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    Leeds, the real Leeds not the bit of Wakefield that pretends to be Leeds
  1. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Dave will confirm but pools generally limit you to what you can hire into a the, in this case, 45 stones starting crews. Any summoned in models or swapped upgrades can be chosen from outside the pool. In theory summoners are strong in this format.
  2. New Rankings Algorithm?

    Like the suggestion. Think it will really light a fire under the two day scene. If my basic maths is right the 2 day bonus should be redundant given the lift it will give to everybody with higher start point. can only see this as a positive change.
  3. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Yes I will be attending
  4. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Ticket bought, GG18 hurrah
  5. Nether Flux

    For the most part it was Hana in a central location so I should have been loosing worse than I actually did.
  6. Nether Flux

    Cheers should have searched it given how the wording is so poor. I have been playing it wrong (believing added suits from abilities were unaffected)
  7. Nether Flux

    Nether Flux 4" aura enemies ignore any suit associated with their Ca, Sh, and Ml. Does this shut down all triggers removing printed, added suits from abilities and flipped suits?
  8. Playing vs another resurrect

    Anything is possible given right variables. I would however point out given the positive flips on defence and card draw for each kill (assuming your targets are likely to be in Nico bubble)that would be a difficult outcome to achieve.
  9. Playing vs another resurrect

    Molly can dump PZs with black blood into the summoning engine zone turn one. Between slice and dice / splash damage it's pretty brutal.
  10. Playing vs another resurrect

    Molly loves Nico especially when she has a Kentauroi to taxi her in, best counter to Nico currently in ressers. Taking maniacal laughter is cute but a good Nico player isn't going to let you get much use out of that.
  11. A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Also do you need to know special dietary preferences? Just in case I'm only allowed bacon if it's been cooked in lard.
  12. A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Further ticket bought for the ever comedic Ant
  13. A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Game 7 would be a great game 3 for the event. Pretty intense deployment strats and schemes
  14. Great weekend Ressers aren't bent at all