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    Leeds, the real Leeds not the bit of Wakefield that pretends to be Leeds
  1. Unfortunately Ant has had a diary clash so can no longer make it. If the reserve is interested ticket is available.
  2. apologies I don't think I actually bought a ticket so not sure if there is a space free. probably best to catch the organiser @LeodisGames on twitter, he is very active.
  3. Chris, brilliant event, the legion of York gamers were very welcoming. Especially liked the long lunch/nap time, that 20 minutes snooze was ideal.
  4. Ticket Bought, cannot wait to see how lovely the gaming centre is now
  5. Dave, first Pool based tournament so I am a bit green, couple of questions. Do summoned models need to in the hiring pool? Abilities like the terracotta warrior and Neverborn upgrade that allow swapping of upgrades. Are you free to choose outside the pool or do the original and swapped upgrade have to both be in the pool? apologies if these have established answers just didn't want to assume and turn up with an illegal crew.
  6. Payment sent Please put me down for the lunch each day Also evening meal, me plus the tribe.
  7. It would seem I have a diary clash. Daughter's got a pot holing trip and dad taxi is required. If anybody wants my ticket let me know
  8. evening meal order Starter: Spicy Sausage, Main : Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt please
  9. Will make sure Mr Doxey stays off the sauce Friday night, I'll consider it a mission.
  10. Can John and I declare a draw so we can watch table 5 please
  11. tin foiled again
  12. Also happy to attend.
  13. If it's any consultation I will be have my first GG2017 games on the day. Hoping my sharp tactical mind and attention to detail will care me through 😋
  14. Nobody in the UK would argue Mr Elwood would win with Lucius and half a gremlin (unless the new errata makes Lucius top tier filth in which case Mark will be all over it) Ant is quite right a group of top tier players have abused the hell out of the Nekima / doppelgÀnger combo through 2015/16. Yasunari is great but far from game breaking. Having Neverborn players complain about it is highly entertaining.
  15. love last stand Hopefully it will help inhibit activation creep.