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  1. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    There's been a good amount of work put in to fix them lately, but a lot of the primarily melee beatstick masters aren't really significantly more threatening than some of the high cost Enforcers as far as I'm concerned. There's some exaggeration in that statement, especially because better Enforcers take a good chunk of stones to field, but not nearly as much as there probably should be.
  2. Catalan Riflemen

    Stuff often debuts in the RPG and comes to the game a book or two later.
  3. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    While Travis is using the term "low powered" I think it doesn't quite describe what he's talking about. Actual low powered is really miserable to outright boring. There are low powered masters that do less than some Enforcers and they're frankly dull as dirt. I think what Travis is reacting to is some of the extreme damage/extreme threat range aspects of the game. When you've got models threatening the board length turn one with the ability to kill almost anything, the game turns into a weird game of chicken instead of something interesting and tactical. I definitely like the game best with powerful, dynamic masters, but I can also do without the game of passing for activation control until someone gets to send Nekima/Howard/Yasinori across the board to end the game before it really begins.
  4. Internal balance of factions

    A lot of it is just the way the transition to M2E was handled. Wave 1 had a rather small set of models without a lot of competition within a single points bracket, which lead to a lack of specialization without the need to give models distinct roles. Wave 2 has a bit of the opposite problem. It was developed after Wave 1 was set in stone but before it had worked itself out to give everyone a sense of where the game's power level really was. The focus on not outclassing Wave 1 models created a lot of redundancy as things were focused more on internal faction balance and not the balance of the game as a whole. Wave 3 was the first release where you really saw things balanced against what was good and seeing play and not whatever random model someone wanted to use to argue their point. Being better than an Ice Gamin was less important than knowing how well something played into Levi. That's probably healthier overall, as new models actually see play, but it does mean that the stuff that was behind the curve in Wave 1&2 feels like its fallen further behind. A Wave 1 revisit is probably in order, but I'm not sure there's enough design space for everything without a revamp. One of the other issues with the small initial model pool was that there wasn't a lot of sub-faction synergy built in the game in favor of providing diverse build options with the small model pool. This made sense when Master's model types were pretty limited to what came in the crew box, but its pretty reliably lead to thematic synergies being pretty heavily overcosted. Make the bonuses for running all the Guardsmen or Witch Hunters together worthwhile and it becomes a lot easier to design models that don't invalidate others in the same point bracket. Alternatively, you can try and make each model in the same bracket fulfill significant different roles; though this will still likely result in the homogeneous "all stars" style list you see today.
  5. Alt Hungering Darkness

    I'm gooonaaa huuuuuuug yooooooooou! I have definitely become interested in Lynch's little corner of 10T all of a sudden....
  6. July 2017 Errata

    I think you'll find the game is quickly discovering the base value of an activation. Specifically, we're finding that activations at less than 2 SS only come as a Master specific ability these days.
  7. July 2017 Errata

    Lots of good changes. Compared to the other 3, I agree. I think the remaining peak priority issues really require GG changes. Everything else can wait for the new book as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Reckless = OP?

    I'm good. I just wasn't sure on the timing of Reckless and I've seen the timing of Fast misplayed a few times so I wanted to be sure.
  9. Reckless = OP?

    Reckless giving out fast doesn't actually do anything... right? The way fast works doesn't really allow a model to give it to themselves. I think the only way to make it work mechanically is for Reckless to make models immune to Fast.
  10. I quite enjoy cards but I hate managing them. I've gotten very comfortable playing WM on WarRoom and I'm starting to feel the same way about cards that I felt about Codexes after cards became the norm. There's a charm to cards for sure that I miss in theory, but the digital implementations just removes so many out of game complications from my life and lets me just play the game.
  11. Official Malifaux app

    Meh? $9 per faction is way less than I've spent on cards for M2E sadly...
  12. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    So... 4 cards you say....
  13. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Maybe Black Friday. In good news, if you leave an ear or tail off a cat, it will probably look correct...
  14. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Oh, I've always been grabbed by the concept to. I just didn't want to buy in to the "non-Merc" half of the faction and Hamelin was just that guy who said, "common, just one more master, you can stop after that". I should just go ahead and order nightmare Tara at this sale, because I'm pretty devoid of willpower at this point.
  15. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Bah. Hamelin has been a line in the sand for me for years. Do not cross, no matter how tempting. Only madness there I says. And now madness awaits with fluffy arms.