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  1. All of them add a number of additional story scenario missions. If you enjoy the fluff, I'd pick them up (or grab a digital version). If you aren't super into the fluff, I'd just get boxes of models (they all come with their cards) or pay for the App (and see full rules) to get a preview of what models you might want to pick up.
  2. Hey folks, I was trying to figure out my odds of being able to still hit a rat king summon if I didn't hire any rats, so I created a target number calculator that tells you your odds of getting k cards of a suit that meet a target number (TN) given different numbers of cards drawn/flipped. This might be helpful for others who have to rely on target numbers (such as summoners). Hope someone finds this helpful! For those who care, this uses Excel's hypergeometric distribution function (using the cumulative setting). Card Probability.xlsx
  3. Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    Any ETA on update?
  4. Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    Are you planning to do wave 5?
  5. The announcement sticky is causing some issues in Android chrome mobile browser. It covers the login page and taping the "x" is actually registering on the menu behind the sticky and navigating away from the login prompt.
  6. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Can someone confirm whether the Oath of the Freikorps ability to give out Oathkeeper is a (0) or a (1)?
  7. Best outcast minions

    I would not run more than one Wokou, and I wish they were 7 and slightly weaker (they really should be a 7.5ss model. So get a box and split it with a friend
  8. Using the Emissary

    I love giving A&D don't mind me... But I agree I'd only do it in a non-Levi list. Levi has (in my experience) better things to spend stones on and the minion buff isn't particularly great when a lot of the it off faction models are enforcers. I most use the emissary with misaki as the +1 AP on her is awesome.
  9. What about desperate mercenaries?

    Efforts to shoehorn then into wacky combos aside, they are unfortunately pretty garbage models. I would take a void wretch or winged plague 10 out of 10 times I'm looking for a 4ss schemer/cheap activation.
  10. Best outcast minions

    Back on the original minion topic... Winged Plagues - amazing schemers and fill a much needed cheap model slot Trapper - solid on most crews. Can also do some jank gimmicks I actually like one wokou raider a lot. They are surprisingly mobile and can generate two extra AP of attacks with their coordinated strike trigger.
  11. Take Pride in Outcasts Play

    Never played with pride, but I use Lust in outcast crews all the time. She adds very welcome movement and disruption effects. She also can become a crazy card draw engine in a Hamelin crew. Greed might also have a spot?
  12. D_acolyte, I think your model makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately includes a lot of data about individual players that are probably not accessible (previous history, level of familiarity with a master, etc.). You are correct that player skill is a latent variable. So perhaps the better phrasing is to account for the win rate of the player. Win rate depends on a lot of variables, but I think given enough iterations we should see that some players tend to win more than others and that is the variable we'd want to control for in an evaluation of factions (or masters for that matter). Obviously a new player might be a rock star right out of the gate, but only have a handful of games reported. But given a sufficiently large sample of data, that effect should be small.
  13. Player skill obviously matters a lot. What would be interesting though would be a statistical analysis that looks at whether any factions have better win rates while also controlling for player skill. That's the key the is doing to regressions while accounting for (and thereby eliminating player skill as a variable to try to get at the underlying faction variable).
  14. January 2017 Errata

    @Aaron, just a thought, but unless there are plans to make M3E before January 2018, you might want to put the year on the card since it might be confusing if in Jan 2018 you make a further tweak to any of these models.
  15. January 2017 Errata

    I'm thrilled to see that @Aaron is willing to introduce balance and clarity tweaks to the game! The biannual timing should (hopefully) make it more regular and easier to check for (especially if it easily coincides with annual Gaining Grounds packet). I think there are still some tweaks needed (Have Trixibelle lose Reckless for example), but this is a great start and bodes well for continuing support of the game. Great work!