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  1. If the gremlins don't have any love for him, Collodi surely does ...
  2. I just recently got it second-hand (still unpunched, though) to use some of the models for Malifaux (Nurse, Hooded Rider for Zoraida, etc.). Love the minis and would be keen to get my hands on some of the later expansions. So, yeah, would probably buy. Might even try the game some day. ^^
  3. It's the post right above mone, where Nikodemus suggests using the Emissary and Chiaki to give Yan Lo an easy Fast ... In general, I'd agree, but especially in the first round, most other models wouldn't be that critical. And using Yan Lo with Hunpo Assault twice could put him really way out front. Probably wouldn't mind a bit of extra security. Plus, after recent games, I might even consider bringing two Terracottas ...
  4. Could you not give Chiaki Ancient Protection first and then transfer both AP and Fast to Yan Lo? That way, you could Hunpo Assault twice, possbly with Ml 6 (if Emissary is in the crew as well) and to both attacks and damages, and then be protected for the rest of the turn by Ash Ascendant, Recalled Training and Ancient Protection. That would be one tough old bugger to kill ...
  5. Depends. With Endless Hunger, it's Terrifying (All).
  6. Thanks for the battle report, easy to follow and very enjoyable. And yes, hemmed victims don't count, same as models dying from poison, burning, etc.
  7. Think somebody here used the Puppet Wars version of the Hooded Rider in Malifaux on a 50mm base ... Very cute.
  8. Just as an update, I started making those for my TT and NB, and decided to make a generic set for all factions:
  9. These are the ones I built before the official ones came out. I still want to get the real ones, but I have no inclination to smash them on the tiny bases and transporting them will be a pain, too. :-/ Gorgeous models, but really wish they had the same scaling issues the Mounted Guards had ...
  10. A pity that this was skewed so much by the Commanding Presence mistake. But apart from that, it was a joy seeing Lucius in action, and yeah, another vote for more of him in the future. But either way, thanks for a very entertaining report ...
  11. Here are some topics where something similar was discussed. Some good insight in those. McCabe came up most often (I personally played him for a while with three Joroumo ... ^^)
  12. Cool report, as always. Thanks for the splendid effort. And I like that you're mixing Lilith in with the Puppet(eer).
  13. Here's another thank-you for an easy to follow and very enjoyable battle report. Looking forward to your Resurrectionists.
  14. With Spirit Beacon, she can get a lot more than 1 Seishin per round ...