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  1. Bonescon inc. Lost Love - Birmingham, 16-18 Feb 2018

    Is there a day rate for the hotel car park? Have my company conference there and the area is brutal for parking otherwise.
  2. Masters 2019 Community Feedback

    Feel current format works fine and is the right scale for scene. Wouldn’t have an issue with contributing to cost of venue, just because it’s invitational don’t see why masters shouldn’t pay there share. open faction, I admire the tenacity of those that want to keep flogging that particular dead horse but no thanks.
  3. Also same weekend as Vappa otherwise would have found an excuse to be down south
  4. January 2018 Errata

    First big tournament of the UK season cannot be seen as any indication of an emergent meta. It was three round so with 40 players it was a crap shoot even by normal tournament standards. Just a warm-up, GG18 is great, erratta (for TT players) was shit.
  5. Merseyfaux 2 - 21st Jan - sold out - S&S in thread

    for anybody who hasn't seen this
  6. Governor's Proxy and Obey

    It was a gotcha tactic that did the rounds a couple of years ago. Crazy to give up enslaved nephilim , arguably one of the best totem in the game.
  7. New update with GG 18

    Well it is out now would nice if everybody else could get to see the changes.
  8. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Well everybody will be in the same boat.
  9. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Registered Dave, though of course the Errata my mess things up in the meantime 😉
  10. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Unpainted Misaki for maximum effect.
  11. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    George you coped with those broken wind gamin for the first half of the year, stay strong through the two days after in January 😘
  12. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Dave will confirm but pools generally limit you to what you can hire into a the, in this case, 45 stones starting crews. Any summoned in models or swapped upgrades can be chosen from outside the pool. In theory summoners are strong in this format.
  13. New Rankings Algorithm?

    Like the suggestion. Think it will really light a fire under the two day scene. If my basic maths is right the 2 day bonus should be redundant given the lift it will give to everybody with higher start point. can only see this as a positive change.
  14. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Yes I will be attending
  15. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Ticket bought, GG18 hurrah