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    Leeds, the real Leeds not the bit of Wakefield that pretends to be Leeds
  1. Do you need terrain? Have the board I brought last year if it will help
  2. No, will be a northerner I'll be playing guild
  3. Payment sent for Paul Butler +1
  4. They are amazing with McCabe due to +1 damage card cycling mechanism with sabre. For other roles/masters generally better options with watchers/hounds and new reporter.
  5. Thanks but apparently I have other plans now.... which I would have known if I paid attention 😏
  6. Can you add me as a reserve in case someone has to drop out
  7. Payment Sent
  8. payment sent correctly this time
  9. scratch that
  10. Will sort out when back home Friday
  11. Dave my payment should have come through, will be playing guild.
  12. here you go: The person most likely to be caught stealing an attendees dinner? Kai the TO Kai the Elder Kai the Younger Kai whilst wearing pants Kai in a kilt Kai dressed as a Ninja Kia whilst everybody else is distracted by a belly dancer Think that covers most of the bases
  13. £15.00 for a day of entertainment is cheap, regardless of any potential added value in terms of a raffle win. I go for game play / ranking points/ and to enjoy the fun community, swag isn't part of the equation. Big two day events at the £40.00, it's nice to get poker chips or similar as a momento, but a huge bag of swag or raffle isn't necessary. In all honesty I loathe the long raffle that drags out the day. By 5pm after a day of tough competition I want to pack up, say my goodbyes and go home. If we have got to the point that ticket price and numbers have raised revenue so that TOs get a return on their time great.