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  1. Then maybe take a look here: I, too, don't like writing on cards (and would find it really confusing if my opponent did that), so I was very happy to follow the tutorial in that thread. Now other people get token-envy any time I play ...
  2. There are ways to get to 3 Chi that don't involve 4ss and a few cards (well, unless you're really unlucky). Not everybody was still talking about killing that monk ... 2 Master AP - yes. But in a list where Yan Lo gets a walk for free from the Porter and potentially has Fast, too, those 2 AP don't concern me.
  3. That is true, but quite often it's more about spamming the BB damage. But you're right, that is indeed a disadvantage. In almost all situations I'd still rather have the doppel and a shaman rather than two shamans. Especially seen as the doppel can copy Illuminated/Nekima, too, to get her hands dirty if needed.
  4. No, because there's a difference between internal and external balance. I assume that's what Mikey_C was referring to. Meaning: Not all factions are equal.
  5. 1. One, and the Doppelganger. Much better than a second BS and you can still pustule up to five times. 2. Illuminated. Give them the Blood Infusion and set the world on fire.
  6. Agree about the first part. Disagree about the second part, though ... It's never as black & white as that.
  7. Yes, Goryo's Driven by Revenge is enemy only, unfortunately ...
  8. Well, I'd pay 14SS for two Goryo, yes. It's not like they ONLY provide Yan with 2 Chi and do nothing else all game ... I think how much Chi you want/need in the first turn is a bit of a design philosophy with Yan Lo. I know lots of people are happy enough to collect Chi along the way and not jump through any hoops. But others, like myself, want him up and running as soon as possible, and maybe even Hunpo Assault first thing in the second turn. For that, you want 3 Chi first turn ...
  9. Since the Goryo hit, it's not really all that card intensive any more. It's just one discard and twice a 6+ for three Chi. I'll take that any day ...
  10. D'oh, yes, completely forgot about that ...
  11. Very impressive, congrats! But how does this work: "... plus nekima and lilith added cards when they killed stuff." ?
  12. Thanks for the overview, looking forward to the rest ...
  13. Yes, but 'never-take' does not mean 'lose automatically'. So that wasn't what was talked about ...
  14. In general, I'd agree that balance is very good (much better than any miniatures game I've ever played in 20+ years), but the above statement I definitely would not sign. There are quite a number of models which will never leave my shelf/case, but I also think that that's a bit much to ask, nothing is ever going to be in perfect equilibrium. And every so ften neglected models get a boost via FAQ or upgrades, so it's not a bad state of affairs. I just think it's not quite fair to tell somebody that there are no never-take models, that's all.
  15. There is only one super weasel.