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  1. Malifaux Companion Beta - Android App

    Any ETA on update?
  2. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Besides, it's over more step, is not that complicated. It you can force people to the totally free pool generation apps.
  3. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Wow, I go out of town for a just a couple days and then this amazing thread happens. Kudos, Diba and Travis for kicking it off and Aaron for an astoundingly fast quick draft! I'm really digging this potential new direction with always schemes tied to the strat. Also, for the record I will also echo Travis and co about killing. So far in my 6 or so games played or observed I've seen Make them Suffer and Vendetta taken every single time one was in the pool. I really like the slight reduction in the number of killing schemes and the reintroduction of Take Prisoner. So if I read correctly we traded: Out: Dig, Eliminate, Make them suffer (moved to strat) In: recover evidence, take prisoner, public demonstration Thoughts: Personally, I'd prefer to see a version of Power Ritual that couldn't be revealed in place of public demo or leave your mark, but that might just be me. We played it at a recent tournament and I remembered how much I love that scheme. If having even/odd strats is too complex, I think you could just have the new GG18 strats with associated scheme and it would be equally effective Overall awesome and great responsiveness to feedback!
  4. Symbols of Authority

    Re: placement issues in close It might be simpler to change it to a fixed distance from the centerline instead of outside deployment zone.
  5. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    I think enforcer+ is cleaner than soulstone cost. Minions are already good at schemes, I don't think they specifically need to emailed here too. As I said, making it minion opens up now lines of play to horde activation advantage lists whereas I think the point of this scheme should be to be viable for elite crews.
  6. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    Grrn, I'm all for trying it out, just needs a different name. Maybe something like... Smuggled through Breakout Infiltration
  7. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    Thanks! Fixed. I didn't realize it was turn 3+ before! Yikes that's rough. So I amend my suggestion to be keep turn 2 score and 8" range and remove minions and denial by engagement. You already can deny by pushing or killing the guard. And in future turns you can deny by engaging to prevent interacts so there is already some built on denial by engagement. I don't think it needs more.
  8. Supply Wagons 10/10

    Probably just needs a "non-supply wagon marker" clause. I seriously doubt jousting was the intent.
  9. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    Mixed opinions on this one. I had yet to choose this scheme in the previous versions, so it did need a change. Dislike: I don't know that opening it up to minions is the right answer. I felt like in the previous form, it did potentially favor more elite crews whereas now it will more easily favor high model count cheap minion crews because they can simply out activate then place the schemes in the correct places (just like Convict Labor). Allowing denial with engagement just makes this like Convict Labor again, which I feel like is a step backward. Like: Lowering the range to 8" seems like a good change. Slightly easier to do. I would much rather see this go back to the way it was but with an 8" distance. Also, can we please just not have an always scheme?
  10. 10.10 Guarded Treasure

    Thread to discuss the new version. Key changes: Open to minions now Min distance reduced to 8" Can be contested by engaging the guards Scores from turn 2 instead of 3
  11. Undercover Entourage 10.10

    @Travis, Entourage was one of Parker's only things, why can't we have nice things!? But in all seriousness, if we are going to make this different we should really change the name rather than have two very different versions of a scheme out there with the same name. I don't know that this was a problem with masters? I'd be worried that now most crews will only have a single viable entourage target, which makes bluffing significantly less viable. Whereas with master or henchman, you had options.
  12. 2x Battle Reports - 9.29

    Had friends over on Monday and we had a chance to play 3 different games with the same mission: Ours Flank Guarded Treasure (9.29 version) Show of Force Make them Suffer Leave your mark Vendetta Quick game synopsis: Game 1: Von Schill vs. Ironsides Schill took Hannah and Rusty to enable Make them Suffer and then took Vendetta on a friekorps engineer vs. Johan Ironsides took Make them Suffer and Vendetta (gunsmith vs. Hannah) Schill ended up winning 8-3 after a good run of Von Schill killing two Oxfordians and an engineer miraculously surviving a full 2 rounds of Ironsides attacks. In general we felt guarded treasure was not viable, and chose to focus on murder and mayhem. Vendetta is awesome to have back in the pool! Ours was solid and pretty tactical. Game 2: Levi vs. Pandora Levi took Make them Suffer and Vendetta (Rotten belle vs. Mr. Graves) Pandora took Show of force and Make them suffer Levi won this one 7-4 mostly through strat denial (won Ours every turn and denied 3 times) and lucky killing of the two minions (primordial and an effigy) Nekima was effective at make them suffer, but Iggy and Graves went down early, preventing show of force Overall thoughts: Make them suffer is really fun and feels like it can help reward more elite crews (over hunting party) Ours seems excellent (except it really needs a better name!) Perhaps "Make it ours?" Guarded Stash was not really considered, though perhaps with the new changes in the 10.10 update but I think I would rather see it stay on Enforcer+ and lose the non-engaged caveat but keep the 8" range reduction.
  13. Ply for Information 9/29

    I was at that same ones day tournament and I agree. It creates some interesting play for me being down activations where I focused on trying to get it up early in the turn to deny the player with not activations from being able to get lots of plys.
  14. Tournament scoring system corrections

    I would love to see win-path pairing over pure Swiss pairing based on diff. Diff-based Swiss is where you rang l rank by tournament points then by diff. Win-path is slightly different and also somewhat takes into account SOS but with much less math. From this wyrd place discussion https://m.facebook.com/groups/159737997556606?view=permalink&id=691347561062311 "It's more of a benefit of having a level playing field. The format is pretty simple. Instead of sorting everyone by TP + Diff and grouping into pairs, in win path you assign a number to w/l/d (such as 3/2/1) then you sort everyone by round 1, round 2, ... Round N, and you'll have all you your player s with a similar "win path" (I e. Order of win/loss) playing together" One caveat: if there are fewer rounds than needed for an undefeated (i.e. there case in almost every 3-round one day event) tie breakers need to be assessed.