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  1. Freikorpsmann/VS Cache Suggestion

    Fixed that for you.
  2. Apparent Guild Errata January

    Guard are interesting as cheap activations. They're cheap enough now they might not NEED their grouping bonuses to be worth it, but still not... mind blowing or anything. It definitely matters though. Before a pair of them was not quite worth 8, but notably, killing one left you with something nowhere near worth 4. Taking 3 for redundancy was cute, but at 12 stones... laughable. At 9? Okay, still probably a bad idea, but 6 for 2 isn't too shabby. LLC is actually super interesting. It was laughably overcosted before; probably still not worth it, but its at least worth running the math on a few setups. I wish the Judge's upgrade had gotten the discount as well. That thing makes him special, but at 10 stones its still a little out of reach. I'm not sure what I think about the Witchling Handler.... maybe... probably not... but maybe...
  3. LunarSol finally gets things painted

    Running an Enforcer Brawl this weekend for a Halloween Minis Day. Painted up a few things for the occasion: Ice Golem and Gamin Izamu and Teddy Killjoy (The Carver) and Executioner
  4. What is the appeal of M3E?

    I think the spike damage is important, but it could be slightly more controlled and have less odd interactions if it was a flat increase instead of dealing two keyword damage words. I'd not go to bat for a change really and any change I'd support would be costly and limited. I'd argue before removing the weak damage I'd like models damage prevent against both halves of the damage for example. I'm a little more in favor of a way to keep the black joker from completely ruining a Master who has an important (0) as part of their activation, but even there it's just on my radar more than anything.
  5. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    Basically, this thread is bouncing around a number of different ways the Jokers interact with the game, but the OP is specifically unhappy with the way the Red Joker interacts with Hard/Impossible to Wound. It's a frustrating situation because it feels like your ability gave them a bonus. I think its largely fine as is. I could see changing it to Severe+1 or 2 damage or something (which doesn't change much but removes a couple extreme spikes) but I think the extra above Severe is fairly important as it messes the the math just a bit in a game that has an exceptionally well controlled damage spread. The game can trend towards a situation where you get counting attacks you can take based on min damage alone and that extra spike is just enough to create moments where its worth manufacturing a straight flip to cheat in the RJ for a kill that would otherwise be impossible. HtW itself is kind of a weird ability, as taken in mass it has a lot of weird effects on the game's probability that are often overlooked. It thins the enemy deck in interesting ways that generally also skews the rest of their flips including accuracy and TN tests, generally for the worst. I have no idea what my point is in this, but in general I think the RJ is important. It could probably be tweaked a bit, but I'd not tamper with it too much personally.
  6. What is the appeal of M3E?

    Games solidify as players learn what is above and below the power curve. As they solidify they start to feel stagnant and traditionally edition changes break up that stagnation significantly, though players often have unrealistic expectations for the new edition. A lot of the demand for a new edition is simply because historically that was the only time you could expect significant changes due to the complications of errata. Technology is rapidly making edition changes less and less necessary though. The game's core engine is fine and really doesn't need much changing, but it could be a little more consistent. Overall, the main things I'd look to see in a new edition are: A break to move towards digital rules and cards. This doesn't require a new edition, but its kind of a nice time to switch over in general. New rules concerning elevation in general. Movement and LOS are fine on a 2D map, but struggle with more interesting terrain. Maybe a tweak to Jokers. Spending a stone to cheat a Black could help with it flipping on an important zero. Red I'm less sure on. Restructure action timing wording to clearly distinguish the order of events for complex interactions. Categorize conditions a bit to provide some granularity on rules that interact with them. Remove the Avatar rules from the core rules. As for model changes; the obvious thing would be to pull some of the "fix" upgrades into the base card. I'd also take the opportunity to lean heavier on keywords synergies so there is more design space in the game in general. The game needs a bit more emphasis on themed crews to be able to expand.
  7. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Honestly, if not for the Outcast thing I'd wonder if we were heading towards something of a factionless game with hiring pools defined more by keywords than traditional factions. I don't see that actually happening for a number of reasons, but it does seem like the fluff is trying very hard to free the game of some of its structure. Book 4 had a similar thing, with a lot of odd stories primarily about justifying hiring breaks (see McCabe selling Lucius statues and Sandeep visiting colleagues for reasons).
  8. August 15th - App

    I NEED this. NEEEEEED. Gimmie gimmie NOW!
  9. Douglas [Spoilers!]

    If we lost every master that was interested in destroying the Guild, I think we'd just have Lady J (unless she dies to Nicodem soon...)
  10. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    There's been a good amount of work put in to fix them lately, but a lot of the primarily melee beatstick masters aren't really significantly more threatening than some of the high cost Enforcers as far as I'm concerned. There's some exaggeration in that statement, especially because better Enforcers take a good chunk of stones to field, but not nearly as much as there probably should be.
  11. Catalan Riflemen

    Stuff often debuts in the RPG and comes to the game a book or two later.
  12. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    While Travis is using the term "low powered" I think it doesn't quite describe what he's talking about. Actual low powered is really miserable to outright boring. There are low powered masters that do less than some Enforcers and they're frankly dull as dirt. I think what Travis is reacting to is some of the extreme damage/extreme threat range aspects of the game. When you've got models threatening the board length turn one with the ability to kill almost anything, the game turns into a weird game of chicken instead of something interesting and tactical. I definitely like the game best with powerful, dynamic masters, but I can also do without the game of passing for activation control until someone gets to send Nekima/Howard/Yasinori across the board to end the game before it really begins.
  13. Internal balance of factions

    A lot of it is just the way the transition to M2E was handled. Wave 1 had a rather small set of models without a lot of competition within a single points bracket, which lead to a lack of specialization without the need to give models distinct roles. Wave 2 has a bit of the opposite problem. It was developed after Wave 1 was set in stone but before it had worked itself out to give everyone a sense of where the game's power level really was. The focus on not outclassing Wave 1 models created a lot of redundancy as things were focused more on internal faction balance and not the balance of the game as a whole. Wave 3 was the first release where you really saw things balanced against what was good and seeing play and not whatever random model someone wanted to use to argue their point. Being better than an Ice Gamin was less important than knowing how well something played into Levi. That's probably healthier overall, as new models actually see play, but it does mean that the stuff that was behind the curve in Wave 1&2 feels like its fallen further behind. A Wave 1 revisit is probably in order, but I'm not sure there's enough design space for everything without a revamp. One of the other issues with the small initial model pool was that there wasn't a lot of sub-faction synergy built in the game in favor of providing diverse build options with the small model pool. This made sense when Master's model types were pretty limited to what came in the crew box, but its pretty reliably lead to thematic synergies being pretty heavily overcosted. Make the bonuses for running all the Guardsmen or Witch Hunters together worthwhile and it becomes a lot easier to design models that don't invalidate others in the same point bracket. Alternatively, you can try and make each model in the same bracket fulfill significant different roles; though this will still likely result in the homogeneous "all stars" style list you see today.
  14. Alt Hungering Darkness

    I'm gooonaaa huuuuuuug yooooooooou! I have definitely become interested in Lynch's little corner of 10T all of a sudden....
  15. July 2017 Errata

    I think you'll find the game is quickly discovering the base value of an activation. Specifically, we're finding that activations at less than 2 SS only come as a Master specific ability these days.