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  1. Right, it's the limited edition one, correct? I have her somewhere in a box, still waiting on for a decision from me whether I'll use her or lose her ... ^^
  2. Does anybody else having trouble seeing any pics? I just see a message from Photobucket ...
  3. Thanks for the report, even if it was very short, and congrats. Typical day for the Viks then, eh? Where is that stand-in model for Zoraida from? I think I recognize her, but have no idea where from ...
  4. A collection of scrubby battle reports.

    Cool report, thanks for that. And nice to a Sandeep list without the three little piglets, err, mages, for once. ^^
  5. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    I still think the TW will be useful, because I won't be wasting slots on Reliquary, for example. With TW, you can still slot it in if you really need it.
  6. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    I usually got the Fast just for getting an Ascendancy upgrade every turn, but when this somehow didn't work out, it was Chiaki or Yin who got a swap, yes. But FTF will just make that even easier, I guess.
  7. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Since most VP are scored at the end of turn 2, you don't really benefit from the extra Chi till beginning of 3rd turn ... In practice, I found I almost always had Fast on him anyway (but then I'm always using a TW with him, so that might influence my view). But I still agree that FTF seems very fluid and powerful, and I'm leaning towards using it as a staple, too.
  8. Musing on Always Scheme

    That sounds rather ... naughty.
  9. So, it seems that the new upgrade, Plague Pits, is going to be immensely popular. I'm looking forward to spreading the Blight, too. But I heven't really decided how to best place the Pit markers strategically. I guess so far away from the opposing zone that no model can reach a marker with just one move would be best. That way, the earliest they can dispose of them would be turn 2, and it would slow them down immensely (possibly losing a walk AP in the first turn to avoid getting Blight in the first turn, resulting in +2 Blight). But does it make sense to cluster them? So that anybody disposing one gets affected by another? Or strung out, so they can't be avoided? Any ideas on this would be welcome ...
  10. Marlena Webster & the Viks

    Yeah, The Soaring Dragon is going to be popular ...
  11. Marlena Webster & the Viks

    I'm thinking of adding the little one to my Viks crew. Especially with Survivalist, it'd make Ashes stupidly survivable. But I'm not really sure what else she can bring to the crew, and whether it's really worthwhile to have her - 8ss is kinda steep 'just' for some survivability on Ashes (who really mostly goes down when I make mistakes). What do you think? Any other models from Wave 5 that you'll include with the Viks?
  12. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    So, does anybody have any ideas how to proxy Benny Wolcomb until he's released? I'm having trouble with him, and my usual fallback, the multipart kit, won't help me here, seen as they're all super thin. Was thinking maybe this guy, but he's a bit too friendly and not dirty enough: For Marlena, I'll probably go with one of the little Hasslefree kids and one of the Puppet Wars Unstitched guys, possibly the Executioner: Any other ideas & plans?
  13. Cyclops vs rougarou

    Hmm, they're both so different, that I'm not sure if I ever need to decide between them. Rougarou I bring if I'll benefit from pounces. And only, when I can afford to stay pretty close together. For the Cyclops, I forsee a completely different application ...
  14. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Very interested in this. So far, I've dismissed Follow Their Footsteps and Blood Ascendant, but you sure make it sound interesting.