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  1. Great weekend Ressers aren't bent at all
  2. Staying in and washing his hair. He muttered something about another weekend kept awake by the incessant noice. Don't understand his problem I sleep like a baby.
  3. I'm being cheap and crashing with some friends Saturday. Not locally so won't be able to attend the meal.
  4. Ticket bought for me, James currently consulting his diary.
  5. LF club yorkshire

    York garrison meet Wednesday and have a good group of players. Harrogate WGC meet Thursday there are usually a couple of players there. I attend Airborough board gaming club (Rawdon) Saturdays happy to play if you want to come up.
  6. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    Ben's right though on a personal level it is academic as I've arranged a trip to Madrid that weekend so I am no longer free.
  7. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    I understand AR's plans collapsed in a mess of star guests getting lost and breaking down. Once again proving when in competition with the Yanks the British wilt in the face of superior forces.
  8. Lincoln - Autumn Imps - 17th Sept - wave 5 welcome

    This would be true except there is a complete set of podcasts (for each faction) detailing all the new models and upgrades. Each podcast has pretty thorough analysis of the relative strength of each model/card and how it may effect the current meta. https://maxvalue.podbean.com/e/max-value-episode-28-pre-nova-shitpost/ maxvalue you will informed and entertained Your choice as TO.
  9. Gencon release being usable in GG tournament

    My original post, Gaining Grounds and every communication from wyrd, I have ever read, about Gaining Grounds has made it clear TO's have the ultimate discretion to modify the format in a way they consider reasonable. It is not a request to limit the TO's flexibility on this, simple for Wyrd to define what is considered "published" regards new books and their associated cards. Is the pre-release at Gencon considered published at this point or not? Ultimately there are pros and cons to either approach, I doubt Wyrd need these pros and cons explaining to them, Let's just have clarity and then TO's can make choices on what is right for their individual tournament as they do so already for other aspects of Gaining Grounds.
  10. Could GG18 please please clarify if the Gencon pre release qualifies as "published" for the purposes of being usable at a tournament. We get a toxic little debate every year within the UK as to when the books/cards/models can be used. Can Wyrd please make their position clear. Ultimately individual TOs may still choose to delay their use of the new wave until books etc are on sale in local stores. the absence of clarity throws up all sorts of divisive arguments for why the two different views are right.
  11. Som'erFaux

    Have to say I am rather disappointed it's not possible to turn up to a GG tournament and not use official Wyrd products. It is something that could do with addressing in GG18
  12. Som'erFaux

    Wave 5, assuming they have amazing paint jobs, permitted?
  13. Apologies Dave, same weekend as York marathon. ☹️
  14. Tickets bought Paul Butler Harrogate WGC James Doxey Harrogate WGC
  15. PIGFAUX .......2 6/08/17

    Was is Ressers?