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    Leeds, the real Leeds not the bit of Wakefield that pretends to be Leeds
  1. The Principality of Yorkshire will be represented
  2. So as I thought my opponent was trying to pull a fast one .
  3. As per the title. Can the Malifaux Child use a dead leaders ability. Came up in a tournament last weekend. I have always played it that once leader is dead this ability is not usable. My opponent pointed outthat the ability only refers to crew leader with no stipulating for the leader to be in play.
  4. could you squeeze another 2 in ? I have a board and terrain in the car
  5. Has anybody talked to the venue? There may be about 14 people coming to a 10 person event.
  6. Generally a great event which was well organised and in a top venue. The venue staff were really helpful and seemed to put real effort into keeping us happy. Tables were a bit tight with 5 squeezed into the central row. From a team perspective this layout made sense but made the games cramped once the individual games began. Timings and TO queries were brilliant the wall screens and shout outs were a huge help. As already noted the matchup system whilst good in that it didn't cause a problem was largely irrelevant to the outcome of the round. Teams simply picked the preferred table/strat/scheme as a group the subsequent pairing process didn't seem to have a purpose (we could have just exchanged lists). The lock down on competition information from Saturday evening was irritating. One of the huge improvements to the 2017 tournament scene has been how Bag-o-tools has allowed the competition to be more inclusive and interactive. Aside from knowing the info directly related to you, it's great to see how others are doing through the day, something which was often impossible previously. Seeing a blow by blow report with round scores adds considerable to the fun of the event. Whilst giving up control of the competition info is perhaps something TO's may not like the net benefit is considerable.
  7. Do you need terrain? Have the board I brought last year if it will help
  8. No, will be a northerner I'll be playing guild
  9. Payment sent for Paul Butler +1
  10. They are amazing with McCabe due to +1 damage card cycling mechanism with sabre. For other roles/masters generally better options with watchers/hounds and new reporter.
  11. Thanks but apparently I have other plans now.... which I would have known if I paid attention 😏
  12. Can you add me as a reserve in case someone has to drop out
  13. Payment Sent