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  1. Jorogumo like the Black Flashes, too ...
  2. Ah, yes, indeed ...
  3. Hannah can't copy stuff from Collodi, because he's a master but no Freikorps ...
  4. Thanks for the report, especially as it included two of my favourite masters. But keep in mind that aces discarded during the opponent's activation (like in the Belle luring Lynch) do NOT go back in your hand. It's only on friendly model's activations ...
  5. Rising Sun is enemy models only, I'm afraid.
  6. Yes, but the point is: before our game you'd have to tell me, because I keep forgetting what those two are (I know one of them is Izamu, but wouldn't even know which one). Same with some of the alternate sculpts. You'd have to tell me. And that is where the argument breaks down. If you can tell me what those are, and I remember throughout our game, you can tell me about your Pikachu, too. Let's face it, there are tons of games where conversions and (sensible) proxies are allowed even in tournament games, and guess what? The world hasn't ended. It's just not such a big problem. And even though I'm sure evevry so often somebody would turn up with a lame Pikachu, there'd be countless awesome converted and proxied miniatures (maybe even a cool looking Pikachu) that would enrich the game. This isn't about the money, you know?
  7. This. So much. Never understood that either - apart from: 'giveusallyourmonyanddon'tspenditanywhereelse' ..
  8. Lovely. I like the face especially ...
  9. Is it really March? Wayland has it at some time in the summer ... :-(
  10. Thanks for the report, sounds like an intense game. Would have like to see how it would have turned out with Voices Dora - seen as you got paralyzed so much already. Did Dora kill the Waifs & Necropunk with the Box, or by using their own attacks?
  11. Double post ...
  12. Lynch loves himself a good scrum in the middle, too. Would definitely add him to any 'bubble schemes'.
  13. I always really enjoy your reports, it must be one of the easiest formats to follow. Thanks for the continous effort, guys!
  14. Isn't Retribution's Eye Enforcer only?