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    Leeds, the real Leeds not the bit of Wakefield that pretends to be Leeds
  1. evening meal order Starter: Spicy Sausage, Main : Mixed Chargrill Yoghurt please
  2. Will make sure Mr Doxey stays off the sauce Friday night, I'll consider it a mission.
  3. Can John and I declare a draw so we can watch table 5 please
  4. tin foiled again
  5. Also happy to attend.
  6. If it's any consultation I will be have my first GG2017 games on the day. Hoping my sharp tactical mind and attention to detail will care me through 😋
  7. Nobody in the UK would argue Mr Elwood would win with Lucius and half a gremlin (unless the new errata makes Lucius top tier filth in which case Mark will be all over it) Ant is quite right a group of top tier players have abused the hell out of the Nekima / doppelgÀnger combo through 2015/16. Yasunari is great but far from game breaking. Having Neverborn players complain about it is highly entertaining.
  8. love last stand Hopefully it will help inhibit activation creep.
  9. I've been slaughtered by Nekima so many times I tend over egg her ability. Greg P used to enjoy me asking about the horror duel I didn't need to roll every time we played. part of the reason this thread is so funny.
  10. Back on topic Yasunori is very strong which you would expect for 13 stones (nobody in their right mind doesn't tale Recall Training with it). As has already been noted Armour and incorporeal reduce it's effectiveness. I've had the odd game where it does amazing things but they are the exception rather than the rule. Yasunori is a counter to Nekima (the 10" charge is great) but is unlikely that when they clash Yasunori will take down Nekima on it's own due to armour and soul stones.
  11. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A My oh my, what a wonderful dayPlenty of sunshine heading my wayZip-A-Dee-Doo-DahZip-A-Dee-A Also, this thread is amazing, as a hardcore Yasunori player I totally approve of this message.
  12. I will be playing the Yokai, there will be other stuff but mainly it will be monkeys, so many monkeys.
  13. I'll have a full Misaki crew with associated snipers , monks, effigies and emissaries all painted up and spare that can be available if there is an issue.
  14. Tickets bought for James Doxy and Paul Butler Third ticket bought for Ant Holt. Harrogate coming out in force.
  15. I run Betti with Asami 100% of the time currently at 19 tournament games . In competitive play she is a game winner. The switching off def triggers as 6" aura is unprecedented and hugely powerful in a significant proportion of games. Her synergy with Asami is also massive, The place within 6" of a summon makes her incredibly AP efficient which is also a game winner. Your point on card hunger whilst valid can be dealt with via recall training which you can get a double bite of thanks to terracotta warriors.