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  1. LunarSol finally gets things painted

    Running an Enforcer Brawl this weekend for a Halloween Minis Day. Painted up a few things for the occasion: Ice Golem and Gamin Izamu and Teddy Killjoy (The Carver) and Executioner
  2. What is the appeal of M3E?

    I think the spike damage is important, but it could be slightly more controlled and have less odd interactions if it was a flat increase instead of dealing two keyword damage words. I'd not go to bat for a change really and any change I'd support would be costly and limited. I'd argue before removing the weak damage I'd like models damage prevent against both halves of the damage for example. I'm a little more in favor of a way to keep the black joker from completely ruining a Master who has an important (0) as part of their activation, but even there it's just on my radar more than anything.
  3. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    Basically, this thread is bouncing around a number of different ways the Jokers interact with the game, but the OP is specifically unhappy with the way the Red Joker interacts with Hard/Impossible to Wound. It's a frustrating situation because it feels like your ability gave them a bonus. I think its largely fine as is. I could see changing it to Severe+1 or 2 damage or something (which doesn't change much but removes a couple extreme spikes) but I think the extra above Severe is fairly important as it messes the the math just a bit in a game that has an exceptionally well controlled damage spread. The game can trend towards a situation where you get counting attacks you can take based on min damage alone and that extra spike is just enough to create moments where its worth manufacturing a straight flip to cheat in the RJ for a kill that would otherwise be impossible. HtW itself is kind of a weird ability, as taken in mass it has a lot of weird effects on the game's probability that are often overlooked. It thins the enemy deck in interesting ways that generally also skews the rest of their flips including accuracy and TN tests, generally for the worst. I have no idea what my point is in this, but in general I think the RJ is important. It could probably be tweaked a bit, but I'd not tamper with it too much personally.
  4. What is the appeal of M3E?

    Games solidify as players learn what is above and below the power curve. As they solidify they start to feel stagnant and traditionally edition changes break up that stagnation significantly, though players often have unrealistic expectations for the new edition. A lot of the demand for a new edition is simply because historically that was the only time you could expect significant changes due to the complications of errata. Technology is rapidly making edition changes less and less necessary though. The game's core engine is fine and really doesn't need much changing, but it could be a little more consistent. Overall, the main things I'd look to see in a new edition are: A break to move towards digital rules and cards. This doesn't require a new edition, but its kind of a nice time to switch over in general. New rules concerning elevation in general. Movement and LOS are fine on a 2D map, but struggle with more interesting terrain. Maybe a tweak to Jokers. Spending a stone to cheat a Black could help with it flipping on an important zero. Red I'm less sure on. Restructure action timing wording to clearly distinguish the order of events for complex interactions. Categorize conditions a bit to provide some granularity on rules that interact with them. Remove the Avatar rules from the core rules. As for model changes; the obvious thing would be to pull some of the "fix" upgrades into the base card. I'd also take the opportunity to lean heavier on keywords synergies so there is more design space in the game in general. The game needs a bit more emphasis on themed crews to be able to expand.
  5. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Honestly, if not for the Outcast thing I'd wonder if we were heading towards something of a factionless game with hiring pools defined more by keywords than traditional factions. I don't see that actually happening for a number of reasons, but it does seem like the fluff is trying very hard to free the game of some of its structure. Book 4 had a similar thing, with a lot of odd stories primarily about justifying hiring breaks (see McCabe selling Lucius statues and Sandeep visiting colleagues for reasons).
  6. August 15th - App

    I NEED this. NEEEEEED. Gimmie gimmie NOW!
  7. Douglas [Spoilers!]

    If we lost every master that was interested in destroying the Guild, I think we'd just have Lady J (unless she dies to Nicodem soon...)
  8. New scheme generation

    I always enjoyed the idea that there was a scheme that was always available, two that you could expect to play often and get a lot of practice on and two that were pretty rare but kept you on your toes. It always felt "clever" though it might not be better. Mildly curious if this means we should go so far as to drop the Always scheme as well and just make it 5 random options. In general though, challenging a longstanding convention is interesting. I'm curious if anyone has ideas they'd like to consider for scheme selection with no preconceived rules for how it could be done.
  9. 8.28 Viks vs Ramos Ours!

    Game Size: 50 SS Standard Deployment Strategy: Ours! Scheme Pool: 6 Masks, 13 Masks (Inescapable Trap, Eliminate the Leadership, Hold Up Their Forces, Smuggle Across, Dig Their Graves) Outcasts (Hold Up, Dig Graves) Vik of Ashes - Sister Fury - Sister Bonds Vik of Blood - Shez-Uui - Soaring Dragon Child Effigy Vanessa - Synched Slaying Lazarus Trapper Librarian Big Jake Arcanists (Leadership, Smuggle) Ramos - Arcane Reservoir - Vox Populi - Under Pressure Brass Arachnid Joss - Bleeding Edge Tech Howard - Imbued Energies Effigy Mobile Toolkit Johan Turn 1: General first turn positioning. Brass failed on his reactivate the first of 5 times over the course of the game. Joss killed the toolkit and Ramos made spiders. First time playing Soaring Dragon and forgot I couldn't use it first turn. Luckily, Blood completely whiffed on Joss and ended up out in the open at the end of turn. Howard lined up against Vanessa and Laz and the Trapper got a solid perch to snipe from. Johan flanked hard around to where Jake ended up. Turn 2: Blood whiffed again on Joss and casually killed a spider to get out of Dodge. Jake put a tomahawk in Johan but died in response. Hodgepodge put down loyalty and a scheme marker and Ash murdered Joss for my first dig their graves point after the Child put up Fury. Spiders started to run for the line so the Librarian walked up to Hold them up for another point. Vanessa put some good damage into Howard but was slaughtered in response before he walked over to ding up Laz who chipped him down some more. Trapper's line of fire was bad and didn't accomplish much. Ramos made spiders but was a bit too far back to contribute more. In the end we each owned our halves of the table for a point each. Outcasts: 3 Arcanists: 1 Turn 3: Howard flurried Laz but decapitated him right away and just nimbled toward the rest of the fight. Support staff put up their buffs and Ash killed a spider by a scheme for another grave dug before summoning blood. Joss charged in on Blood but black jokered and was slaughtered in response. Blood used the rest of her AP to charge the Effigy but failed and got swarmed by spiders. Ramos magnetized up and dropped spiders on Ash who took a couple hits from them. Librarian survived her own swarming and healed up the Viks while staying engaged for another point. Ultimately I was only holding one quarter and he still had 2 for the strat. Outcasts: 5 Arcanists: 2 Turn 4: Ash killed another spider by a scheme marker for dig and the librarian healed herself up to hold on to the spiders again. Ramos went after Ash but Loyalty stones kept her from dropping below half health. The important move was when Howard ran into a position to kill Blood next turn and after buffs. Blood stoned for Whirlwind to kill everything engaging her and charged Howard to finish him off. That left Ramos pretty alone so I could take the quarters again. We called it at this point as he didn't have spiders across the center line to declare Smuggle at the start of 5 and had no way of scoring more than 7 in the game. Outcasts: 8 Arcanists: 2 Still really like Dig their graves. Hold Them Up was trivial against Ramos, but I'm not sure it's very practical against non summoners. It's hard to say. There are definitely models uniquely suited for it, which I'd be curious to try. Eliminate the Leadership remains the best version of that idea, afaic and I love it on doubles in general. Smuggle seemed really difficult even for a master that felt tailor made for it. It's really very interesting but it seemed very easy to shut down. I'm not sure my opponent really understood how aggressive he'd have to shove spiders to make it work either, but I really can't fathom doing it without a summoner. Overall fun game that turned on some key flips. One of the more "natural" games of Malifaux I've played in a while. Smuggle is my only concern out of that pool, but I'd need to play it from the other side to be sure.
  10. Summoners into GG2018

    I think it depends a lot on the summoner, but sure. My point is that those models don't have to completely kill the same amount of points as Perdita. If they can get into a position where they have to be killed they've effectively reduced the amount of hired models killed by Perdita's crew by an appreciable amount as well. On the flip side, do you think Perdita is reliably killing a Warpig and 2 stuffed piglets in that time while taking no damage from them in response? Maybe, but my point is that she has to be doing so or else she's simply losing the battle because her pool of models that take quarters only goes down. I'm not saying I'm right or your wrong. I'm saying its closer than it initially reads and worth testing out to see how it really plays. I don't think its as bad for the summoner as it reads on paper.
  11. Summoners into GG2018

    Why exactly is that? Are the summoned models not killing anything? Is Perdita allowed to completely ignore them without repercussion and exclusively target hired models?
  12. Summoners into GG2018

    Interesting enough, Public Exectutions double buffs summons because the summons themselves can remove the strat markers if you exclusively target their hired models.
  13. Summoners into GG2018

    Except summon models still score points from killing as well as killy masters do. In fact, the one strat for killly masters Cuddles their ability by not giving points for killing summoned models. The only things this really affects are the non-attrition aspects of having additional models come into play. The more I really sit down and read what this condition limits, the less I'm convinced it really hits summons as hard as it seems. It's absolutely a problem in the way it affects transforming models though and I'd really like to find a solution there. My gut says to make it only hit summoned minions and then change dreamer's summon to add the condition to models he summons to hit his (as far as I'm aware?) unique ability to "create" enforcers.
  14. Summoners into GG2018

    I do think perhaps we're overstating how significantly this impacts the strategies. Mostly, this is making it so what you're given to work with is limited to the models you paid to hire out of your crew. If anything, its kind of a Cuddle to upgrades and caches and obviously some of the odd collateral like Fernando, the Duet and the like. It makes it so summoners don't have more points worth of models to claim territory in Ours and that their summoned models don't reward the opponent in Public Execution. It also means they have to hire the models to Ply Information and tear down the Symbols. I'm not sure how to rewrite any of these in a way that doesn't inherently give summoners an advantage, as as they are currently written they all pretty much make it so that everyone is required to complete the objectives using models they hire, which is.... pretty fair really.
  15. Summoners into GG2018

    I think its got some legs. Needs testing. The OPs suggestion of tracking the difference if it weren't a rule is a good suggestion. Something is definitely needed if there's going to be a shift to counting the cost of models instead of the number. Summons have a bad habit of being a bit overpriced because their cost is more about setting a TN than anything to do with hiring. Models currently "worth two" are a problem. I think making it Minion models become Peons might be enough and fix a lot of the transformation problems. The only "create new model" issue I believe becomes Dreamer, but that could be handled by directly addressing Dreamer. There are some other potential paths. The condition could make it so they only count if they are sacrificed after scoring or something like that? Again; its interesting. Needs work, but its hard to say what needs to be done without testing it first.