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  1. Claim Jump - list of models

    Edited in ...
  2. Hamelin activations....

    I usually play Hamelin with Survivalist, so unless I'm facing a really killy, aggressive crew, I'm usually not too worried about using up that first Stolen.
  3. Outcast Henchmen - Are they superfluous?

    Some hench(wo)men, like Alyce, also do things nobody else (apart from Leveticus) can ...
  4. Whinefaux - a blog with battlereports

    Cool report, thanks for that. Nice dramatic catch-up towards the end, a pity that you didn't get even in the end.
  5. Hamelin activations....

    Depends ... ^^ If I start with 2+ rats and/or have two that I can burn with Obedient Wretch, there's usually no need to sacc the Stolen. But if points are tight and I start without any rats, or don't have any to burn, I might even sac two.
  6. Hamelin activations....

    He can also summon one or even two, so yes, activations with Hamelin should never be a problem ...
  7. No. Forum does funny stuff with embedded links. I changed it to display URL instead, now it should work ...
  8. Maybe take a look here: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/122275-homemade-cabochon-tokens/
  9. Claim Jump - list of models

    Thanks, edited lots of those in. I left out stuff like Imbued Energies & Oath Keeper, because I'm looking for stuff to consistently score Claim Jump, not on a once-off. For the same reason I left out Rat King, 'cause it's too situational to count on it ...
  10. In various threads, there have been complaints from some players that Claim Jump as a default scheme is too easy, since it can be scored by some models on their own. In my games, I haven't had that much of an easy time - but that could easily be, because I didn't choose a model/models that could specifically do Claim Jump alone. Therefor, I thought we could compile a list of stuff which one might sent off just for Claim Jump. So we're looking for models that can drop 2 scheme markers a turn. Arcanists: Any model with Practiced Production Blessed of December (Leap; needs an 8) Cassandra (Nimble) Colette crew within 8" of Colette Howard Langston (Nimble) Ice Dancer (Work the Crowd; needs a 3 ) Mannequin & one other model (Magician's Assistant) Mechanical Rider (Revel in Creation; needs 6 ) Rail Golem (Locomotion; needs a 4) Sabertooth Cerberus (Leap; needs a 5 ) The Firestarter (Reckless) The Scorpius (Creep Along; needs a 7) Union Miner (False Claim; needs 2 x 7) Wind Gamin (Leap; needs a 6 ) Neverborn: Cherub & one other model in 3" (Our Land) Gupps (Leap; needs a ) Silurid (Leap; needs a 5) Spawn Mother & Will O'The Wisp (Produces Gupps; see there) Ten Thunders: Any model with Badge of Speed (McCabe) Low River Monk, The Peaceful Waters & one other model (As The River Bends; needs a 7 or ) Shadow Effigy & one other minion in 4" (Remember The Mission; needs a 10) Ten Thunders Brother (Eagle Style; needs ) Wandering River Monk (Leap; needs a 6) Yamaziko (Nimble) Guild: Any model with Badge of Speed (McCabe) Any model in a Nellie crew with Delegation Dr. Grimwell (Nimble) Guild Sergeant (Issue New Orders) Lucius & minion (Issue Command; needs a 5) Master Queeg & one other model (Welcome To Hell, And I Am Your Master; neds a 5) Model in Hoffman-Crew (Programmed Directive / Hydraulics) Outcasts: Aionus (Stolen Time; turn 1 & 2 / Time Changes All; needs a 3 ) Ashes & Dust (Swift) Bishop (Swift) Scion Of The Void & one other Model (In The Blink Of An Eye; needs an 8) Woukou Raider (A New Horizon; needs a 5 ) Ressurectionists: Archie with Hulking Leap (needs an 8) Dead Doxy (Take the Lead; needs a 7) Necropunk (Leap; needs a 7) Gremlins: Models in Gremlins with Reckless (minus the Pigapult which can't interact) Fingers (can manage without Reckless if there's an enemy scheme marker to I Saws It First) Francois LaCroix Trixiebelle Rami LaCroix Raphael LaCroix Pere Ravage Gremlin Taxidermist Burt Jebsen Merris LaCroix (can manage Claim Jump without the wound with her 0 but that requires a card discard) Hog Whisperer Slop Hauler Lightning Bug (can manage without reckless using Tinkerin With The Unknown if they discard a tome for an interact) Survivor Swinecursed Bayou Gremlins (Drunk & Reckless - not really consistently able to do Claim Jump solo) Models that don't have Reckless (italics are those that are pretty unreliable): The First Mate (leap, requires a 4) Gracie (via reactivate, requires an 8 and costs 2 wounds) Whiskey Golem (Nimble) Moon Shinobi (requires a model with poison to push towards) Old Major (if opponent runs out of cards) McTavish (needs a corpse, scrap or scheme marker to push into) Wild Boar (needs a scheme marker to push to) Lucky Emissary (needs a 6) Akaname (requires Poison +2 and a 5) Piglet (with Corn Husks)
  11. You could always just sell the alt. Kaeris and (almost) get a full box with what you get ...
  12. Malifaux video game

    Can't see RTS, either. If anything, it would make a good turn-based game. Could see the Shadowrun-engine working well.
  13. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Lots of Effigies, Stitched Together and Illuminated, mainly ... Sometimes a Performer.
  14. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I use neither with my Collodi, but there are enough people that use either one or both. It's up to you ...