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  1. Sue dies fast as long as your opponent is aware of what he does. His Ca-protecting aura lasts until the end of the turn so unless you are lucky to win initiative and has nothing else to be urgently activated as the first model, Sue is more likely to be hit hard and barley withstand to turn 3 (if lucky again). If someone put's pressure on him early on then your 'free card' trick is not that obvious to pull off unless you dedicate some other model to heal him constantly. His Sh is 5 only so he might struggle with hitting something with Df6 standing in cover but it's not bad. Overally I think he is quite decent support model however I wouldn't mind if his aura would last till his next activation - then he would be excellent model.
  2. Really? I don't think anyone wants to be in melee with Ryle when with Lazarus everyone wants to be in melee.
  3. Hear, hear!
  4. Bump!
  5. Well spotted. It is even better as I can put a protection on key model and then move. Next turn I will put protection on another model and move again.
  6. From the list supplied in first post I can see strong Yan Lo inclinations. Just remember that he is on lower side of the Resser power curve so he might be a bit tricky at the start.
  7. Oh my filthy Levi...
  8. If this is the true then... mmmm
  9. When Levi drops below half of the wounds, whether he is attacked or he simply 3 times focus at the start of the three rounds he is reduced below half of the wounds and that's 1VP for enemy. If he sacrifices or is removed from table because he was dropped to 0 wounds he is not killed as Pariah of Soul says but he is at brief moment on 0 wounds and that's another 1Vp for opponent. Pariah of Soul says that he is buried not killed and while buried he regains wounds and removes conditions.
  10. Report: 50SS Levi vs Jakob Lynch http://fiftyshadesofleviandjack.blogspot.ie/2017/01/game-report-110117-50ss-leveticus-vs.html
  11. Report: 50SS Levi vs Jakob Lynch http://fiftyshadesofleviandjack.blogspot.ie/2017/01/game-report-110117-50ss-leveticus-vs.html
  12. Even if the order wasn't process yet/there was no email confirming sending the order?
  13. I see. I prefer my scheme runner to be more mobile and avoid a fight by utilizing this mobility rather than pick any kind of fight.
  14. Really? Not a Winged Plagues who are faster and have flight?
  15. Play defensively. Really defensively.