt 3 new models will help Brewie to improve. - Bushwhackers - IMO they are alright now. For 5SS they have all you need. - Gators - why it is insignificant? Dunno. As for Gremlins as whole I think we are OK right now. We have one strong masters (Zipp, Zoraida), few good ones (Somer, Wong, Mah) and few others more We have strong models which can fulfil every task and some which are almost completely useless or at least they loss competitive spot with 'obvious' picks. In general it is not bad at all.
  9. Patience my young Padawan. Patience... Their time will come... 😆
  10. daniello_s

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    Serena looks really interesting as apart of making Hooded Rider a Nightmare she can give Black Blood to friendly models and then as long as they are 12'' and in LOS hit something using her Ca attack.
  11. daniello_s

    Ours and Gremlins

    Swine Cursed are great in Ours. Fast, self-healing heavy hitters. Even outside Wong's crew. Anything with Reckless as these models can be held nearby border line between two quarters and relocate quickly where necessary. Emissary with his push. Golem with high Wk and Nimble. Iron Skeeter and Burt/Taxidermist for quick redeployment and kill of the enemy model
  12. daniello_s

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    With Hooded Rider price drop do you think Teddy is a good option to hire? Surely being a Nightmare he synergises better with the kid but Rider hits like a train and starting from turn 3 he is really resilient. I was thinking about taking both of them in summoning Dreamer so there would be two scary beaters but now i have second thoughts.
  13. daniello_s

    How to deal with Sandeep

    Dora with Rile them up seems good idea against Mage as they cannot reduce damage from this attack. Between your pushes and lures it should be possible to snatch a mage every turn and murder him i think.
  14. That's true. When i started playing Malifaux I was running Viks and my fellow players were so unhappy with me sling-shooting Pokey into their models that two or three guys left the game. Really. I know Viks are far far from being OP but for new players even such small issues can be enough to run off from playing Malifaux (not to mention if they see current Nico, Sandeep or few other masters).