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  1. FtS only really works half the time, anyway. When you lose the flip to choose sides and have to deploy first, it's a really bad idea to deploy your shadow guys way out front when your opponent can react with his whole crew.
  2. I like the Fragile, will give him a spin with McCabe and Lynch, my two 'beatier' TT.
  3. What happened to her upgrade? Is it gone?
  4. Don't think Belles are gonna be the problem, 'cause you can't control how far the opponent moves. The Tooth might be more effective for that, and some other NB pushes. So Levi isn't the only problem if it's Prospectors & Rougarous ...
  5. Excellent! Thanks again for doing this, much appreciated ...
  6. Yes, but you can also 'My Will' an Illuminated 3-4 times for 7 SS - so I don't see the problem? IF there is one, I don't think it's with Collodi and it being a puppet.
  7. So many Wisp's Calls ... O.o People will hate you. Would love to hear how that turned out. Although, I think with that set up, Voices is stronger than Box.
  8. Well, it's actually 11 plus up to 5 if no cards are discarded ...
  9. Yes, indeed, including the Arcane Effigy, a Fast Hinamatsu will do 16 damage (if always doing min. damage) in one activation. That is not too shabby. O.o
  10. And seems to be down again ... Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  11. Ah, okay, got it.
  12. I think you mixed up Blood and Ashes? And making it 'non-leader' wouldn't help, 'cause Blood is a Henchman.
  13. That'd be awesome! Thanks for providing such a service. *edit: Yeah! It's back ...
  14. Yes. I guess I should have elaborated.