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  1. Daysleeper

    Reva, where to start for purchases

    I know it would be a lot of work (at the beggining), but maybe the app could have a small button-thingy on every model card that you can push to see "weird" rules interactions with this models, frequently asked questions regarding this model or one of its abillities etc.
  2. Daysleeper

    Skulls for the Bone Pile

    aaaand it was adressed in the FAQ. It counts for double the cost.
  3. Daysleeper

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    The February Newsletter doesn't list the box (but lists the Backdraft Box for apri). I was realy looking forward for this release in march
  4. Daysleeper

    godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

    For me tournements look super scary. I've never been. I have confidence in my abilities to pilot my crews but we (as in our group of players) are waaaay to slow for tournementplay (about 3,5-4h per 50SS Game). Also after one of those games i feel tired as hell. It's very exhausting to think about all the moving parts of your opponents and your own crew. I'm totaly beat after a game usually. If i would go to a tourney i would expect not to finish a turn 5 in any of my games and perform ok in (maybe) the first two games and completely enter zombiemode in the rest of them. I dont think my opponents would like that much :-D
  5. Daysleeper

    (Spoilers) Speculation on Chronicles 33 story

    With the "bonepiles" they explain that most "new" corpses are already being ressurected and the ressers have to "dig deeper". I guess that kinda works as to why there are not more skelletons :-)
  6. Daysleeper

    How’s Seamus these days?

    Probably to throw out a corpse and then blow it up, triggering a lot of WP duels - idealy in his -2WP aura.
  7. Daysleeper

    Educate me on Molly

    I remeber it like everything that doesn't read "push in any direction" basicly means directly towards
  8. Daysleeper

    Educate me on Molly

    I thought the push had to be straight to the summoned model. So basicly middle of the base straight to the middle of the other base, no shenanigans. If we can push besides the summoned model that would be nice. Can anybody confirm that thats possible?
  9. Daysleeper

    Advice on next buy

    Rafkin works perfectly with Mc Mourning :-)
  10. Daysleeper

    Errata hopes and dreams?

    Also, he can move enemy models away from important positions. I'm excited to finally test him with Nico.
  11. Daysleeper

    Yan Lo Tips please

    Not quite right, they can lower their poison to summon one of a corpsemarker in basecontact.
  12. Daysleeper

    Asura Roten - Residents of Rottenburg

    That's kind of how i interpretted it when i first read it, but i wasn't sure if that's what they meant. ... soooo basicly there are a lot of "reads" and there doesn't seem to be any consensus right? So what are we, as the community, supposed to do in this case? Do we realy HAVE to wait till the next FAQ/Errata and hope that maybe there is something in there that clears this up or is it possible to hear from the developers/designers how it was meant to be read? Cause this is always a point of discussion when this model comes up and depending on the interpretation of the rule Asura's (already high) powerlevel is even higher.
  13. Daysleeper

    New Nico Zahmbies

    I asked for help in the rules forum, let's see what the rules-doctors come up with :-)
  14. After various discussions in some resser threads it would be nice to have the closest thing possible to an "official statement" to the following rule: "Residents of Rottenburg: Friendly Undead models within 12" and LoS may take Ml Actions printed on this model's stat card, but they can only take one Action printed on this model's statcard per activation and cannot declare triggers" So, what exactly does this mean? Can any given friendly undead model within 12" use any one of asuras MI Actions (she has two) up to two times (or as many ap they acutally have, the restriction being you having to decide wich one of the two different actions you want to use that activation) or can they only use one action, one time per activation? Also what about using these action(s) outside of their own activations via pounce for example? Thanks for your help guys, english is not my first language and to my mind both interpretations are possible.