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  1. I often see what you describe as F tier as the Black List Basically, the idea is that sometimes something might be A-tier, but so completely redundant with something else that's better that it will never see play. You couldn't allow it in a "C-List Only" event, but there's no reason to take it compared to other options at a similar power level. Only important because it means the model doesn't likely need much in the way of a Power buff, but instead needs lateral changes to give it a playstyle that's more different than the competition.
  2. There were two the year before when it first became a thing, yes.
  3. Her ability to ignore LOS is extremely unreliable. Not having to spend the AP to get a line on the target is a huge help, and having a way to push out of combat is pretty mandatory.
  4. That's always been Sam's problem. He does some cool things; just not efficiently.
  5. Honestly, the old list still generally works, though you probably don't need the Death Marshal anymore and Numb to the World is pretty mandatory on Papa. Phiona can be a strong alternative to Francisco as a means of getting Sonnia out of combat and enhancing her denial with an extra 50mm pillar. The Thralls are an interesting addition when you can give a low Df model a high Wp to turn on Ancient Runes. Watchers are still very strong as well.
  6. Thanks! Almost all the paints are P3, but the rust effect is just caused by washing the thing with Agrax Earthtone over the metallic. The piping is just P3's Coal Black (which is a very dark blue/green in my experience). The bulk of the Mercenary models are the overalls using P3 Thornwood Green (which is brown) with the leather being done in P3 Bloodtracker Brown (which is actually brown!). The shirts are mostly Menoth White Base. Hope that helps! He's definitely a good model to practice fire on. Really quick paint up really. P3 Heartfire followed by a heavy drybrush of P3 Ember Orange and a light drybrush of Khador Red Base. I was happy with how he turned out, but no small part of that is just because the model itself has a good amount of flicker on its flames.
  7. Chugging along on the backlog, I painted up my Outcasts. Picked them up in Wave 1 when they were mostly mercs and outlaw style, so I'm planning to stick to that half of things... for now... Outcast Masters: Misaki, Parker, Viktorias, Von Schill Sisters Mercenaries Freikorps Bandits Last Blossom Finally, the avatar of the faction, the... different.... Hodgepodge Emissary
  8. Very nice one piece models at that. The only issue is the details warp along the edge since there's no undercut, but most angles its not at all noticeable. Sonnia's box as a whole is pretty good, though I never found where that strap is supposed to go on Samael.
  9. Honestly, I don't find the starter models all that simple for as boring as they turn out. Still a lot of 2 piece heads and the like. If you want to paint, I'd pick the models first, then look up the instructions to see if its a little daunting to build. This is also a good resource to get an idea of what's required. http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/p/unboxing-malifaux.html
  10. Malifaux basically has 3 kinds of characters: those that do bad things for good reasons, those that do good things for bad reasons, and a few that do bad things for bad reasons. 10T generally consists of the foremost category.
  11. I legitimately thought this was a tray of decorated brownie bites.
  12. It's actually a rather elegant solution to the old problem larger model count games have with creating quality attacks that aren't completely ineffective against the quantity of models mixed with the inherent advantage a large number of attacks with any chance of success has over a small number of attacks with any chance of failure. It's a system that keeps the size of units to around 10, but reduces the hero vs unit disparity to 3 to 1 to help reign in some of the big advantages of numbers. In that regard its got some clever ideas and I'm curious to see how the whole thing plays out upon release.
  13. No doubt about it. There are lots of reasons I prefer cards, but as games are trying to be better about dynamic balance adjustments, they're becoming increasingly unreliable. On the flip side, the more reliable cards are, the more frustrating a game can be when problematic models go unaddressed. What mostly drives me away from cards these days is just all the sorting and out of game management. Malifaux isn't TOO bad, but it still takes more effort to gather a list than I'd like. Granted, its nothing compared to X-Wing and its ridiculous stack of little half sized cards. That's a game that makes a huge case for the power of digital. The digital push will certainly be interesting. A lot of games seem to really be driving that way, but perhaps all that's really needed is better printing services. I should probably take better advantage of Wyrd's card order options on that note.
  14. Right. My assumption is that at some point the value of supporting physical cards no longer outweighs the restrictions it places upon game design. I personally enjoy them, but games seem to be drifting away from them in favor of more adaptable methods of rule distribution.
  15. In general, I think Hearthstone really lit a fire in tabletop gaming and a need to be far more proactive in updates and rebalancing. The strengths of cards have become a weakness, but its not a fully solved problem either. I am really looking forward to the upcoming app though, simply because having access to every rule from my phone feels pretty baseline these days. I'm actually slightly uncertain if M2E is prepared for a digital structure though. I feel like there's a great version of the game where conditions and upgrades are seamlessly tracked, but I'm not sure if the current card format supports that game particularly well.