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  1. Thanks for another, as always, entertaining report, and congrats on the placing. Looking forward to more Kirai reports, too - are there any other Resser Masters zu plan to include in the future as well?
  2. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Care to elaborate? I loved that piece about the Shuffle, and thought it was hilarous, even though I never got around to try it myself ...
  3. This is definitely NOT fixed in 2.7. At least not in my version. :-P
  4. German playstore for Nexus 5 is still on 2.5
  5. Blood Ascendant @ Top of 2...

    You can still get Blood Ascendant T2 'cause first thing, you ditch a card, bringing you up to 4 Chi. But then you're severely reduced in effectiveness for that turn, so I'm not sure it's worth that.
  6. Molly and Datsue Ba

    Isn't that 'enemy' scheme markers?
  7. Damn. Got me ... My bad. Makes me very happy. *goestoupdatehisthreejorogumolist*
  8. I reported the bug with the Conflux of Exploration quite some time ago. Disappointed that it's not on the list ...
  9. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    You're probably referring to the list Treehouse posted? But yeah, I voiced similar concerns, and I think it's easy to 'overdo' the whole woe-shenanigans. It'll have to be a fine balance ...
  10. Two Teddies and Then?

    Yes and no. You can only ever copy each action once per turn.
  11. Pandora Tactica

    Some suggestions are here:
  12. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    Yeah, this is what I'm concerned about with many lists I built, too.
  13. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    Yes, but it is much easier to kill something with Misery if the Poltergeist happens to be around. And the Poltergeist is an incorporeal minion, too. So he's pulling his weight in the scheme department as well, if you want him to.
  14. Two Teddies and Then?

    This has been getting slightly away from the Teddies-discussion, so I created a new thread: